What Is Aquamarine Birthstone

The two birthstones for March, aquamarine and bloodstone, are very different from one another in terms of look, but they are both known for guarding against harm. The sea’s hues are conjured up by the aquamarine birthstone. Faceted aquamarines range in color from deep green-blue to light, somewhat greenish blue hues, and are frequently devoid of impurities and as pure as water, signifying the purity of the spirit and soul. As the “blood that offers health and strength to the wearer,” the bloodstone birthstone is often a dark-green cabochon with scarlet streaks of iron oxide. Continue reading to find out more about the meanings and locations of these two birthstones for March.

What does the birthstone aquamarine mean?

The birthstone for March, aquamarine, exudes the calming power of the ocean. Unsurprisingly, ancient mariners and seafarers are mostly responsible for the symbolism and significance attached to the sea-blue stone.

The Sailor’s Stone

Aquamarine was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to shield their sailors. The sea-green stones were carried by these ancient navigators to ensure safe passage to and from their destinations.

They particularly thought aquamarine would shield them from storms. The crystals were placed under the pillows of these same sailors at night to promote undisturbed slumber.

The aqua stones may also be used to calm the waves if worn as a talisman around the neck or on a finger. As a sacrifice to Poseidon, ancient Greek seamen occasionally threw their aquamarines into the turbulent waters. They stayed still as they waited for the seas to quiet down, putting their faith in the favor of the sea god.

Sailors believed that by wearing the stone, which was revered as the mermaid’s favorite gift, they were protected from drowning at sea and that it also delayed the onset of seasickness.

Aquamarine Symbolism

Additionally linked to calmness, serenity, clarity, and harmony is aquamarine. The sea blue crystal, the first of the spring birthstones, stands for change and rebirth. It personifies youth, innocence, fidelity, hope, and honesty.

Aquamarine must, of course, have all the restorative properties of the seas. As a result, some people think it has the ability to heal both the land and the waters.

To protect their life force and prevent an early death, the Ancient Egyptians wore aquamarine carved into the forms of animals. Ancient Romans wore aquamarine amulets for protection and to ward against inertia and delay.

They also employed the blue-green crystal as a visual aid for people who had vision problems. In fact, there are many legends that they helped Emperor Nero see better.

The Stone of Courage

The birthstone for March has powerful effects on personal growth as well. According to crystal specialists, the stone of the sea gives us access to our inner wisdom. This in turn gives us the ability to uphold our core beliefs, communicate our emotions honestly, and interact with people on a heartfelt level.

This not only awakens our innate courage, but it also stimulates artistic talent and encourages creative expression. Empathy and kindness are promoted by this harmony with oneself. Naturally, these traits foster interpersonal trust and harmony.

Aquamarine is stunning in addition to the symbolism and meaning attached to it. Make an appointment with us right now to view the entire selection of stunning aquamarines we have available.

What month is aquamarine a birthstone for?

The birthstone for March, aquamarine, has a deep color and has long been associated with youth, health, and hope. Its captivating hues, which range from light to deep blue, are reminiscent of the ocean. The aquamarine, a birthstone for March, adds a lovely touch to spring and summer outfits.

Is aquamarine a stone of luck?

March babies are fortunate enough to have two birthstones: the entrancing aquamarine and the enigmatic bloodstone with scarlet spots. Here, we explore the mythical meanings of aquamarine and learn why this sky-blue diamond is regarded as a talisman of protection, good fortune, and bravery.

The typical blue tones of this well-known stone are appropriate given that aquamarine’s Latin name means “water of the sea” in English. The mermaid’s stone is said to grant sailors luck and shield them from the dangers of ocean passage, according to legend.

Aquamarine is regarded in crystal healing as having calming energy that calms phobias or unreasonable worries. It is supposed to assist public speakers feel more confident because it is connected to the throat chakra.

Aquamarine is a gemstone that belongs to the beryl family, which also includes emerald, heliodor, morganite, and goshenite. The pale blue to vivid blue color of aquamarine, which is brought on by the presence of iron in its chemical makeup, sets it apart from these jewels.

To improve their color, many aquamarines on the market have undergone heat treatment. A beryl that is yellow, green, or bluish-green can be heated to produce a persistent blue color or irradiated to create heliodor’s yellow color.

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Pleochroism in aquamarine refers to the simultaneous presentation of many color tones. Aquamarine that hasn’t been treated can be any color, including white and colorless. On the Mohs scale, it is 7.5 out of 10.

Who is able to wear aquamarine jewelry?

Regarding Aquamarine The jewel of the 19th wedding anniversary and the March birthstone are both aquamarines. People with the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Aries zodiac signs wear aquamarine because it is connected to the planet Saturn. Other possible ascendants include Virgo, Taurus, and Gemini.

What was the March birthstone’s initial birthstone?

Aquamarine. The calmness of its namesake, the sea, is evoked by the aquamarine’s soothing hue. In actuality, the Latin words aqua, which means water, and marina, which means sea, are the sources of the name aquamarine.

The rarity of aquamarines.

Although blue topaz and aquamarine are frequently confused, aquamarine is significantly more precious and uncommon. Since both stones are members of the Beryl gemstone family, aquamarine and emerald are related.

What abilities does aquamarine possess?

One was also supposed to benefit from aquamarine’s powers of revelation when looking for objects that were hidden or missing. Aquamarine was believed to bring victory in conflicts and judicial issues.

What does aquamarine represent spiritually?

Aquamarine is said to symbolize eternal youth, happiness, and hope in the gem-language. Aquamarine was once supposed to provide maritime protection. It was said to give sailors a courageous nature and keep them safe from foes on broad waters.

Green or blue aquamarine?

Dark blue to slightly greenish blue with a moderately high intensity is the gem’s most prized color. Generally speaking, the more pure and strong the stone’s blue color, the more precious it is. Aquamarine typically has a pale greenish blue hue.