What’s My First House Astrology

The Ascendant identifies you, and the First House defines you. It depicts your physical appearance, your general disposition, and the body you were born with. Planets in the first house of a person’s birth chart have a strong influence on that person’s life (for instance, Mercury in the First House is a sign of a chatterbox, while the moon in the First House reveals someone who wears emotions on their sleeve). Because this is the first stop in the cycle, when planets in the sky transit into this house, our aspirations become manifest, and new projects, ideas, or views emerge. This House is associated with the sign of Aries.

In astrology, what are your houses?

The houses in astrology are the cosmic equivalent of a crystal ball, only far more reliable. There are 12 houses in the Tarot, each symbolizing a different aspect of life, such as health, money, relationships, and everything in between. Consider the wheel of houses as a sky map, with planets traveling from house to house all the time. Each planet was in a different house when you were born, and those houses may be seen in your birth chart. Because the homes are based on the time you were born rather than the date, you may need to text your parents to find out.

The positions of the planets at the time of your birth (or throughout your life) might reveal important information. For example, if Jupiter (the planet of luck) was in your second house (which governs wealth) at the time of your birth, making money will most likely come easily to you. (Could you please share the love?)

Is your ascendant in the first house?

Your Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is the Zodiac Sign that was “rising on the eastern horizon at the exact moment you were born.” It’s the technical word for the first house’s cusp in your horoscope. So it’s the dividing line between your 12th and 1st Houses. The ascendant is that.

What is the best way for me to figure out which house my planets are in?

Look at the inner circle on your chart for these. The digits one through twelve will be shown in a counterclockwise direction. These are your residences. There will be many planetary symbols in some of these sections.

What does it imply if your first home is vacant?

Every house, like every zodiac sign, has its own ruler. For example, if you’re born under the sign of Sagittarius, your first house of self is naturally ruled by Sagittarius. (Rising symbol = first house.) It doesn’t imply you don’t have a sense of self if the house is vacant. When the first house is empty, you should look to the ruler, which in the case of a Sagittarius rising is Jupiter. Let’s say Jupiter is in the fourth house in the chart of a Sagittarius rising sign. This would connect the first house of self-interests to the fourth house of home, family, and private life. You’d also look at Jupiter’s sign in the fourth house for a more in-depth knowledge of the first house’s ruler.

The first house works in the same way as the others; each has its own king. I advocate considering old planetary rulerships instead of current planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto when looking for a house’s ruler because they seldom change signs. To grasp their significance, use Mars for your Scorpio-ruled house, Saturn for your Aquarius-ruled house, and Jupiter for your Pisces-ruled house. If you observe that your seventh house of relationships and partnerships is in your tenth house of career and public image, this indicates that you may have met a partner through your work or that your professional and love lives are inextricably linked. When house rulers are interpreted in this way, it’s easy to see how life, like astrology, merges together. The issues of life are frequently intertwined, and the dwellings act in the same way.

What is the function of astrology houses?

If you’ve ever looked at your birth chart, you’ve probably seen a picture of a zodiac wheel with twelve sections. You probably simply scrolled down to a list version of your placements because all the glyphs and aspect lines are bewildering. The zodiac wheel, on the other hand, is the actual birth chart! It’s where you’ll get all the juicy details. The 12 astrological houses, each representing a distinct aspect of your life, are represented by those 12 portions of the chart.

Your house is assigned to you depending on the precise time and location of your birth. House systems were devised in modern times to split the zodiac on the horizon line from east to west, metaphorically portraying the sun’s journey through the sky each day. On the zodiac wheel, your rising sign is always on the left-hand side. It signifies the eastern horizon, or, to put it another way, the location where the sun rises each morning. The rising sign always falls in the first house, no matter what house system you’re using (or, the house of the self). The houses are then recognized by turning the wheel counterclockwise from the second to the twelfth dwelling.

Consider a birth chart in the same way you would a tarot spread. The form is provided by the houses, which are similar to the card positions. The content is determined by the moment of your birth and the planets and signs that fall within each house. The houses provide context for the planets and signs, allowing for interpretation.

What house does my Scorpio belong to?

Scorpio and Pluto are the rulers of the eighth house (in astrology, Pluto is still a planet). The eighth house is a mystical sector that governs the deepest levels of birth, death, sex, metamorphosis, secrets, fused energies, and connection. Other people’s property and money are ruled by the eighth house, which includes real estate, inheritances, and investments. It’s been dubbed the house of sex, death, and taxes in the past.

What is the address of my fourth home?

This home represents your physical, psychological, and historical origins. It is your current living condition, as well as your past, childhood, family, and family line. Do you intend to relocate, improve, or renovate your home? Are you motivated to strengthen your life’s foundations? This is what transits through the 4th house activate. This house also contains one of the four essential angles, the IC or Imum Coeli.