How Many Yogas Are There In Astrology

Panchangam – Astrology has 27 Yogas and 11 Karanas.

In astrology, which Yoga is the most powerful?

Sreenatha yoga occurs when the lord of the 7th house is exalted at the moment of birth, and the lord of the 10th house is with the lord of the 9th house. This is one of the most essential Raja yogas. If Mercury and the Sun conjoin in the 10th house at birth, and Mars is with Rahu in the 6th house, the person becomes chief among men; if Venus conjoins Mars in the 2nd house, Jupiter is in Pisces, and both Saturn and the Moon are in debilitating signs, a Raja yoga is created, but the person will not be wealthy. When the lords of the 9th and 10th or the lords of the 4th and 5th conjoin in an auspicious sign and bhava, devoid of the trikalords’ negative influences, the most potent Raja yoga is created. Vide Ratnakara Bhavartha If Mercury, Venus, and the Moon are in the 11th house at the moment of birth, Jupiter is in the Cancer lagna, and the Sun is in the 10th house, one becomes a ruler who is capable, brave, and well-known. Ramanuja refers to this as Maharaja yoga, which is also stated in the Brihat Jataka, but with the addition of Saturn and Mars’ positions.

Raja yoga is created by the lord of the 10th house, numbered from the stronger of the two, the Lagna or Chandra-lagna, occupying a kendra or a trikona or the 2nd house imbued with the necessary strength by itself (Mansagari IV Raja yoga 4). If the Moon is in an Upachayasthana at the moment of birth, all benefic planets are in their respective signs and navamsas, and all malefic planets are weak, the person will ascend to be a ruler on par with Indra (Mansagari IV Raja yoga 16). Raja yoga occurs when Venus and Mars align in the second house with Jupiter in Pisces, Mercury and Saturn in Libra, and the Moon in its debilitation sign, resulting in a person who is generous, wealthy, proud, and famous, governing a huge region (Mansagari IV Raja yoga 33). If the Moon conjoins the Sun in the first half of the Sagittarius sign, Saturn is enthroned in the lagna, and Mars is exalted, a powerful and revered ruler is born (Mansagari IV Raja yoga 6566).

The conjunction of Jupiter with either Mars or the Moon, which results in auspicious yogas, also paves the way for Raja yoga-formation. However, according to Ramanuja, the person will be fortunate and successful in the dashas of Mars and Moon, but Jupiter’s dasha will be average. Saraswati yoga is a Raja yoga that occurs for the Gemini lagna when the lord of the lagna and the 4th house conjoin with the lords of the 5th, 7th, and 10th houses in a trikona from the lagna-kendra.

According to Janardan Harji, a famous and generous king is born if Venus and Mars are in the 2nd house at birth, Jupiter is in Pisces, Mercury is in Aquarius, and the Sun in Scorpio is joined by the Moon, or if Venus is in Pisces, the Sun is in the lagna, Mercury is in the 12th house, the Moon is in the 2nd house, and Rahu is in the 3rd house. If Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon align in the Pisces sign at the time of birth, a person receives a kingdom or authority to rule.

In Kundli, how many different forms of yoga are there?

Chandra (Moon), Surya (Sun), Nabhasa (Celestial), Raja, Dhana, or Daridra are the six basic kinds of yogis. The effects of a Yog on an individual’s horoscope are decided by the circumstances of his birth as well as events that occur between his birth and death.

Is there a limit to how many yogas a person can do?

According to Vedic Astrology, there are 32 different varieties of Raja Yogas that provide a native with dignity, distinction, and honor. The development of such planetary yogas might assist a person achieve success and overcome obstacles in life. It may seem impossible for all 32 Raj Yogas to appear in one’s kundli, but if they do, that person is considered to govern the world, to have tremendous renown and money, and to be powerful.

What are the 27 different types of yoga?

