Where I Meet My Spouse Astrology

If Venus is in the fourth House of your birth chart for males and Jupiter is in the fourth House for women, you are quite likely to meet your husband/wife through your domestic life. You can meet your husband/wife through any member of the family, particularly through your mother.

In astrology, how will you meet your spouse?

If Venus is in the third house of your birth chart for males and Jupiter is in the third house for women, you are extremely likely to meet your husband/wife when communicating in your early school years or on routine excursions. It could also come from your siblings or neighbors.

According to astrology, where will you meet your soulmate?

By looking at the North Node of your Moon sign in your natal chart, you can find out about your soulmate. The ecliptic depicts Earth’s orbit in relation to the sky and the journey the sun takes as it travels past the stars in astrology.

Which residence has information on the spouse?

The Upapada (Pada of the 12th House) also reveals information about our partner and the quality of our married life. If Upapada is conjunct or aspected by benign planets, or is in a benefic sign, the wife will provide you complete bliss. If the second from Upapada is in a benefic sign or is aspected by benefics, one will have a sober and lovely wife.

In Vedic astrology, where does the spouse appear?

If the 7th house and the 8th house are in a partnership, your spouse will be a researcher, totally immersed in an area of research or study. You might meet your future spouse while conducting research in a specific topic.

th house and Spouse

If the ruler of the 7th house has a connection to the 9th house, it’s possible that you’ll meet your spouse in a temple or other place of worship. Your partner may be deeply religious and dharmic. Furthermore, you could marry someone from a different caste than you.

th house and Spouse.

The 10th house in Vedic astrology is the home of work, career, and job, and if your 7th house is connected to the 10th house, it’s possible that you’ll meet your spouse at work, at work, or as your career progresses. Your spouse may be a classmate, coworker, or even your employer.

th house and Spouse

In Vedic Astrology, the 11th house represents our money and daily earnings. It also serves as a gathering place for friends, circles of friends, and communities. This suggests that you may have met your spouse through friends or family. It also means that after you marry your spouse, your financial situation will vastly improve.

When will I meet my soulmate? When will I meet my soulmate?

The typical woman discovers her life partner at the age of 25, while males are more likely to find their soulmate at the age of 28, with half of people finding ‘the one’ in their twenties, according to the study.

They also discovered that most people waited five months to declare “I love you” for the first time, as well as five months to update their relationship status on Facebook, and six months to get their own drawer at their partner’s house.

What does it signify if my seventh home is unoccupied?

Is it possible that you’re missing a planet? Is this a sign that you’re lacking a key component of your personality? Though empty houses in astrology can be perplexing, there is no such thing as a planet that has gone missing.

“It’s hard not to have a planet in your chart,” says Ambi Kavanagh, founder of Soulstrology and astrologer. “A planet is in one portion of the zodiac at any given moment. For example, during the week of March 19, Saturn was at zero degrees Aquarius and at the extreme end of Capricorn. So he was either 29 degrees Capricorn or 0 degrees Aquarius, but not’missing.'”

There are 12 residences in total, each representing a distinct aspect of life. The seventh house, for example, represents your committed partnerships, and the tone of your partnerships is determined by the placement of a planet in the seventh house. Mercury, for example, is in my seventh house and is a planet associated with communication and intelligence. That implies I’m drawn to people who are intelligent, smooth-talking, and expressive, and I need to mate with someone who is intellectually equal to me.

“If a planet is in a house, the features and themes of that planet are incorporated into the life regions of that house.” You just don’t have the energy of a specific planet infused if you don’t.” Astrologer Ambi Kavanagh

Let’s pretend your seventh house is a blank slate. Don’t be concerned; instead, take comfort in the fact that having an empty house is common, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed in a certain area of life. “It’s something people are afraid of, but they shouldn’t be,” adds Kavanagh. If a planet is in a house, the features and themes of that planet are absorbed into the life regions of that house. If you don’t, it simply implies that the energy of a given planet hasn’t been incorporated into a particular living region. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of ‘action’ in regard to the life themes ruled by that house.”

In astrology, where is the 7th house located?

