Which Emerald Is Best For Astrology

A vivid green Emerald Stone is recommended for the greatest astrological outcomes. Alternatively, milder tones of natural unprocessed Panna Stone can be worn.

Which emerald quality is the best?

1) The most well-known source of emeralds is Colombia. The Muzo Mine, northwest of Bogota, is Colombia’s most famous deposit. It produces emeralds of excellent quality with a rich green tint. Another deposit in the Chivor mine is located to the north east of Bogota. The Coscuez mining reserves appear to have a bright future. Only about a third of the emeralds discovered here are cuttable. Colombia has long been the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality and largest amount of emeralds.

Emerald is a gemstone with a medium to dark green to blue-green tint. The color comes from chromium, vanadium, or a mixture of the two impurities.

Colombian raw emeralds are prized for their exceptional quality. The color of these emeralds is a richer, more intense pure green. Deep green emeralds are extremely valuable and sought after since they are a rare occurrence in nature. Colombian emeralds vary slightly in hue, but they all have the same vibrant, luscious brilliance that has made them famous. The hues range from a vibrant rich green to a bluish green.

How can I pick the perfect emerald?

Emeralds, like diamonds and other gemstones, are graded using the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These diamonds are extremely valuable, and vividly colored ones can be fairly scarce, so make sure you contact a reputable AGS jeweler who can assist you in making an informed investment.

When it comes to buying an emerald, most gemologists think that color is everything. It’s important that the color is uniformly distributed and not too dark. Rare emeralds have a vivid green-blue color, whilst more common emeralds have a lighter color (and therefore, often more reasonably priced).

Emeralds, like other beryls, are prone to inclusions that can be seen without a microscope. When inclusions are present in gemstones, most gemologists accept this and don’t subtract too much from the total value of the stone. It’s all about the gemstone’s bright color and saturation!

On an emerald, the cut is crucial since it helps to highlight the desired green color. Many emerald gemstones are cut into an emerald shape, which is an elongated, rectangular shape with step-cut facets that helps to produce a bright, gleaming stone with few impurities or cracks.

Unlike some gemstones, which have a consistent price range regardless of size, emeralds have a broad price variation between smaller and larger sizes. Some of the most well-known emeralds in private collections or museums today are hundreds of carats in weight and are considered valuable. Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, and the British monarchy have all sported emerald gemstone jewelry that is renowned for its size and beauty.

What is the best emerald color?

Colors ranging from bluish green to pure green, with vibrant color saturation and a tone that isn’t too dark, are the most attractive emeralds. The most valuable emeralds are transparent. Their color is evenly dispersed, with no color zoning evident to the naked eye.

Which Panna color is the best?

If you’re wearing Emerald (Panna) for astrological purposes, it’s critical to make sure the stone is both scientifically and astrologically perfect.

Scientific Evaluation:

Nowadays, getting Quality Assurance from reputable Gem Laboratories is much easier. A certificate from a reputable laboratory verifies if the stone is natural, synthetic, or treated, among other things. However, with so many budding gem laboratories, it’s critical to only contact reputable labs.

Look for the following in a laboratory/certificate:

  • Look for a reputable and well-established laboratory. The easiest way to judge a more dependable lab is to look at how long it has been in operation. It ensures not only expertise but also dependability.
  • As per International Standards, The Certification is done after considering few mandatory Tests and Attributes, look for these Tests on the Certificate namely- Actual Picture of Stone, Dimensions, Color, Shape, Cut, Optic Character, Refractive index, Specific Gravity, Types of Inclusion & traces of treatments. These properties must be clearly stated on the certificate by the lab.
  • You can also assess the lab based on the quality of the certificates it produces. A few quick-tests to know about the Laboratory include spelling errors, poor printing quality, and unprofessional artwork.

Astrological Analysis:

After you’ve confirmed that the Gemstone has passed Scientific Testing, you’ll want to know if it’s Astrologically Perfect.

Wearing stones with certain types of inclusions or defects is prohibited by Vedic Astrology. Unfortunately, such flaws are not taken into consideration in scientific testing. It can only tell you if it’s natural, synthetic, or treated.

That is, if you have a stone and analyze it in a lab, it may appear to be a Scientifically Natural Emerald, but closer examination reveals a Black Cloud within the Emerald. This type of inclusion will make this stone infected astrologically.