Details of Panchang’s 5 Elements, 27 Yogas, and 11 Karanas (7 movable, 4 fixed), their influence on childbirth, how to determine a person’s nature, the outcome of an endeavor, and so on.

The Panchang is a collection of five (panch) elements (ang) depending on the dawn, moon’s position, time, and other factors.

These are the five:

1. Weekday (each day is controlled by a different planet), also known as Vaara

2. Nakshatra is an astrological sign (star or constellation in which Moon is transiting)

3. Tithi (moon phase in relation to the position of the Sun)

4. Karana (a lunar day and a half) (each Tithi has 2 Karanas)

Yoga is number five (a special calculation for the separating distance of the Sun and Moon)

What is Laxmi Yoga, exactly?

As the name implies, Lakshmi yoga is one of the most auspicious of the raja yogas. Its inhabitants are blessed with money, good fortune, and overall prosperity. Lakshmi yoga is established when the 9th house lord is in an exalted state/quadrant/own sign and is associated with the ascendant’s dominant lord.

Result of this Rajayoga:-

It occurs when the Lord of the Ascendant is powerful, and the Lord of the 9th House is either exalted or put in its own sign/trikona house/Kendra house. This yoga bestows overall prosperity and reputation upon its practitioners. In a horoscope, however, the lord of the 9th house must be a benefic planet. To take use of the yoga’s benefits. Its native is given the title of king or a title equivalent to the title of king and has the potential to become the state’s supreme ruling power. In plain terms, whomever is endowed with a Lakshmi yoga has an abundance of materialistic comforts and luxuries in his life, such as land, properties, status, luxury vehicles, and so on.

Effect of diverse planets:-

  • It is formed when Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are all situated in the fifth house.
  • When the planet Moon is in the 11th house and the planets Mercury and Jupiter are in the 5th house, it creates this sign. In this case, a local becomes a billionaire.
  • When the planet Jupiter is in the 11th house and the planet Sun is in the 5th house, it creates this sign.

An exemplary of this raja yoga exists in Bill Gates’ horoscope:-

Bill Gates is a well-known entrepreneur, author, investor, and philanthropist. William Henry Gates is his full name. Microsoft Corporation was created by him. The ascendant lord Mercury, who has the highest points in his horoscope, is strengthening the ascendant’s first house. The 9th house is further strengthened by Venus’s presence. His horoscope reveals the Amara yoga’s presence. The placement of Lord Mercury in the 4th house with the Gemini Ascendant sets off to his 5th house, the Trikona house, which is positioned by an Exalted Libra with his own sign Venus.

Is Gajakesari Yoga widely practiced?

It is a symbol of unfathomable strength and power. Both beasts are powerful, domineering, and enthralling. Gajakesari Yoga is a very popular form of yoga. We understand that many of you may be astonished to learn this, but it is the truth.

In Kundali, how can I check my Rajyog?

The lords of the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses of the horoscope compose this Raj Yoga. Viparit Raj Yoga is established when the lord of the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house of the horoscope is present in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house of the horoscope.

In Astrology, what is Shiva Yoga?

Shiva Yoga is a holy yoga that bestows many blessings when it appears in a person’s birth chart. When the lord of the ninth house is placed in the tenth house and the lord of the tenth house is placed in the fifth house, it is an uncommon Yoga.

Is it true that I do Raj Yoga?

Aries – In a kundli, if Mars and Jupiter are in the ninth or tenth house, this is known as Raj Yoga karak, which is the cause for Aries ascendants.

Taurus – The presence of Venus and Saturn in the ninth or tenth house causes Raj Yoga to form for Taurus ascendants. For this ascendant, Saturn is Yoga Karak.

The presence of Mercury and Saturn in the ninth or tenth house of the horoscope generates Raj Yoga in Gemini.

If the Moon and Jupiter are in the ninth or tenth house for Cancer ascendants, Trikon Raj Yoga is formed. For Cancer ascendants, Jupiter and the Moon are considered lucky.

