How To Get Degree In Astrology

Kepler College offers a certificate program as well as individual courses that teach the fundamentals of astrology. Students will learn about natal and psychological astrology, as well as chart construction and astrocartography. Some classes will educate you how to start an astrology practice, market your practice, or use social media to attract clients.

What degree is required to work as an astrologer?

There’s no denying it.

Astrology has grown in popularity around the world as one of the most popular forms of spirituality. The concept of being able to predict your life path, specific details about the future, and knowledge about people’s personalities based on the alignment of the stars and planets is centuries old. (Does astrology have the ability to predict the future? (Read the article to find out!) You are not alone if you are considering a career in astrology or are curious about how your astrologer got started.

What steps do I need to take to become an astrologer? Despite the fact that there are no formal education requirements in the United States, you can become a certified astrologer by taking classes, learning from a mentor, and having your skills evaluated by a professional body.

There are several paths to becoming an astrologer, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you’re interested in learning more about astrology, you’ve come to the perfect place.

What is the procedure for obtaining an astrological certificate?

The Diploma in Astrology admissions process is based on the candidate’s success in the previous qualifying examinations.

  • Institutions do not conduct entrance tests as part of the admissions process.
  • On the basis of their academic performance, eligible candidates can be admitted directly.
  • Candidates can use the application form online or offline to enroll by filling out the application form with the required information.

Diploma in Astrology: Eligibility Criteria

The following are the requirements for obtaining a Diploma in Astrology:

  • Candidates who have successfully finished their 10th or 10+2 examinations in Arts, Science, or any other stream from a recognized board are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must also have received a minimum of 45 percent on all of their final exams.

Is it possible to make a living as an astrologer?

Disha Mehta is a Saurashtra University Postgraduate in Commerce with a Gold Medal in Accountancy. She graduated from Nagpur with a degree in fashion design. For the past two years, she has been studying astrology. Her passion in astrology inspired her to build a gateway that would connect astrologers with the general population.

Astrology is a science because it involves calculating the positions of stars and planets and their impact on human affairs and terrestrial events in order to forecast fate. These predictions are frequently circulated around the globe. Astrology makes predictions and explanations for occurrences on Earth and human personality traits based on a system of laws concerning the relative positions and movements of heavenly bodies.

Astrology allows one to see into the future, which is why it is so fascinating! Astrology is becoming increasingly popular. It gained traction, particularly during the epidemic, when businesses crumbled and lives were changed in the blink of an eye all across the world.

Astrology is one of the most lucrative professions in India, and it is growing in popularity worldwide. Believers in astrology seek solutions based on astrological predictions and treatments recommended by professionals in the field, whether it is for company growth or career pressure, marital and relationship issues, educational success, or even people’s health. To become a successful astrologer, one must study at a reputable astrology institute such as the Institute of Astrology Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, Jyotisha Bharati by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Bengaluru, Kendra, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences Centers, etc. Research and postgraduate studies are available at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Kolkata, and other locations. Many private astrology coaching classes are also available across the country, led by qualified astrologers. Astrology has traditionally been passed down down the generations by Astro Gurus through (informal) internships and hands-on experience while assisting the Guru. As a result of the epidemic, many online courses are now available at low prices, which might be an astrological turn for one’s profession.

Based on the Solar and Lunar Systems, astrology can be divided into two categories: western astrology and Vedic astrology. Western Astrology is based on the movement and positioning of the Sun, and it places a greater focus on psychology, personality, and character. The Vedic method, on the other hand, is a Moon-based astrology system that encompasses all aspects of life. The Jaimini system, the parashara system, more than 20 nadi systems, the satyachara system, prashna astrology, muhurat astrology, mundane astrology, and many other notions are all part of Indian or Vedic astrology. Because it is founded on mathematical systems, the principle of establishing planetary locations and periods is globally applicable.

