How To Learn Financial Astrology

With financial astrology, we look at how the economy and markets work, as well as how it can be used in a variety of business circumstances. Anything that involves money, whether it’s personal investments, personal trading, making business decisions that are clearly profitable, and so on. Many ladies have recently approached me about real estate purchases, wondering, “Is now a good time to buy?”

How do I make money through astrology?

Using astrology, you can enhance your financial situation.

  • Place your cash locker or cash cabinet against the south or south-west wall of your home, and make sure it opens to the north.
  • Place a mirror in front of the cash locker so that the image of the locker is reflected in the mirror.

Is it possible for me to practice commercial astrology?

Are you capable of running a business? If you want to determine if business is right for you, check at your horoscope’s second, seventh, and ninth houses. You get a green light to start a business if the planets in these houses are supportive of the ascendant in the 10th house.

What planet is in charge of investment?

Jupiter is associated with wealth and fortune. Mercury is in charge of all business and commercial activity. It also controls one’s mental and intellectual state of mind. Individuals should avoid investing in the stock market unless Mercury is favorably placed in their horoscope.

Is astrology for money reliable?

Financial astrology (also known as business astrology, economic astrology, and/or astro-economics) is a pseudoscientific method of predicting financial market events based on celestial body motions. Astrology is not empirically founded in any setting, and its application in predicting financial markets contradicts normal economic and financial theory.

Predictions are hazy, and hard dates are rarely offered, as is the case with astrology in general. Some astrological phenomena that have been employed in predictions are so unusual that they may have never happened before in a human lifetime, leaving no precedent on which to anticipate results, according to critics.

JP Morgan was an astrologer, but did he believe in it?

J.P. Morgan believed there was more to the market than time, and he relied on astrologers to aid him in his business and investment decisions. He’s not on his own.

Raymond Merriman has more than 30 years of experience in this field. His company, MMA Cycles, is situated in Michigan and has over 7,000 subscribers, many of whom work for well-known financial banks and broker-dealers. Portfolio managers, licensed financial advisors, and trading business executives from New York, Chicago, Tokyo, and Zurich are among them. Some people have a basic understanding of astrology. Others are on the lookout for some extraterrestrial guidance.

He explained, “They come for my market analysis based on planetary cycles, pattern identification, and geocosmic market turning points.” “The majority of them understand the market, but they don’t have this kind of market timing advantage.”

What can I do to better my financial situation?

Richard had this to say about attracting good fortune:

  • Make the Most of Your Chances: Continue to try new things.
  • Listen to Your Gut Feelings: Trust your instincts, especially if it’s in an area where you’ve had some expertise.
  • Be optimistic and expect good things to happen. It’s okay to have a little misconception now and then.
  • Turn Bad Luck Into Good: Don’t get caught up in the negative. Take a step back and look at the larger picture.

So you’re still a skeptic, right? You don’t want to give in to delusion, even if luck is true. Regardless, give it a chance. There are further advantages. Relationships can benefit from a little delusion.

People who have good illusions about their partner are happier, have higher love and trust scores, and have fewer issues. In reality, believing in luck may make you more enjoyable.

The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane (via The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane:

Magical thinking is also necessary for having fun and letting loose. According to Brugger, there is a link between magical ideation and the ability to enjoy life. More fun, more magic. (As long as reality isn’t too far away.) “He claims that pupils who aren’t magical aren’t likely to like attending to parties. “It’s dangerous to be completely devoid of magic.

Richard had a similar experience with his test participants for the limited time he was with them.

People who consider themselves fortunate are more charismatic. It was pleasant to be in their company. Here’s who Richard is:

After conducting innumerable interviews with both fortunate and unfortunate individuals, I discovered that you could tell within seconds which type of person you were about to question. The fortunate individuals were more animated and happy. Emotions are contagious, after all. After spending time with a lucky person, you begin to feel good about yourself and perceive the world in a more positive light. You spend time with an unfortunate individual and begin to think about that back discomfort you’d almost forgotten about but which now appears to be ten times worse. We’re about to release some data that demonstrates that one of the most important things is not how you feel, but how you may make other people feel. It has a lot to do with charisma.

