What Birthstone Is Black Onyx

Leo’s astrological birthstone, onyx, is the mysterious birthstone for December. Find out more about the ancient black onyx stone’s symbolism to determine if a black onyx ring is the perfect choice for you.

What sign represents black onyx?

Leo or Capricorn natives have onyx as their official birthstone, and it is said to aid these people in taking control of their own destiny. It gives individuals unwavering assurance, directs their energies during times of emotional or physical strain, and facilitates sensible decision-making.

Black onyx is a priceless stone to travel with since it is seen by many to have a protective quality. Additionally, it is rumored to assist repair emotional scars from the past by overcoming anxieties and developing the inner fortitude to end a toxic relationship.

According to one myth about the history of onyx, Cupid once visited the goddess Venus while she was relaxing on the banks of the Indus River to give her a manicure. The shavings of her nails fell into the sacred river and were changed into onyx by the point of one of his enchanted arrows. The gem has been associated with protection because of this myth and was meant to be worn when engaging in combat with foes. The head of the deity Mars and occasionally a representation of the hero Hercules were carved into onyx and carried during ancient ceremonial magic to inspire valor.

In addition to being utilized for protection, black onyx also serves as a barrier against negativity. Black onyx is thought to support the upkeep of peaceful relationships, preventing any arguments or misunderstandings between the couple, according to Indian Vedic astrology.

Is onyx a December birthstone?

The birthstone for the Mystical month of December is onyx.

Additionally, it is the birthstone for Leo, the sign of the zodiac. The

The following list displays all the additional birthstone tables where

Onyx can be the stone of birth or natality or it might be the stone.

for a specific astrological or zodiac sign. view additional December


  • December is mystical.
  • Capricorn talisman
  • Leo is the sun sign (star sign).

The chalcedony quartz mineral onyx is found in Brazil, India, and California.

Uruguay, too. It is dark in color and has a delicate texture. a few onyx

exhibits white strips or ribbons in contrast to a black or brown background.

and this kind is referred to as sardonyx.

Onyx is a therapeutic stone used to strengthen and treat illnesses.

of the kidneys and heart, to lessen neurological stress

problems, eliminate apathy, enhance vision, and make sure

a restful night of sleep.

The abilities of onyx include eradicating bad ideas and sharpening

encouraging spiritual inspiration and the wit.

Birthstone images organized by color:

What does a piece of black onyx mean?

Uses and Meaning of Black Onyx Black onyx crystals can be utilized as a shield against bad energy, for grounding, protection, and self-control. It also strengthens discipline, making it easier to follow through on objectives and finish activities.

Is onyx a January birthstone?

The month of January marks the beginning of the new year and is rife with demands we frequently place on ourselves, such as New Year’s Resolutions. In addition, we are working to complete unfinished business from the previous year and launch new initiatives for the next one. We need inner and physical strength if there is one thing right now.

What a blessing that one of the four birthstones for January babies is Black Onyx, often known as the Stone of Strength. For those born in January, the gemstone not only strengthens but also provides spiritual inspiration. All of the January birthstones are suitable for aiding at this time of year, in fact. Jasper, Chalcedony, and Garnet make up the other three birthstones. Today’s discussion will center on Black Onyx and the amazing therapeutic benefits it may provide.

Does Aries wear black onyx?

One of the best gems for Aries is black onyx because it offers fresh perspectives and insights that enable their go-all-out personality to originate from a position of inner strength. When Aries becomes a little too heated, this gemstone for Aries delivers a calming, balanced energy.

Who may don onyx jewelry?

As everyone is aware, different gemstone varieties have distinct effects on people with different horoscopes. Let’s take a quick look at how the onyx stone affects each of the 12 zodiac signs listed below.

The onyx stone should be worn by Aries locals to increase their sense of duty and self-assurance. Sulemani stone aids in developing your capacity for logical, analytical, and reasonable thought. Wearing an onyx can help Aries people focus more clearly and achieve their most important goals in life. It is required to assess the compatibility of the gemstone for a three-day trial period.

People with the Taurus zodiac sign can choose to wear onyx because both the stone and the sign are associated with the earth element and complement each other well. But before actually getting the diamond, one should test it for three days.

