What Your Birth Chart Says About Your Past Life

Can a birth chart provide information about life after death if it shows our actions from previous lives? What purpose does “free will,” which is often mentioned, serve if these two propositions are false? We spoke with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the foremost Vedic astrologer in India, who has been disclosing numerous Vedic astrological marvels to help educate the general public about the astrological postulates promoted by the Saptrishis and is also actively working to remove astrology’s stifling and traditional veil. He is a recognized birth time rectifier and Karma corrector who has mastered the art of previous life reading. He possesses the rare ability to interpret horoscopes and predict the past and future. In this publication, we looked for some explanations regarding the horoscopes of the deceased.

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D. Yes! As a record of your previous lives, your birth chart also predicts your future lives. Since the beginning, I have been describing this astrology’s theology. The planets that a person receives in their horoscope are not given to them at random but rather have been precisely apportioned by the Almighty after carefully considering the actions they took in their previous birth (s). The assigned planets may now have both good and bad Yogas (combinations). The blessings from prior births are represented by the favorable combinations, whilst the curses from prior births are represented by the unfavorable combinations. The native is forced into a life of good and bad experiences as a result of these excellent and awful pairings.

One does, however, possess some free will, depending on where Jupiter is positioned in the horoscope.

One can somewhat change these outcomes with this free will. The cycle continues, and your use of this free resource will determine the birth chart for your subsequent delivery. Therefore, everyone’s main struggle is to employ free will effectively to change negative karma into positive karma. One can make the most of this free will by receiving accurate astrology readings and counsel.

DVB: The fundamental components of every horoscope are the planets, their positions in specific signs, and specific Nakshatras. We reach the Panchangna, the Dashas (periods), the Shodashvargas (finer charts), and the Asthakvarga from these placements. Every 120 years, according to legend, the Dashas are thought to rotate. The history, present, and future of a person can all be learned from a very in-depth and accurate reading of their birth chart.

DVB: The ninth house of the horoscope is used to assess the native’s past life, while the fifth house is used to interpret their future. The unfinished or incomplete karma from a previous life is stored in the sixth house. The dasha balance of the birth indicates the dasha in which the soul departed the body in the previous birth.

The Lagna is the connection between the first and second births and also serves as a sign of the birth’s intention. The number of lives the native’s soul has left before receiving final redemption is indicated by the twelfth house.

Therefore, a skilled astrologer can draw the previous birth, the reason for this birth, the pending karma from the previous birth, the main challenges of this birth, the Dasha when his or her soul left the body in the previous birth, the Dasha when his or her soul can leave the body in the present birth, and the journey of the soul in the birth(s) to come using the aforementioned indicators gathered from a horoscope. Knowing all of this, it is possible to determine the reason for the soul’s journey and determine when it will be saved, i.e., receive a permanent residence in “Baikuntha,” the home of Vishnu.

What happens to a person’s birth chart after they pass away? Should a deceased person’s horoscope be read?

DVB: You see, the soul never expires since it changes bodies often while traveling. In a similar vein, the horoscope endures till the soul’s ultimate salvation. However, since we attach a horoscope to a living body, it might not make sense to trace the soul’s journey through a deceased person’s horoscope. Consequently, as a result of it, a dead man’s horoscope is not seen.

However, some doshas run in families and negatively impact each and every family member. Sometimes it’s necessary to consult the horoscope of an elderly person who has passed away in order to comprehend the situation and suggest a strong corrective action. However, in these situations, astrologers should uphold the highest ethical standards of Vedic astrology and refrain from frightening or manipulating the emotions of the family members who have been left behind.

DVB: Without a doubt, absolutely! Consider the Rama family as an example. In the family tree, Lord Rama was the sixty-fourth generation and a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Iksvaku, the son of Manu, was Lord Ram’s sixty-first great grandpa. To promote the birth of Lord Rama in the family lineage, he was required to have seven births in the same family.

This is demonstrated if one estimates Iksvaku’s births (soul’s journey) till its ultimate salvation using his horoscope.

Can the number of births a soul has till its ultimate salvation be calculated?