Raj Yoga is formed when the Sun and Mars are in the native’s horoscope’s ninth or tenth house.

Virgo – Raj Yoga occurs when Mercury and Venus are in the ninth or tenth house for Virgo ascendants.

Libra – The presence of Venus and Mercury in the ninth or tenth house of the horoscope causes this yoga to occur for Libra ascendants.

For Scorpio ascendants, the presence of the Sun and Mars in the ninth or tenth house of the horoscope constitutes Raj Yoga. It’s also worth noting that the presence of Mars and the Moon in the ninth or tenth house is considered fortunate.

Jupiter and the Sun are considered Yoga Karaks for Raj Yoga for Sagittarius ascendants. The creation of Raj Yoga occurs when both of these planets are in the ninth or tenth house.

The presence of Saturn and Mercury in the ninth or tenth house forms Raj Yoga for Capricorn ascendants.


Raj Yoga occurs when the planets Venus and Saturn align in the ninth or tenth house of the horoscope.

For Pisces ascendants, the presence of Jupiter and Mars in the ninth or tenth house in a kundli creates Raj Yoga.

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In astrology, what is Siddhi Yoga?

Every technique in Astrology, which is a Pratayaksha Shastra, is unique and is based on astronomical calculations.

Muhurat is a branch of Astrology that allows us to determine if a particular time is auspicious or unfavourable for performing a specific task.

Yogas that are beneficial to natives are known as auspicious yogas, while those that are not are known as inauspicious yogas. This proper time selection is based on Panchang’s five main components. These are the following:

1) The Tithi

2) Nakshatra is an astrological sign.

3) Vaar vaar

4) Do some yoga.

Karna is number five.

Apart from these, the solar and lunar month, as well as the ascendant or sign rising on the eastern horizon, are used to choose a favorable Muhurat.

The permutations and combinations of different sections of Panchanga generate Yogas. After Tithi, Vaar, and Nakshatra, Yoga is an integral part of Muhurat. The lunar day runs from one sunrise to the next dawn the following day. Good yogas strengthen Muhurat, whilst bad yogas are detrimental to the activity carried out during that period.

  • Fridays and Nanda Tithi, i.e. Pratipada, Shashthi, or Ekadashi, combine to make Siddha Yoga. This is an extremely fortunate pairing.
  • Wednesdays and Bhadra Tithi, i.e. the 2nd, 7th, or 12th Tithi, combine to make Siddha Yoga.
  • The combination of Jaya Tithi, i.e. the third, eighth, or thirteenth day, and Tuesdays results in a very favorable Siddha Yoga.
  • Siddha Yoga is also created when Saturdays and Rikta Tithi, i.e. the 4th, 9th, or 14th, are combined.
  • The Purna Tithi is made up of the 5th, 10th, New, and Full Moon days in astrology. Purna Tithi and Thursdays together are also favorable for Siddha Yoga.

According to astrologers, Siddha Yoga is extremely beneficial for completing chores. Siddha Yoga, as the name implies, signifies that any labor done during this period will be fruitful. Work, plans, and projects carried out in a Siddha Yoga deliver the native profit and immediate results. You can consult a Panchang to determine when the Siddha Yoga is established based on the above factors, and then begin your tasks during this time to attain the best outcomes.

However, in addition to the Tithi and weekday combination, there are a few more elements to consider when practicing Siddha yoga. A person who wishes to undertake auspicious labor on this Yoga should check his or her favorable ascendant, as well as his or her Nakshatra, which is also highly vital for the job. Check the moon’s position, as well as the combustion or backward motion of planets, particularly Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is the most beneficent planet in the solar system, and its presence in a Muhurat is extremely valuable.

Similarly, there are various good Yogas that can be performed throughout the day to increase auspiciousness.

Amrit Siddhi Yoga, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, and Ravi Yoga are the three types. Panchak, Vish Yoga, Holashtak, Kakrach, and other negative yogas must be avoided.