What Is Conjunction Of Planets In Astrology

A conjunction occurs when two or more planets align perfectly in astrology. Their vibrations combine and operate together when they line up. When Jupiter and Saturn align, it is known as a Great Conjunction. Both planets are linked to power, but in very different ways.

What does a planetary conjunction imply?

When two astronomical objects (such as asteroids, moons, planets, and stars) appear to be close together in the sky as seen from Earth, it is called a conjunction.

In astrology, are conjunctions beneficial?

An angle of about () 010 is called a Conjunction (abbreviated as “Con”). A Conjunction is typically defined as an orb of ten. When neither the Sun nor the Moon are present, some astrologers consider an orb of 8 to be the maximum.

The importance of conjunctions in a horoscope chart cannot be overstated. Because the effects of the planets involved are mutually intensified, they are believed to be the most potent characteristics.

A Conjunction can be good or harmful depending on the planets involved. The Sun, Venus, and/or Jupiter, as well as any of the three potential combinations, can form highly favorable Conjunctions. The Moon, Mars, and/or Saturn, as well as any of the three potential combinations, can form highly unfavorable Conjunctions.

On November 910, 1970, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter were in a 3-way favorable Conjunction for the first time. On March 10 of that year, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn were in a 3-way negative Conjunction.

If one of the two planets participating in a Conjunction is already under strain from one or more hard aspects with one or more other planets, the added presence of a Conjunction will amplify that hard aspect’s tension.

The Conjunction is especially strong if a planet is in close proximity to the Sun (within 17 minutes of arc or only approximately 0.28). Cazimi, an old astrological phrase meaning “in the heart,” is thought to be the planet (of the Sun). “Venus Cazimi,” for example, denotes Venus’s conjunction with the Sun with an orb of less than 0.28.

The specific orb limit for a planet that is reasonably close to the Sun may vary depending on the planet. It’s rumored to be combustible.

The Sun and Moon have a Conjunction every month of the year during the New Moon.

In astrology, what does it mean to be conjunct?

Soft is also the “conjunct” aspect, which occurs when two planets are in the same sign. Conjunct celestial bodies tend to combine their energies to create a strong cosmic brew. Mercury conjunct Venus, for example, indicates smooth communication and emotional expression.

In astrology, what is a conjunction of two planets?

More specifically, in the case of two planets, it simply indicates that their right ascension is the same (and hence the same hour angle). In right ascension, this is referred to as conjunction. In ecliptic longitude, however, there is also the term conjunction. Both objects have the same ecliptic longitude when they are in this alignment. Conjunctions in right ascension and ecliptic longitude do not always happen at the same moment, although they usually happen close together. At triple conjunctions, however, a conjunction only in right ascension (or ecliptic length) is feasible. The involved planets are close together on the celestial sphere during the time of conjunction, regardless of whether they are in right ascension or ecliptic longitude. One of the planets will appear to pass north or south of the other in the great majority of such circumstances.

Which astrological combination is the best?

When the planets Jupiter and Saturn come closest together in the sky, it is called a grand conjunction. When Jupiter “overtakes” Saturn in its orbit, a great conjunction occurs once every 20 years. They’re called “great” because they’re the rarest of all the planet-planet conjunctions visible to the human eye (i.e. excluding Uranus and Neptune).

The distance between the planets varies depending on the conjunction, although most are between 0.5 and 1.3 degrees (30 to 78 arcminutes, or 1 to 2.5 times the width of a full moon). Very close conjunctions are far less often (though the greatest separation of 1.3 is still close by inner planet standards): separations of fewer than 10 arcminutes have only occurred four times since 1200, the most recent in 2020.


Its position as the natural ruler of the 2nd house has a lot to do with who you attract and how you make money.

The position of Venus in your horoscope might disclose a lot about your financial abilities.

If Venus is in a favorable aspect to the ruler of a “money house” (the second or eighth house) or is located in one, it indicates that you have a strong ability to attract money.

Look at the position of Venus in your horoscope to learn more about how you attract and earn money.


Fortune, good fortune, abundance, and growth Jupiter’s position is significant, especially if it is in the second or eighth house.

Look at where Jupiter is in your horoscope to learn how to be prosperous, lucky, and expand your horizons.


When Venus is well aspected, the higher octave represents boundless abundance and is a manifestor planet.

Look to Neptune in your horoscope for guidance on how to achieve your deepest wishes.


The 2nd or 8th house is regarded as a powerful contributor to wealth accumulation.

Look to Saturn in your horoscope for clues as to where you’ll need to put in more effort in order to reap the financial rewards.


Expect the unexpected in your financial life when it is in your 2nd or 8th house! Sudden ups and downs with money, expect the unexpected in your financial life when it is in your 2nd or 8th house!

Uranus might provide insight into where you can face financial ups and downs.

What does having three planets in one house mean?

You’ll need to map your birth chart online to see whether you have a stellium (the AstroTwins offer a helpful birth chart generator on their website!) to see if you have one. You’ll need the date, time (to the minute), and location of your birth to do so.

When you’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need, plug it into the generator, and you’ll have your birth chart in no time. Determine which of the houses your planets belong to. A stellium is defined as three or more planets snuggled in one home. Then check to see if you have three or more planets in one of the zodiac signs. That, too, is a stellium!

What’s the best way to find my conjunction?

Astrology studies the movement of the planets and other celestial bodies, as well as their interactions, to determine how they affect us earthlings and our daily lives. If you’re a serious astrologer (or even a casual horoscope reader), you’ve almost likely come across terms like “trine” or “square” while discussing planets and their effects on humanity. Aspects are the ever-changing interactions between planets in astrology, and the five primary planetary aspects are extremely significant in understanding how astrology impacts humans.

Isn’t it true that we can manage a little algebra for the purpose of astrology? So here’s how it works: A conjunction occurs when two or more planets are within 0 degrees of each other on the zodiac wheel (or very near to it). It’s a sextile if they’re 60 degrees apart. A square is formed by planets that are 90 degrees apart, and a trine is formed by planets that are 120 degrees apart. Finally, an opposition is formed when two or more planets are 180 degrees apart (or straight across from each other in the zodiac wheel). Each of these angles has its own symbolic meaning, and you can see these degrees depicted visually on an astrological chart, such as your birth chart.