How To Get Lucky In Life Astrology

How can I make astrology work for me?

  • You will have excellent luck for the rest of your life if you have a strong Brahaspati in your kundli or horoscope.
  • The placement of planets in your horoscope’s 9th and 12th houses will have a significant impact on your luck. If a planet, such as Lord Shani, is positioned in a home that does not belong to them or is travelling backwards, it will bring you bad luck.
  • Only when they are in their own house or in a house ahead of you is a planetary position favorable for you.
  • The position of Lord Sun also has an impact on your fortune. If the planet is in a powerful position, you will have a lot of luck.

Which planet is in charge of luck?

There’s more to astrology than our sun, moon, and rising signs. Every point and planet in the zodiac, no matter how big or tiny, reflects different aspects of who we are and how we operate. But for the time being, let’s concentrate on the enormous, as in the largest-planet-in-the-solar-system big. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion in astrology, holds the honor. Knowing what your Jupiter sign represents and what the meaning of Jupiter in astrology means might help you better understand your relationship to luck, learning, and living ethically.

In astrology, the personal planets (which include the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) reveal a lot about our personalities and how we react to situations. However, Jupiter in astrology informs us more about how we react to wider themes inside ourselves and society as a whole because it is one of the transpersonal social planets (which are further away from the sun than the personal planets and have a more collective impact). Jupiter rules subjects like philosophy, spiritual beliefs, morals, and higher education, thus this planet urges us to think big and explore the far reaches of the human soul. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and the ruling planet of Sagittarius in the zodiac, thus its energy is very essential to anyone born with a lot of Sag or Pisces energy in their astrological birth chart.

Jupiter is sometimes known as the planet of good luck, despite the fact that its themes can be somewhat philosophical. Continue reading to learn more about Jupiter’s astrology.

Believe That You’re Lucky

As weird as it may sound, knowing that you are fortunate makes you more open to chances that come your way.

When you do get lucky, try to pay attention, halt, and acknowledge it. You’ll soon find that you’re luckier than you believed.

Be Clear About Your Goals and Voice them

Why should you be specific about your objectives? Because it makes you more aware of opportunities that are available to you in relation to your objectives.

And if you tell people about your ambitions, they are more likely to provide you opportunities that are related to you and your objectives.

Be Open to Opportunities

Opportunities knock on your door from time to time, but you are afraid to open it.

In order to allow luck into your life, you must sometimes be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Actively seek out persons who can assist you in achieving your goals:

  • Look for mentors or coaches to help you.
  • Join or start your own mastermind group.

Who you are is defined by your circle of friends. You’re more likely to take on bigger difficulties if you’re surrounded by daring people.

Increase your Karma score

Good purpose and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, according to Hinduism and Buddhism, among other religions (while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma).

This is comparable to the Golden Rule, often known as the Law of Reciprocity:

  • One should treat others the way one would like to be treated (positive or directive form).
  • One should not treat people in the same manner as one would like to be treated (negative or prohibitive form).
  • You get what you wish for others, and you get what you wish for yourself (empathic or responsive form).

Practice Gratitude

Others will be more inclined to want to help you if you express it more often since they will know how much it is appreciated.

Try this exercise to strengthen your thankfulness muscle: towards the end of the day, just before going to bed, think of five things you are sincerely grateful for today. It could be a career that pays the bills, a loving family that fills your heart with joy, or a funny friend.


When we are worried or weary, our ambitions and optimism dwindle, and we become more focused on our own needs and desires. We stretch outwards and recognize opportunities more easily when we are comfortable and pleased.

I strongly encourage you to attempt mindfulness meditation because it is incredibly convenient and produces effects in a short amount of time.

Be Proactive

Stop blaming others for your poverty, misfortune, and failures and take control of your life.

You stop blaming yourself and regain your power to transform your life by being proactive rather than reactive.

How can I tell whether I’m lucky?

In Numerology, your Lucky Number is determined by your date of birth and the numerology number of your name. Using this fortunate number calculator, determine your lucky number. Click ‘Show My Numbers’ after entering your name and date of birth. All of your numerology-based Lucky Numbers will be displayed on the result page.

