Does Astrology Work For Marriage

While the success of your marriage is unlikely to be influenced by Venus’s location, astrological signs can influence how people feel about things.

the ultimate responsibility. Late marriage has its own set of consequences, such as a narrowing of your search for a compatible partner, physical strains, natural childbirth increasing family responsibility, which may have an impact on your relationship with your spouse, distraction, stubbornness, and other factors that become additional hurdles in married life. You can learn more about many of these causes and the consequences of a late marriage by reading about reasons for a late marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D.

When it comes to marriage decisions, this is an excellent question to ask. As you can see, Vedic astrology has established some Golden principles for determining the compatibility of two people in a partnership. These principles clearly show the compatibility of the two people, as well as their family and social level. When individuals argue compatibility is just dependent on Gun Milan, I take issue. Let me tell you something: I’ve recommended weddings with a score of 10 out of 36 and shown reservations with a score of 26/30 out of 36 for Gun Milan. I’m also perplexed by questions such as: Is horoscope matching required in love marriages: which is superior Love or planned marriage: what to do if Gun Milan score is less than 18; can we marry without matching horoscopes; will the marriage be successful without charts; and a slew of other queries abound on the internet. To all of these questions, my basic suggestion is to respect the compatibility of the relationship. Don’t base your marriage decision on a mathematical calculation (Gun Milan) or take any shortcuts. Marriage is built on the foundation of perfect interpersonal compatibility, but how we adhere to it is up to us. I can only recommend to the readers that they read and learn how to verify relationship compatibility using birth charts; you will see for yourself that if you do, marriage will be a successful and happy relationship. IF you do not trust in matching charts, get this compatibility evaluated through marriage counselling.

You have not asked but let me tell you that the married life directly affects a person’s job thus make your spouse support for life.

Is it true that astrology plays a role in marriage?

In all civilizations, but particularly in India, matrimony is the holiest of all unions. The stars aligning for your forthcoming marriage is a big deal in India’s customs and traditions.

While it is popularly believed that weddings are formed in heaven, it is said that they must first go through a series of steps on earth.

When it comes to deciding on a marriage union, astrology plays a significant influence. In fact, astrology is seen to be crucial to the success of any relationship. In our country, matching the horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms before proceeding with any step or process related to marriage is a common tradition.

When a marriage partnership is being formed, a thorough examination of horoscopes and stars is required.

There are alternative methods, such as facial reading and reading body vibrations, that can be used to get the same results. All of these are aimed at precisely assessing the various ‘doshas,’ or planetary faults, that may occur in a potential connection.

The ‘Khuja dosha,’ also known as ‘Mangal dosha,’ ‘Rahu dosha,’ and ‘Sarpa dosha,’ is one of the most common ‘doshas.’ Aside from these, there are a few other doshas relating to the yog of two people and other horoscope aspects.

The remedies for each of these planetary flaws are determined using the ‘Gochara Phala,’ which is followed by several pujas and ceremonies to guarantee that a couple enters the institution of marriage quietly and amicably.

A study of the various ‘Guna’ (virtues) of the prospective bride and groom is also done. For a healthy and happy marriage, at least 18 of the 36 ‘Gunas’ must match. However, a few pujas and rituals can take care of this as well.

Aside from that, astrology or horoscope matching plays an important role in forewarning and preparing a couple for the obstacles that they may face in their married life.

Is it true that astrology has a role in love marriages?

The answer to the question of how astrology aids in loving marriage is simple: horoscope aids in all aspects of your life, including marriage. However, reading a horoscope for a love marriage differs from reading a horoscope for an arranged marriage.

Before marriage, love is passion that sees no borders, transforms into a tie of relationship that tends to disregard obstacles, leaps fences, and just wants to get moving with the ones you love. However, we must remember that love before marriage is a passion, enthusiasm, and emotions, and that love after marriage becomes a family and civic responsibility.

Another discussion about whether love or arranged marriage is preferable appears to be gaining traction, owing to increased visibility on professional forums and the trend of social media and the internet. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a love marriage; in fact, I think it’s a better alternative for a lifelong marital tie when two people know one other in many ways.

I am neither encouraging nor discouraging those who are in love. But, certainly, I’d want to emphasize a few elements that, if first comprehended and then executed, will ensure that a love marriage is always effective. And it is here that I have some suggestions for the lovers. These considerations are equally critical in planned marriages. However, in planned marriages, other family members or relatives are usually involved to take care of a lot of things prior to the marriage, which sometimes individuals in love do not want to follow such advise or measures, claiming that they already know everything there is to know about the person. So, to answer the issue, “How does horoscope help in love marriage?” my major point is to consult your love horoscope and comprehend:

