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Marriage Calculator is extremely important in life; it may make or destroy a person’s life. The natal chart can tell you if you’re meant to marry or not. While some astrological combinations indicate that marriage is possible, others do not. There are also planetary positions that can cause marriage to be postponed. For men, the 7th house, its ruler, and Venus indicate when and how they will marry. The 7th and 8th houses, their rulers, and Mars, on the other hand, reveal what awaits women in marriage.

Is it possible to determine your wedding date using astrology?

Astrology has a role to play, but only if you believe in it. Many individuals, particularly those with higher education and modern ideas, as well as those in love, may wonder: Is marital astrology truly useful, or should we rely on astrology for marriage? Marriage, as we all know, is more about the relationship between the two people and their extended families. We chatted with Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of India’s leading astrologers, to learn more about the relevance of astrology. He described how astrology’s many steps might assist a person in making marital decisions. He explained that it begins with choosing the best life partner, whether via love or arranged marriage, and continues with the impact on a person’s career and vocation. When someone says that married life has anything to do with a person’s work, it is truly unique, yet he articulated it effectively from a commoner’s perspective. Here are some excerpts from this conversation to help you understand whether or not we should rely on astrology for marriage and whether or not marital astrology is actually useful.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi (Vinay Bajrangi): First and foremost, I will refrain from basing my responses on technical astrological points because a professional astrologer will interpret all of these factors for each horoscope individually. However, in order to do so, the person must first have valid birth information. A professional astrologer can definitely predict when a person will marry based on their natal information. Every person’s life has certain cycles during which Marriage Yoga is active, and any good astrologer can predict the perfect time for marriage by identifying those cycles and combining them with auspicious Dasha and transits. If you miss this ideal time cycle, your finest efforts will return very little in terms of a person marrying. And the person begins to blame planetary alignments or even things like Mangal Dosha or No Marriage Yoga. From your birth chart, any skilled marriage astrologer should be able to calculate the optimal timing for your marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D. Certainly, one can obtain all life partner predictions. So, what do you anticipate to learn while you’re seeking for a life partner? What impact would the potential spouse’s personality, work, family, and financial background have? A professional marriage astrologer can even foretell your future life partner’s orientation and distance from you.

The 7th house in a birth chart represents the spouse’s physical characteristics, whereas the 8th house in a birth chart indicates the spouse’s background. The 4th house denotes the future life partner’s work, the 5th house reveals the spouse’s financial situation, and the 6th house predicts the spouse’s location. Similarly, a person’s birth chart can indicate a lot more about their life mate. Your Navamsha, D-9 chart has the answers to all of your questions about your life partner. However, reading your marital horoscope by date of birth requires the services of a professional astrologer. Still, if you’re interested in learning more about technical astrology, visit my website to learn how to discover the greatest life mate by date of birth. In a nutshell, your date of birth can reveal everything about your prospective partner. Once you have all of these clues, you can narrow down your search for a spouse, which will help you locate the appropriate life partner and cut down on the time you spend looking for one. At this point, I don’t think you could expect anything more from an astrologer.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Those with a basic understanding of astrology are aware that the 7th house in the horoscope is associated with marriage. If this house has a connection to Saturn, it will result in a late marriage. This is due to Saturn’s primary features of being a sluggish planet. Furthermore, if your Venus is weak or your 7th house is influenced by malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, or Mars in addition to Saturn, marriage will be delayed. Marriage is delayed because to a weak Jupiter. If the seventh house is vacant, the person will have a late marriage. These are all well-known astrological criteria for late marriage. My results on late weddings, on the other hand, go beyond these astrological factors for late marriages. These are the human-made and self-made reasons for the delay in marriage. Please don’t be surprised, but I’m serious. Too much family interference, including close relatives such as mother, father, and siblings, might cause a delay in a person’s marriage. High expectations for the future spouse’s status, work, family history, and a slew of other characteristics typically overshadow the marriageable age. A running race for a profession, particularly for females, has become a prominent factor for late marriage in today’s world. Then we point the finger at the planets.

I’ve been an astrologer for marriage troubles for almost two decades, and I’d like to point out that 25% of marriage delays are self-inflicted, with the planets bearing the ultimate responsibility. Late marriage has its own set of consequences, such as a narrowing of your search for a compatible partner, physical strains, natural childbirth increasing family responsibility, which may have an impact on your relationship with your spouse, distraction, stubbornness, and other factors that become additional hurdles in married life. You can learn more about many of these causes and the consequences of a late marriage by reading about reasons for a late marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D.

