How To Find Your Promise Report Astrology

This is what your birth chart looks like, and all of the planets’ positions, conditions, and angles reflect what you can achieve in this lifetime.

It is what your chart promises, and if something is promised, such as the Sun conjunct the Midheaven being well-known, well-respected, and well-thought of, it may be fulfilled.

It is not certain that something will happen simply because it has been promised; yet, if something has been promised, you can concentrate your efforts on seeing it through.

“The more you work, the luckier you get,” is an aphorism I’ve heard many times, and it may be true. You can truly reduce your shortcomings by focusing on your strengths.

Criteria for Natal Promise

The fifth house of risk and gambling is related with winning things like lotteries and sweepstakes.

  • The fifth ruler is well-placed and unaffected.
  • The benefics (Venus and Jupiter) are in good positions and are unaffected.
  • The part of luck that is positioned favorably for financial gain.

Your Potential Energy Planet

Focus your focus on the positive aspects of your chart, such as:

  • Planets that aren’t afflicted There are no squares, oppositions, semi-squares, or sesquiquadrates, and the semi-sextile and quincunx are also difficult features to deal with.
  • Houses with a large number of planets
  • There will be more planets in one of your houses than in the others.
  • Signs that have a lot of planets
  • There will be more planets in one sign than in the others, and it may be different from your Sun sign.
  • Easy aspects are trines or sextiles that connect two planets.

Steps to find natal promise through your potential energy planet:

Find the planet with the most vital dignity, position, and condition in your horoscope. Now look for the one who isn’t afflicted.

This planet is known as your potential energy planet since it is the one that is most likely to benefit you. Pay attention to the message from that planet.

This is where you can reach your full potential. One planet will be less detracted from or lessened than the others in each chart, and will have more potential.

Want more information about your chart?

You can either acquire a PDF copy of your natal chart to use in astrology research or you can get a one-hour individualized reading from me.

How do I figure out the year I was born?

Annual Profections is an old Hellenistic Astrology way of determining a theme or area of emphasis for you and a major Planet based on your Natal Chart for the coming year.

This will be a 1st House Profection Year for your first year following birth, based on the entire sign House system, commencing with the Rising Sign in the 1st House. Then you’ll go into a 2nd House Profection Year in your second year, and so on. You will return to the same House Profection every twelve years.

The House that is activated for you for the year will be in a given Zodiac Sign, and the Planetary ruler of that Sign, known as the Time Lord, will be particularly relevant for you for that period, based on your own personal Natal Chart.

You can use time-lord techniques to figure out which planets in a Natal Chart are activated during a specific time period. The activated planet is known as the Lord of a particular time period, and its transits will be more important to you.

Annual Profections is a means to see what will be a focus for you for that birthday year, similar to where eclipses happen in your horoscope. It’s sometimes used in conjunction with a solar return chart on your actual birthday to predict what the future year will hold for you.

Read on for a Profections wheel, where you may automatically compute yours, and what it means for the different Houses to be activated:

What is the Pluto’s Promise report all about?

This Pluto Promise Report 2022, based on Pluto’s transit, explains how your life embraces changes for Cancer inhabitants. Throughout the year, Pluto will remain in your sign’s seventh house. You will decide to enable yourself to see someone by fighting the very sincere repressive connections that dominated you in the past as a result of Pluto’s motions and its promise in the year 2022. You may perceive yourself as a unique individual with strong emotions, excitement, and vulnerability.

You might believe that you’ve met your ideal spouse and that you’ve known them in previous lives. It is only through allowing yourself to see someone in a loving light that you will be able to comprehend their life-changing occurrences. You may be able to engage others and solve problems effectively.

What does a natal promise entail?

The birth chart represents the experiences you are guaranteed to have at some point in your life, and everything contained within it is reflective of those events. We can identify when each planet becomes activated and ready to deliver its natal promise within a certain time period from the past, present, or future using various timing methodologies. When that planet becomes activated, it becomes your Time Lord, and the transits and motions of that planet will mold your experiences depending on whatever planet that planet represents in your chart for that period of time.

