When Will I Find Love Based On Birth Chart

I’ll do my best to explain this in words that an Astrology beginner can grasp. In the birth chart, every aspect of life has a place. In your birth chart, the fifth house governs romantic relationships. It doesn’t matter if there are planets in the fifth house or not. Love is most definitely in the air when planets in the current sky activate your fifth house or its ruling planet in a favourable way.

Where does love fit into your birth chart?

In astrology, the seventh house has a similar relationship to love as the fifth house does. The main distinction is that this is the part of the chart where meaningful relationships are experienced. While the seventh house is all about committed relationships and marriage, the fifth house is all about dating and romance. When someone asks me when a serious relationship will start, I check the position of Saturn, the planet of foundation. Since this is the lesson their soul wants them to focus on right now, if I discover him in the seventh house, I can be sure that person will be searching for something significant and long-term. With this transit, people frequently get married or at the very least get engaged. Jupiter is one of the planets I want to see in this area of the chart. Finding a relationship with this component is made easy by the expansion and luck he brings. A new moon in this area can mark the beginning of a new phase in your love life as well.

Which planet in astrology rules over romantic relationships?

Planet Venus oversees romantic relationships, love, and marriage. This planet determines whether or not your romantic relationships will be successful. Men’s marriage chances are ruled by Venus, while women’s prospects are controlled by Mars and Jupiter. Another planet that is significant in the female chart is the Sun.

Can a marriage be predicted by a birth chart?

When you are most likely to get married might also be determined by astrology predictions. Jupiter spends 13 months in each zodiac sign before changing to the following one. Jupiter’s placement in your horoscope might be used to forecast the year you will get married.

What planet represents your interpersonal relationships?

Venus: Venus represents what we value, how we relate to others, and the temperament that underlies our social selves. Venus in your romantic life clearly reveals your preferences for relationships, courtship, flirting, and other romantic activities as well as for other people.

Do twin flames’ birth charts resemble one another?

Twin-flame relationships, however, are an exception rather than the rule. Given how much they like Libra, Cancer is most likely Libra’s twin flame. Even though these two zodiac signs aren’t the most compatible, they can nonetheless fulfill each other’s requirements.

Therefore, despite what the general public thinks, twin flames do not always share the same zodiac sign. They can also result from an unexpected alignment of astrological signs. To learn more about the twin-flame zodiac signs, continue to the following section.

Which location is dedicated to love?

Venus is widely recognized as the planet of adoration, peace, and love. This is the planet that informs us of our magnetism. When it comes to a man’s chart, it speaks volumes about the kind of person he is physically drawn to, however when it comes to a woman’s chart, we look to Venus for important clues about the traits she’ll utilize to draw a spouse.

Yes, Venus has a relationship with the 7th House of Committed Partnership and Marriage. However, did you realize that love isn’t just about Venus? Much more.

Find dating clues in your 5th House of Romance

In the fifth house of romance in your horoscope, love begins. Fun and pleasure can be found here. Love and romance are governed by the fifth house. Here is where we risk and take a chance on life.

Wouldn’t you agree that love is perhaps the most speculative wager of all? We run the risk of having our spirits broken and our hearts broken. We know the jackpot is large, so we keep our hearts open despite knowing this. Our hearts are overflowing with love and excitement.

Therefore, the fifth house of romance governs how you start dating, fall in love, and have passionate and enjoyable sex. More information about your capacity for love will be provided by any planets that are in your fifth house. Having no planets in your fifth house? You’re not supposed to be alone, so don’t worry. Just a little more research is necessary for your fifth house tale. For more insight, you should consult the planet that rules the sign that sits on the edge of your 5th house.

Which planet is to blame for the separation?

Some planetary transits in a person’s horoscope are the cause of failed romantic relationships. Sun, Rahu, and unfavorable planets are other planets that can cause a breakup. Breakups can also be caused by mangal dosh.

Planets in a horoscope transit that cause separation:

  • Venus and Saturn in opposition will result in broken relationships. As Venus is in charge of making love work, a weak Venus in your horoscope might also result in a split.
  • If Rahu and Ketu have an adverse effect on the 5th house lord in a kundli, a relationship will not end pleasantly.
  • Marriage is related to the seventh house, however if Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are weak there, it will make marriage difficult.
  • In astrology, the moon is regarded as the master of feelings, emotions, and thoughts. A relationship may end if the malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, and the moon align in the horoscope.
  • If the moon is weak in your kundli’s sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, your romantic connection will terminate.