Horoscope reading is a popular pastime in India, and it is based on a person’s date and location of birth. Birth charts, known as kuali in Hindu astrology, are extremely important. After checking a person’s kuali, auspicious events and ceremonies are initiated, including marriages in which the birth charts of the boy and girl are matched.

Most astrologers today are interested in learning about many aspects of astrology, such as Vedic, KP, Vastu, Numerology, and others. The astrologer can be a specialist in any field, but in order to acquire a prominent position in the market, he or she must be knowledgeable in all of them. Counseling is a critical element of practicing successful astrology, and good communication skills with clarity of thinking and logical reasoning can really serve as the icing on the cake. In a single Kundli, astrology contains many permutations and combinations, and the astrologer must be able to comprehend each calculation, rationally rationalizing each position and transition. It’s also crucial to keep up with the latest news, trends, and research on various traffic jams, transitions, and changes.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of astrology, it’s recommended that you work as an intern for an experienced astrologer to obtain the essential expertise and exposure. You can also work from the comfort of your own home if you choose this job. A consultation center, on the other hand, can provide aficionados with a professional experience. In both the Indian and global markets, Indian astrology is in high demand. Because of its security and anonymity, online consultation is gaining popularity. There are various apps, such as the LinkAstro App, that act as a marketplace for astrologers, saving you money and time on marketing. These apps bring solution seekers and astrologers together on a single platform and enable online counseling through their technological platform.

Astrology as a career has a broad scope because both ordinary people and celebrities rely on these predictions to plan their moves. The cost of astrological consultation can range from $10 to $500 per hour, depending on the astrologer’s reputation. Humans look to astrological predictions and remedies for help in the day-to-day occurrences of life, from the birth of a child to their relationships, marriage, career, and health.

What colleges have astrology programs?

01 Jun Astrology Education 101: Where can I learn about astrology and acquire a degree?

  • NCGR-Professional Astrologers’ Alliance is a group of professional astrologers.
  • The American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) is an organization of astrologers in the United States.
  • The Astrology School of Avalon
  • The International Academy of Astrology (OCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes astrology (formerly Online College of Astrology)

How much does an astrologer get paid?

Astrologers’ Salary Scales Astrologers’ wages in the United States range from $16,640 to $74,880, with a median of $28,300. Astrologers in the center earn between $24,536 and $28,295, while the top 83 percent earn $74,880.

How much time does it take to learn astrology?

Astrology is a branch of science. It’s similar to a doctor’s treatment for diagnosing a problem or condition.

Any astrologer can read astrology, the Vedic system, and make forecasts, but real-life difficulties are unique, and are not talked about in books.

So, from my perspective, it’s all about how much knowledge you have from books, as well as how many charts you’ve gone through to try to figure out the exact mapping of life events. By analyzing charts and providing precise solutions to clients with correct explanations.

It could take months or perhaps a year, but it won’t be as simple as six months or a few weeks. It’s like being in the middle of a sea. Don’t pass judgment based on the appearance of the waves.

A great astrologer is a lifelong learner, and the more charts you see, the more you understand it.

Who is India’s most famous astrologer?

Dr. Sharma has made a number of forecasts in national newspapers such as The Hindustan Times and The Times of India. In the previous issue, he addresses readers’ questions. He comes from a long line of astrologers. Though he went on to become a mechanical engineer, he eventually learned he had an innate gift for astrology after many of his casual forecasts for friends and family came true. He has done extensive research and study on topics like as astrology, astronomy, gemology, numerology, and the Tantras.

Rao’s mother exposed him to Vedic astrology when he was 12 years old. He refuses to charge fees for astrological classes, which has earned him a large following. Kotamraju Narayana Rao is a member of a well-known Andhra Brahmin family. He holds a master’s degree in English literature and had taught English before joining the Indian Audit and Accounts Service, where he served as Director-General till 1990. Swami Paramananda Saraswati and Yogi Bhaskarananda, his gurus, have taught him several little-known secrets that are not available in any books. “Yogis, Destiny, and the Wheel of Time,” his book, divulged some of these truths. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Vedic Astrology course at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in New Delhi, where he still serves as an advisor and senior teacher of Astrology Courses. The top Vedic Astrology institute in India is Bharatiya Vidya Bhava.