GEMINI- Residents of the Gemini Zodiac are advised to avoid wearing onyx because it doesn’t go well with Geminis and may have negative repercussions. Before purchasing it, anyone who still wants to evaluate its effects should choose a three-day trial.

CANCER Despite the gemstone Onyx’s weaker compatibility with the Cancer sign, those born under the Cancer sign may choose to wear an onyx stone. To determine whether the gemstone is appropriate, a three-day trial period is required.

LEO People born under the sign of Leo can wear onyx stones because they have positive effects on their zodiac sign. Go for a three-day trial period to assess the stone Onyx’s early impacts on you; it has a specific affinity with the Leo, strengthening its projective energy.

VIRGO- Those who are born under the Virgo zodiac sign may choose to wear onyx because both the Virgo zodiac sign and the onyx gemstone are of the earth element, which is best suited to Virgos. Onyx should be given a three-day trial even though it is suitable for Virgo individuals to conform its early effects.

LIBRA- Although the gemstone Sulemani has a weaker affinities with the Libra sign, those born under this sign may prefer to wear an onyx.

Before using it, one should first try it out for three days to see how it affects them.

SCORPIO- Scorpio locals are only permitted to wear the onyx gemstone after evaluating the stone’s first effects on the user over the course of a three-day trial.

The same is true for Sagittarius-born individuals; before wearing the stone, it is essential to test it out for three days as a trial and only continue with it if the results are positive.

CAPRICORN- Those born under the sign of Capricorn should wear the gemstone onyx, which inspires them to build on their advantages. Onyx should be worn on the middle finger of Capricorns to boost their self-assurance, organizational abilities, and sense of stability. To evaluate the gemstone’s first effects, do a three-day trial.

AQUARIUS Onyx is a gemstone that people with the Aquarius zodiac sign can wear. The planet Saturn rules over both the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and the gemstone Sulemani, therefore the stone promotes balance and restraint in those born under this sign. One should test this gemstone’s effects for three days before wearing it permanently.

PISCES- Although the Onyx gemstone has a weaker affinities with the Pisces zodiac, natives born under this sign can wear it. However, it is essential to try the stone on for three days as a trial and only continue with it if the results are positive before choosing to wear it.

Is onyx the birthstone for August?

Genesis 2:1012: A river left Eden to irrigate the garden, and as it did so, it split into four rivers. The Pishon is the name of the first. It is the one that surrounded the entire Havilah region, where gold is found. Bdellium and onyx stone can be found there, and the gold in that country is good.

One type of stone from the chalcedony family, primarily made of silica, is onyx. Despite the fact that the onyx pieces you see here are full jet-black, onyx typically comes in a range of colors with a banded color pattern. The distinguishing feature of onyx was its layering. Today, chalcedony with layers of yellow and red is referred to as “sardonyx.” The black variant still goes by the names “onyx” or “black onyx,” despite having little to no banding.

While onyx is most usually found in jewelry, Egyptians have traditionally made bowls and serving ware out of the stone. It also gained its name from the Ancient Greeks and Romans who considered it to be a treasured stone. Banded onyx was used to create cameos for different forms of jewelry, where an engraving was produced in one colored band that contrasted with the color of a neighboring band. Onyx comes in a variety of colors now and is utilized in Mexico to create modern sculptures, light fixtures, and other home furnishings.

Onyx (and sardonyx) are accepted as birthstones for August, but peridot is the conventional gem for the month.

Onyx was present even in the Garden of Eden, as may be seen in the text above. Onyx was one of the stones used to adorn the breastplates of the temple priests in the book of Exodus to symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel. The names of the tribes of Israel were to be inscribed on two onyx stones as a memorial by those who participated in the construction of the temple.

Onyx is a stone that men adore and is a common element in men’s jewelry, despite the fact that most jewelry is made with women in mind. The striking color exudes power and masculinity. But black is a sophisticated color that ladies can’t help but adore and long for as well!

The Items We Loved the Most From Our Onyx Collection:

Cross made of onyx marcasite and.925 sterling silver. Onyx and marcasite have traditionally been seen as an appealing pairing. Two absolutely magnificent black stones are used in the pendant (above) to honor the cross’s beauty and gloom. The cross is made of black onyx and has two marcasite “bands” and a bale as decorations. The pendant is 1 1/8 inches in diameter and comes with an identical sterling silver chain.

