Will I Get My Love Back Astrology

8 Ways to Rekindle a Relationship’s Love

  • Step 1: To advance, take a step backwards. Try to recall how those first few days, weeks, or even years (if you’re lucky) went.
  • Step 2: Make a deal, make a deal, make a deal!
  • Step three: Make new acquaintances and expand your social circle.

Which planet is to blame for the breakup?

Love and relationship breakups are caused by planets transiting through the horoscope. Malefic planets cause breakups, and Rahu and Sun are other planets that cause breakups. Mangal dosh can also cause a breakup.

Planets in the horoscope that cause breakup:

  • The conjunction of Saturn and Venus will result in the breakup of a relationship. Venus is important for love success, but if Venus is weak in your horoscope, it can lead to a split.
  • If Rahu and Ketu have an effect on the 5th house lord in a kundli, the relationship will not end pleasantly.
  • The 7th house is associated with marriage, however if Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu are weak in this house, marriage will be difficult.
  • Moon is the ruler of feelings, emotions, and thoughts in astrology. When malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, and the moon align in the horoscope, it can lead to a breakup.
  • Your love relationship will come to an end if the Moon is weak in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in your kundli.

Which planet is in charge of romantic compatibility?

Venus is the planet that governs love, marriage, and romance. This is the planet that determines if your love life is a success or a failure. Men’s marriage chances are ruled by Venus, while women’s prospects are governed by Mars and Jupiter. The Sun is another planet that is significant in a woman’s horoscope.

Is it possible to reclaim feelings that have been lost?

You love your lover more and less depending on the situation. That’s perfectly typical.

It can be concerning, however, if you feel as if you’ve lost your affections for them.

How can you feel the same way you did when you were madly in love with them? Is it possible to reclaim feelings that have been lost? They most surely can with a little effort!

Here’s how to reclaim lost feelings, regardless of why they vanished in the first place.

How can you tell whether your ex will never return?

1. Your ex told you to get over it. The only exception is if they continue to tell you this as a sort of reverse psychology in an attempt to reclaim your trust. Unfortunately, this happens more frequently than you might expect. This filthy method is taught by some selfish “get your ex back gurus.”

2. Your ex has blocked you on all social media platforms and is avoiding you. When someone blocks and avoids you, it’s likely that they dislike you and don’t want to interact with you. And, while your ex may be avoiding you on purpose, more often than not, they simply don’t like you.

3. Your ex deleted all of your social media accounts. In keeping with the indicator above, if your ex has unfollowed you on social media, erased photos of you, and entirely rebuilt their online profiles so that no trace of their previous relationships is visible, it’s safe to assume they don’t want you back. At least not right now.

4. If you happen to run across your ex, you’ll notice that they have a frosty demeanor. When you’re close, they don’t pay attention to you, don’t face you, smile, or even establish eye contact. It’s as if you don’t exist in their eyes.

5. When you invite your ex out, they keep finding excuses. If your ex keeps saying things like “maybe next week,” “I’m busy right now,” or “I have some errands I need to run,” there’s a strong probability they don’t want to be around you right now. Always pay attention to what your ex does, not what they say or mean.

6. Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is married or engaged to be married. Is there anything else I can say? Even if your ex is eager to cheat, avoid becoming involved in these scenarios. Keep your distance.

7. Your ex criticizes you in front of shared friends and relatives. While you could argue that hatred (as well as hostility, rage, and mocking) is a positive indicator because it isn’t the polar opposite of love (which is apathy), I disagree. Hate is hate is hate is hate is hate is hate is hate is hate is hate is You don’t want to be with folks who you despise. I don’t want to be around individuals I despise. Nobody likes to see someone they despise.

8. Your ex is unconcerned about you seeing someone else. If your ex doesn’t display any envy, aggravation, or concern when they learn or see that you’re dating someone else, they’re probably over you.

9. Your mutual friends advise you to stop the relationship. Mutual friends often have a good understanding of how you feel about your ex. Because their minds aren’t affected by emotions, they’ve most likely addressed your predicament. As a result, accept their advice if they tell you to go on.

10. Your belongings are returned by your ex. This practice is akin to destroying bridges. The fewer belongings your ex owns at your home, the less likely he or she will contact you about them.

11. You decide to travel large distances. If your ex moved far away from you, or vice versa (depending on the individual and their time and means), re-attraction is unlikely to succeed. To reignite your relationship with your ex, you must meet them in person and continue to meet them. This can’t possibly happen when you’re thousands of miles apart.

12. You want to be “just friends” with your ex. It’s possible that your ex will use friendship as a backdoor into another relationship, but this is uncommon, especially if you’re the dumpee. They usually propose the notion because they want to gently let you down and avoid further hurting you. (It’s important to note that if you want someone’s friendship back, you should never accept it.)

13. Your ex has started dating someone else. It could be a rebound if this happened soon after your split. If your ex discovered someone weeks or even months after you split up, it’s possible that they’ve moved on from you and are looking for someone new. In that instance, what would be my recommendation? Find someone fresh for yourself.

The plainly obvious is number fourteen. For example, your ex tells you word for word that they no longer love you, that they don’t want to communicate with you, that they don’t want to see you or go out with you, or that they don’t want to get back together.

15. You were in a bad relationship. If you and your ex split up because of physical or emotional abuse, manipulation, lying, infidelity, criminal conduct, or anything else poisonous, your chances of reconciliation are little to none (even more than they already are). That, though, is a positive thing. Nobody should go back to a terrible relationship.

16. You have a strong gut feeling about something. I realize I’m repeating what every other blog has said, but I had to include it in this list because many people underestimate its value. So you’re probably right if you sense your ex doesn’t want you back. Pay attention to your instincts.

Will no contact be effective if he has lost his feelings?

At work, this is safe gravity. We’ve discovered that insecure attachment types are typically drawn to secure attachment styles.

This, in my opinion, is the purpose of a no-contact rule. It should all be about bringing you to a safe and healthy mental and physical state.

Simply put, they’d devote their time to getting over an ex. It may sound strange, yet this is precisely what you should be concentrating on.

Instead, you should devote 100 percent of your attention to yourself. On bringing that trio back into balance.

Only then can you create an environment in which an ex wants to talk to you again.

So, if your no contact rule serves that purpose, then yes, the no contact rule can work if he has lost feelings for you.

How do I reclaim my ex, even if it seemed impossible?

Steps to Take and Things to Say to Recover Your Ex

  • Use the “No Contact” Rule (Yes, Even on Social Media)
  • Develop into a person who you can be proud of.
  • Make a few positive changes to your physical appearance.
  • Make a few positive mental adjustments.
  • Allow yourself some time to grieve.

Is it possible to fall in love with the same person again?

It may sound like a fairy tale, but it is possible to fall in love with the same person more than once. We’re not talking about gaps or breaks in the middle here; we’re talking about the entire duration of a relationship.