In astrology, how do I find out what my IC is?

The Imum Coeli (IC): The IC indicates the point opposite the MC and is located at the bottom of the chart, or at the 6 o’clock mark on a clock.

What is the year of my 12th Profection?

To use this astrological timing technique, you must know your birth time and Ascendant Sign (or Rising Sign).

Let’s first clarify what Annual Profections are before attempting to calculate our own.

The basic answer is that your unique horoscope or birth chart assigns you a planet that becomes more energized with each passing year.

The planet that is your annual ruler is known as the ‘Time Lord,’ or the Lord of the Year, similar to the Lord of the Dance if you recall the jig!

If Venus is your ‘Year Lord,’ you may find that a Venus Retrograde, with a transit to your own Venus or a Libra House, draws you into the activity. Alternatively, during a Mercury year, you may feel particularly linked to Mercury Retrograde.

How To Work Out Annual Profections In Your Birth Chart

Step 1: Using the Whole Sign House System, cast your natal or birth chart (WSH)

  • Are you an Aries? Click Here…
  • Taurus ascendant?
  • Click Here…
  • Is Gemini the ascendant sign?
  • Click Here…
  • Is Cancer on the Rise?
  • Click Here…
  • Is Leo on the rise?
  • Click Here…
  • Is it Virgo Rising?
  • Click Here…
  • Is it true that Libra is rising?
  • Click Here…
  • Is Scorpio your ascendant sign?
  • Click Here…
  • Is Sagittarius on the rise?
  • Click Here…
  • Are you a Capricorn?
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  • Is Aquarius on the rise?
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  • Are you a Pisces?
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Step 2: Determine your current year based on your age and the planet you are most sensitive to this year (i.e. Mars). You may also look back and forth in time!

Step 3: Investigate that planet in your horoscope to learn more about your personal relationship with it and how it is influencing you this year…

Step 4: Throughout the year, from one birthday to the eve of the next, mark out the transits of the planet (i.e. Mars) and take note of what that planet is doing (both as it moves around the Zodiac and as it touches your own chart).

Here’s an easy way to figure out what year you’re in by house:

Find your age by number, then look for the house it belongs to on the inner wheel…

Your years unfold as you move across the horoscope’s houses (one through twelve), with the eleventh house representing your eleventh year.

You start over at 13 years old, 25, 37, and so on because there are twelve households.

Another way to look at it is as follows:

  • The First House of Perfection Year, from birth to the eve of your first birthday, 12, 24, 36, 48, and so on.
  • Profection in the Second House Year, beginning with your first birthday and ending with your second birthday, 13, 25, 37, and so on.
  • Year of the Third House, age 2, 14, 26, 38, etc.
  • Year of the Fourth House, age 3, 15, 27, 39, 51…
  • Year of the Fifth House, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet
  • Year of the Sixth House, ages 5, 17, and 29,
  • At the age of six, you are in the seventh house of perfection.
  • At the age of seven, he is in his eighth year of house perfection.
  • Year of Profection in the Ninth House, at the age of eight.
  • At the age of nine, you are in the tenth house of perfection.
  • Profection in the Eleventh House Year, age 10, age 22, age 34, age 46, and so forth.
  • Year of the Twelfth House, age 11, age 23, age 34, age 47, etc.

