How To Read Degrees Astrology

You might be shocked to learn that math is one of the essential underpinnings of astrology when you first start learning about it. The circular natal chart is constructed using degrees in the same way as circles were calculated in geometry class. But how does this function in terms of astrology?

Locate the cusp, or beginning, of the sign that the point is in to read the degrees of that point in an astrology chart. This is the zeroth of that symbol. Each mark in the sign signifies one as you move counterclockwise. So, if Mars is 5 signs down from the beginning of Aries, you may call him Aries 5.

In astrology, what does 1 degree mean?

As I previously stated, the Sun completes its transit over one zodiac sign in one month (30 days). In 30 days, the Sun will have completed 30 degrees of the zodiac sign. It will cover 1 degree per day, in other words. So, if someone is born on April 19th, the Sun will be at 5 degrees Aries.

In astrology, what is the 26th degree?

At a glance, here are the crucial degrees for the signs: 0, 13, and 26 degrees for the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). 8-9 and 21-22 degrees for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). 4 and 17 degrees for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

In astrology, what does 23 degrees mean?

If you have any planets in the Zodiac between 22 and 24, you should be aware that Mars is concentrating a lot of energy in this small area. Uranus, the planet of electricity, surprise, and lighting, is at 23 Aries, and this is the degree where Mars is due to station in the coming weeks, so 23 is extremely engaged.

Mars is the planet of violent action retrograde; he acts in a different way, but the effects can be just as disastrous. This week, we’ve seen two powerful examples of this in the headlines. In her birth chart, Jo Cox, the MP who was murdered in the street yesterday, had Chiron (wound) at 23 Aries, which was squarely opposite Uranus (shock) at 23 Libra. Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, has his Sun at 24 Scorpio and Mars at 23 Aquarius (community).

Meatloaf, the artist who collapsed on stage yesterday, has transiting Mars Rx on his Jupiter (24 Scorpio), the planet of excess, which is at the top of his horoscope (in the public eye or “on stage).

There is also a lot of force in conceding during a Mars Rx. Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race in favor of Hillary Clinton, but by doing so, he is advancing his cause. In his natal chart, he has Mars Rx at 23 Aries, opposite Venus at 22 Libra. He’s a capable companion. Senator Elizabeth Warren, the left’s fantasy candidate who could be nominated by Clinton for Veep, also has her North Node on 23 Aries. And what about Hillary Clinton? This is a watershed moment for her, with the South Node in Scorpio at 23 degrees. She will, however, need to change course and acknowledge Sanders and Warren.

****Correction: Bernie Sanders has not abandoned his presidential campaign. It’s more that Clinton’s lead has grown. (As of the 20th of June.) What is clear is that he will continue to contribute to the argument. He must be regrouping right now. It’s possible that becoming President is less essential than guaranteeing meaningful change. *****

When used correctly, this energy can cause a significant shift in direction. Mercury (communications) is in an easy trine to Mars Rx for Chris Murphy, the US Senator who filibustered for 14 hours this week to create place for anti-gun legislation. His message was designed to safeguard his country and his country’s children, both of whom are cancer victims.

At 24, Mars is travelling rearward through Scorpio at a very slow pace. Mars will reach 23 in a few days, then station here and turn straight on June 30. Mars, on the other hand, will remain on the 23rd until July 11th. When Mars goes direct in Scorpio, his own sign, a lot of energy could be released.

Uranus, the planet of explosions, surprises, and energy, is in 23 Aries at the same moment (Mrs Cox was having her Uranus Half-Return). Ceres, the nurturing asteroid, will soon join Uranus in this constellation for the last week of June.

Mars Rx is trining Chiron (25) from Pisces, a sobbing sign. There are a lot of tears being shed right now.

The Full Moon at the Solstice is expected to be particularly powerful. At sunset, both the Sun and the Moon will be visible in the sky, regardless of communication polarity (29 Gemini-Sagittarius). This may herald a war of words (which we all know is already underway), but it also signals that now is the time for communication and discussion, as well as exchanging ideas, listening, and gathering information. It’s possible that the action will go horribly wrong.

If you have a planet in Cancer or Pisces at 23 degrees, you have an easy way to bring that transforming energy forth. The energy is more dynamic when you have anything at 23 Fixed or Cardinal.

What is the best degree for planets?

The majority of planets should be in this degree group since it has a good mix of experience and energy. Planets between 25 and 29.59 degrees – These are the wise and old folks we need in our lives. These are the planets that, through aspect or conjunction, guide the planets in lower degrees.

In astrology, what does 15 degrees mean?

15 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the Avatar signs. These degrees of the Fixed signs are supposed to bring ingenuity, coincidences, and happy accidents, which can appear supernatural at times. A person with a planet in the avatar degrees is frequently referred to as the “go-to person who gets things done.”

Is it a good idea for me to follow my North Node?

