How To Predict Astrology

The majority of astrologers employ a range of methods to determine the future “examine a person’s future prospects. There are numerous methods for making forecasts and planning for the future. Here are some of my favorite methods. Sun arc directions, transits, secondary progressions, solar return charts, and more.

For example, transits challenge and pressurize us to make adjustments in our lives and attitudes toward our lives. They bring us happiness and pain at times. They take pieces of ourselves and put them back together “compel us to confront them Secondary progressions highlight our maturation and growth cycles, revealing how our personalities develop.

Transits & Cycles

Our natal chart resembles a photograph of the sky taken at the moment we breathed our first breath. Even though the planets and luminaries continue to move and cycle, we carry our natal chart with us for the rest of our lives. The planets and points, on the other hand, develop particular relationships with the planets and points in our individual natal charts as they progress.

So, if my Sun is at 25 degrees Virgo in my natal chart and Saturn is going towards the same degree of Gemini (25 degrees Gemini), Saturn is transiting square my natal Sun. In the same way, if Saturn is in Gemini at 25 degrees, I can check my natal chart to determine where Saturn would fall in terms of house position. If that degree of Gemini is located in my third house, I’ll know that Saturn is transiting through it.

It is not our intention to provide tutorials on the technical aspects of transits on this website. We’ll presume a basic understanding of the process before moving on to transit interpretation.

Transits act to amplify what already exists! In other words, they draw attention to and elicit responses from aspects of our own psychological makeup.

Outer Planets First, Inner Planets Later

When it comes to transits, it’s preferable to start with outer planet (slower-moving) transits and cycles to obtain a sense of the big picture and “context” before improving our forecasts with inner planet cycles and transits. Some general guidelines are as follows:

  • Look at where transiting Saturn is in each house to see where a person stands in terms of total achievement. More information about Saturn Transiting Through the Houses can be found here.
  • Look for big aspects from transiting Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto to the natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant, or Midheaven. More information about Uranus Transits, Neptune Transits, and Pluto Transits may be found here.
  • Determine the transits of Saturn. More information on Saturn Transits can be found here.
  • Consider Jupiter’s cycle.
  • What angles does transiting Jupiter make to natal planets and where does it transit by house? Jupiter Transits to the Planets is an article about Jupiter’s transits to the planets.

Working “from the outside in” is preferable since it provides a more comprehensive view of the longer-term transits and situations. This gives us a greater understanding of the refinements that inner planet transits provide.

The transits of the outer planets have a significant impact on us.

They can be active before the transit is accurate in aspect, however the following has been observed: Many times, an outer planet transits our birth point once in direct motion, then goes forward and retrogrades back over it, only to turn direct again and pass that same natal point for the final time in that cycle.

In general, the seeds of the transit are sowed in the early half of this cycle (when the transiting planet first “hits our natal point”), and the “issue or crisis” comes to a head in the middle portion of this cycle (when the transiting planet first “hits our natal point) (when the transiting planet retrogrades back over the point). Finally, around the time the transiting planet passes through our natal point for the final time in the cycle, the situation is resolved.

Note that when a transiting planet goes direct after a retrograde phase and passes over our transited point again, we often “see” or “feel” a sense of impending resolution. If our transit experience has been a catastrophe, we now feel a great sense of relief. This is most likely due to the fact that a planet traveling direct after a period of retrogradation is a symbol of resolution in general.

The outer planets’ transits through the houses can help you grasp overall patterns and movements in a person’s life: Jupiter transits the houses, Saturn transits the houses, Uranus transits the houses, Neptune transits the houses, and Pluto transits the houses.

