What’s A Pisces Birthstone

Humans have long recognized a deep connection between heaven and earth. It was claimed that during these early nights, the effect of these stars and planets greatly impacted our own plant, Earth. Several myths claim that wearing the right jewel, such as the Pisces birthstone, can provide protection. Continue reading to find out how these enigmatic stones were created!


It can be difficult to know what to do when it comes to birthstones. Pisces, a month-to-month astrological sign, begins in February and ends in March. How should I choose my stone? An aquamarine or an amethyst?

The Curious Lore of Precious Stones by G. E. Kunz was one among the first books I read when doing research on the Pisces birthstone. Kunz was a well-known gem expert in his era, even before contemporary gemology was understood. Did you know he gave the mineral kunzite his name? Such was his impact on how we perceive gemstones.

Kunz informs us that amethyst is the birthstone for Pisces in his works. Amethyst was recognized as a birthstone connected with this season long before the contemporary list of birthstones. Since at least the 15th century, amethyst has been connected to the shortest month of the year!

Amethyst is regarded as a stone of sobriety. Although this reputation is most frequently connected to drinking, it can also refer to clarity of thought. It is claimed to make both conscious and subconscious thought more clear. Wearing amethyst encourages Pisces, who frequently live in a realm of feelings, to express themselves rationally.

You might also think about aquamarine or bloodstone, a form of jasper that is the birthstone for Pisces.


Purple amethyst is the traditional birthstone color for Pisces. From the delicate pastel tones of Rose de France Amethyst to the rich burgundy of Uruguayan material, this can be found. Amethyst jewelry actually comes in a variety of colors to think about! My personal recommendation is Moroccan amethyst. One of the more intriguing types, it is noted for its crimson flashes. But there are benefits to each variety of amethyst!

There are several colors of aquamarine available for individuals who decide to purchase one. All the way down to the chilly shade of Santa Maria Aquamarine, there is the exquisite frost of Espirito Santo Aquamarine. What is superior? In the end, it comes down to taste and preference.

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What gemstone benefits Pisces?

The twelveth sign of the zodiac is Pisces. Aquamarine is the birthstone for Pisces. A blue gemstone with emotional purity, aquamarine is said to be healing. Pisceans are people who were born between February 19 and March 20.

What gemstone symbolizes Pisces in March?

Your zodiac signs are Pisces and Aries. We’ve selected some original pieces made by jewelry designers for you to admire. Aquamarine and bloodstone, the birthstones for March, are stunning, historically significant, and incredibly wearable.

What hue represents a Pisces?

Pisces (February 19March 20) Power Color: Aquamarine or Seafoam Green. The colors of the sea help Piscesthe fishregain their energy, and this helps them thrive.

What color is the favorite of Pisces?

Pisces: Yellow is incredibly beneficial to them. An developed Piscean’s delicate sensibilities are startled by bright, vivid colors. White has always been a favorite.

What is the enemy of Pisces?

Pisces. Due to their monetary mindset and propensity to prioritize money over feelings, Capricorn, Leo, and Libra are typically viewed as Pisces’ antagonists. Pisces is frequently surprised by this approach.

Do Pisces people wear black?

As a Piscean, you have a tendency toward drama and feel things deeply; red will further amplify your feelings, making them much more difficult to absorb. It is the hue of passion, after all.

Red is not advised for a sign with a lot of strong emotions because it is the color that elicits the most feelings out of all the hues in the spectrum.

Black is a representation of sadness and introversion in color psychology. Wearing black won’t assist your dreamy nature or help you get into your happy vibes if you are preparing for a significant event.

Since Pisces is a particularly reactive sign, choosing the incorrect colors will significantly harm you.

What is the spirit animal of Pisces?

Spirit animal for Pisces: a deer You are a very kind, serene, and open creature, Pisces, much like the deer. Being able to locate your tribe and surround yourself with like-minded people is one of the key things you cherish in life. Like a deer, you’re also timid and delicate.

What number is lucky for Pisces?

The fortunate numbers for Pisces are 7 and 3. These water signs benefit greatly from employing these numbers in daily life, as well as any other numbers that add up to 7 or 3, such as 12 (3), 43 (7), or 21. (3).

What color is unlucky for Pisces?

What color represents bad luck for Pisces? Avoid vivid colors like dark red and black if you’re a Pisces. These hues are viewed as unlucky for Pisces since they encourage negativity.