So carry a good luck charm with you. According to scientists, believing in luck may not only be the finest method to fool yourself, but it may also be the route to a happier life.

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Which zodiac is the most unlucky?

Pisces are the kind of people who would gladly give their last few dollars to a homeless person, even if it meant going without for a few days. Pisces are selfless and constantly put others first, even if it is monetarily inconvenient. They are always donating to charity and helping the less fortunate. Their favorite aspect of money is what it can accomplish for others.

Which planet bestows commercial success?

DVB: Throughout my two-decade professional career, I’ve seen a lot of people go after poor company ideas and wash their hands of all they own. Preferable business may not always be good, and new business concepts may not fit everyone equally. Some people may succeed in one business but fail miserably in others. You notice a “A well-known business house has lost ground in a product and brand that was established a few decades ago (fabric, to give you an idea), but has outperformed practically everyone else globally in other companies, including many new start-ups. It is not necessary to base all of your business decisions solely on your horoscope or what astrologers or planets have to say about your business success. However, before settling on the best or new company ideas, it is a good idea to consult with a skilled business astrologer to see whether that business is right for you “The stars in your horoscope are also on your side.

An professional astrologer would advise the person to engage in the most appropriate business in terms of nature, timing, and with whom and for how long. There are twelve houses in the horoscope of a native, and four of them impact business yoga for business success, thus an astrologer must have extensive knowledge reading the intrinsic value of all of these houses.

DVB: If a business astrologer can tell you the time, type, who to do business with, and the duration of the business, he or she may also tell you about fresh start-ups. One thing to keep in mind is that each business will not suit everyone equally; some will fail while others will thrive in the same industry. Take, for example, a well-known corporate house (the Mallya Group), which has suffered significant losses in the airline business while two other private organizations have soared to new heights in the same industry. All three started the same firm as a new start-up, so why have only two prospered while the third has plummeted to the depths of the earth? Rather, they have lost everything they have worked for up to that point in their lives.

I am confident that if any new business venture is thoroughly vetted by an experienced astrologer, there will be some ups and downs, but no disasters. The ploy of planetary movement in the horoscope is all that is used to determine one’s business potential. Whether the native is starting a new business or looking to expand an existing one, an experienced astrologer will have no trouble analyzing his or her charts to determine the native’s exact chances. Before offering a remedy or guidance, an experienced astrologer should examine the native’s horoscope’s D-12 and D-60 (Dwadasmansha and Shastiamsha).

Yes, why not? DVB: The native’s horoscope contains some unusual combinations that provide light on yoga’s real estate success. The business is completely the responsibility of Mars, the red planet. If the planet has a beneficial influence on the 10th house and its Lord, the native has yoga for a real estate business. The combination should be investigated further in the Dashmansha (D-10) chart, and then in the Shashtiamsha (D-60) chart. It can be assumed that a person has yoga for the real estate business if these two charts contain the same combinations of yogas. However, the native must first have a major business and wealth yoga before examining this. First, look for a business yoga, then check to see if Mars is influencing it, and finally, check to see if this yoga is present in D-10 and D-60 charts. One thing to keep in mind is to assess the ascendant’s and Lord’s power. The most important factor in real estate success is the person’s intention. Many top-level real estate businesspeople are in serious danger, yet many small-time real estate businesspeople are making steady development. In this case, Rahu’s extreme negative effect can cause a real estate business to collapse in the long run, placing a person in danger.

Mercury and Jupiter are the planets that are important for stock market performance. If these two planets are in good alignment in a person’s horoscope, he or she has a decent chance of succeeding in the stock market. Aside from that, the fifth and eighth houses should be powerful enough to promote stock market success. These establishments are linked to gambling or quick money. The native’s potential to gain without working is assessed in the eighth house. If he or she wants to succeed in the stock market, the eighth and fifth houses in his or her birth chart must be powerful. At the same time, the native should make sure the 12th house, or the house of loss, isn’t activated. If the 12th house has been activated, he or she will lose riches, even if the fifth and eighth houses have a favorable combination.