How To Know Your Planet Astrology

To begin, what is the ascendant? The vitality you exude on the surface is described by this zodiac sign.” According to Lee, the ascendant is the most important aspect in the chart. “The ascendant is linked to identity, how you feel in your body, and consciousness, and is determined by your birth time. In modern astrology, the ascendant is sometimes referred to as your life’s mission and compass. It’s how you act and feel around strangers, and it could be their first impression of you. Your ascendant reveals your full birth chart framework.

Simply determine your ascendant zodiac sign and the appropriate planet from the list below. That is your ruling planet, my friend:

  • Mars/Pluto in Scorpio
  • Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius.
  • Saturn is in Capricorn.
  • Saturn/Uranus in Aquarius
  • Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces

From here, learning about your chart rules becomes even more difficult. Some zodiac signs have two ruling planets, as you may have seen. This, according to Lee, is due to the fact that there are two types of astrology: modern and traditional. “Most traditional astrologers, for example, will identify Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, while modern astrologers will denote Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio,” she explains. Aquarius would be ruled by Saturn, while Pisces would be ruled by Jupiter, as is customary. Since chart rulers were first designed in traditional astrology, Lee recommends always looking at the traditional ruler, but if the current ruler appeals to you, you can look at it as well.

Now that you know what your governing planet is, look for it in your birth chart to have a better feel of the energy contained in your chart ruler. For example, if you were born with an Aries ascendant, Mars would be your chart ruler, and Mars in Scorpio in the fifth house of fun and creativity may be your chart ruler (or whichever Mars placement you have). Remember that your ruling planet’s zodiac sign and astrological house explain the nature of its influence on our lives.

What method do you use to determine which houses your planets reside in?

Look at the inner circle on your chart for these. The digits one through twelve will be shown in a counterclockwise direction. These are your residences. There will be many planetary symbols in some of these sections.

What is your ascension?

The majority of us are aware of our own and our friends’ star signs, also known as sun signs. Isn’t it how we all make passive aggressive judgments while bigging ourselves up on Instagram with zodiac memes? Our moon signs are also known to us. But did you know you have a RISING SIGN that’s just as important?

The planetary influence that was rising, i.e. on the Eastern horizon, when you were born is your rising sign. It usually reflects how others perceive you in real life and can predict your gut reactions to situations. It is, however, yet another potential personality flaw to consider.

Because of its connection to the rising sun, your rising sign is also known as your ascendant, and many people associate it with your social nature, it’s possible that if someone is guessing your sign, they will get your rising sign before your sun sign! It’s how other people perceive you, which is something you’ll never have. This makes it a fascinating aspect of your birth chart to investigate: discovering who you are in the eyes of others.

What is the meaning of your horoscope?

A natal chart (also known as a birth chart) is an astronomical image of the stars based on the precise date, time, and location of your birth. We compute the location of each planet, as well as the sign of the zodiac and house it was in at the time of your birth, using NASA data.

What house does my Jupiter belong to?

On this page, you’ll find interpretations of Jupiter’s placement in the natal (birth) chart’s twelve houses.

Jupiter’s natal chart position by house (that is, the house Jupiter resides in in the birth chart) tells where we express our generosity and tolerance. It reveals where we put our efforts to improve our lives and who or what we put our faith in.

Jupiter’s house governs areas of life that can be used to improve our personality and life experience.

Don’t know the house position of Jupiter in your chart?

With our simple procedures, you may acquire your astrology chart positions for free. Alternatively, you may generate your birth chart and receive a free report here: Free Astrology Reports, which includes the location of Jupiter by sign and house, as well as other planets.

Jupiter in the First House

You greet the world with a joyful, friendly, and philanthropic demeanor, and you approach any new endeavor with hope and faith. Your faith in the power of positive thinking gets you where you want to go. In general, you are a principled individual with strong morals.

Jupiter in the Second House

Others may believe you are fortunate in terms of money, gifts, or personal belongings. You are, in reality, quite resourceful. Comfort and the realm of the five senses bring you enormous pleasure. This stance can sometimes indicate overindulgence in these things. Success is aided by a positive self-image or emotions of self-worth.

