How To Find Astrology Chart Ruler

  • Mars, Aries, “I am” in the first house
  • Venus in Taurus, second house, “I value”
  • Mercury, Gemini, 3rd House, “I believe”
  • Fourth House: Cancer, Moon, “I feel”
  • “I will,” says the Sun in Leo’s fifth house.
  • Mercury in Virgo, 6th House, “I analyze”
  • Venus, Libra, “I balance,” 7th House
  • “I desire” is the eighth house, which is ruled by Mars and Pluto in Scorpio.
  • “I see,” Jupiter, Sagittarius, Ninth House
  • Saturn, Capricorn, 10th House, “I use”
  • Uranus, Aquarius, 11th House “I understand,” says the speaker.
  • Neptune, Pisces, 12th House, “I believe”

We can talk about the chart ruler and its overall relevance in your birth chart now that you know the basics of each astrological house and its planetary ruler. For begin, the major theme of our cosmic footprint is determined by our chart ruler, which is absolutely unique to each individual. We need to look at the house in which that planet lives, as well as the sign it occupies, once we know our rising sign and its ruling planet. If your rising sign is Sagittarius, for example, check to see which house and sign Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet, is in. That is the ruler for your chart.

Using that example, what happens if you’re a rising Sagittarius with Jupiter in Gemini in your seventh house, dubbed the house of partnerships? Because Jupiter is associated with luck and abundance, and Gemini is associated with curiosity and chattiness, you will naturally attract mentally engaging partners, but you will likely become bored of them shortly. This is how your ascendant sign can tell you so much about yourself.

Please take a moment to find out what your rising sign is if you haven’t already. Your life is going to alter in a positive way.

What is the location of my planet ruler?

Astrology is such a vast source of knowledge and self-discovery that you could study it for a lifetime and yet feel like you’re missing out on so much. Calculating your birth chart, on the other hand, is a great place to start. Even if you already know what your sun sign is, that only scratches the surface of who you are. Everything else will start to make sense once you’ve figured out where to get your chart ruler.

If you’re interested in astrology, you’ve certainly heard others talk about their governing planet and wondered, “What planet dominates my chart?” This is because each zodiac sign has a planet that has the most influence on them. This planet can even be considered the source of its power, and each sign has characteristics that are similar to those of its ruling planet.

The chart ruler, according to Lee, can also reveal reoccurring patterns throughout your life. “Another way to think about it is that you are the physical manifestation of the planet that rules your horoscope,” she says. For example, AriesScorpio risings are the personification of Mars, which means they are likely to stir up controversy, be competitive, determined, and steadfast in their authenticity, and may even have life goals that are Mars-related, such as medicine, gymfitness, psychology, and even activism.

Most people believe that their governing planet governs their sun sign, however this is a common misunderstanding. Your ruling planet has nothing to do with the zodiac sign you were born under. Instead, it governs the zodiac sign in which your ascendant is born.

Are you perplexed? Don’t be concerned. Before you can learn how to identify your ruling planet, you must first enter your birth date, time, and location into a natal chart calculator, which will reveal your ascendant. Let’s discuss about planets that rule.

In astrology, what is a ruler?

What Does a Sign’s ‘Ruler’ Mean? The ruling planet and its forces are the fundamental influence when a sign is called “ruler.” If your Sun is in Gemini, for example, Mercury’s influence dominates your Sun sign.

Which planets are in charge of which houses?

Each house’s qualities are provided for both personal (see Keywords) and financial astrology.

  • Aries and Mars are in the first house.
  • Taurus and Venus are in the second house.
  • Gemini and Mercury are in the third house.
  • Cancer and the Moon are in the 4th House.
  • Leo and the Sun are in the 5th House.
  • Virgo and Mercury are in the 6th House.
  • Libra and Venus are in the 7th House.


What is the 12th house’s ruler?

The zodiac sign Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune rule the twelfth house of the zodiac. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was thought to be the planet of Pisces, and it has since been regarded as the co-ruler of this enigmatic house. The instinct, dreams, the hidden realm, and the unconscious are all associated with the 12th house. It is regarded as one of the most harmful houses in the natal chart, but we must not forget that it is built on the foundation of our mind.

The risks that this 12th house presents us can be softened by adjusting our attitude and repairing our spirits in this way. The deeper levels of our minds can be found in the 12th house. Our unconscious beliefs, intuition, and instinct, as well as the processes and values that underpin our thoughts and actions.

What is the name of the ruler of the 7th house?

The sign on a house cusp indicates the region of life where the sign’s principle will be learned. Because the ruler, or ROVING DELEGATE of that sign, transmits the word to another house, the concept manifests in more than one sphere of life.

The ruler of the fourth is in the eleventh, for example, with Virgo on the fourth and Mercury in the eleventh.

If Taurus is in the fourth house and Venus is in the eleventh, the ruler of the fourth house is in the eleventh, and the energy of the fourth flows to the eleventh.

The birth chart’s houses are thus intertwined in fascinating ways. The planetary ruler, also known as the “roving delegate of a house’s sign,” functions as a messenger, transporting energy from the house it rules to the home it is put in. Keep in mind that there are a variety of interpretations or manifestations of house rulers in houses.

A home’s ruler is also significant in exposing what we do to “act out the principles of that house.” It depicts how that house’s affairs are carried out, and so bears a strong resemblance to personal experiences. The ruler of the tenth house, for example, demonstrates how we carve out an identity for ourselves. The decisions made by a house’s ruler serve to complete the picture. It’s noteworthy to observe the relationship, if any, between the Ascendant’s ruler and the Ascendant itself! When the Ascendant’s ruler is square the Ascendant itself, we have a person who is unsure about how he or she should act. Others may not know what to anticipate from this individual because he or she can be bold one day and timid the next.