Inner Planet Transits: Power Days, Cycles of Activity, and More

Here are a few interesting points to consider:

  • When the transiting Moon aligns with the natal Sun on a monthly basis: These are often thought of as “days with a lot of power
  • The Mars Cycle is a two-year energy cycle. Your own vitality rises when transiting Mars approaches the sign of your natal Mars. Mars’ energy dwindles as it moves away from your natal Mars’ sign, and it reaches its lowest point when it transits the opposing sign. If your Mars is in Sagittarius, for example, your personal vitality increases as transiting Mars goes from Gemini to Sagittarius, until it hits a high in Sagittarius. Personal vitality falls when Mars transits the signs that follow Sagittarius, until it hits a low point when Mars is in Gemini. Dynamic Astrology: Using Planetary Cycles to Make Personal and Career Decisions, by John Townley, offered this theory.
  • When the New Moon makes contact with a natal planet or point, it indicates a fresh concentration in that area of life for around a month. If the New Moon, for example, conjuncts our natal Venus, we will feel a surge of energy “In Venus, a fresh start and a new perspective are crucial (such as love and money). Interpreting the New Moon’s position by house is also instructive.
  • In this article, you will learn about inner planet transits.

Is it possible to foretell the future using astrology?

This is likely the most harmful assumption about astrology that people make. Its function, contrary to popular assumption, is not to predict what will happen to you in the future. Instead, it’s supposed to be a guiding tool that allows you to make informed judgments and steer clear of life’s pitfalls. Astrology seeks to keep you in tune with the universe’s oneness. It can help you make better decisions when you’re not aligned and things keep going wrong.

Many individuals believe that an astrologer has the power to influence their lives or fate. This is not an option. Consider the following scenario: Because an astrologer did not create your fate, he cannot alter it. Your subconscious and collected karma are the ones who have shaped your fate. You have the opportunity to edit your life a little bit in life by your choices and decisions. You built it, so you have some control over it, but you can’t change it entirely.

Let me put it this way: you’ll never grow into an orange tree if you’re an apple seed. You may not be able to avoid contracting a sickness, but you can choose how you treat and deal with it. In this way, astrology may assist you by serving as a guide to help you make decisions that will allow you to experience the finest possible outcome of your own personal destiny. It all begins with you and finishes with you; it’s that simple.

Is it possible to predict relationships using astrology?

Perhaps the most terrifying conclusion a Leo can have is that their love interest is a Scorpio, the sign with which they are the least compatible. Anyone who follows astrology knows how difficult it is to be attracted to someone who has a sign that is intended to reject them. In reality, astrology’s influence on relationship compatibility is largely fictitious: it’s how people interpret their horoscopes that influences their behavior, which, in turn, influences the success of their relationships.

Who is India’s most famous astrologer?

Dr. Sharma has made a number of forecasts in national newspapers such as The Hindustan Times and The Times of India. In the previous issue, he addresses readers’ questions. He comes from a long line of astrologers. Though he went on to become a mechanical engineer, he eventually learned he had an innate gift for astrology after many of his casual forecasts for friends and family came true. He has done extensive research and study on topics like as astrology, astronomy, gemology, numerology, and the Tantras.

Rao’s mother exposed him to Vedic astrology when he was 12 years old. He refuses to charge fees for astrological classes, which has earned him a large following. Kotamraju Narayana Rao is a member of a well-known Andhra Brahmin family. He holds a master’s degree in English literature and had taught English before joining the Indian Audit and Accounts Service, where he served as Director-General till 1990. Swami Paramananda Saraswati and Yogi Bhaskarananda, his gurus, have taught him several little-known secrets that are not available in any books. “Yogis, Destiny, and the Wheel of Time,” his book, divulged some of these truths. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Vedic Astrology course at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in New Delhi, where he still serves as an advisor and senior teacher of Astrology Courses. The top Vedic Astrology institute in India is Bharatiya Vidya Bhava.

Kapil is a psychic, palmist, and the country’s only phonetic numerologist. He is the author of the best-selling book Numerology Made Simple. He also contributes astrology essays to the Times of India on a regular basis, and his daily predictions on Radio Mirchi are well-received. Many individuals come to him for numerology help. Kapil, who is based in Pune, also owns a logistics firm. He holds a master’s degree in journalism and communications, as well as MBA and law degrees. He has contributed to The Times of India, Indian Express, and Mid-Day. His clientele include actors, politicians, models, and bureaucrats, and his correct forecasts and remedies have aided many. Kapil works as an Astro-Numerology consultant for a number of different websites. He learned some arcane secrets from a Himalayan master, and he’s also an expert in face reading, gem therapy, and graphology.

