How Rare Is My Birth Chart

The 12 zodiac signs each have a distinct personality and are each special in their own way (they each even have a corresponding tarot card and connection to your health). However, nothing is as unique as being the very few. You might wonder what zodiac sign is the rarest.

Everyone born between January 20 and February 18 falls under the sign of Aquarius. According to Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City and the author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage, January and February are the months with the fewest births, making Aquarius the rarest sign of the zodiac.

Can your life be predicted by your birth chart?

According to Belgrave, a well-made chart can reveal information about a person’s family, birthplace, and the goals their souls have for this lifetime.

What birth chart is the most crucial?

The 12 zodiac constellationswhose origins can be traced back even furtherare placed along the “way of the sun as seen from Earth” and were noticed and used in Ancient Rome. The zodiac constellation that was behind the sun on the day of your birth determines your sun sign. You are probably already familiar with this one because it is the most well-known and significant feature of your birth chart. Your sun sign essentially expresses your core identity. It stands for your ego, your daily activities, and the active manifestation of your will.

I would characterize myself as an expressive, imaginative, and affectionate Leo. The phrases “occupied with oneself,” “curious bugger,” and “something of an outcast” were once used on Tumblr by an anonymous user, despite the fact that my sister would describe me as essentially being a “emo lion.” Take that however you want.

Does getting a birth chart reading make sense?

But what about the actual birth chart? Knowing that Mars is square your Neptune or that Uranus forms a trine to your Venus, which is conjunct your MC, is meaningless. Does it matter if Pluto is in conjunction with your Ascendant? Why is your brain having to process all of this difficult astro-babble?

What if I told you that astrology is the most thorough approach to learn who you truly are and what kind of person you were destined to be? Astrology and psychology go together naturally. Astrology is the study of the soul using the celestial language, just as psychology is the study of the soul.

The secret code that will unlock your personality and all of its potential is hidden deep inside your birth chart. You can better grasp your abilities and shortfalls by thoroughly analyzing your chart. We’ve all got them. Those less than desirable traits that frequently surface when we’re stressed, anxious, or attempting to avoid something. Astrology may assist you in identifying both your strengths and your weaknesses. Studying your birth chart can also enable you to overcome your weaknesses and make the most of your talents.

When you take everything into account, it quickly becomes clear that there are no costs associated with studying your horoscope or anyone else’s. You will first understand what truly makes you and the people you love tick. What do you require for safety more than anything else in the world? Check your Moon for the solutions. What are some of your inherent abilities and how do you express your love? Examine your Venus. What qualities do you seek in a partner? Your 7th House of Partnerships, any planets therein, and a study of your 7th House’s ruling planet all contain the solutions. Astrology can help you find answers to your questions that are more enlightening than you could have ever thought.

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Your birth chart can improve your relationships

Additionally, learning about a loved one’s astrological birth chart can surely strengthen your bond with them. Why? So, if you have a tool that enables you to comprehend the context in which that individual tends to behave, it stands to reason that you will naturally identify with those inclinations, even if you don’t concur with or share them. Your relationship will immediately improve as a result of doing this! Likewise for you. Without a doubt, studying your own chart will help you develop a better relationship with yourself!

What sign is the most intelligent?

Aquarius is the zodiac sign that is considered to be the smartest. Uranus, the planet of invention, creativity, and higher consciousness, is in charge of them. Because of this, this air sign does more with the information than just absorb it and spit it back out: they comprehend, grasp, and build upon it. Kovach describes them as “innovative, unconventional, and frequently ahead of their time.” They are aware of how emerging trends operate and may have a clearer view of the future than others.

Taurus: a rare sign?

Horoscopes are a kind of ritual for any millennial who enjoys Instagram and Starbucks. Every day, they dictate our decisions, love life, and attire. Every astrologer is aware that each of the 12 zodiac signs has a distinct set of personality traits and behaviors that set them apart from the other signs.

Less well known is how common each sign is in the US. The population is not evenly spread out throughout the various indications. Some symptoms are substantially less common than others. Interested in the frequency of your sign? Look nowhere else. In order to help astrology enthusiasts locate their people, Framebridge has mapped out the most and least prevalent zodiac signs in each US state.

Cancer is the most popular zodiac sign in 25 of the 50 states. According to statistics, summer solstice infants are the most prevalent, so if cancer is a sign that you’re compatible with someone, you’re in luck. The signs that get along best with Cancers are Scorpios, Pisces, and Tauruses, which means that they probably find it much simpler to make friends and find mates, at least in half of the states.

If Virgo is more common in your state than Cancer, Cancer is probably not. In the vast majority of the US, or 47 out of the 50 states, these two signs are the most widely used. Mississippi, Georgia, and Virginia are the only states that defy this pattern. You’ll have more success in these states if you’re looking for a Libra or an Aries.