Men’s ring with onyx, diamonds, and 10K white gold. This ring (above left) combines elegance, beauty, and masculinity into one piece. The ring begins with a big cut of black onyx set in 10k gold for increased durability, and four diamonds are added for brilliance. sure to make any man happy.

Sterling silver earrings with a black onyx inlay.

Even though they are simple and casual enough for everyday use, these earrings (on the left) are formal enough for a night out. The droplets are 12mm long and made of sterling silver and black onyx. The black onyx cross seen above goes well with the earrings as a set.

Is onyx a stone of luck?

Black Onyx is a master of luck and is frequently worn as a protective amulet. All dark stones offer potent healing qualities, especially when it comes to defense and sheltering you from any threats. Onyx is loaded with strong vibrations and can give the user hues of strength and willpower. Black Onyx will not only surround you with a forcefield shield, but it will also open up new wisdom-filled passageways by igniting specific chakras in the body. Your body, mind, and spirit are all beautifully grounded by black onyx.

Physical Healing

Black Onyx is full of powerful anchoring energy that helps you feel stable in this world and is a tonic for the nerves. This deep, dark diamond calms the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. It also increases stamina and aids in recovery, especially after extended periods of illness or exhaustion. Being able to avoid any hint of relapse and instead encouraging your body to physically focus on mending makes onyx a fantastic diamond for recovery. In addition to supporting teeth and bones, onyx can also assist the body’s bone marrow and tissue tissues.

Mental & Emotional Healing

Black onyx offers your emotional recovery the same sense of rooted strength and energy as it does for your physical body. One of the finest ways to boost your self-esteem and learn the discipline of self-control is to get anchored. Black Onyx is here to calm those who are prone to outbursts of rage, who can vividly feel the rise and fall of frustration, and who frequently find themselves a jangly anxious mess. Flying spirits who might actually benefit from keeping one foot on the ground are bound by this stone. To be able to make sensible decisions, stand tall in your authenticity, and strike the right balance between being task-oriented and leaving enough of room for creative thought, Onyx helps you master your sense of self. For people going through the stages of grief, it can be very helpful because it enables you to mourn, grieve, accept, and release without losing yourself in the process.

Metaphysical Properties

Black onyx is a stone for the root chakra because it gives all that wonderful grounding energy to keep you grounded to the ground. The root chakra is one of the most significant chakras because it encourages the body to shed extra energy. The entire chakra system may become out of balance if the base chakra is not cleansed. Additionally, black onyx can assist you in maintaining protection when engaging in psychic or former life activities that may leave you vulnerable and open, such as crown chakra opening. The heart chakra can be opened with Green Onyx, and the crown chakra can be unblocked with White Onyx.

Zodiac Birthstone

For all the fiery Leos out there, black onyx is the ideal birthstone. Leos have strong personalities, are driven and ambitious, and have a big, brilliant, blazing heart. While Leos are naturally endowed with charm and confidence, Onyx aids them in balancing out their uncertainties, which may occasionally run amok, particularly when it comes to jealousy. Leos who use black onyx learn to stand their ground and feel safe, allowing them to feel safe and secure without having to give in to possessive behavior patterns. Leos are encouraged by Black Onyx to take control of their own fate.

Is onyx a crystal or a gem?

The description of the gemstone onyx can imply a number of different things. The Chalcedony that is completely black, or that is banded or layered with black and white, is what is considered to be the stone’s most common definition.

What spiritual meaning does onyx have?

Onyx was once thought to contain an imprisoned demon that would awaken at night and cause strife, especially between lovers. these days, empowering For lonely locations and gloomy nights, onyx is a protecting stone. It is helpful when a connection has to be stabilized or when it needs to be released since it has outlived its usefulness. It anchors the flighty into a solid way of life and gives self-control. This is effective in past-life work for mending old injuries and physical trauma impacting the present life. Onyx is said to boost regeneration, joy, intuition, and instincts. It is also thought to lessen sexual desire and aid in breaking harmful habits.