What Birthstone Is Worth The Most

The most expensive birthstone, in terms of pure monetary value, is the ruby. That can add more personal value, depending on your birth month and how significant your birthstone is to you. Each stone has a unique meaning that makes it even more special.

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What birthstone has the highest value?

Although it may not be as distinctive as the garnet, this dark blue birthstone is nevertheless stunning. This birthstone is the height of elegance and is linked to mental clarity and protection from negative energy. It is a common feature in royal wedding rings, like the one Princess Diana gave to Duchess Kate.

Ruby (July)

July newborns are fortunate to receive this lovely stone, which ranges in color from deep pink to red burgundy. Rubies, on the other hand, are a fantastic gift for any partner or friend born in July despite having a tendency to be a little more frequent and undoubtedly having a less vibrant colour than garnets.

Opal & Tourmaline (October)

Opal and tourmaline are two of the most unusual birthstones, making October one of the rarest months of the year for birthdays. Due to the silica specks that make up the former, in addition to having a variety of colors that range from white to black, it also reflects a rainbow of hues. The second stone is similarly magnificent; its hues range from blue to green to pink, and it is thought to encourage introspection, wisdom, and inner calm. The 100 Wow Gifts for The Person Who Has Everything also have you covered when you’re looking for the ideal gift.

Pearl and Alexandrite (June)

One of the few months with both a pearl and an alexandrite birthstone is June. Although pearls may also be found in a wide range of colors, from pink to black, the former, an opaque creation made by mollusks, is believed to signify integrity and love. Its prevalent white color also stands for purity. Similar to other gemstones, alexandrite is available in a range of hues, including pink, blue, green, gray, red, and yellow, with many stones possessing more than one color. And whereas Alexandrite is frequently believed by crystal healers to have health-promoting qualities, pearls are rarely supposed to have the powers of gemstones.

Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Blue Zircon (December)

Tanzanite, turquoise, and blue zircon are the three distinct birthstones for the month of December, making it unique among other months. The former is a lovely blue or violet stone, however it lacks the emerald’s vibrant hue. One of the most distinctive-looking gemstones, turquoise typically has its name-brand color, while it also frequently has gold, orange, and black flecks. Unsurprisingly, blue zircon also has a blue colour, though it is a little lighter than tanzanite. Furthermore, tanzanite doesn’t have a lot of mythology attached to it compared to zircon and turquoise, which are both supposed to have protective qualities and lead those who wear them to greater health, enhanced intelligence, and prosperity.

Peridot (August)

August has two main drawbacks: it’s an unbearably hot month worldwide, and its birthstone isn’t exactly fantastic. Many crystal aficionados believe that the green stone peridot, which is believed to have been one of the original jewels in Aaron’s breastplate, can reduce stress. Unfortunately, it’s not really a color that most clothing can easily match, unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Citrine and Topaz (November)

Citrine is one of the least popular yellow gemstones, which explains why it is so low on the list of birthstones. Even though the color most often associated with it is yellow, the birthstone for November also occurs in tones of brown and orange. The alternative birthstone for November is topaz, which is available in a variety of hues, including blue, green, and pink. However, it also frequently has an unattractive yellow tint.

Diamond (April)

Those born in April have the double-edged sword of having diamonds designated to their birth month, making them the most expensive and valuable birthstones. Although these stones are thought to bring about love, purity, creativity, self-esteem, and strength, they are frequently quite expensive, making it difficult for you to purchase one without spending your entire paycheck. While more colorful diamonds are attractive, they aren’t as as intriguing as the more distinctive and vivid stones on the list, despite their beauty.

What are the top three birthstone prices?

  • Diamond. It should come as no surprise that the April birthstone is one among today’s most valuable gems.
  • Emerald. The pricey emerald, the May birthstone, comes next on the list.
  • Ruby. The July birthstone, often known as the “King of Gems,” represents power, passion, and love.

Which birthstone is ideal to wear?

However, those who were born in April by chance received the diamond, which is the nicest birthstone of all.

What are the two most rare birthstones?

While some birthstones are more accessible than others, precious gemstones in particular are thought to be relatively scarce. However, given that some really expensive stones are not all that rare and vice versa, price tags can be deceiving when it comes to rarity. For instance, although expensive, April’s diamond is less rare than rubies, emeralds, and alexandrite. Speaking of alexandrite, it is currently the most expensive and rarest gemstone on the list of birthstones. Additionally extremely rare, black opals are.

Birthstones provide an intriguing way to select jewelry. They enable people to investigate jewels that they might otherwise avoid. However, birthstones are not always what people think they are, so make sure you are buying birthstone jewelry for the right reasons while making your selection.

What birthstones are the rarest?