DVB: Of course! But let me assure you that astrology for the afterlife is completely distinct from conventional astrology analysis and prediction. Additionally, it is a task that cannot be finished in one or two days. Even an expert astrologer may need weeks or months to put a reading together. The length of time one would need to wait would depend on how many births the soul would experience before its last resting day. The greater the number of births, the longer it will take an astrologer to determine each future life’s quality and purpose.

Drawing out the soul’s journey till its last resting place in “Baikuntha” helps to explain the sacrifices it made along the way and the progress it made for the advancement of humans and other races.

Considering that fate is predetermined, how can free will alter destiny?

DVB: One is born with all of their unfinished karma, or the karma they still have to complete in this life. Fate is governed by the ninth house. Saturn’s transit bestows fate, whereas Jupiter’s transit bestows free will. If the transiting Jupiter is in trines to the natal Saturn, we can make the most of our free will by getting what we want.

We must accept what fate demands from us if the transiting Saturn is in a trine to the natal Jupiter. Typically, Saturn’s events are predetermined, but Jupiter’s happenings are the consequence of free will. The location of Jupiter in the horoscope can be used to determine the extent of the available free will, and its relationship to the natal position of Saturn can show how easily that free will can be employed to control destiny.

If Jupiter and Saturn are in a horoscope’s 6/8 (Shadakshaka) relative to one another, it will be difficult to exercise free will, even while Jupiter is making a favorable transit through Saturn’s natal position. Therefore, making wise use of your Jupiter allows you to greatly influence fate in your favor. Therefore, everything becomes reliant on the planets’ natal positions in a horoscope. More births will be needed to bring the soul to the point of emancipation, according to planet placement in horoscopes that is more difficult.

Can astrology be more beneficial to our future lives than what is predicted in a horoscope?

DVB: In a horoscope, several obstructers work together to delay any results. The lord of the eleventh house for the moving sign, the ninth house for a fixed sign, and the seventh house for the dual sign are the main obstructionists in them. The best way to increase the exercise of free will in any horoscope is to appease this obstructor. The corrective actions are an effective infusion of karma correction and go beyond simple Pujas, contributions, or mantra recitation. Controlling the bad character that planet obstruction caused in oneself is what this karma rectification is all about.

Finding the bad traits that one possesses because of that obstruction planet may be difficult, but once they are found, the appropriate steps can be done to correct them.

Can your life be predicted by your birth chart?

According to Belgrave, a well-made chart can reveal information about a person’s family, birthplace, and the goals their souls have for this lifetime.

What in a birth chart suggests a long life?

You will likely have the following chances in your birth chart for a long life:

  • Eighth house will be strong for you.
  • The location of Saturn would be potent and it may be a Karak)
  • The seventh home would be a suitable placement for you.
  • Beneficial planets would be in the ascendant or first house.
  • Longevity will be present if your Moon and Jupiter are in the eleventh house, which is the home of profits.
  • You’ll have power in your ascendant house or Lagna.
  • Finally, the ruler of your ascendant house would be powerful in your chart.

Does your natal chart indicate death?

Check to see if your client is developed enough emotionally and psychically to withstand learning about death. Some people who hear death forecasts “lose nearly all interest in life and expect to die, and some do,” according to the In Plain Sight website. They do pass away, whether they think it was predetermined by the stars or black magic (a “death hex”). Practitioners have a big responsibility to protect their customers from unintended injury, and as was already mentioned, astrologists are less and less likely to make death predictions.

Recognize the planetary relationships to various sorts of death. All planets have a role to play in astrological charts for predicting death, according to the Find Your Fate website. Saturn is engaged in foretelling a protracted and drawn-out death, but it can also foretell a protracted and unremarkable life. Chronic illness-related fatalities can be foreseen by Hades. The planets can also hint at sudden deaths: Pluto is linked to rapid and violent deaths, Neptune is linked to water- and drug-related deaths, and Uranus is linked to surgical deaths. While Jupiter and Venus are both frequently present in predicting a death aspect, Mars is seen as a “trigger.” To understand the effects of the planets on death, the astrologer must look at the full chart.

