What Is South Node In Birth Chart

The south node is the north node’s exact opposite zodiac sign. Your sweet spot, your comfort zone, and the gifts you bring to this lifetime are all revealed. You will naturally excel in these spheres of life, and your early career may be influenced by your south node leanings.

Even while you might feel satisfied, you won’t likely reach Blissville by doing this. In the world of south node activities, there is a feeling of having “been there, done that.” You have in fact lived numerous lives before. Utilizing your south node as a launching pad for your north node destiny is the key. Your horoscope’s south node represents your hometown, which may not be a location you wish to live permanently but is a nice spot to go when you need to feel a sense of place or belonging.

In a birth chart, where is the South Node?

You can find a glyph (an astrological symbol) that resembles a horseshoe in your natal chart. The North Node is represented by that symbol. An upside-down horseshoe serves as the symbol for the South Node. You can circle those symbols once you locate them in your chart. They will always show up in the same degrees, opposing houses, and opposite signs. You can now grasp the karma and energy you’re working with since you know where their homes are. The signs display the taste, while the dwellings portray the general mood and plot.

  • First house north node and seventh house south node: Any karmic debts you may have will be made up in marriage or partnership, so good luck there! You may feel larger than life since your confidence is soaring. However, there’s a catch: You could not be giving relationships the attention they require.
  • the second house’s north node and the eighth house’s south node Your downfall may come from sex. Just a thought. To prevent feeling abused and burned out, be aware of how much time you’re providing to others. At all times, prioritize your needs.
  • Third house north node and ninth house south node: You have a lot of love for your team but not as much for spiritual matters. You can educate yourself and communicate effectively. Think about collaborating with others to encourage communication awareness, perhaps volunteer to tutor or enroll in an online writing course.
  • South node in the tenth house and the north node in the fourth house: You put a lot of emphasis on both your career and your “image and reputation. Spend more time at home and in spiritual pursuits. Here, balance is crucial. Don’t devote so much time to work that you neglect your personal obligations and those to your family.
  • North Node in 5th House and South Node in 11th House Humanitarian actions are used to pay off your karmic obligations. Take a look for a volunteer sign-up sheet and add your name. Be cautious in how you interact with your colleagues as well. Make sure you are the one in charge of leading the group and properly managing the time.
  • Having a north node in the sixth house and a south node in the twelfth house You’re the very best at collaborating with coworkers. Bonus: Your health is excellent as well. Give oneself permission to have faith in things that cannot be rationally explained. Give yourself the opportunity to engage with your spirituality and to access that side of yourself.
  • South Node in the first house and North Node in the seventh: You lack limits in relationships and dominate your partners. Hmm, perhaps it has to do with your relationship and self-confidence issues. Although it can be frightening, being in a healthy relationship is what you fervently desire. Before you ruin the connection, give the other person an opportunity to show you that you love them.
  • South Node in the second house and North Node in the eighth house: Be careful not to overspend and refrain from taking advantage of your sexuality. You can better manage your finances and cash flow if you maintain a budget. And watch out for FOMO.
  • South Node in the third house and the North Node in the ninth house: You feel the need to travel and pursue further education. And you probably have a publishing interest. This energy in your chart is giving you the assurance to take that journey around the world or publish that novel you’ve always wanted to. In order to fulfill your soul’s destiny, be daring.
  • South Node in the fourth house and the North Node in the tenth house: Since you are happier at work than at home, it makes obvious that you have a strong need for a career. However, this does not negate your desire for a contented family life and house. On the other hand, you ache for that.
  • South Node in the Fifth House and the North Node in the Eleventh House: You’re incredibly kind (especially to kids and your boo). Helping others inspires creativity and pleasure in you. Make an effort to get involved in your neighborhood and commit your time to assisting others in achieving excellence. Be more generous and less self-centered.
  • South Node in the sixth house and North Node in the twelveth house: Your interactions with coworkers and other office personnel will help you pay off any karmic obligations you may have. Oh, and keep an eye out for any health problems or worries. Allowing yourself a few minutes each day to unwind will help you prevent experiencing both mental and emotional exhaustion.