The most crucial thing to know is your ascendant sign, also known as your rising sign, which indicates your first year. Now, let’s get started with a little guide to your house rulers…

  • Are you an Aries? Begin Here…
  • Taurus ascendant? Begin Here…
  • Is Gemini the ascendant sign? Begin Here…
  • Is Cancer on the Rise? Begin Here…
  • Is Leo on the rise? Begin Here…
  • Is it Virgo Rising? Begin Here…
  • Is it true that Libra is rising? Begin Here…
  • Is Scorpio your ascendant sign? Begin Here…
  • Is Sagittarius on the rise? Begin Here…
  • Are you a Capricorn? Begin Here…
  • Is Aquarius on the rise? Begin Here…
  • Are you a Pisces? Begin Here…

Remember, as you start a new Profection Year, each birthday grants you the opportunity to work with a new planet…

Ages: 5, 17, 29, 41, 53, 65, 77

It’s a year of labor while you’re in a 6th house profection year. You may be working long hours and feeling a little enslaved. You might find that you’re more motivated by organization and structure, and that you’re more concerned with time and calendar management.

What is Pluto doing now, in the year 2022?

It’s tempting to blame periodic celestial phenomena like full moons and Mercury retrogrades for making you feel weird. This is due in part to the fact that these celestial bodies move at a fast rate. Pluto, on the other hand, takes anything from 12 to 31 years to travel through each zodiac sign and spends 248 years doing so. While it may be more difficult to pinpoint how astrological shifts effect you, that isn’t to suggest they don’t.

Pluto’s aim is to encourage you to confront your inner shadows, potentially harmful beliefs and patterns, and deep-seated psychological and emotional wounds in order to emerge healed and empowered. Pluto is named after the God of the Underworld. Pluto is also the planet of death, rebirth, and regeneration, hence its symbolism can be compared to that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. In order to spur growth, it will burn down anything that is no longer benefiting you.

Pluto, like Mercury (and all of the planets in our solar system), swings backward through our sky every year for around five to six months during retrograde periods. From Friday, April 29 (only one day before the first solar eclipse of the year) through Saturday, October 8, 2022, Pluto will retrograde in the hardworking cardinal earth sign Capricorn. Read on to learn more about the symbolism of Pluto retrograde and which signs will be most impacted by the planet of transformation as it moves backward in 2022.

In astrology, what does your Lilith signify?

She left the garden because she refused to comply, and while she was formerly regarded as a troublemaker, many now regard her as a tremendous force for autonomy, independence, and freedom, particularly against patriarchy. Some people believe she is the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, according to the twins.

So, what does your Lilith sign in astrology mean? She’s known as your “inner B.I.T.C.H.” (Being In Total Control Of Herself) by the twins. She’s linked to your inner shadow, as well as the places where you create boundaries, assert yourself, and show wrath.

Lilith also has something to do with your inner authority, sensuality, and sexuality, as well as how you choose (or don’t choose) to go against the grain and violate social standards. She has the ability to unveil your sensuous nature and seductive abilities, as well as other aspects of yourself that you may not be willing to express.

Depending on how confident and self-directed you are, your Lilith sign can make you feel exposed or empowered. Lilith can also show your obsessive or destructive inclinations if left unchecked.

How long will Pluto’s reappearance be?

The precise return reaches much further, touching on the country’s shameful history of racism and the unsettling truth that the land we enjoy was taken forcibly from indigenous peoples; a large part of our economic stability was built on the slave trade and the unending extraction of natural resources. The friction in public discourse is apparent when it comes to themes like racism, capitalism, and climate change. Some are trying to hide and cover up their embarrassment by restricting what can be taught in schools; others are angry, and many are depressed. The pandemic has shown several flaws and inadequacies in the world’s richest country’s ability to care for its own citizens.

Plutonian activity entails grappling with our shadows and humiliation, and it invites us to engage with the underworld. We can’t accomplish this work while remaining the same. Some of this darkness will likely be brought to light during the 2022 Pluto Returns, and decisions will be taken that will define the direction for the next 248-year cycle.

What does Jupiter have in store for us?

Jupiter Promise makes Jupiter’s services available to under-resourced countries and communities in order to help them make better decisions. Jupiter Promise assists under-resourced countries and people in understanding and quantifying their climate risks, as well as informing their adaptation efforts.