The Seventh House (the Descendent) is directly across from the Ascendant of the First House and depicts life-altering relationships. Until now, all of the Houses have focused on a person’s immediate environment: their finances, home, and friends. However, the concept of perspective is introduced in the Seventh House. Simply put, the Seventh House represents your “cosmic plus one,” which includes love partners and other significant relationships in your life. Those born with planets in the Seventh House have a strong focus on relationships and gravitate toward partnership in all aspects of life. Planets transiting the Seventh House assist us in closing deals, securing our bonds by signing contracts, and formalizing our agreements. Libra energy is associated with this House.

How do you know what your spouse will look like?

  • Jupiter and Venus each have two or more points.
  • The 7th house of Navamsa has two or more points.
  • Any of two benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, or Moon) is either aspecting or conjunct the 7th house of Navamsa. It’s important to note that Venus and Mercury should not be conjunct.
  • NTR’s 7th house should have two or more points.

These characteristics can indicate not just a lovely partner, but also a happy and prosperous marriage.

What planet bestows an older spouse?

The Lagna chart and the Navamsa chart are used in astrology to forecast the spouse’s career. The 10th house, often known as the karma or career house, is dedicated to a person’s career in their birth chart. A determination of vocation or career can be established based on the location of the 10th house from the 7th, i.e. the 4th house from your Ascendant. Because the seventh house is the house of marriage partners, the tenth house from it will be the house of career.

The 4th house, its ruler, and the planets that govern it all play a role in the husband or wife’s work. The Ruler of the 4th House must be powerful in order for a partner to have a successful career. Each planet represents a certain collection of your spouse’s occupations.

Spouse Profession in Astrology as per Navamsa Chart

The Navamsa Chart can also be used to determine a spouse’s professional path. After the astrologer has studied the 4th house, also known as the career house, and the 10th house, which is derived from the 7th house. Then it’s time to look at the Navamsa chart to see where the Lord of the 4th House and the planets are located. Planets in the Navamsa chart indicate weakness, and spouses may experience career ups and downs as well as job instability. Saturn’s conjunction with these planets slows career advancement.

1. A powerful Sun, as well as an association with it, gives career excellence and the prospect of a secure government employment or a high-ranking position such as doctor or film star.

2. The partner will have a changing or transferrable employment under the influence of the Moon. A prominent moon in your Navamsa chart indicates a spouse who works in sales and marketing, human resources, FMCG, and so on.

3. If Mars rules your Rasi and Navamsa charts, your spouse may work in law enforcement, the military, or as an engineer.

4. A spouse may be a trader, lawyer, CA, or work in industries involving communication due to Mercury’s prominent effect.

5. Jupiter effects in the horoscope indicate that your spouse may work in banking, education, or management. The planet is linked to places of power and honor.

6. If Venus is prominent in your Rasi and Navamsa charts, your spouse may work in the fashion sector, as a painter, or as a writer.

7. Examining the Nakshatra of the Lord of the 4th House in conjunction with the Ruler of the 8th House will reveal whether your spouse will have a job or a business, as well as the kind of the business.

Spouse Age in Astrology

Everyone is curious about the age of the person they are planning to marry, whether they will be older or younger than them, and how much older they will be than you. If the Moon is connected to the 7th house, its ruling planet, or its ruling Nakshatra, you may marry someone younger. The Moon suggests that the age gap will be small. When Mercury is in the 7th house or has an influence in conjunction with the Lord of the 7th house or the Nakshatra Lord, on the other hand, you may discover a much younger partner. When Rahu or Ketu is in the 7th house of a girl’s birth chart, she can marry a younger man. There are a few more circumstances in which you can find a younger spouse with a large age gap. Our astrologers will be able to assist you with the specifics.

Saturn’s impact on the 7th house, its ruler, or the ruler of the Nakshatra will indicate a mature or older spouse. When Saturn conjuncts Rahu or Rahu conjuncts the 7th house, you should expect an unusual relationship. The Darakaraka planet’s association with Saturn also brings with it an older spouse.

In astrology, these and other combinations are used to tell or forecast the age of a partner. If you want to know more about the nature of your prospective husband or wife, contact our astrologers.