He began learning numerology as a pastime after working as a finance broker. He correctly predicted the outcome of the popular film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Bansilalji has spent over 30 years studying Numerology and has developed a unique system. He once conveyed a message to a prominent film star in jail, telling him that if his case came up for hearing on a specific day, he would be released. This became a reality, and it represented a watershed moment in his career. Farahad Nathani, a friend and film distributor, then provided him a list of film titles to see which one would be lucky. “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” was the title he chose, then Jumaani added two extra A’s.

He left his 17-year profession as a marketing executive to follow in the footsteps of his father, Bansilal M Jumaani, and become a numerologist. Jumaani, an Astro numerologist, is frequently contacted by companies such as Kotak Mahindra Bank, Reliance Industries, Haldiram’s, and others. He has advised film and sports superstars like as the Bachchans, Irfan Khan, Anil Kumble, and even politicians such as Smriti Irani.

Swetta Jumaani, Bansilal Jumaani’s daughter, studied numerology under her father’s tutelage. She made a renowned forecast regarding the effects of Mars approaching Earth, which turned out to be correct. Swetta was always interested in numerology as a child, and she used to provide advice to her close friends and relatives. She projected that, beginning in 2004, the city of Pune would see a real estate boom and massive expansion, putting it on the international map. Swetta is now regarded as one of the world’s leading numerologists. She has contributed to numerous newspapers and publications with articles and columns. Her remarks have been broadcast on a variety of television and radio stations.

Dr. Sohini Sastri has won numerous awards for best astrologer in India, including one in 2019. She has also been honored by a number of universities, and she is well-known among Bollywood celebs and business leaders. According to Dr. Sohini Sastri, an individual’s life in this birth is determined by their “karma or actions in a previous life.” Dr. Sohini Sastri counsels and encourages her clients to discover solutions to their challenges. Dr. Sohini Sastri is an expert in Vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology, and Vastu Shastra, among other things. Many Bollywood heroines consult her as their astrologer of choice. She is also one of India’s greatest Tantriks.

What is the accuracy of astrologers?

Astrology has not been shown useful in controlled research and lacks scientific validity, hence it is classified as pseudoscience.

Is it possible for astrology to predict my future husband?

Is it possible to trust astrology forecasts concerning one’s future husband or wife? Of course, if we’re talking about Vedic astrology, it’s possible. Vedic astrology may reveal a lot about us.

In general, the nature of our future wife or spouse, as well as:

This may seem ridiculous, but a check at a person’s horoscope or birth chart can provide answers to many questions about their marriage.

To make precise predictions for such astrological questions, astrologers use both the janma kundali and the divisional charts.

The 7th house also denotes a life mate, as it is the house of partnership.

Analyzing this dwelling can provide answers to all questions about marriage and one’s spouse. The planets and signs that are placed in this house play a significant role in answering all of our queries about our future life partner.

Here are some examples of assumptions we can derive from horoscopes:

Jupiter in the 7th house of a woman’s horoscope implies that her future husband will be clever and knowledgeable.

Mars in the 7th house denotes a partner who is athletic and well-built, but also highly assertive.

For men, Venus in the 5th house brings a lovely wife as long as it is not afflicted by a malefic planet. It might also be a sign of a love marriage.

In a female marriage horoscope, Rahu in the 7th house can imply a husband from a different caste or community.

In astrology, the signs and planets indicate certain directions. These must be examined in order to draw judgments on the path one should take following marriage. In astrology, the direction represented by the strongest planet in the 7th house might be the direction of spouse to predict the direction one may move after marriage.

Check the rising sign in the 7th house, as well as the direction indicated by this sign.

The location of the 7th Lord’s sign, as well as the direction indicated by this sign, are significant.

The sign in which Venus is positioned also indicates the orientation of one’s spouse and the possibility of moving after marriage.

In vedic astrology, the direction that will be noticed in the most of situations or that will prevail the most will suggest future spouse orientation.