Jupiter in the Third House

You are a forward-thinking individual who is meticulous in your planning. You have an insatiable desire to learn new things and enjoy building joyful relationships with others. It is important to you to share your views with people, and you like doing so. You have the ability to perceive the larger picture and are frequently sought out for counsel. You readily put others at ease in social situations because of your genuine interest in others.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

Your gut feelings tend to lead you, especially in professional situations. You easily form warm bonds with others, and you place a high value on your family and close friends. It is assumed that old age will be enjoyable and rewarding. Strong morals were instilled in you as a child. You desire and are likely to have a large or spacious residence. “Happiness is home,” you probably believe.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

You are especially giving, playful, and warm with children and in your romantic relationships. Creative fields, entertainment, children, and recreation are all lucrative sectors for you. You have a gift for teaching, demonstrating patience and enthusiasm for the learning process and those who are learning.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

You hold yourself to high standards in your professional dealings with others, thinking that everyone should be treated with respect and faith at all times. This may mean missing out on commercial chances in the short term, but others will develop trust in your sincerity over time. You may be able to assist individuals who are less fortunate than you. Rich food aversion could be a problem in your life. You enjoy your work and being of service to others in general.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

It’s crucial to you to cultivate close, fulfilling relationships. You’re a natural negotiator, with a strong belief in fair play and a knack for resolving problems. You may be fortunate in legal matters. You place a high importance on people and connections, and you may find that working together is the greatest way to achieve. You place a premium on relating on an equal footing. You may naturally employ grace and charm to achieve your objectives.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

You have a knack for planning, study, and investigation. You value getting to the base of any problem because you instinctively believe that this is where the solution lies. Similarly, solving complex issues and solving puzzles brings you enormous satisfaction. You are a natural giver, both emotionally and financially, to a spouse. You are not readily shocked by taboos.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

You have an insatiable desire for knowledge and understanding. You like sharing your thoughts and expertise with others because of your naturally philosophical personality. You have the potential to be a natural teacher who enjoys the learning process. You value your freedom of movement and expression. Travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures are all places where you can easily be inspirational and succeed.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

You are quick to take command and do so with a winning, friendly demeanor. Others may consider you “fortunate” in terms of your professional and business chances. It’s in your nature to succeed, and if others assist you along the road, it’s most likely due to your winning mindset. In reality, you’re a moral, mature, and resourceful individual. You admire individuals who realize and manifest their goals, as well as those who take charge of their lives. You may place a high value on your position or status.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Your social life is important to you, and you enjoy connecting with your friends as well as participating in teams and groups or volunteering in your neighborhood. Friends have a tendency to benefit you since they can be persuasive or otherwise beneficial. You are naturally altruistic, and you place a high importance on individuals and personal liberty. You’re quite receptive to new ideas and advancements, and you show a lot of tolerance and humanitarianism.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

This Jupiter by house position is commonly referred to as the guardian angel position, as something always seems to come to your rescue just in time, thanks to your natural faith in the cosmos. Solitude, working alone, and meditation can all provide you with a sense of well-being and rejuvenation. You are often anonymously merciful and generous.

Here you can find the position of Jupiter in your natal chart by sign and house, as well as other natal chart positions.

Do you have any idea where Jupiter is in your horoscope? Here’s how to receive a free natal chart.

What is astrology’s 7th house?

The 7th house, ruled by Libra, is concerned with relationships and how we conduct ourselves in them.

It is traditionally known as the house of marriage, but it governs all of our connections, including lovers, business partners, and even enemies.

“Unlike the 5th house, where sex, pleasure, and what we seek in another person reside, the 7th house is recognized as the house of marriage and committed or contractual partnering,” says astrologer Corina Crysler.

“It can also reveal what we require in our relationships, as well as the patterns we continue to have.”

What does the 12th house in astrology mean?

The Twelfth House is located just beneath the horizon in the sky: it is literally the darkness before dawn. Similarly, the Twelfth House rules all things that exist without physical forms, such as dreams, secrets, and emotions, and is known as the “unseen realm.” Those with planets in the Twelfth House are frequently intuitive, if not psychic. When planets transit the Twelfth House, we bring karmic people into our lives, but we must also understand that not all partnerships are destined to last. Pisces energy is associated with this House.

What are the signs of the moon?

Your moon sign is the zodiac sign in which the moon was at the time of your birth. It’s the soul of your identity, the hidden part of yourself that you may keep hidden from others (unlike your outwardly appearing sun sign), and it accounts for a significant portion of your emotional side.