What does your chart’s south node represent?

Have you ever questioned why you experience certain emotions so easily? Your skin has a collection of gems when you are born, including intrinsic strengths and weaknesses that adhere to you. Some people think that your soul has absorbed these traits from your previous existence. The people you were prior to entering this world are described by what your south node symbolizes in astrology. It also reveals the traits you ought to put aside while you pursue personal fulfillment, though. You were destined to become someone quite different in this life.

Your north node and your south node are related in your birth chart in a direct way. These two aspects are not planets; rather, they mark the locations where the moon’s orbit crossed the ecliptic at the time of your birth. They are collectively referred to as the lunar nodes. Your south node reveals the traits you need to get rid of, and your north node depicts the person you should strive to become. If not, you might never experience true growth in this world.

Your south node’s zodiac sign is directly opposed by your north node’s sign in the zodiac. You should make an effort to take on the strong traits of your north node while avoiding the unfavorable traits of your south node. Many times because your south node will feel so much more natural to you, the process is uncomfortable and intimidating. It’s okay if it takes you your entire life to let go of these traits. That is the purpose of your visit.

Use this calculator to determine your south node if you are unsure. Continue reading to learn what that means about the most significant voyage you will ever take:

What does the South Node stand for?

We’re all looking for direction, and it never ends. We all have our preferred ways of attempting to understand who we are and how we can overcome our challenges, whether it be through the purchase of self-help books, the completion of countless online personality tests, or the expenditure of all of your extra cash on visits to psychic mediums (hey, don’t judge!). The North Node and South Node in your birth chart can reveal a lot about your life’s path, purpose, and the lessons you should concentrate on learning in this lifetime in order to, well, live your best and most fabulous life. If you’re open to the cosmic guidance of astrology, then you don’t want to overlook this information.

The North and South Nodes of a birth chart, sometimes referred to as the “Nodes Of Fate,” are actually lunar nodes. They can be viewed as useful astrological compass points that steer us toward our most fruitful spiritual life path. Additionally, they inform us which skins we must lose to get there. Where we come from and what we bring into this life are represented by our South Node. That includes the knowledge we’ve gained from previous lives, as well as all the skills and abilities you’ve already developed. The path you are developing into through this life is represented by the North Node, on the other hand. You control your fate. And while accepting it won’t always be simple, doing so will undoubtedly lead to spiritual fulfillment.

What is the position of my south node?

According to Rachel Lang, an intuitive astrologer and healer, your north node represents your real north or your North Star, living up to its name. “It is the direction of destiny that you stay on throughout your life. You feel more content and more meaningful when you concentrate on taking the path indicated by the north node, although it’s not always simple. The boundary of your comfort zone is this “she claims.

At the time of your birth, the moon’s orbit crossed the northern ecliptic hemisphere at this node in the sky. It’s unseen, unlike other astrological points, but Lang maintains that doesn’t make it any less important. As an illustration, the placement of my north node in Gemini, the third house, indicates that my “mission” in life is to teach, learn, write, and convey a particular message.

“You feel more satisfied and more purposeful when you concentrate on following the path indicated by the north node.” A perceptive astrologer, Rachel Lang

However, the journey to destiny must undoubtedly begin somewhere, and according to Lang, that is where your south node enters the picture. The south node, which is exactly 180 degrees from the north, stands for the starting point of your karmic path. Lang claims, “It’s the familiarwhere we came from.” Since my south node is in Saggitarius, I am said to have come from a restless, inquisitive, and frequently estranged place, according to the moon.

Which residence is South Node?

Your soul’s mission entails broadening your horizons and your social network. What You’ve Done: If your North Node is in the third house, your South Node is in the ninth house. There may be a wealth of abstract information available to you.

North and south nodes: what are they?