Alexandrite is a mineral that was found in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830. This stone appears emerald green to peacock blue in daylight but ruby red to purple in incandescent light due to tiny quantities of chromium in the crystal structure. Red and green were popular colors at the time in Imperial Russia. It follows that it is understandable why the Russian aristocracy desired this stone. This kind of chrysoberyl, which bears the name Alexander after the Czar, is still a rare gem. Despite the fact that alexandrite has been found in Brazil and a few other places, it is still one of the rarest gems. Alexandrite, the current birthstone for June, is still widely used in jewelry and is frequently synthesized.

What birthstone has the lowest price tag?

Despite having a color that is somewhat comparable to that of a ruby, a garnet’s value is quite different. There are traces of earthy colors like orange blended in with the vibrant red of garnets.

Given that their name derives from the Latin word for pomegranate, garnets are said to have healing properties. It can act as a barrier between the user and those who would harm them when used as a protective gem. Garnets are one of the least expensive birthstones despite their beauty.

Which is more expensive, topaz or sapphire?

Pricing. One of the most expensive precious gems now on the market is the blue sapphire. In contrast, blue topaz is substantially more cheap.

Which is more expensive, the sapphire or the ruby?

Ruby comes in a variety of red hues. The best grade, however, should not be overly dark or red as this will reduce the stone’s brilliance. Sapphire comes in a variety of colors, whereas emerald has a brilliant green hue (with royal blue having the most value).


Ruby is a symbol of purity, love, and passion. And both sapphire and emerald are regarded as “royal gemstones,” the latter also stands for constancy while the former, hope.


Clarity, one of the four criteria used to grade diamonds and gemstones, denotes the degree to which inclusions are present (blemishes, surface flaws, and fractures). The value of the gemstone increases with clarity. The emerald, the third of the three valuable stones, typically has the greatest inclusions (99 percent of emeralds have flaws). Visible inclusions are possible in type 1s as well. Try to steer clear of gemstones with very apparent inclusions while making your selection.


The average cost of a fine quality ruby is more than that of the majority of sapphires and emeralds, with record prices reaching up to $1,000,000 per carat. While the price of a carat of sapphires can range from $1,000 to $11,000, good-quality stones can be found for between $450 and $1,200. Emerald prices per carat range from $525 to $1,125. However, keep in mind that a number of elements, like as color, carat weight, and clarity, influence a gemstone’s price.


The third-hardest stone is sapphire (next to diamond and moissanite). As a result, sapphire-set jewelry is incredibly strong and ideal for daily wear. On the Mohs scale of hardness, they receive a 9 out of 10. Ruby and sapphire are both formed from the same mineral, corundum, hence their hardness is comparable. Emerald has a Mohs hardness rating of 7.5-8, making it the least durable of the three stones, although it is still highly tough.


All three of them enjoy enormous popularity, which is growing daily. Gemstones are lovely complements to your jewelry collection, just like diamonds are. Your lifestyle and preferences, among other things, will play a role in the stone you choose.

What has a higher value than diamonds?

A gem’s price is often determined by its carat weight. But the cost of certain gemstones varies substantially. Beyond that, other factors that are taken into account when determining a gemstone’s value include color, clarity, cut, polish, size, demand, and treatments. More valuable jewels than diamonds can be found. Among them are alexandrite, sapphires, rubies, garnets, emeralds, and sapphires. But a specific kind of diamond is the most priceless gem ever discovered. Here, we examine the most expensive non-diamond gemstone in addition to the two categories of diamonds that currently hold the record for the most expensive gem by carat weight.

Birthstones Have Healing Properties

It’s believed that birthstones have healing qualities. The barriers in the physical, mental, and spiritual stages may be released by wearing them. These mystical jewels are thought to have the ability to focus the planet’s healing energy on your body through contact, making you feel calmer and more collected. Each stone has a special characteristic that can both cure and energize you. As an illustration, the garnet stone, which is the stone for the month of January, serves to enliven your spirit and liberate you from negativity.

Birthstones Offer Protection

Birthstones help you and the person you truly love to forge a powerful spiritual bond. This aids in transmitting the good vibes and power of your bond in keeping and guarding you. This will at all times safeguard your young ones, your immediate family, and your friends.

Help You In Meditation

Birthstones are thought to focus the energy of the earth on you, allowing you to concentrate more effectively and stress-free. Overall, it aids in dispelling negativity and enhancing your spirituality.

They Restore The Cosmic Colour

Birthstones not only give you protection or relieve tension and anxiety, but they also help your zodiac sign connect with you. According to the planet that is situated the furthest away, the earth lacks the hue of the month you were born. The cosmic colors also align when your being is in harmony with nature. You become considerably stronger physically, psychologically, and emotionally as a result of the cosmic color.

They Help In Uplifting Your Fashion

Birthstones can complement your attire because they are highly colorful. If you want to dress in a traditional hippie and bohemian style. Then, along with all its other advantages, birthstones aid in enhancing your appearance. Wear your birthstone, then, if you’re hoping to develop a stronger bond with nature, practice meditation, or just be calm and comfortable.