Depending on whether planets generally seen as benefic (good) or malefic (negative) are present there, the eighth house in a person’s horoscope is typically related with the death aspect. There are two categories for these designations: weak and strong. Venus, a weak planet, and Jupiter are the benign planets (strong). Mars, a weak planet, and Saturn are the malefic planets (strong). The eighth house is influenced by more than just the planets. The activation of the death aspect can also be revealed by the solar return, progressions, and directions. Once the eighth house is engaged, there is a significant probability that the sixth and twelfth malefic houses, as well as the fourth house, will also be activated (the house of endings).

It’s important to realize that “death energy is not the same as death itself.” Identifying whether this period is merely representing a time of turbulent transition in a person’s chart may be essential. The time and location of a person’s death are not fixed, even though the planets and houses before them may show that there is a lot of death energy present at a certain point in their chart. The expectations and behaviors of the individual heavily influence the situation. Depending on the client’s choices regarding that energy and how it is used, that person may survive past the time when death energy is at its peak, sometimes for an extended period of health.

How can astrology foretell death?

According to the nature of the planet that aspects the 8th house and the part of the body that will be impacted, which is symbolized by the 8th House in the division beneath the Kalapurusha, a skilled astrologer can foretell the illness that will result in a person’s death.

The sickness that results in death is brought on by the Dosha (humor) indicated by the planet in the eighth house.

The body would be vulnerable to several attacks from the overabundance of different Humours represented by such potent planets, which would ultimately result in death if many planets occupied the 8th House.

If the Sun is in the eighth house, fire would be the cause of death. When the other planets are placed in the 8th House, the following factors can contribute to death:

  • When the Moon is in the 8th House, water is the cause of death.
  • When Mars is in this House, weapons are the cause of death.
  • Fever when Mercury is in it causes death
  • When Jupiter is in it, chronic illnesses cause death.
  • When Venus is in this House and there is a thief, death occurs.
  • When Saturn is in this House, famine leads to death.

The death would take place abroad if the 8th House is a mobile sign, at home if it is a fixed sign, or while traveling if it is a common sign.

If the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn all aspect the 8th House in bile or heat, the disease would manifest. If the Moon aspects the 8th House in wind and bile, the disease would manifest if Saturn aspects the 8th House in wind.

According to Indian Jyotish Guru Dr. Raman, if no planet is in the eighth house or aspects it, the ailment should be determined by the humours that planet represents.

In accordance with Ayurveda, good health is guaranteed by the coexistence of the three Doshas (three Humours), wind, bile, and phlegm.

According to Dr. Raman, “Each Dosha generates certain ailments, and the precise illness from which a person passes away should be determined in light of the humor assigned to the planet ruling, positioned in, or aspecting the 8th House of a horoscope.

Death from the sun is brought on by apoplexy, paralysis, and fever.

Death by drowning, diarrhea, dysentery, and blood impurities are all brought on by the moon. Mars causes deaths via diseases like cholera, plague, and other epidemics, as well as from hemorrhaging, bronchitis, abortion, complications from surgery, and accidents brought on by gunshots, among other things.

Mercury causes death as a result of assaults, whooping cough, smallpox, mental illnesses, and brain fever.

Jupiter can result in mortality from heart failure, spasms, pleurisy, liver disease, lung inflammation, a sickness that cannot be identified, or from mental stress.

Death from severe thirst, hunger, heat stroke, and venereal disease are all brought on by Venus.

Suffocation, burns, rheumatic fever, paralysis, melancholy, and tuberculosis are all caused by Saturn.

Death is not viewed in astrology as a bad omen for the native.

It believes that a person’s gentle passing is fortunate. Only those closest to the departed consider death a calamity.

How can I lessen the karma from prior lives?