According to intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang, the north node represents your real north or North Star, as its name implies. “It’s the point in your life where you’ll continue to follow your destiny. You feel more fulfilled and meaningful when you focus your attention on following the north node’s journey, but it’s not simple. It’s the time where you step out of your comfort zone “she explains.

The point in the sky where the moon’s orbit crosses with the northern ecliptic hemisphere at the moment of your birth is known as this node. “It’s not apparent like other astrological points, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important,” explains Lang. So, for example, my north node is in Gemini, which suggests that my “mission” in life is to teach, learn, write, and propagate a particular message.

“You feel more fulfilled and meaningful when you focus your attention on following the path given by the north node.” Rachel Lang is a psychic astrologer.

Of all, the journey to destiny has to begin somewhere, and Lang says your south node is the place to start. The south node is located exactly 180 degrees south of the north node and signifies the start of your karmic path. “Where we came from,” Lang continues, “it’s the familiar.” My south node is in Saggitarius, thus I come from a restless, yearning, and often estranged location, according to the moon.

Is it possible to earn a degree in astrology?

Kepler College offers a certificate program as well as individual courses that teach the fundamentals of astrology. Students will learn about natal and psychological astrology, as well as chart construction and astrocartography. Some classes will educate you how to start an astrology practice, market your practice, or use social media to attract clients.

To what extent is Rahu powerful?

Rahu, sometimes known as the Dragon’s Head in colloquial terms, is a strong malefic in Astrology terms. Rahu is also known as the North Node of the Moon. It can have a good or negative effect during transit, which is usually significant and obvious.

Rahu is thought to bring forth results that are related to “Karmic repercussions It is also considered as a cause and effect of the native’s manner to conducting oneself at times.

For example, Rahu transiting a favorable sign in the 1st house, i.e. the Ascendant, may provide one an advantage in negotiations due to one’s dominant position. If Rahu’s transit is favorable here, you will be able to act in a somewhat indiscriminate manner if you assert yourself overly and make loudmouthed expressions.

On the other hand, Rahu’s passage through an unfavorable sign in the first house would bring you extra difficulties and make you feel humiliated. You may find yourself in a bad situation if you remain hidden. For the sufferers, there will be no yelling or harsh vocal emotions.

In the first situation, after Rahu exits the first house and enters the 12th, one may feel pressured and lose ground more quickly than expected. You can get bowled over if benefice isn’t supportive enough.

In the future, Rahu’s transit through the 12th house in your natal chart will undoubtedly open doors that were previously closed to you. With the correct kind of help, one might be able to locate the right ladder to climb to make it big.

Apart from the ethical component, the main topic of discussion is Rahu’s position in the Natal chart, as well as its transit. When the Sun is in square position, the negative effects are amplified. This unfavorable period could last three to four months. It may be tough to retrace one’s steps if they get themselves into difficulties. Due to Rahu’s retrograde motion, one may become more immersed in a situation. This type of event now occurs in the majority of the charts.

If the Ascendant is between 28 degrees and 2 degrees, the effect of the malefic period is diminished. The explanation for this is self-evident. The initial degrees of Rahu entering the sign may not have powerful results. As soon as it reaches the halfway point, the effect may begin to wane. Negative duration is considerably decreased in this manner. As a result, the damage isn’t as severe as it appears. This makes it much easier to progress along the path to prosperity. Rahu in the Natal chart may be more effective when working around its own degree. So, if Rahu is in the latter degrees of your natal chart, i.e. 28 to 30, or in the o’ to 2 degree, you have a strong chance of avoiding the malefic consequences of transiting Rahu. You can certainly make it big if benefice is also supportive. To put it another way, you’re on your path to becoming a multimillionaire. Let’s have a look at this occurrence in some well-known and lesser-known people.

1) K. K. Birla is a well-known Indian industrialist.

His contribution to India’s industrial growth is well-known, hence no further explanation is required.

2) A Specialist

He began his professional career in the sector of finance. Later in life, he became fascinated by astrology. Soon, he gained the trust of a well-known Astrologer of the period. He was tasked with the task of preparing and publishing a report “Panchang is a 100-year-old Buddhist temple. He learned commercial astrology, which he used to forecast market trends. His views have been consistently published in well-known daily newspapers. People are excited to hear what he has to say.

Sunil Gavaskar is the third player on the list. The legendary Batsman

Keep an eye on Rahu’s position. As previously said, it is Pieces 28.13 in the last degrees.

In the realm of cricket, his achievements as a batsman are legendary. He entered the scene at a time when confronting huge fast bowlers was a nightmare. He came out and demonstrated that facing quick bowlers does not necessitate a large developed body. His talent to play them was recognized and rewarded appropriately.

4) A Female Business Owner

She is from a well-to-do family. She is now a successful businesswoman, and in a foreign nation at that. Her fortitude in the face of adversity has rewarded her with the success she deserved.

All of these people have risen from humble beginnings and left a legacy of their abilities and accomplishments.

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