The condition of a house’s ruler should not be overlooked. Its “state” is determined by its placement on the chart (on an axis, for example), the sign it is in, and the aspects it produces.

Ruler of the 1st House in the Houses: Interpretations

The “chart ruler” is another name for the ruler of the first house. Mars is the first house ruler if Aries is in the first house. The ruler of the first house is in the 7th house if Mars is in the 7th house. It can indicate our primary interests or motivations, as well as areas of our lives where we are motivated to take personal action. We may employ the energies associated with the house to insulate ourselves from concerns about being “out there and exposed to the world.” The state of the first house reveals how we deal with new situations, starts, and being “seen at or acknowledged.” The first house governs how we feel when we step into a new place, whether that sensation is one of self-consciousness, bravery, hesitation, enthusiasm, or something else. If the ruler of the first house is in the fourth house, for example, we may develop a strong bond with family or establish a home base to help us feel protected and safe. We may not feel at ease in unfamiliar situations or situations in which we are singled out.

When evaluating the ruler’s position and aspects, keep in mind the meaning of the first house. Our defense systems and early reactions to new stimuli are revealed in the first house, as well as how we immediately react to a new circumstance, how we appear to others (the “first impression we create on a personal level”), our mannerisms and physical bearing, and our physical form.

The way you present yourself to others is really important to you. You’re self-conscious and mindful of your body. Even though no planets are in Aries, you have certain Aries characteristics. You are a leader who is also impulsive at times. You have a strong sense of self-motivation and self-interest. You live your life as though your fate is in your own hands, and you are likely to take charge.

You have a strong value system, and you place a higher emphasis on security and longevity than the average person. Some may label you as stubborn and set in your ways since you have a habit of forming routines and becoming set in your ways. You may be focused on monetary gain, but this position can also indicate a strong desire to plant roots. Much of what you do is motivated by comfort and security, and you cherish long-lasting items. Even if you don’t have any planets in Taurus, you have certain Taurus characteristics.

Even if you don’t have any planets in Gemini, the third house ruler provides you some distinct Gemini characteristics, such as versatility, curiosity, and communication abilities. You might be fidgety, a little restless, and a little enthralled with the world around you. You’re likely to be highly active and move about a lot around your house. You have a cheerful attitude toward life, and you may be a “jack of all trades” and “people watcher.” You enjoy putting two and two together and have a stronger desire to participate in idle chit-chat with pals than other people.

Some may refer to you as a homebody. You’re someone who is driven by a strong desire for security and roots. You might “take after a parent intensely, either following in his or her path or resemble this parent.” Even if you don’t have any planets in Cancer, you exhibit some of the sign’s characteristics. You might put a lot of effort into constructing your “nest.”

Even though you don’t have any planets in Leo, you exhibit some of the sign’s characteristics. You devote a lot of time and effort to your hobbies, children, and artistic pursuits. You place a premium on having a good time! You require creative expression, thrive on attention, and are most likely amorous and proud. Being seen and singled out elicits a certain level of keen anticipation. You thrive on attention and seek it out frequently to keep your spirit nourished.

What you do for a living is more essential to you than it is to most people. Work consumes your mind, thus you can be a workaholic. Others perceive you as a helpful and responsible individual, and your reputation is most likely well-deserved. You are very conscious of your body, and it is critical that you follow a good diet and/or physical activity routine. This boosts your self-assurance. You come across as meek and modest in many respects. You’re always happy to share useful hints with others, and you’ve got a lot of them!

A spouse or close friend might reflect how you see yourself and where you are in life. You have a tendency to define yourself in terms of how you interact with others. It almost feels like you need to bounce ideas off another person or gain feedback from them in order to take action or make decisions. As a result of this feedback, decisions are made indirectly. As a result, you may find yourself vacillating a lot.

You’re the type of person who immediately recognizes that there’s more to a person or situation than meets the eye. You’re a bit reticent, don’t like “posing,” and have a strong dislike for all things superficial. Around you, there is a strange, secretive, or seductive aura. You don’t like to brag, and you appear to be pleased to be left alone (at least that’s how people perceive you). You enjoy psychology, and you are normally a dedicated worker who spends a lot of time researching and “digging.” This might sometimes suggest a life-changing inheritance or dealing with other people’s money.

You are an optimist and a dreamer who is generally outgoing. You are a born philosopher and a growth-oriented person who is always ready for an adventure on the fly. Your viewpoints are strong, and you are generally ready and willing to express them to others! You might be particularly drawn to travel.

You have a strong desire for acknowledgement, which may be a powerful motivator in your life. You are usually self-assured and enjoy following a set of rules. You accept responsibility for yourself and others with ease. Some persons in this position “hide behind a position, such as a job, social standing, or reputation; or they are particularly keen of letting others know their place in life.” You really come out as a powerful individual.

You prefer to be on the same page as others and deliberately seek out comparable, like-minded folks with whom to spend time. You care about other people’s well-being, and human equality is a key notion in your life. This job requires people who are outgoing, gregarious, and adventurous.

When you’re a kid, you’re bashful, but as you get older, you learn to manage and cover your sensitivity. Your intuition is powerful, and you intuitively recognize that there are unseen forces at work in the world that influence daily events. You’re always looking for something more, like a deeper meaning or knowledge of life and your place or purpose in it. Your aura has a strange and secretive quality about it. You may have a lot of anxiousness at times. Despite your ability to be alone, loneliness might engulf you at times, and hazy doubts and concerns can torment you. You are an observant individual, and regulating your great sensitivity can be a lifetime challenge.