What’s December’s Birthstone

Blue to green in color, turquoise is a semi-translucent to opaque gem that frequently has matrix veins (remains of the rock it formed in) running through it. For millennia, people have treasured the birthstone for December. It was used to embellish the pharaohs and other ancient Egyptian kings. It was sculpted by Chinese artists more than 3,000 years ago.

The birthstone of turquoise was believed to have numerous positive properties, such as ensuring health and fortune. It was thought, starting in the 13th century, that it would shatter into numerous pieces as tragedy approached and would shield the wearer from falling (particularly off horses). According to Hindu mystics, seeing a turquoise after viewing the new moon guaranteed incredible fortune.

Native Americans also placed a high value on this birthstone of turquoise. The Apache believed that by traveling to the end of a rainbow, one may find turquoise. Additionally, they thought that securing the birthstone for December to a bow or gun improved one’s marksmanship. The Hopi believed that lizards crawling across the earth generated the jewel, whereas the Pueblo insisted that turquoise’s color came from the sky.

Are there two birthstones for December?

Zircon, Tanzanite, and turquoise are the three gemstones that are associated with December birthdays. These gemstones all have distinctive blue tones, making them ideal December birthstones for Minnesota’s chilly winters. Zircon comes in a range of hues, but blue is by far the most popular.

What birthstone for December is most popular?

Zircon is a gorgeous December gemstone that can be used as a substitute to tanzanite. Zircon comes in a variety of hues, but the blue version is frequently used as a supplemental birthstone for December.

Zircon: Symbolism and Meaning

The meanings of the zircon birthstone are knowledge, fortune, and assurance. Zircon represents these qualities and is said to promote restful sleep and ward off evil spirits.

This December birthstone was a treasured gem during the Victorian era and was frequently used to ornament necklaces and other decorative items. Early in the 20th century, heat treatment emerged as a common technique for enhancing the blue hue of zircon for jewelry.

Zircon: Color

Blue is the birthstone for zircon. The gemstones can have green undertones and range in color from pale to vivid blue. Zircon does occur in several hues, but blue is the most typical color for a birthstone for December.

Zircon: Origins

abundant in the crust of the Earth and older than 4 billion years The nesosilicate mineral zircon is abundantly accessible. Cambodia, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Canada are among the countries with zircon deposits. Despite the fact that Australia has the greatest deposit (which accounts for 37% of the global supply). It has a Mohs hardness rating of 7.5, making it durable enough for everyday jewelry.

Zircon Birthstone Jewelry

Zircon is less widespread than certain other gems. It can, however, be contrasted to diamonds in many other ways because it is a naturally sparkling gemstone. The most sought-after and most difficult to find color of zircon is green.

Zircon’s dispersion and light performance make the cut of the stone important to take into account when buying. Its appearance and beauty can be maximized and enhanced with the right cut into a dazzling shape, making it look practically identical to diamonds.

Higher levels of clarity are also frequent in zircon, and the few little flaws that are present are typically only noticeable under magnification. Zircon that has undergone heat treatment to increase its overall transparency is also available.

Numerous gorgeous jewelry items, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, stud earrings, and pendants, can be made using zircon’s brilliant color.

Taking Care of Zircon Birthstone Jewelry

Every few months, wash your zircon jewelry in warm, soapy water. Before storing, dry it with a soft cloth and make sure it is completely dry. Zircon can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaners, so stay away from them. The birthstone for December is far less resilient than diamonds.

To prevent scratches, place your zircon jewelry in a soft fabric bag or container. Avoid wearing zircon or leaving it in the sun for extended periods of time because it is sensitive to UV and sunlight. Remove your zircon jewelry before undertaking any manual labor, such as gardening and housecleaning, to prevent damage.

What shade does December have?

Topaz, the birthstone for December. Blue is the birthstone for December. The traditional birthstone for December is the blue zircon, but there are a number of gemstones that are also said to be symbolic of the month, such as turquoise, blue topaz, and tanzanite.

Is blue topaz a birthstone for December?

The most common color of topaz and the birthstone for December, blue topaz represents sincerity, intense emotional attachment, and emotional clarity. The fourth anniversary present idea is blue topaz, the birthstone for December. Because blue topaz is such a lovely stone, it makes everyone on your list feel radiant, even if you are stuck for a present idea to offer a friend or loved one or simply run out of ideas. We have a wide selection of blue topaz jewelry at Joseph’s Jewelry to suit every taste and price range.

What is the diamond for December?

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Is tanzanite or turquoise the birthstone for December?

There are not one, not two, but three lovely birthstones for December! Of the three gemstones, turquoise is arguably the most generally accessible, whereas zircons and tanzanites, in particular, are thought to be rarer and hence more expensive in comparison.

Composition and mineral makeup of the December birthstones

The opaque, moderately soft gemstone turquoise is created from worn rock that contains copper elements. Its well-known turquoise color ranges from a deep sky blue to a lighter shade of duck egg blue or green. Tiny brown or black veins can be found in turquoise, and these intrusions from adjacent rock fragments are what cause them to form.

Zircon, which is composed of zirconium silicate, is a fascinating and significant gemstone, but it isn’t very well recognized. Although the two are occasionally mistaken for one another, they are completely different materials. Zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone, whereas Cubic Zirconia is a man-made synthetic substance. Zircon comes in a variety of hues, with blue zirconone of the birthstones for Decemberbeing the most popular.

What color is fortunate in December?

Here are the astrological forecasts for each sign for December 31, 2021, including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

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Flower: Carnation

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What signs does December represent?

  • Zodiac sign: Prior to November 22nd? Sagittarius. or after the 22nd? Capricorn
  • Tanzanian tanzanite (Blue)
  • Holly with narcissus flowers
  • Before September 23? The Old Tree Following the 24th? The tree of birth.
  • Spirit animal: Water

“Remember that love is worth more than gold in December! Bacon, Josephine Dodge Daskam

What color is the Sagittarius?

Purple, the hue of spirituality and consciousness, is the sign of Sagittarius. Purple encourages philosophical thought to be open and enlightened. Purple, another color associated with abundance, feeds the lucky and upbeat traits of the Sagittarius sign and inspires it to keep expanding its horizons.