Kapil is a psychic, palmist, and the country’s only phonetic numerologist. He is the author of the best-selling book Numerology Made Simple. He also contributes astrology essays to the Times of India on a regular basis, and his daily predictions on Radio Mirchi are well-received. Many individuals come to him for numerology help. Kapil, who is based in Pune, also owns a logistics firm. He holds a master’s degree in journalism and communications, as well as MBA and law degrees. He has contributed to The Times of India, Indian Express, and Mid-Day. His clientele include actors, politicians, models, and bureaucrats, and his correct forecasts and remedies have aided many. Kapil works as an Astro-Numerology consultant for a number of different websites. He learned some arcane secrets from a Himalayan master, and he’s also an expert in face reading, gem therapy, and graphology.

He began learning numerology as a pastime after working as a finance broker. He correctly predicted the outcome of the popular film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Bansilalji has spent over 30 years studying Numerology and has developed a unique system. He once conveyed a message to a prominent film star in jail, telling him that if his case came up for hearing on a specific day, he would be released. This became a reality, and it represented a watershed moment in his career. Farahad Nathani, a friend and film distributor, then provided him a list of film titles to see which one would be lucky. “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” was the title he chose, then Jumaani added two extra A’s.

He left his 17-year profession as a marketing executive to follow in the footsteps of his father, Bansilal M Jumaani, and become a numerologist. Jumaani, an Astro numerologist, is frequently contacted by companies such as Kotak Mahindra Bank, Reliance Industries, Haldiram’s, and others. He has advised film and sports superstars like as the Bachchans, Irfan Khan, Anil Kumble, and even politicians such as Smriti Irani.

Swetta Jumaani, Bansilal Jumaani’s daughter, studied numerology under her father’s tutelage. She made a renowned forecast regarding the effects of Mars approaching Earth, which turned out to be correct. Swetta was always interested in numerology as a child, and she used to provide advice to her close friends and relatives. She projected that, beginning in 2004, the city of Pune would see a real estate boom and massive expansion, putting it on the international map. Swetta is now regarded as one of the world’s leading numerologists. She has contributed to numerous newspapers and publications with articles and columns. Her remarks have been broadcast on a variety of television and radio stations.

Dr. Sohini Sastri has won numerous awards for best astrologer in India, including one in 2019. She has also been honored by a number of universities, and she is well-known among Bollywood celebs and business leaders. According to Dr. Sohini Sastri, an individual’s life in this birth is determined by their “karma or actions in a previous life.” Dr. Sohini Sastri counsels and encourages her clients to discover solutions to their challenges. Dr. Sohini Sastri is an expert in Vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology, and Vastu Shastra, among other things. Many Bollywood heroines consult her as their astrologer of choice. She is also one of India’s greatest Tantriks.

Is it possible to study astrology at university?

For those interested in learning astrology, we also offer an intense, supervised study program. You can choose to enroll in the entire course of study each year or just the courses you need to complete your education gaps.

We take a broad approach to astrological research, similar to what you’d find at a university. The main symbols of astrology, such as signs, planets, and houses, will be introduced in the first semester, with a concentration on natal astrology. In year two, you’ll learn how to use transits, progressions, and solar arcs to time events, as well as go deeper into your natal chart interpretation with the study of aspects, aspect patterns, and the four angles. In the next semesters, you’ll learn about ancient methodologies, relationship astrology, and interpretation, as well as best practices in counseling and business approaches.

Our program is unique in that it exposes you to a wide range of astrological techniques and schools of thought, including Modern Psychological, Humanistic, Mythic and Archetypal, Traditional and Hellenistic, Evolutionary and Transformational astrology.