What if the seventh house is vacant?

This can indicate that you’re missing a planet. If so, does that imply that a crucial aspect of your personality is missing? Although empty houses in astrology can seem perplexing, rest assured that a planet is never actually missing.

According to Soulstrology’s founder and astrologer Ambi Kavanagh, “it’s impossible to not have a planet represented in your chart.” “A planet is always located in one of the zodiac signs. Saturn, for instance, was at zero degrees Aquarius and the very, very end of Capricorn during the week of March 19. He was not “missing,” thus he was either at 29 degrees Capricorn or 0 degrees Aquarius.

There are 12 houses, and each one stands for a distinct thing. For instance, the seventh house symbolizes your committed relationships, and the placement of a particular planet there indicates the mood of those relationships. As an illustration, Mercury, a planet that emphasizes communication and intelligence, is in my seventh house. This suggests that I need to mate with someone who is an intellectual equal and that I am attracted to intelligent, slick-talking, expressive persons.

“If a planet is housed, its characteristics and themes are reflected in the regions of life there. If not, you only lack the infused energy of a certain planet. Astrologer Ambi Kavanagh

But suppose your seventh residence is a barren, empty canvas. Take comfort in the fact that having an empty house is common and does not necessarily mean you are doomed in a certain area of life. Instead of worrying, do so. According to Kavanagh, “it’s something that people are afraid of but they shouldn’t be. A planet in a house indicates that the characteristics and themes of that planet are present in all aspects of that house’s daily existence. If you don’t, it simply implies that a life region does not contain the energy of a particular planet. However, that doesn’t imply that you have no “action” in connection to the life themes your home rules.

What in astrology is Bed Pleasure?

The 12th house is the home of solitude and bed delights. The 12th house is where things are hidden. Therefore, they will be concealed if any of the combinations that denote excessive sexuality or affairs are in the 12th house. The person has a blatant interest in sex thanks to the 7th lord in the 12th house. The effect is enhanced and has severe detrimental effects if the lords are switched.

The Planets

Mars and Venus are the two main planets that control someone’s love or sexual propensities. Mars is passion, whereas Venus is romantic longing. The person’s sex drive will be more than average if these two planets interact with one another in the chart.

Rahu is a fixated and ravenous planet. Rahu’s influence on Mars and Venus, as well as the 7th, 8th, or 12th houses, greatly intensifies desire. Ketu separates and will have the effect of negating desire.

Male Planets

According to Vedic astrology, the planets are also given genders and numerous other personal traits. Jupiter, Sun, and Mars are the planets associated with men. The wise man is called Jupiter. Sun is an adult male who tends to be somewhat egotistical. In his peak, Mars is the male who is forceful, passionate, and fiery.

Third Gender

Saturn, Mercury, and Ketu are categorized as neutral because they do not fit into either the male or female classifications. Saturn is a mature male who is ineligible for sexual activity. Mercury is sexually neutral since he is so gender-fluid and dualistic. Some view Mercury as an adolescent with underdeveloped sexual development. As was previously mentioned, Ketu causes alienation. In severe cases, Ketu might even result in asexuality or celibacy.

Sun And JupiterWell Balanced

So, we can see how the planets have an impact on sexuality. Arrogance and dominance in sexual interactions will also be present when the Sun interacts with the houses or planets of sexuality. Jupiter’s influence promotes restraint and suppresses any excessive or abnormal sexual desires. However, Jupiter controls the sexual appetite by keeping it within the bounds of propriety.


Mars is the extremely passionate astrological influence that might lead to Mangal Dosh in some areas of the horoscope. This just indicates that the individual is extremely passionate about the subjects that Mars rules, and they are best suited with a partner who can share their interest.

How can your birth chart be used to identify your soul mate?

Your natal chart can reveal information about your soulmate by examining the North Node of your Moon sign. The ecliptic, which is used in astrology, depicts the Earth’s orbit in relation to the sky and the path the sun takes as it passes by the stars.