What Is Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart

Although you may already be aware that T-Swift is a Sagittarius (her birth time is disputed, but let’s use the most widely accepted one, which is 5:17 a.m., in Reading, Pennsylvania), a closer look at her natal (also known as birth) chart can reveal even more details about how she interacts with the world, her preferred method of communication, and her famous relationships.

Is Taylor Swift a rising Scorpio?

Intensity is unquestionably a key element of Taylor Swift’s birth chart as she has a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Scorpio rising sign. It makes perfect sense that Swift would choose to re-record and release her Red album as a means of reclaiming her strength as she is a Mars-ruled person whose own power is a significant component of her self-expression. The sun is currently travelling through the Grammy-winning singer’s first house of self because we are in the middle of the Scorpio season, casting an unavoidable spotlight on her.

Consider the sun’s passage through your first dwelling as an infusion of fresh energy. The 10th house and Swift’s first house of self are connected because the sun rules the 10th house for her in her astrological chart, which makes it the ideal time for her to release a project that marked such an important turning point in her career. This is especially true given that Swift has revealed that this album will contain songs that the general public has never heard before.

Taylor Swift: a rising Libra?

The natal chart of Taylor Swift provides a wealth of information about her character, way of life, and career path. On December 13, 1989, in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Taylor Swift was born. Her birth time has been the subject of numerous conflicting reports in recent years, and because we have little faith in the time that was reported, we are unable to accurately analyze her Ascendant and, consequently, the houses of her natal chart.

(As a side point, I frequently discover that the times listed online differ greatly from those that celebrities directly offer me when I work with them. This is why we will focus on Taylor Swift’s birthday and place of birth in order to be as accurate as possible.)

With regard to Taylor Swift’s “We would typically consider her Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising Sign/Ascendant as the Big Three.

Sagittarius is the sun sign of Taylor Swift. This relates to her inner ego and personality and is a Fire sign. She is a perpetual traveler who yearns for excitement, novel encounters, spontaneity, and all that life has to offer. She possesses intrinsic creativity and a rebellious streak that enable her to pursue her goals regardless of what other people think. As evidenced by other well-known celebrities like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj, Sagittarius people typically detest being imprisoned. People with Sagittarius Suns are frequently a little quirky and make great showmen.

Cancer is Taylor Swift’s Moon sign. The Moon sign reflects our souls and is connected to our inner emotional lives. This indicates that she is extremely sensitive and takes things very personally. She puts a lot of effort into building strong relationships and possesses strong intuition and empathy. She also takes a while to get over things, and she has a strong nurturing and protective side.

Although she is currently a Scorpio Rising, I would typically focus on someone’s Rising Sign or Ascendant as one of her Big Three. She used to be a Capricorn Rising when her birth time was listed. There is no use in mentioning her without a real, verified time “This might be a Rising Sign. Instead, I’d want to draw attention to the fact that regardless of her Ascendant, she has a number of planets in Capricorn. Her Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn are all in the sign of Capricorn, which indicates that some facets of her personality are influenced by this zodiac sign, particularly the way she constructs her life, beliefs, and long-term aspirations. Despite the fact that her chart has a lot of information about reinvention, independence, and progressive ideals, she still has a traditional edge that she draws on.

Mercury is in Capricorn, the sign of Taylor Swift. This indicates that she favors organization, logic, and rhythm in her communication approach (as can be seen beautifully illustrated in her lyrics). She wants to communicate well and approach everything she does methodically. Taylor may, however, be a little harsh and critical at times, especially when she thinks she has very clear ideas and others don’t agree with her.

Aquarius is Taylor Swift’s Venus sign. This has to do with her romantic side, as well as her principles, sense of beauty, and artistic ability. She needs her relationships to exhibit independence since she sees it as a love language. She may not be initially concerned with commitment and may instead want to “look at her relationships first; perhaps in the friendship sense, this will help her determine whether she is paired with the proper person. She likes friends who are eccentric, rebellious, free-spirited, and creative. Friendships are very essential to her.

Scorpio is Taylor Swift’s Mars sign. This is related to her need for sex and the way she approaches authority. Mars is a co-ruler and traditional ruler of Scorpio, making this a potent placement since she can express her ferocity and anger in calculated and exact ways. Taylor has an innate understanding of how to execute strong moves and is “When it comes to acquiring who or what she wants, it’s all or nothing. Taylor is a formidable ally on good days, but she can also be a very dangerous foe on bad days. She has this tendency to cut where it hurts, usually without anyone knowing because she works behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, as I had previously indicated, we are unable to accurately assess the exact houses in her natal chart due to her unknown birth time. However, I want to draw attention to the fact that her North Node is in Aquarius, which has something to do with the fate of her music and popularity.

The North Node symbolizes our life direction and illuminates the major life lessons we are drawn to in this specific incarnation. Taylor has a visionary heart and has the potential to lead a group of people because of her North Node’s placement in Aquarius. People with this location frequently possess a rebellious tendency, but they are drawn to progressive ideas that advance humanity for the greater good. She sets her own guidelines and desires to express her opinions honestly.

There are numerous options when highlighting amazing astrological elements in Taylor’s horoscope.

First of all, her North Node and the Sun, which represents her life force, are in harmony (ultimate destiny). People who have this are frequently born with unique privileges that help them succeed. She also has inherent luck when going after her goals in this lifetime. She had no trouble mingling with influential individuals who helped her out and opened doors for her. Things simply appear to “click for her, making her the focus of interest.

