Why Is 2020 Such A Bad Year Astrology

2020 will undoubtedly be a year to remember. So far, it’s brought us the coronavirus epidemic and arguably the world’s largest worldwide civil unrest, demanding justice for Black lives and police reform. What’s even more bizarre? Only half of the year has passed. We still have to deal with the 2020 presidential election, the second (or third?) wave of coronavirus, and who knows what else is in store for us with six months to go. So, while 2020 is officially nutzo, its astrology may explain why everything has been so tumultuous, furious, and action-packed. In fact, astrologers have been warning us about 2020 for years, as this year will bring a slew of uncommon, powerful, and life-altering planetary moments that will shake our personal, political, and societal foundations, requiring us to adjust to a completely new notion of “normal.”

Astrologers have long predicted that the uncommon and epic celestial occurrences of 2020, which will occur throughout the year, will result in large-scale transformations, cataclysmic events, and complete paradigm shifts, but no one knew how these energies would manifest in real life.

Is 2021 an auspicious year for astrology?

If we made a list of the year’s advantages and disadvantages, it’s safe to say the disadvantages would outnumber the advantages. The truth is that, no matter where you live in the world, 2020 was likely a difficult year for you and others you care about. What’s the good news? The outlook for 2021 is substantially brighter, according to astrological predictions.

Experts believe that we will see healing, mending, and growth in the coming months.”

According to Aliza Kelly, a New York-based astrologer and host of the Stars Like Us podcast, 2020 was a “extraordinary year” from an astrological perspective. “Multiple major planets formed remarkable alignments that had not been seen in years in the course of a single year. This was the much-discussed Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which was last experienced in 1982, when one million protesters flocked to New York to protest nuclear weapons expansion.

Why is it that everyone is suddenly interested in astrology?

Although horoscopes and birth charts are just the top of the iceberg, there’s no disputing that many people are fascinated by the stars and planets. So, why does it feel like everyone these days is interested in astrology? Experts believe astrology appeals to individuals for a variety of reasons, including its ability to help people cope with stress and uncertainty during difficult times or get a better understanding of themselves.

In astrology, what is the luckiest sign?

Sagittarius In fact, three of our four astrological experts believe it is the luckiest of all the zodiac signs (our fourth expert put it in their top three.)

According to astrology, what will happen in 2022?

According to Jennifer Freed, a psychological astrologer, 2022 will be a year of reevaluation, mending, and quick expansion. The planet Neptune, which is associated with compassion, will be in conjunction with Jupiter, which is associated with abundance. According to Freed, “we’ll have to employ those planets’ energies carefully.”

What was Jesus’ take on astrology?

I believe that God created astrology as a tool for us to better understand ourselves and to use as a spiritual tool. Numerous bible texts, in my opinion, support astrology. As a Christian, I try to remember what Jesus said. “There shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars,” Christ predicted in Luke 21:25, referring to the importance of astrology. He explains the value of astrology with his pupils, as well as how it might be used as a sign of his return. Why would Jesus provide us this critical knowledge if we are not intended to understand the energies of the planets and signs, and if he was actually against it? Just as the three wise men knew Jesus would be born under the star in the sky that led them to him lying in the manger, Jesus warned us that when he returns, there will be signals in the sky.

In 2021, which zodiac signs will be unlucky?

Many things happen throughout the Christmas season.

Cold weather, roasting chestnuts, and Mariah Carey, to mention a few things, yet despite the joy that many people experience during this time of year, some may find it more difficult to get into the Christmas mood. Since Capricorn season is still going strong, many zodiac signs are being pushed to prioritize their aims and ambitions as the year draws to a close, but the Saturnian energy of this season is not for everyone. In fact, Christmas 2021 will be the worst for these unfortunate zodiac signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, because their energy is so dissimilar to Capricorn’s focused, structured nature.

Venus, like the sun, is in Capricorn, although it is retrograde right now and will conjoin Pluto on December 25. Venus’ conjunction with Pluto, the planet of transition and rebirth, will most likely cause unexpected changes in romantic dynamics. This is particularly true for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Because Venus will be retracing its steps through each of these signs’ birth charts’ dark homes, each of these air signs will be pushed to focus on their more inner, private connections.

Based on their birth chart, here’s what each air sign should expect on Christmas Day:

Why do people become so obsessed with astrology?

According to religion anthropologist Dr Susannah Crockford of Ghent University in Belgium, “the growing interest in astrology happens at a time of more social instability.” It is natural for people to seek guidance from a higher power during such moments.

Do famous people believe in astrology?

The majority of Bollywood actors are astrologers. To gain a strong foothold in the Bollywood firmament, the actors believe that luck and star alignment are essential. Astrology is seen by the celebrities of B’Town as a means of obtaining luck and success. Actors frequently assume that numerals and alphabets have a significant impact on their screen lifetime.

Ekta Kapoor, the CEO of Alt Balaji and Telefilms Balaji, is an astrologer who believes in numerology and astrology. And Manoj Bajpayee, the OTT platform’s No. 1 hero, is the latest to openly declare his belief in astrology.

Which zodiac sign is most likely to get wealthy?

Capricorn tops Forbes’ list of wealthiest astrological signs, with an average net worth of $2.2 billion among the women who belong to this sign. Diane Hendricks, a Capricorn, is worth more than $11 billion and is the chairwoman of ABC Supply, one of the country’s leading wholesale distributors of roofing, siding, and windows. Another Capricorn who is well-known for her achievements? Dolly Parton, who has earned a fortune of $350 million via decades of financial success and famous talent, is the personification of this.