How To Start Astrology

You’ll want to start reading your astrology chart once you’ve finished creating it. And the best place to begin is by locating your sun, moon, and rising sign on the astrological chart!

It’s very probable that you already know your sun sign (or what many people refer to as their star sign), so start there. Take note of which house your sun sign is seated in, as this signifies the area where you’re destined to shine (keep reading for more information about understanding your house).

After you’ve figured out your sun sign, try to figure out where the moon is in your horoscope. Once again, make a mental note of the zodiac sign and the house in which it resides. This document explains how you can be fostered.

Finally, you’ll want to locate your ascendant sign (or ascendant). When you were born, this was the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon. In astrology, the rising sign is extremely significant since it frequently depicts how you appear to others.

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How do you go about becoming an astrologer?

To become an astrologer, you must study a variety of areas, including philosophy, history, and science. A career in astrology necessitates foresight and a thorough understanding of the zodiac signs in order to assess and forecast the future. Many courses are available in India for those interested in pursuing a profession in astrology.