In astrology, the rashis, or zodiac signs, are classified into three divisions. There are three types of signs: movable, fixed, and dual.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the Chara Rasi or Movable signs, which means they can move away after marriage.

Those born under this rashi have the opportunity to relocate large distances, dwell in foreign countries, and so forth. If the sign in the 7th house is moveable, the person is likely to move away from his or her parents after marriage.

Move closer to home: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aqurius are the Sthira Rasi or Fixed Signs.

Fixed indicators suggest marriage in a close proximity to oneself, such as in the same city or area.

As a result, Vedic astrology can provide a wealth of information about our future mate or wife.

Is Astrology’s prediction of the future correct?

Not only does this program provide transit horoscope interpretations, but it also allows you to enter numerous natal chart data and assess compatibility between those charts! This is a comprehensive app for individuals who are already familiar with astrology and want to collect data. If you’re looking for exact natal chart interpretations, as well as incredibly accurate and extensive compatibility possibilities, this program is for you.

Which zodiac signs have the ability to keep a secret?

Let’s face it, it’s a fact. To be honest, we all have secrets, and in order to disclose them, we’re always on the lookout for someone who can keep our secrets secure. One of the most effective techniques to learn more about your secret keeper is to look up their zodiac sign. Yes, a zodiac sign can reveal a lot about the individual who will keep your secret and provide you with security and trust, allowing you to open up without fear or anxiety. So, if you’re looking for someone to confide in, here are four zodiac signs you can rely on. According to astrology, these zodiac signs are capable of safeguarding your secrets until the end of time.

1. The Taurus

A Taurus is the best person to keep your secret. So, if you need to get something off your chest, this zodiac sign is the one to contact. Taurus is a secretive sign, which means they are likely to keep your personal information safe. People born under this sign are not only patient listeners, but they may also be able to assist you with solutions. As a result, you can breathe a sigh of comfort by sharing your information with a Taurus, as they are notoriously difficult to break!

2. The Virgo

A Virgo is not only skilled at keeping secrets hidden, but also at being sympathetic and assisting you in getting out of trouble. If you share your belongings with them, they will undoubtedly assist you in overcoming the problem by either attempting to fix it or assisting you in letting it go. This zodiac sign’s inhabitants are not only wise keepers, but also very understanding.

3. The lion

Leos are noted for their ability to maintain secrets because they realize how upsetting it is to divulge someone’s secrets. Because they don’t want to be associated with loose-lippers, people born under this sign are loyal, kind, and trustworthy.

4. The Scorpion

Scorpio is another zodiac sign that can keep your secrets safe! People born under this sign feel compelled to reveal private facts in front of others. They are secretive, just like the Taurus, which is why they dislike chatting and divulging other people’s secrets.

Disclaimer: While these characteristics are generic, they are mostly centered on your zodiac features; therefore, not all of the traits listed above will apply to you.

Why do breakups occur according to astrology?

Love and relationship breakups are caused by planets transiting through the horoscope. Malefic planets cause breakups, and Rahu and Sun are other planets that cause breakups. Mangal dosh can also cause a breakup.

Planets in the horoscope that cause breakup:

  • The conjunction of Saturn and Venus will result in the breakup of a relationship. Venus is important for love success, but if Venus is weak in your horoscope, it can lead to a split.
  • If Rahu and Ketu have an effect on the 5th house lord in a kundli, the relationship will not end pleasantly.
  • The 7th house is associated with marriage, however if Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu are weak in this house, marriage will be difficult.
  • Moon is the ruler of feelings, emotions, and thoughts in astrology. When malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, and the moon align in the horoscope, it can lead to a breakup.
  • Your love relationship will come to an end if the Moon is weak in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in your kundli.

Which planet is to blame for the breakup?

“When Venus, Mars, and Rahu are in the 6th house, a person is more likely to have a breakdown or divorce.” And if there is any planet in the 8th house, the relationship will almost certainly terminate in a dead end. Selfishness, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation infiltrate a partnership when a planet is in the eighth house, wrecking havoc on it. Furthermore, if Ketu is in the 5th house, there is a slim chance that a relationship will survive the test of time, according to the astrologer.