The lunar nodes are used by astrologers to identify your destiny (north node) and your past lives (south node). Each 18 months, the nodes generally change their indications. Your “soul tribe” is made up of people who have the same lunar node group as you. For the same reasons that they were incarnated, you were as well.

The lunar nodes are the main topic of astrology in the Kabbalah. The north node is referred to in this system as your tikkun, or “correction,” and is seen as the karmic change your soul needs to make. The north node, Rahu, is referred to in Vedic astrology as the head of the dragon, while the south node, Ketu, is considered to have a worse karma.

Parents-to-be should be aware that you will share nodes if your child is between the ages of 18 and 19 or 36 and 37. And there’s a good likelihood that anyone you date, marry, or work with who is nine or ten years your junior or senior will have the opposite nodes (for example, if your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo). You have both mastered what the other has come to understand, making this a potent yet divisive zodiac compatibility combo. You can become unstoppable if you combine your innate talents.

What does the North Node in a birth chart indicate?

The North and South Nodes shouldn’t even be thought of as separate things. They join forces to create an entire picture while positioned straight across from one another in the sky. According to Ash, they represent the two halves of our karmic imbalance. What we are evolving into is represented on one side, while what we are evolving from is represented on the other. Thus, they are frequently referred to as the “Nodes of Fate.

What you’re becoming into is represented by your North Node.”

According to Ash, our life experiences that will help us advance spiritually will be determined by our zodiac sign, house, and aspects to our North Node. You must develop this kind of vitality as you get older since it is not something you are born with.

The personality type you’re leaving behind is represented by your South Node. Ash tells us that while the South Node energy reflects our areas of natural strength, these are only gifts we employ to fulfill our North Node destiny. “She cautions that the South Node’s energy may also reveal areas where we tend to revert to old habits or indulge excessively. “You must not rely solely on the abilities of your South Node at the expense of growing your North Node since growth involves danger and discomfort.

Which node is your north?

Have you ever desired that someone could provide you a success road map? Sometimes it seems like such a vague idea. Everyone wants to be successful, but most people have no idea what that really means to them. Others feel that finding love and starting a family is the key to success. Success is viewed by some as being related to fame and beauty. Others might think that the key is to achieve inner tranquility. What your astrological north node represents may hold the key to understanding what success means to you.

Your north node is not a celestial body, in contrast to the other components of your birth chart. When you were born, the ecliptic plane and the moon’s orbit converged at the north and south nodes of the ecliptic. They together depict the path of your spirit via each life you’ve had thus far. Consider it like this: Your north node represents who you are now, but your south node represents who you were in a previous life.

You can find all the lovely and empowering traits you should strive on acquiring by looking at the zodiac sign that corresponds to your north node. You might initially not feel natural doing it. But there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to realize your full potential if you leave your comfort zone and let your north node guide the way. There is, in a sense, a success road map. It is the hidden gold in your north node.

Enter your birthdate into this calculator if you’re unsure of where your north node is located. Continue reading to learn what it means to you:

South Node Ketu is it?

Rahu and Ketu have an orbital cycle of 18 years and are always 180 degrees apart, according to Vedic astrology (as well as in the birth charts). This occurs at the same time as the moon’s precessional orbit or the 18-year rotation of the lunar ascending and descending nodes on the ecliptic plane of the earth. The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by Ketu and Mangala.

Rahu and Ketu are not actual planets; rather, they are the locations where the paths of the Sun and Moon connect as they move over the celestial sphere. Rahu and Ketu are referred to as the north and south lunar nodes, respectively. The idea that the Sun and Moon were swallowed by a snake came about because eclipses only happen when the Sun and Moon are at one of these positions. The eclipse of the moon is the result of Ketu.

What do the astrological nodes represent?

Your life’s work is imprinted on the north and south nodes of the moon, according to astrology. In the chart, the lunar nodes are situated straight across from one another.

They are mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposing zodiac signs rather than planets. If your north node is in Capricorn, for instance, your south node will be in Cancer, and so on.