Why Am I Sad Today Astrology

The Sagittarius moon trines Jupiter in Aries after midnight, making us optimistic. Our dreams will be exceptionally nice because many of us will be sleeping at this hour. We have the impression that all roads are open in front of us. Anything is possible if we believe in our objective and are willing to take responsibility for our leadership abilities. We are the only ones who stand in the path of our achievement. It is possible if we set our minds to it!

What are the current positions of the astrological planets?

What sign is that planet currently in?

  • Taurus is the sign of Mercury. At 08:11 UTC on June 13th, 2022, Mercury enters Gemini.
  • Venus is in the sign of Taurus. At 17:34 UTC on June 22, 2022, Venus enters Gemini.
  • Jupiter is in the sign of Aries.
  • Saturn in Aquarius (retrograde).
  • Uranus is currently in Taurus.
  • Pisces is ruled by Neptune.
  • Pluto is in Capricorn (retrograde).

When Libras are depressed, how do they act?

A Libra’s emotional equilibrium is crucial. They can tumble over if the equilibrium is tipped by melancholy. They may become so unbalanced that they lose interest in their favorite things, even breaking all ties with their passions. Their despair is hopeless, and they are prone to succumbing to it.

A Libra, on the other hand, is just as likely to give in to hope. Libras are easily swayed, and if they imagine one pleasant thing, they will immediately think another. Reading self-help books, connecting with a mentor who can motivate them to grow, or simply taking on a new challenge can all help a Libra feel better. A Libra is a self-contained emotional equalizer. They can quickly recover if they believe in their abilities to overcome their melancholy and seek help.

What zodiac has the ability to change moods quickly?

When a Cancer is in a good mood, they will lavish love on those they care about, but when they are in a bad mood, they will lash out or isolate themselves so that their negativity does not harm others.

The good news is that this zodiac sign is unafraid to express their emotions and moods. They’re also adept at coping with the mood changes of others.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Why is Pisces such a melancholy sign? Because Pisces might be highly sensitive, their mood can shift in an instant. Some claim that this makes them the dumbest of all the zodiac signs, owing to the fact that their emotions frequently blind them to reality; they try so hard to experience everything that they forget to stick to the facts.

Why do malignancies always seem to be on their own?

Cancers are extremely sensitive, and the world may be a cruel and unforgiving place at times. Cancer patients can’t handle a constant assault of stimuli and negativity, therefore they need some alone time to heal.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces like being around people, yet they also enjoy being alone. They spend a lot of time alone in their brains.

Pisces is a very imaginative sign that spends a lot of time alone creating. Pisces can be indolent, so if a social gathering requires them to dress up and go somewhere, they will prefer to stay in bed and relax.

What kind of retrograde are we in right now?

The first retrograde will occur between January 14 and February 3, 2022. The second retrograde will occur between May 10 and June 3, 2022. The third retrograde will occur between September 9 and October 2, 2022. The fourth retrograde will occur between December 29 and January 18, 2023.

Do Libras have a tendency to cry?

Libra is a sign of the zodia (September 23 – October 22) They’re like baby ‘touch-me-nots,’ if you injure them, they’ll wail and moan like a baby. They can also be passive-aggressive at times, and will lash out if you don’t agree with them. They will, however, frequently cry out of tenderness in their hearts.

Are Libras prone to erratic behavior?

Librans are the archetypal balancers. As a result, when they are out of balance, their emotional condition can suffer. When they strive to do something, they can become unbalanced. Librans, on the other hand, become unstable and disturbed when they are out of balance.

Why do Libras keep their emotions hidden?

Libras are noted for concealing their true feelings in order to avoid disagreement with others. They frequently conceal whatever thoughts they have in their heads in order for everyone around them to accept and appreciate them.

Of course, this isn’t ideal because those around them are unaware when a Libra’s feelings are harmed. Libras do this because they want to make sure that these individuals are happy while they are in their presence.

Some people observe this mentality in Libras, but Libras frequently deny it because they don’t want any problems.

Empaths belong to which zodiac sign?

Pisces are exceptionally sensitive signs who can’t seem to quit taking on other people’s emotions. They are some of the best friends you could have because they can always detect how a loved one is feeling. Unfortunately, as a result of their sensitive nature, individuals may experience burnout or emotional tiredness. Pisces must strive hard to avoid carrying the world’s weight on their shoulders. They should be on the lookout for Debbie Downers, Bad Vibes Brads, and anyone else who might be a drain on their resources.