What Does Each Placement Mean In Astrology

The outer planets are those that are on the other side of the asteroid belt. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are significantly slower moving celestial bodies that change signs every one to thirty years. The outer planets define broader life themes and experiences that are passed down through generations.

The houses that the outer planets inhabit in a birth chart define their significance. Houses are the twelve divisions that make up a birth chart. Every home depicts a different aspect of life: Houses one through six deal with more practical issues like personal economics, the household, and habits, whereas houses seven through twelve deal with more abstract notions like philosophy, legacy, and psychic talents. The houses reveal where we store our energy, as well as our strengths and weaknesses, based on the positioning of the planets.

In astrology, which position is the most important?

Your Sun sign is one of the most essential placements in modern astrology, but whether the Sun is the most important in traditional astrology depends on the time of day you were born. Both the Sun and the Moon are luminaries, and which one is more important depends on your chart’s sect (day or night). The Sun is your most important luminary and sect light if you were born during the day (the Sun is above the ascendant-descendant line in your natal chart). If you were born at night (when the Sun is below the ascendant-descendant line in your birth chart), the Moon is the most important luminary and sect light for you.

Your sect light, or most important luminary, in the chart, where the Sun represents power and intelligence and the Moon represents the physical body, is another indicator of vitality. Both lights embody the concept of visibility and being noticed, which can take many forms. Whatever the case may be, your most important luminary shows you where you “light up” in life. As a result, it occupies a critical position in the chart.

What does it mean to have 12 house placements?

The Twelfth House is located just beneath the horizon in the sky: it is literally the darkness before dawn. Similarly, the Twelfth House rules all things that exist without physical forms, such as dreams, secrets, and emotions, and is known as the “unseen realm.” Those with planets in the Twelfth House are frequently intuitive, if not psychic. When planets transit the Twelfth House, we bring karmic people into our lives, but we must also understand that not all partnerships are destined to last. Pisces energy is associated with this House.

Do soulmates have birth charts that are similar?

What you may not realize is that when two soulmates’ birth charts are compared, they nearly always have certain features in common that reveal the nature of their relationship to a trained astrologer.

What does it mean to have Jupiter in a strong position?

Scorpio in Jupiter has a strong desire to achieve their goals and go deep. You thrive on attaining your objectives, especially when those objectives lead to gold pots.

According to Lang, “Jupiter’s placement denotes a strong will, powerful passion, and a desire to have deep experiences.” “You can be money-minded, especially when it comes to investments and generating long-term wealth. You want to be able to leave a legacy of wealth and plenty to persons you care about or to causes that are important to you.”

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Because Jupiter is Sagittarius’ ruling planet, the Great Benefic, it feels quite at home there! As a result, this placement signifies the ability to manifest: You’re blessed with riches and opportunities, and you’re the epitome of “fortunate.”

Lang explains, “Your luck comes from sharing your expertise and thoughts with others.” “You have a positive outlook on the future, and your hope of good things attracts good things to you. When it comes to sports, gambling, publishing, teaching, or leading a spiritual group, you might get lucky. It’s critical to stay away from extremes in any of these areas, particularly gambling and spiritual fundamentalism.”

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter’s placement here, similar to Virgo in Jupiter (typical Earth signs), shows someone who can combine luck with practical action actions.

“Luck comes from planning about your goals and being ready for opportunities when they present themselves,” explains Lang. “You’re responsible and hardworking, but you should avoid being a workaholic. You’re driven and ambitious.”

Jupiter in Aquarius

“Jupiter represents humanitarian interests in this sign,” explains Lang. “What good is wealth if you can’t put it to good use by sharing it to make the world a better place? This is the task you have set for yourself.”

If Jupiter is in Aquarius, you are likely to be committed to justice, generosity, and friendship. As a result, your good fortune comes from your social networks and community involvement. “You might also find success in IT industries or by investing in technology,” Lang adds, “but talk with an expert first.”

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is well-placed in Pisces, implying a strong sense of intuition. That’s frequently how you’ll find yourself in a position of abundance: Following your instincts can help you figure out where to look for chances, and they often come to you without any effort.

“When it comes to health, spirituality, and creativity, you’re quite fortunate,” Lang says. “You’re the first to help people because you have such a compassionate nature, but you should know that you don’t have to sacrifice yourself in the process.”

What signs do you see in your natal chart that indicate death?

Determine whether or if your client is emotionally and psychically mature enough to handle death-related knowledge. Some people who hear death forecasts “lose nearly all interest in life and expect to die, and some do,” according to the In Plain Sight website. They all die, whether they believe in black magic (a “death hex”) or that their deaths are predetermined by the stars. As previously indicated, practitioners bear a great deal of responsibility for preventing accidental injury to their customers, and, as previously stated, forecasting death is becoming less popular among astrologers.

Understand the relationship between the planets and death, as well as the various sorts of death. All planets play a role in predicting death in an astrology chart, according to the Find Your Fate website. Saturn is associated with protracted and drawn-out deaths, but it can also indicate a long and uneventful life. Hades may play a role in predicting the death of people who suffer from chronic illnesses. The planets can also indicate sudden deaths: Uranus is associated with surgical deaths, Neptune with water and drug-related deaths, and Pluto with rapid and violent deaths. In predicting a death aspect, Mars is considered a “trigger,” whereas Jupiter and Venus are both commonly present. To comprehend the influences of the planets on death, the astrologer must analyze the full chart.

Depending on whether planets usually deemed benefic (good) or malefic (negative) are present in a person’s chart, the eighth house is typically related with the death aspect. There are two types of designations: weak and strong. Venus (weak) and Jupiter (strong) are the benefic planets (strong). Mars (weak) and Saturn (malefic) are the malefic planets (strong). The eighth house is influenced by more than just the planets. The activation of the death aspect can also be indicated by the solar return, progressions, and directions. The two malefic houses (sixth and twelfth), as well as the fourth house, are likely to be active after the eighth house is activated (the house of endings).

Recognize that “death energy” is not the same as “death.” If this era is just depicting a period of chaotic change in a person’s chart, it may be important to investigate further. While the preceding planets and houses may imply that there is a lot of death energy in an individual’s chart at a certain point in time, the time and place of death is not determined. A lot depends on the expectations and behaviors of the individual. Depending on the client’s choices towards that energy and its use, that person may survive beyond the period of strong death energy, sometimes for a long time in good health.

What is the meaning of 8h placement?

The 8th house in astrology is associated with sex, taboos, death, resurrection, and other people’s things. It’s also thought to be a portal to the spirit realm, and it’s linked to the occult and magic. Advertisement.