Being a Capricorn places you in a select group. In over 80% of America, births between late December and early January are the least frequent. Even though Capricorns may not have many friends, those in their circle are among the most exclusive. Michelle Obama is one of these select few. Capricorns are a unique breed that are known for their intense passion, commitment, and patience.

The South deviates significantly from the modest Capricorn tendency. In five and six states, respectively, Pisces and Taurus people are the least common. Only in Hawaii do Geminis under-represent themselves. Finding an astrological twin could be a little trickier for these signs than for Cancers.

You can resume reading your weekly Cosmopolitan predictions and determining your crushes’ romantic compatibility now that you are aware of the official breakdown of Zodiac signs in each state. Everything you may possibly need to advance your understanding of astrology is contained in this information.

Where on your birth chart is your soul mate?

Your natal chart can reveal information about your soulmate by examining the North Node of your Moon sign. The ecliptic, which is used in astrology, depicts the Earth’s orbit in relation to the sky and the path the sun takes as it passes by the stars.

Is Astro future reliable?

This program lets you to add in data from several natal charts and assess compatibility between them in addition to offering interpretations of transit horoscopes! For individuals who already have some knowledge of astrology and are looking to gather information, this app is comprehensive. This software offers incredibly accurate and thorough compatibility possibilities if you’re looking for reliable interpretations of your natal chart.

How does astrology help you foretell death?

According to the nature of the planet that aspects the 8th house and the part of the body that will be impacted, which is symbolized by the 8th House in the division beneath the Kalapurusha, a skilled astrologer can foretell the illness that will result in a person’s death.

The sickness that results in death is brought on by the Dosha (humor) indicated by the planet in the eighth house.

The body would be vulnerable to several attacks from the overabundance of different Humours represented by such potent planets, which would ultimately result in death if many planets occupied the 8th House.

If the Sun is in the eighth house, fire would be the cause of death. When the other planets are placed in the 8th House, the following factors can contribute to death:

  • When the Moon is in the 8th House, water is the cause of death.
  • When Mars is in this House, weapons are the cause of death.
  • Fever when Mercury is in it causes death
  • When Jupiter is in it, chronic illnesses cause death.
  • When Venus is in this House and there is a thief, death occurs.
  • When Saturn is in this House, famine leads to death.

The death would take place abroad if the 8th House is a mobile sign, at home if it is a fixed sign, or while traveling if it is a common sign.

If the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn all aspect the 8th House in bile or heat, the disease would manifest. If the Moon aspects the 8th House in wind and bile, the disease would manifest if Saturn aspects the 8th House in wind.

According to Indian Jyotish Guru Dr. Raman, if no planet is in the eighth house or aspects it, the ailment should be determined by the humours that planet represents.

In accordance with Ayurveda, good health is guaranteed by the coexistence of the three Doshas (three Humours), wind, bile, and phlegm.

According to Dr. Raman, “Each Dosha generates certain ailments, and the precise illness from which a person passes away should be determined in light of the humor assigned to the planet ruling, positioned in, or aspecting the 8th House of a horoscope.

Death from the sun is brought on by apoplexy, paralysis, and fever.

Death by drowning, diarrhea, dysentery, and blood impurities are all brought on by the moon. Mars causes deaths via diseases like cholera, plague, and other epidemics, as well as from hemorrhaging, bronchitis, abortion, complications from surgery, and accidents brought on by gunshots, among other things.

Mercury causes death as a result of assaults, whooping cough, smallpox, mental illnesses, and brain fever.

Jupiter can result in mortality from heart failure, spasms, pleurisy, liver disease, lung inflammation, a sickness that cannot be identified, or from mental stress.

Death from severe thirst, hunger, heat stroke, and venereal disease are all brought on by Venus.

Suffocation, burns, rheumatic fever, paralysis, melancholy, and tuberculosis are all caused by Saturn.

Death is not viewed in astrology as a bad omen for the native.

It believes that a person’s gentle passing is fortunate. Only those closest to the departed consider death a calamity.

The Big Six indicators are what?

Since it’s the primary symbol, it’s the one you’re presumably most familiar with. The calculation for your sun sign is based on where the sun was in relation to the constellation when you were born, hence the name. Your inner identity is determined by this sign, which can also have an impact on other areas of your birth chart. Your Mercury and other planets will most likely have the same solar sign as you. A person with an Air sun is very outgoing and sociable, yet they can change their personality at any time. Earth suns are productive and hardworking, but they also enjoy being home and unwinding. Fire suns are ambitious and goal-oriented, but they sometimes come across as egocentric. Of the 12 suns, water suns are the most sensitive and enjoy having close relationships with others.