What Birthstone Is November 20

Topaz and citrine are two lovely birthstones that can be worn by people born in November. While topaz is available in a wide range of colours, citrine is renowned for its lovely yellow and orange tones. Both birthstones for November are thought to provide relaxing qualities that also bring luck and warmth to the bearer. Since high-quality gems like topaz and citrine are not as scarce as for many of their contemporaries, these birthstones are often priced reasonably. As a result, people who were born in November have a wide range of alternatives. Choosing one will be your biggest issue.

Why do November have two birthstones?

The 12 stones of the High Priest’s breastplate recorded in Exodus are thought to be the origin of the concept of birthstones. Wearing one stone per month of the year was formerly a widespread habit. The Jewelers of America sought to standardize birthstones in 1912. Modern birthstones are chosen primarily on what can be sold in huge quantities the quickest. Thus, there are two birthstones for November. The original birthstone was topaz, but citrine was eventually introduced as a less expensive substitute.

What color birthstone corresponds to Scorpio?

A piece of Scorpio birthstone jewelry might be a better alternative. Lucky Scorpio has a wide selection of birthstones to pick from, so this star sign is inundated with options!

Opal or tourmaline are the two lovely birthstones available for Scorpio. Both have unique meanings, and our collection of jewelry with the birthstone for October offers countless variations of each.

Citrine and topaz are the two birthstones for Scorpio for November. Citrine, the birthstone for Scorpio, is recognized for its vivid orange tones, whereas topaz is more frequently seen in a range of blue hues.

What do you name a baby born in November?

2. The chrysanthemum, a flower that represents love, is the flower for your November baby.

3. Scorpio (Oct. 23Nov. 21) or Sagittarius are the zodiac signs for newborns born in November (Nov. 22 – Dec 21). Scorpios are ardent, devoted, and courageous. Kids with the Sagittarius sign are sincere, upbeat, and energetic.

4. Celebrities such as Colin Kaepernick (November 3), Emma Stone (November 6), Leonardo DiCaprio (November 11), Grace Kelly (November 12), Jimi Hendrix (November 27), and Chrissy Teigen (November 30) may all share the same birthday as your November baby.

5. Your November child may be born on Thanksgiving Day, which is the Fourth Thursday, November 22, or on Universal Children’s Day, which falls on November 20.

The flower born in November is what?

On the coast, November can be a quite soggy and gloomy month, but one traditional flower really makes things more cheerful this month: the timeless Chrysanthemum. Mums are the flower associated with November, the month in which you were born.

Are there two birthstones for each month?

Although each month has a single birthstone traditionally, certain months have numerous birthstones. This fact does cause some confusion, but the variety of possibilities for some months was developed to give customers a choice of less expensive selections in addition to the more typical, pricey stones.

How does topaz appear?

The fluoro-silicate mineral topaz is made of aluminum and is typically colorless, though it can also be white, yellow, light grey, blue, orange, brown, green, or pink. In contrast to other gem stones, topaz’s color isn’t necessarily a result of crystal imperfections. Topaz crystals have two main color centers that are either caused by a gap or an additional electron in the crystal structure. Aspects of the light shining into the crystal can be absorbed by these aberrations, producing hues of yellow or blue. The centers of green topaz are a combination of yellow and blue. Chromium takes the role of aluminum in the topaz crystal structure, giving the crystal a pink or red appearance. An orange topaz is a crystal with a yellow center and chromium impurities.

Topaz crystals have excellent cleavage, which means that they frequently break perpendicular to the crystal’s long axis along specific plains. Topaz has a hardness of 8, although due to its fragility, it is typically found as pieces rather than entire crystals. Tenacity is the capacity to withstand breakage; hardness is the resistance to being scratched. Topaz is incredibly delicate, making it challenging to cut and set.

Some Brazilian topaz crystals are enormous, weighing kilos and being the size of boulders. A well-known gemstone is the American Golden Topaz. A 11.8 kilogram stone that was cut into 172 facets over the course of two years resulted in the current 4.6 kg weight. Also from Brazil, the El Dorado Topaz was found in 1984. It weighed about 36 kg but was reduced to 6.2 kg after being faceted and polished into an emerald form (still 31 000 carats). It is the world’s largest faceted stone.

Is topaz pricey?

Like any stone, topaz prices vary according to quality. Nevertheless, a few generalizations are possible. The most popular type of topaz used in jewelry today, blue topaz, has been produced in such large numbers that it is now typically sold for $25 per carat at retail for ring sizes. Larger sizes could cost a little extra. Even though treated blue topaz is widely produced, the price of natural blue topaz has practically decreased to match that of the treated stone.

Blue topaz is created (by irradiation and heat) from colorless topaz, which is offered in sizes up to 100 ct and higher and costs less than $8/ct. The cost of brown topaz is comparable.

Contrarily, valuable topaz, often known as “imperial” topaz, can sell for more than $1000 per carat (ct) in big (10 ct+) proportions. Richly colored topaz with a pink or red hue is the most expensive; its retail price can approach $3500/ct. Over 5 ct. sizes of these are uncommon.