I’m not sure why there’s a difference between love and planned marriage when the goal is the same. I’ve been practicing Vedic Astrology for nearly two decades and have advised folks on various elements of marriage both before and after they marry. People usually come to me for Horoscope matching for scheduled weddings. And, in my experience, marriages after horoscope matching have a high success rate, as long as the matching is done properly rather than just doing Gun Milan. However, the subject is different here, as those in love are found to be unconcerned with matching the charts. Another observation is that the number of stressed cases in love marriages is higher than in arranged marriages. So, is it bad to marry for love OR is there anything more to it? I don’t understand why there should be a discussion between love and arranged marriage as long as the connection can be sustained. If love is a passion before marriage, it may have a very thin edge that serves to divert it. Spend a few minutes with a professional marriage astrologer and match the charts, that’s my simple mantra for love marriage success. And if you love someone and want to marry for life, I don’t see why you shouldn’t take a few minutes to figure out whether a love marriage or an arranged marriage is best for you. Furthermore, to assess relationship compatibility from numerous perspectives. I’m not talking about kundli matching; I’m talking about assessing relationship compatibility. I’m not going to bore you with a lot of technical astrological exposition that can be found on numerous websites, including mine. But I can assure you that I will explain you how a good marriage astrologer works to make any marriage a happy marital life. I’ll introduce myself as your guardian and guide before enlisting your help in performing rituals and treatments.

How can you know whether love or planned marriage is best for you? It’s simple to choose love or planned marriage based on your horoscope. A skilled astrologer can tell you how strong the probability of your Love marriage is by reading your Lagna, Lagnesh, and their interaction with the 5th and 7th Houses. Then we look at Venus’s position, which is associated with love, romance, beauty, sexual pleasures, cravings, attraction, and other characteristics. This is either weakened or exalted. We’ll see if the placement of friendly planets (such Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury) favors a Love marriage. If malefic planets (such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Saturn) have a strong influence, love marriage may be in jeopardy. Do not be alarmed; any professional astrologer can assess all of this and tell you whether love or planned marriage is better for you.

Which option is better for you? Love marriage is not something to debate or persuade someone about. It is never a good idea to get into an argument over love marriage vs. arranged marriage. If you’re in love, check your partner’s compatibility the same way you would in an arranged marriage. Marriage success is influenced by your prior life, which is mirrored in your horoscope. I hope you are aware that all planetary placements in a horoscope are influenced by your prior life(s) actions. Respect your horoscope and make an effort to comprehend what the planets’ tones and indicators are saying. Don’t make a hasty decision; instead, follow your heart’s desire while also considering your horoscope’s wishes.

When we know the person well, why should we match horoscopes in a love marriage? We are in a romantic relationship, therefore what should we wear and why? Horoscope matching isn’t a scorecard or a set of computerized tabulated results that, if they’re good, will help your marriage succeed, and if they’re bad, will put it to the test. If you opt for horoscope matching, also known as just Gun Matching, voluntarily or to persuade someone, then you match or don’t match the horoscopes. But it makes sense if you’re comparing general relationship compatibility variables between the two of you. Simply comprehend what it is attempting to convey. In a love marriage or an arranged marriage, matching horoscopes reveal everything about your life partner, including:

Infidelity as a factor or the nature of being a Casanova (one time love or attraction should not be an inclination for similar traits in future).

I’m sure that once you realize that a horoscope can reveal all of these characteristics, the question of why should we match horoscopes in love marriage will motivate you to take a tiny risk and try horoscope matching. Is it possible for a relationship to grow even if one of these elements is missing?

People in love know a lot about one other, and horoscope matching just ensures you’re marrying the appropriate person using proven ways. I reiterate that horoscope matching, whether for love or arranged marriage, is perfectly acceptable. It will never harm you; instead, it will help you understand that you are marrying the proper person. Take it as a step to guide and protect yourself simply because, in the end, you two are the ones who must carry the relationship.

Another crucial element to consider when matching your marriage horoscope is The problem with love marriage is that we sometimes disregard social and familial limits because we are in love. We may not be able to receive help from the avenues we ignored later, even for a little issue. Please don’t think of it as an exam, but rather as an opportunity to learn about the importance of

Is astrology a reliable source of relationship advice?

“My ex-zodiac partner’s sign was compatible with mine, but we didn’t have a fantastic relationship.” Compatibility, as determined by astrology, does not guarantee that your companion would never cheat on you or lie to you. It also doesn’t guarantee that your spouse will constantly make the necessary modifications to keep the relationship alive. It is preferable to follow your heart rather than rely on planetary placements.

Why does God allow marriage to be postponed?

KEY REASONS FOR MARRIAGE DELAY In any case, the 7th house lord is weak, whether retrograde, combust, or debilitated. In the horoscope, Venus/Jupiter is weak. The 7th house is afflicted by malefic planets in conjunction with Saturn (such as Mars and Rahu). The seventh house is influenced by both Saturn and Mars.

When will I get married and how old will I be?

According to a new study, if people don’t want to be divorced, they should marry between the ages of 28 and 32, at least for the first five years.