When it comes to marriage decisions, this is an excellent question to ask. As you can see, Vedic astrology has established some Golden principles for determining the compatibility of two people in a partnership. These principles clearly show the compatibility of the two people, as well as their family and social level. When individuals argue compatibility is just dependent on Gun Milan, I take issue. Let me tell you something: I’ve recommended weddings with a score of 10 out of 36 and shown reservations with a score of 26/30 out of 36 for Gun Milan. I’m also perplexed by questions such as: Is horoscope matching required in love marriages: which is superior Love or planned marriage: what to do if Gun Milan score is less than 18; can we marry without matching horoscopes; will the marriage be successful without charts; and a slew of other queries abound on the internet. To all of these questions, my basic suggestion is to respect the compatibility of the relationship. Don’t base your marriage decision on a mathematical calculation (Gun Milan) or take any shortcuts. Marriage is built on the foundation of perfect interpersonal compatibility, but how we adhere to it is up to us. I can only recommend to the readers that they read and learn how to verify relationship compatibility using birth charts; you will see for yourself that if you do, marriage will be a successful and happy relationship. If you don’t believe in matching charts, have your compatibility checked out by a marriage counselor.

You haven’t asked, but let me tell you that a person’s career is strongly affected by their marital life, therefore make your spouse your life partner.

Love marriage is caused by which planet?

Venus is the planet that governs love, marriage, and romance. This is the planet that determines if your love life is a success or a failure.

How can we tell if a marriage will be love or arranged?

It is a sure sign of Love Marriages when the House of Love and Romance forms a relationship with the Marriage House and Lord.

When the 5th Lord is placed in the 7th House or the 7th Lord is placed in the 5th House in a Water Zodiac Sign, here is an example of such a circumstance.

Another example is when the 5th and 7th Lords are conjunct, or when the 5th and 7th Lords have switched signs, or when the Nakshatra Exchange occurs. When the 5th and 7th lords are conjunct in the 11th house or with the 11th lord, the chances of a love marriage increase.

The House of Sex and Physical Pleasure is located in the eighth house. A new relationship is indicated when the 5th house connects with the 8th house or when the 5th Lord is placed in the 8th house. However, this is an intimate relationship that can only lead to love marriage if the Lord of the 7th House has a link with the 7th house.

In astrology, the conjunction of Rahu and Venus also represents love marriage, interfaith or intercaste marriage. When Venus comes into touch with Rahu, it increases sentiments of love and romance inside the individual, especially when Rahu is in the 7th house of the Kundali. The conjunction of Rahu and Venus in Libra, Pisces, or Scorpio, or in Houses such as the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 2nd, indicates that the native will have a Love Marriage.

When it comes to the Lagnas, the combination of the Arudha and Upapada Lagnas in a chart improves the likelihood of a Love Marriage.

When the Rahu-Moon conjunction appears in the birth chart or Kundali, or when the Moon conjuncts Mercury, it indicates a romantic relationship. When Venus joins this combination or when planets like the moon, Venus, or Rahu are located in the chart, you can be sure of a love marriage.

In the Prediction, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the signs of Gemini or Scorpio indicates a favorable Love Marriage.

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The native does not have to have all of the following combinations in his or her Kundali. When the majority of the aforementioned are present in the horoscope, however, a yoga of love marriage is formed. According to astrology, there are a few other considerations. The first is that a regressive Venus isn’t good for love and romance. Second, your chart’s 5th lord must not be conjunct the 6th lord or be in the 6th lord’s Nakshatra.

Jupiter is the god of spirituality, honesty, ethical behavior, morality, and social norm acceptance. As a result, a regressive or weak Jupiter is beneficial to Love Marriage. It will be a love marriage when Jupiter connects with the combo of the 5th and 7th lords. When Jupiter is conjunct Rahu or Ketu, it can signify both love and marriage.

Marriage Predictions Using Navamsa Chart

The Navamsa Chart might assist you in resolving issues in your relationship. This could also be due to parental opposition to the match. The Navamsa chart is used in conjunction with the Birth Chart to solve problems and make decisions on love marriage.

The birth chart must first show strong indicators of love, and then you must check the Navamsa chart for any relationship issues. However, keep in mind that the Navamsa Chart will not produce a result that is not already predicted in the main Birth Chart.

Importance of Timing Of Love Marriage

In a Kundali, Dasha and Time are important markers. Even if your horoscope says Yoga for Love Marriage, a favorable dasha is required for this to happen. Only when both dasha and yoga are favorable in your life can you experience Love Marriage Yoga.

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With just a phone call, you can get accurate astrology predictions for love marriage or arranged marriage. Now is the time to contact an expert in the field of love marriage.

Why does God allow marriage to be postponed?

KEY REASONS FOR MARRIAGE DELAY In any case, the 7th house lord is weak, whether retrograde, combust, or debilitated. In the horoscope, Venus/Jupiter is weak. The 7th house is afflicted by malefic planets in conjunction with Saturn (such as Mars and Rahu). The seventh house is influenced by both Saturn and Mars.