Is it lucky to see Venus?

Each planet in astrology has a distinct role to play: The sun, despite not being a planet, is important in the birth chart because it rules your ego and sense of self; on the other hand, the moon governs your inner world and emotions. When Mercury goes retrograde, it regulates communication (which is why there are so many misconceptions), and forceful Mars rules impulse, especially sexual impulses. When it comes to love and those lovely, gushy butterflies in your tummy, though, Venus is in charge.

For thousands of years, astronomers have seen Venus’s brilliant brilliance. Venus has long been seen to be auspicious, which is why the ancient Romans called it after the goddess of love, beauty, and wealth. Venus’ genesis narrative isn’t particularly compelling, despite the fact that she is depicted as incredibly beautiful. Uranus (the Father of the Sky) was castrated by his son, Cronus (more widely known as Saturn), and his testicles were thrown into the sea, according to Greek mythology. Venus (or Aphrodite) emerged from Uranus’s genitalia, blood, and semen, which formed a thick, dense mist. What a treasure.

Is it true that your luck changes once you marry?

Marriage, it is said, may make or break a person. The quality of one’s marriage has a significant impact on one’s overall happiness. Sharing a life with another person entails sharing the karmic weight as well as the karmic rewards that the other person brings. Their sorrows and sufferings become ours, and we can share in their wealth and good fortune.

As a result, the topic of whether or not one’s spouse will bring good fortune and money frequently comes in one’s mind. Both during kundali matching and by looking at individual horoscopes, Vedic astrology may answer this topic of money and fortune forecasts.

A person’s janma kundali is a birth chart with twelve houses, each of which represents one or more parts of their lives. The nine planets’ positions in these houses show the importance of luck and fortune in a person’s life.

Some people grow and succeed slowly in life, but after marriage, we find that they gain more growth, success, and social standing. This rapid change is frequently attributed to the spouse’s good fortune. In Indian culture, kundali matching is used to determine whether a couple would bring each other good fortune or misfortune.

Vedic astrology looks at a variety of aspects to determine how much money you’ll make after you’ve married.

The second, seventh, and eleventh houses, which provide a crucial indication, are the relevant homes for this purpose. A healthy and powerful link between these houses increases the prospects of financial prosperity through marriage.

The 7th House is associated with the spouse, and benefic planets in excellent signs in this house offer overall prosperity and happiness.

If the second house of the lagna chart and the lord of the second house are both favourably disposed, there is a considerable possibility that the husband or wife will be affluent or financially successful after marriage.

The fortune of one’s life partner is dealt with in the 8th House. It denotes prosperity and fortune as a result of one’s partner’s influence. So, through the influence of one’s partner in service or business, a successful placement of the 8th Lord provides money and fortunes.

Depending on their potency and operating planetary periods, relationships between the second, seventh, and eleventh houses (or their lords) can generate financial rewards through marriage.

o The 7th house must be in the 10th house in order to undertake business in the name of the wife.

Aside from studying these houses and their lords, the positions of Jupiter and Venus may predict good fortune in terms of wealth after marriage. In general, Jupiter’s position in a man’s chart is significant, while Venus’s position in a woman’s chart is significant.

The placement of these planets in their horoscope can aid you in gaining total benefits through marriage.

The Navamsha divisional charts can inform us when and how much financial benefits can be expected, as well as whether or not the riches will last and grow. The timelines are also mentioned in the dashas, such as the Vimshottari Dasa.

In both the birth chart and the Navamsha division, the seventh and second house should have a strong influence.

The astrologer also looks for other positive yogas of money that could form, indicating a prosperous moment.

On the other hand, if there are cruel, malefic, or unfriendly planets in the second house, and/or the lord of the second house is ill-disposed (such as combust, occupying malefic houses, coming under the influence of unfriendly planets, or losing potency in the Navamsha division), negative results may occur. After marriage, one may lose wealth, one’s spouse may not be/remain financially stable, or one may experience financial volatility.


Is Jupiter a lucky planet?

In Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, growth, and fulfillment. When it activates crucial natal planets in your birth chart, it always delivers blessings. However, you are not need to wait for a transit activation. Your Jupiter sign already provides you with a very promising method for personal success. So why not take advantage of what the stars have in store for you?

Activate your Jupiter, Babe!

We’ve already established that your astrological Birth Chart exposes critical business techniques. The 10th house, often known as your Midheaven, might foretell regions in your life that are extremely promising for your entrepreneurial endeavors. However, this is merely one component of your birth chart’s vast puzzle. There’s a reason why Kings and Queens consulted skilled astrologers to assist them make the greatest choices for their own happiness. Your Jupiter placement is a major player right there!

Jupiter’s purpose as the planet of luck, expansion, and success is to make everything in your life bigger, bolder, and more optimistic and faith-filled. You’ll feel a glimmer of hope, empowerment, and natural curiosity mixed with enthusiasm wherever Jupiter is in your birth chart. This is the ideal emotional condition to use in your business. In fact, there’s a strong chance you already intuitively work with your Jupiter attributes, sensing that they have a lot of excellent things in store for you. You are being asked to embrace your natal Jupiter more if you feel blocked or disempowered in your entrepreneurial journey. He’ll assist you get back on track because he’s probably already working on your soul’s purpose.


Baby, it’s action time! You’re a natural at kicking off projects and bringing concepts to life. Don’t let self-doubt keep you from believing in your brilliant ideas. As you lead the way, Jupiter in Aries helps you focus on your own starting power and may even inspire others to do the same.


Embrace life’s, the earth’s, and our material world’s beauty. This may appear shallow, but with Jupiter in Taurus, you can see how our five senses guide us. Self-care, decent food, and quality time determine the quality of your life and business, as well as the foundation for whatever contribution you make to the world.


Let’s socialize, babe! Jupiter in Gemini bestows the ability to absorb information like a sponge. Learning languages and connecting with people on an intellectual level is simple for you. When you’re in a room, there’s never an awkward silence. You’ll be surprised at the doors Jupiter opens for you if you use this present at networking meetings or other social engagements.


With Jupiter in Cancer, there is a lot of feeling energy. You have the potential to be the grandmother figure in your company, not just for your employees but also for your customers. Your aura radiates warmth, and you enjoy making others feel comfortable and protected. You are gifted when it comes to money management and may even have extremely excellent luck when investing in real estate because of your solid attitude on life in general.


Leo rules the heart and, like the heart in our bodies, likes to be the focus of attention. You will be rewarded with rewards along the way if you activate your Jupiter placement from the heart. There will be a magnetic force around you, capable of manifesting whatever your heart wishes. However, check in with your ego, since the highest manifestation of this placement is to use it to lead service for the divine and the future generation, not for personal power.


Despite the fact that Jupiter dislikes Virgo, this placement can help you achieve great success in business. Jupiter in Virgo enhances analytical abilities and the ability to help others. You might enjoy analyzing people, topics, or patterns in order to assist others in improving and reaching their fullest potential. If you remember that you don’t have to be perfect to act on Jupiter in Virgo, you can be the ultimate healer.


You may help bring peace and harmony to any social situation with Jupiter in Libra. You can create a nonjudgmental atmosphere at your office, which could be advantageous in legal matters. Because Venus rules Libra, you may be drawn to the beauty business, art, or fashion.


You are not scared to confront the negative aspects of life. In fact, Jupiter aids you in seeing the good side of even the most dreadful situations. You understand their motivation and can assist others in making sense of their terror. This is an excellent location for spiritual guides, astrologers, and mystics who enjoy focusing on the spiritual truths of the cosmos that aid communal transformation.


Hello, universe! Please show me everything you have to offer so that I can discover my truth and teach humanity! Jupiter is in Sagittarius, its native sign. You generally always have a cheerful attitude toward life, and people may think of you as “the lucky one.” Jupiter is unquestionably on your side, but you’re not only lucky; you’re also incredibly intuitive, which is what draws all of the good fortune your way. The trick is to trust your gut instincts rather than second-guessing yourself. That’s when your Jupiter sign comes into play!