According to a proverb, “Karma has no menu. You receive the treatment you deserve. Nevertheless, you can add taste to whatever dish is provided to you by using clever seasoning techniques. Karma is like sowing seeds; if you sow peas, you will only get peas; if you sow peanuts, you will only get peanuts. Karma is a verb, not a noun; it refers to the actions we have taken, are currently taking, or continue to do. Our karma from previous lives is carried on into this one, just like wasted mobile data. We experience good or poor outcomes as a result of our previous good or bad activities. If someone mistreats you, that is his karma; however, how you react to it is your karma. There is no way to avoid karma because it is the law of the universe. Because of this, when one person is content and healthy, the other person is dissatisfied, ill, and suffering. Karma is the deliberate behavior manifested in thoughts, words, and deeds. However, karma can’t always be so unpleasant. You are unaware of what you did in the past, but you are perfectly aware of what you are doing right now. Do bettermuch betterand overcome the circumstances. For instance, if you fell into a mud pit and got dirty, you wouldn’t want to go around in that state. Instead, you would completely clean yourself to get rid of the dirt or your body would appear unsightly and smell strange. Similarly, you can erase your karma from previous lives.

1) Show gratitude: Show gratitude for who you are, where you are, and everything life has given you. Your blessings are many. Be thankful for every experience you have in life, regardless of how bitter, tangy, salty, sweet, or spicy it may be. It will improve your life and make you feel better.

2) Develop mindfulness: Mindfulness is the ability to fully concentrate on the present moment. Don’t waste time dwelling on the past; instead, live in the present and give whatever you do your entire concentration in this minute. Be content for the time being, maintain your fortitude, let go of the past, let go of your fears for the future, and live in the present.

3) Develop an attitude of appreciation by thanking the universe for whatever you have every day. Be grateful for everything in your life, including the fact that you are still breathing and alive, have a family, and are loved by others, as well as the work you have. Make a list of everything for which you are thankful. The universe will surprise you more the more you are grateful for what you already have.

Act with love toward everyone, no matter what they have done to you or how poorly they have treated you. Let love be the driving force behind all of your actions.

5) Examine your motivations: Make sure that whatever you are doing is being done with good intentions and no malice toward anyone. Simply be who you are; don’t pretend or lie; just be the most authentic version of yourself.

6) Think positively: You manifest what your mind imagines. Everything is made with the mind, and your thoughts also contain energy. You will attract more negativity into your life if you harbor negative thoughts, such as hatred, jealousy, wrath, illness, poverty, etc. However, you must alter this pattern. Let go of your rage, wrath, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, and difficult thoughts. Positive thinking causes miracles to begin occurring in your life.

7) Forget and forgive: Forget all that is unpleasant and forget what you cannot alter. Recognize and appreciate who you are. Be self-loving and innocent like a newborn, and forgive yourself if you have ever wounded someone. Simply start over. Forgive everyone, including your enemies and those who have wronged you. Have harmony with both yourself and others.

8) Develop positive habits: Be joyful, smile, and concentrate on love, compassion, empathy, peace, honesty, and truth. Make amends for your errors, capitalize on your weaknesses, and rid yourself of anything that is unwanted and unwelcome. Love others around you, wildlife, and nature; aid others; volunteer; assist the needy and underprivileged; and feed the hungry. Don’t injure somebody by lying. Take it on as a habit, then practice it for 21 or 30 days before incorporating it into your regular routine. Consider it your job for the first 30 days to not lie, not hurt anyone, not be harsh, nasty, or unpleasant to others, aid those in need, help others as much as you can, be thankful, and express your thankfulness.

9) Work on your affirmations. An affirmation is a statement that something is true. Affirmations are not wishful thinking; they are active and useful. A certain concept becomes reality when you think it frequently. Therefore, write a list of all the things you need in life, such as money, a job, success, good health, or happiness, and concentrate on them. Then, begin to believe as though you already have them. Practice affirmations daily. The universe is ready to provide you with whatever you need, including affirmations for money, health, and other things. Affirmations unleash the powers of the subconscious mind. You should consistently use affirmations. Affirmations should be spoken at least twice daily, once right after waking up and once before bed. Make a firm commitment to carrying them out for the full 30 days.

10) Pray and meditate: In addition to your positive ideas, begin daily prayer and meditation. Pick a peaceful location, sit still, breathe deeply, and meditate. Live with the belief that you are talented and that the universe is always working in your favor by protecting, guiding, healing, and loving you.

By putting all of these into practice, you’ll experience great transformations and lessen the bad impacts of your past karma.