How can I figure out when I’m getting married?

The couple’s birth dates must be taken into account while deciding on a wedding date. As a general rule, the first and ninth days of each month are the greatest days to get married for anyone born on that date.

Is this a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Check the position of Venus in your horoscope if you want to get your date of birth prediction examined to see if you’re in for love or an arranged marriage. If it falls in the 3rd, 10th, 11th, or ascendant house, it indicates that you will most likely have an arranged marriage.

How can I manually check my love marriage line?

One or two little lines may appear beneath your pinky finger on the outside of your hand. Those are the lines of attachment, often known as the marriage line. If you have one or two affection lines, you have a solid bond that will last a lifetime.

What does astrology have to say about marriage?

“Our daughter is not allowing us to hunt for a good marriage for her,” worried parents of an unmarried girl in her early thirties inquired the other day. Is her marriage set in stone? If so, when do you think you’ll be able to do it? Please recommend a pooja to hasten her marriage.

The girl’s marriage appears to be promised, although late, based on astrological clues. In any horoscope, signs of a delayed marriage are always deliberate. It gives people the chance to improve their interpersonal connection skills and develop sufficiently to deal with the complexities of marriage with ease. Marriage is the merging of two people who were both born with their own distinct mind-trends. Overcoming one other’s limits, the two must be flexible with one another. Only by going through the lessons of life can one grow in maturity, which takes time. An early marriage would have been hard, if not chaotic, given the girl’s disposition.

“Sir, her marriage is already overdue, according to conventional perspective.” The society, our families, and well-wishers are putting pressure on us. Would performing a pooja or wearing a stone aid in the process?

In this scenario, the issue is with her attitude toward life, which is entrenched in her mentality. And no puja may enter on her mental space and alter her cognitive process. Furthermore, given the girl’s personality, she may refuse to wear the stone in the first place.

In my opinion, the girl can only deal with her own mental issues. There’s also the option that she’s thinking about someone, and the two of them are taking their time before deciding to settle down. As a result, it is preferable to be patient. You have no one to answer to. Rather than forcing your daughter to marry, look for a pleasant and stable marriage for her, even if it takes a little longer. She doesn’t appear to be the type to buckle under pressure in the first place.

“Sir, I’m familiar with astrology; could you perhaps explain the foundation of your analysis?” the girl’s mother inquired.

Marriage, as seen from the 2nd house, signifies a new addition to the family. Mars, the 2nd house and sub-lord, is also the 7th lord, which is associated with marriage. Mars is in the 6th house, which is unfavorable to 7th house affairs. Saturn, a natural delaying planet, owns the constellation in which Mars is located. Saturn, on the other hand, rules the 3rd house and owns the 5th. So, while family expansion is not prohibited, it is certainly postponed.

Marriage also entails two people agreeing to live together as partners, as seen from the 7th house. Venus, the 7th sub-lord, is located in the 7th house and in its own constellation. As a result, marriage appears to be a given. Venus, by the way, is also the 5th sub-lord, denoting pleasure pursuits. When the 5th and 7th houses have a strong connection, it indicates the chance of a chosen marriage.

Marriage also denotes the accomplishment of desires associated with the 11th house. Moon, the 11th sub-lord, rules the lagna. The Moon is located in Jupiter’s constellation. Jupiter extends Moon’s favorable 5th aspect. As a result, fulfillment of desires appears to be a given. Moon is the lord of the tenth house in the zodiac. As a result, she may prefer to work with a professional colleague.

Now, let’s talk about her behaviors and views. Moon is in opposition to Uranus, giving her a mercurial personality. The Moon is in opposition to Mercury, implying that she is indecisive, worries excessively, and is resentful of others. Mars in opposition to Uranus causes her to be irritable and unreasonable at times.

Mars in opposition to Jupiter again denotes an inflated ego that limits her vision to her own thoughts and perceptions, unwilling to go beyond for a reality check. She may be unable to process anything that occurs to the contrary. Jupiter in opposition to Neptune and Uranus suggests that she has strange beliefs, is headstrong, opinionated, and tactless. Mercury in opposition to Mars and Uranus causes her to be agitated, irritable, argumentative, unusual, eccentric, and too judgmental of others.

To summarize, she has to work on her attitudes and become accommodating enough to navigate the ups and downs of marital life. Allow her enough time to prepare for marriage. Hopefully, she will tie the knot next year.

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What are the characteristics of a love marriage?

Top 10 Relationship Signs of True Love

  • Your partnership gives you confidence.
  • You’ll run into each other again in the future.
  • It’s not about’me,’ but about ‘us.’
  • A strong sense of community.
  • Nothing is kept a secret.
  • You’re willing to put yourself in harm’s way for them.
  • It appears to be natural.
  • You follow through on your promises.