Jupiter is more careful and stable in this form. Capricorn understands the possibilities Jupiter has to give, but takes his time putting all of the great ideas and concepts, particularly those relating to employment, into action. As a result, anything you put into action and work hard for is usually a huge success. Use a little more intuition and faith and trust your practical approaches. You have a lot more potential for success than you believe.


Let’s start a revolution and make the world a better place! Do you want to join us? With Jupiter in Aquarius, you’ll want to assemble a group of like-minded individuals who can assist you in realizing your grand vision. Whatever you make must correspond to your contribution to the world. There is so much work to be done, which is why forming a network around you will be quite beneficial.


You serve the cosmos and serve as a link between the higher realms and the terrestrial realm in numerous ways. Jupiter will bestow success on you whenever you can incorporate your psychic powers and spiritual connection into your professional life. Even though you sometimes feel too much and have trouble protecting your energy, the world needs you. If you use it in your business, it’s a gift that leads to ultimate fulfillment.

Jupiter transits

These explanations provide you a general concept of how to increase your life’s and business’s success and fulfillment. In addition, transiting Jupiter has a significant impact on your potential to succeed. Jupiter has been in its home sign of Sagittarius for the past few months, which has had a significant impact on the Sagittarius area of your birth chart.

Jupiter will enter our loving, hardworking sign of Capricorn in December 2019. This important transit is deserving of its own blog post because it is destined to bring us business blessings. But before we get started, Babe, finish your research and activate your natal Jupiter!

What is the best planet for a career?

The impacts of the various planets in Astrology on the 10th House have been briefly outlined. The planets in the 10th House have this effect on your career:

The Sun and Your Career- The Sun represents authority in Astrology. With a powerful Sun in your horoscope, you’ll be best suited for a high post in administration or a political career. Government services are also represented by this planet. You’d be great as bureaucrats, bankers, presidents, politicians, large-company CEOs, and so on.

The influence of the Moon- A powerful Moon represents jobs involving feelings and caring for others, such as nursing, psychology, and medicine. A powerful Moon might also indicate a profession in public relations, administration, hotels, or restaurants.

The impact of Mars- This planet represents mental and physical courage. As a result, suitable occupations are those that include adventure and commanding positions of any kind. Because these people are brave, they will be good candidates for joining the army, military, police, professional athletes, and other professions.

Mercury’s influence- Mercury is associated with occupations involving communication, whether it is spoken, written, or even online communication. This planet rules suitable occupations such as publishing and journalism, writing, teaching, web design, editing, and so on. The native’s ability to negotiate is enhanced by Mercury.

Jupiter’s influence- Because Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, financial advisors, bankers, bureaucrats, lawyers, and other occupations that require knowledge and wisdom are best suited for this native.

Venus’ influence- Venus is thought to be the planet of women, and it is associated with beauty, amusement, and sex. Venus is the planet of luxury, art, beauty (parlour), hotels, and acting. This planet is also linked to professions involving the spotlight or luxury, including as design, fashion design, architecture, interior design, modeling, and fashion.

Saturn’s Impact- Saturn is known as the planet of Karma in Astrology. Agriculture, labor, and anything associated to physical labor, such as building structures, dwellings, mining, and so on, are all influenced by Saturn.

The influence of the Rahu Planet- Despite being the most enigmatic planet in Vedic astrology, Rahu is a very materialistic planet. It is the Moon’s southern node. Because the energy of this planet causes people to think differently or do things differently, jobs relating to it are not typical. Rahu denotes vocations like as physicians, medicine or drug researchers, waste-material-dealers, and so on.

The influence of the Ketu Planet- In astrology, this planet represents spirituality and detachment. This is why it is associated with occultists, religious leaders like as priests or pandits, translators, and so forth.

Your astrological chart can only tell you about your inherent aptitude and learning for a given occupation, regardless of the influence of the various planets on your career. However, just because a field isn’t featured on your chart doesn’t mean you won’t excel in it. You may be successful in any field you choose if you work hard, are determined, and have the right information.