Next, there are numerous planetary interactions between stars in Capricorn and planets in Cancer (Jupiter and the Moon) (Mercury, Neptune, etc). Her Mercury (thinking, communication) and Neptune are conjunct (located in the same region of the sky, respectively) (imagination, creativity, spirituality). She has a natural talent for the creative arts and music from birth.

Her Mercury (thinking, communication) and Neptune (imagination, creativity, spirituality) are also strongly opposed by Jupiter (the planet of luck). This indicates that she will be fortunate, blessed, and blessed with all of her specific talents. He greatly increases these abilities with Jupiter.

Additionally, Taylor’s Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the sign of the zodiac. She has a keener understanding of how to access her heart and emotions and make the most of this fortunate at all times.

Taylor’s natal Jupiter, which represents luck, is also conjunct her Moon (emotions, soul). She has a generally joyful demeanor as a result, which helps her gain popularity and a strong platform for stardom! We are all huge fans of Taylor because she has genuine charm and charisma.

Since June 2020, Taylor has been going through eclipses in her Sun sign of Sagittarius, which are significant turning points in her future. This has quickly motivated her to reflect on her history and “As it were, shrug it off. Being loyal to her roots is crucial because the South Node is the one that is in Sagittarius, so she doesn’t want to be exactly what people expect her to be. links to the South Node “returning, letting go of whatever that isn’t helping the North Node, and releasing it all (our collective higher purpose at this time). Taylor will experience one final solar eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2021. As a result, she will experience even more promising new beginnings, and she will be ready to share them with the world “she is now being the most genuine version of herself.

Since the beginning of 2021, the mighty Saturn (planet of karma) has been in her solar sector of communications and will remain there until March 2023. On the one hand, she is learning how to reposition herself for the long term, probably making significant changes to all of her marketing and promotion, and she will discover that many significant life lessons are revealed to her in relation to her ideas. Despite the fact that she is speaking from the heart, some people will not agree with what she has to say.

Last but not least, from May 10, 2022, to October 28, 2022, beneficent Jupiter will dance into her solar region of real love, creativity, and fertility. On December 20, 2022, it will come once more and stay until May 16, 2023. My professional opinion is that she will finally be experiencing a true lasting soul loveone that is equally exciting, passionate, adventurous, and stablethat will help her to debut some of her most brilliant creative work within the upcoming decade. While on the one hand, this could denote a significant turning point in true love (engagement!) or fertility (a child!). She has such a bright future ahead of her, and I’m thrilled to be the one to tell her that.

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What is the moon of Taylor Swift?

Our moon sign in astrology symbolizes the more inside aspects of who we are, such as our emotional responses and how we manage our moods. It is the layer that lies behind our sun sign and it symbolizes our true nature. You may certainly tell that Taylor has a Cancer moon sign by listening to some of her slower, melancholy ballads like “White Horse” and “All Too Well.” She has a profoundly sensitive heart and takes things very personally because of her Cancer moon sign, according to Thomas.

Cancers have a strong emotional sensitivity. Because they are nurturers and the moon is their ruling planet, Cancers experience disappointment to the very core of their being. She puts a lot of effort into building relationships and has strong intuition and sensitivity, according to Thomas. She also takes a while to get over things, and she has a strong nurturing and protective side.

What sign is Taylor Swift?

Swift was born under the sign of the Sagittarius on December 13, 1989, while Alwyn was born under the sign of the Pisces on February 21, 1991.

What sign is Taylor Swift?

No longer a Sagittarius, Taylor Swift. The 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, may exist, according to astronomer Parke Kunkle, as a result of changes in the Earth’s alignment.

According to NBC, Kunkle asserts that it is normal for the signals to alter gradually as the Earth and Sun travel slowly.

Nearly 3,000 years ago, the 12 Zodiac signs were assigned to various times of the year, but since then, the Earth’s orbit around the sun has changed.

What do my star signs for Taylor Swift say?

The Sun of Taylor is in Sagittarius. With Jupiter as its ruler, the fun-loving drunk uncle of the zodiac, Sagittarius energy is lavish, upbeat, and daring. Sagittarius is a seeker, constantly seeking for new opportunities, greater education, spiritual enlightenment, andin the case of T. Swiftfresh brothers.

Swift’s ability to bounce back from failed relationships is a hallmark of her Sagittarius Sun. These people can’t help but think that life will improve and that nice things are coming. That narrative in the song is acknowledged by Swift herself “Apparently influenced by her romance with Conor Kennedy, Begin Again. She plays the game of love year after year because of her own brand of blithe optimism. Playing Steve Earle’s “Heart of Courage.

With their vivacious outlook on life, Sagittarians entice others by promising that a relationship with them will be like a memorable road trip, complete with amusing pit stops, caramel nonfat lattes, a wide-ranging music, and a highly desirable vintage automobile.

What’s the birth chart for Lana Del Rey?

Del Rey formerly claimed to have been born in New York City at 2:46am, which would have made her a Gemini sun. However, she has subsequently changed her claim to declare that she was actually born at 4:47pm, which would have made her a Cancer. A new natal chart created for her shows that she has a Cancer sun, a Leo moon, and a Scorpio rising. Her new birth time also caused her to change her previously stated Taurus rising sign.

What type of MBTI is Taylor Swift?

Taylor typically exhibits ENFP traits, such as vigor, adaptability, and creativity. Taylor typically enjoys coming up with original, unique ideas and sharing them with others.