That is why some people have amazing effects from wearing gemstones while others do not.

Apart from these, other characteristics play an important role in defining their astrological impact and, as a result, their pricing. Any positive astrological trait of the stone will increase its value, but any negative astrological trait will decrease its value. This is the Basic Principle for Gemstone Pricing.

  • Color is the most significant factor in astrology. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, and white. Its planetary influence varies depending on its color. In basic terms, if the transparency, size, shape, and luster of two blue sapphires are the same, the one with superior color will be considered better. Emeralds, too, come in a variety of tones. Dark or medium green tones are preferred, hence Emeralds with bluish tinge or blackish green tones are less expensive on the market.
  • Transparency is the second most important factor. The amount of light that passes through a stone is referred to as transparency. It also reflects Inclusion’s presence in the Stone. Because a more transparent stone has less inclusion, it allows more light to pass through. Transparency makes a color appear lighter than it is, so use caution when judging it. The price of an opaque green emerald will be less than that of a deep colored transparent emerald. The reason for this is, of course, the Astrological theory behind it, as well as the fact that transparency makes the Stone appear more lovely.
  • Shape: Astrologically, oval, cushion, and rectangular shapes are preferred because they provide a larger surface area for energy to travel through. Tear Shape is an example of a fancy shape that should be avoided.
  • Luster: Luster is crucial because it gives the Gemstone life. Luster enhances the beauty of the stone, and it is an astrologically beneficial trait. Emeralds with a higher shine have a higher quality.
  • Size: Gemstones are a natural resource that takes millions of years to produce deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Gemstones are a limited resource, and larger sizes are much more so. As a result, as the unit size grows, so does the price per unit. If two Emeralds have the same color, transparency, shape, and luster but one is 6 carat and the other is 7 carat, the ‘per carat price’ of the 7 carat Emerald will be more than the 6 carat Emerald.

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Is emerald suitable for everyone?

Panna is favorable for the mercury planet, according to gemmology in astrology. Panna is known as emerald in English. It is the planet’s polar opposite and has the same properties as mercury. Emeralds are said to boost the planet Mercury in astrology. It’s a gem with a greenish tinge to it. The greatest emerald gems have an aura comparable to green grass and are transparent. The mercury in the Kundli can be strengthened by wearing this gem. Emerald improves understanding and makes it easier to do logical and calculative tasks.

The oratory and debate abilities of the individual who wears this gem improve as well. The individual achieves success in the fields of education and research. Wearing this gem can help you become more skilled. It also improves a person’s business skills. Emerald is also good for skin illnesses, neurological issues, and brain disorders, among other things. It also helps folks who are naturally reluctant and indecisive.

People who have poor mercury in their Kundli and are unable to perform properly may see favorable improvements in their behavior after wearing this gem. Emerald should only be worn when it is auspicious in a person’s kundli, according to Vibhor Indusut. It is best not to wear this gem if it generates unfavorable outcomes in a person’s Kundli. The emerald is considered lucky for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius solar signs.

A silver ring with an emerald gem should be worn on the right hand’s little finger. Aside from that, this gem can be worn in a locket with a silver chain or green thread. On Wednesday, one should donate cow’s milk and sacred water (ganga jal) to the emerald and say three mala of budh mantra before wearing it. When putting on the emerald stone, make sure you’re facing either east or north.

What emerald size should I choose?

The Emerald/Panna stone should be at least 1.5 carats or ratti in weight. To gain the most advantage, the weight should be at least 5 carats.

Is Panna a powerful character?

Emerald, commonly known as Panna gemstone, is a stunning and powerful gemstone. It is also known as the “stone of successful love” and is frequently referred to as “green stone” due to its lovely green hue. The presence of chromium allows it to be found in colors like as red and white, which is surprising. Though it comes in a variety of colors, green is the most popular, and emerald stone jewelry is favored by the majority of women.

How can I tell whether my emerald is genuine?

Look at the color. The color of the gemstone is frequently utilized to determine its genuineness. Examine the hue of your gem by holding it up to the light. Genuine emeralds have a pure green or blue-green color. As a result, if the stone you’re holding has yellow or brown undertones, it’s almost certainly false.