Do I Have Second Marriage In My Horoscope

Multiple marriages are possible in the house of marriage.

Is it necessary to match horoscopes for a second marriage?

When the two persons who are about to marry are strangers, it is vital to check the ashta-koota matching. The compatibility of their natures, sexual talents, attitudes, and tendencies are matched as part of kundli matching to see if they are the right partners.

Is it possible to predict your wedding date using astrology?

Astrology has a role to play, but only if you believe in it. Many individuals, particularly those with higher education and modern ideas, as well as those in love, may wonder: Is marital astrology truly useful, or should we rely on astrology for marriage? Marriage, as we all know, is more about the relationship between the two people and their extended families. We chatted with Dr Vinay Bajrangi, one of India’s leading astrologers, to learn more about the relevance of astrology. He described how astrology’s many steps might assist a person in making marital decisions. He explained that it begins with choosing the best life partner, whether via love or arranged marriage, and continues with the impact on a person’s career and vocation. When someone says that married life has anything to do with a person’s work, it is truly unique, yet he articulated it effectively from a commoner’s perspective. Here are some excerpts from this conversation to help you understand whether or not we should rely on astrology for marriage and whether or not marital astrology is actually useful.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi (Vinay Bajrangi): First and foremost, I will refrain from basing my responses on technical astrological points because a professional astrologer will interpret all of these factors for each horoscope individually. However, in order to do so, the person must first have valid birth information. A professional astrologer can definitely predict when a person will marry based on their natal information. Every person’s life has certain cycles during which Marriage Yoga is active, and any good astrologer can predict the perfect time for marriage by identifying those cycles and combining them with auspicious Dasha and transits. If you miss this ideal time cycle, your finest efforts will return very little in terms of a person marrying. And the person begins to blame planetary alignments or even things like Mangal Dosha or No Marriage Yoga. From your birth chart, any skilled marriage astrologer should be able to calculate the optimal timing for your marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D. Certainly, one can obtain all life partner predictions. So, what do you anticipate to learn while you’re seeking for a life partner? What impact would the potential spouse’s personality, work, family, and financial background have? A professional marriage astrologer can even foretell your future life partner’s orientation and distance from you.

The 7th house in a birth chart represents the spouse’s physical characteristics, whereas the 8th house in a birth chart indicates the spouse’s background. The 4th house denotes the future life partner’s work, the 5th house reveals the spouse’s financial situation, and the 6th house predicts the spouse’s location. Similarly, a person’s birth chart can indicate a lot more about their life mate. Your Navamsha, D-9 chart has the answers to all of your questions about your life partner. However, reading your marital horoscope by date of birth requires the services of a professional astrologer. Still, if you’re interested in learning more about technical astrology, visit my website to learn how to discover the greatest life mate by date of birth. In a nutshell, your date of birth can reveal everything about your prospective partner. Once you have all of these clues, you can narrow down your search for a spouse, which will help you locate the appropriate life partner and cut down on the time you spend looking for one. At this point, I don’t think you could expect anything more from an astrologer.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: Those with a basic understanding of astrology are aware that the 7th house in the horoscope is associated with marriage. If this house has a connection to Saturn, it will result in a late marriage. This is due to Saturn’s primary features of being a sluggish planet. Furthermore, if your Venus is weak or your 7th house is influenced by malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, or Mars in addition to Saturn, marriage will be delayed. Marriage is delayed because to a weak Jupiter. If the seventh house is vacant, the person will have a late marriage. These are all well-known astrological criteria for late marriage. My results on late weddings, on the other hand, go beyond these astrological factors for late marriages. These are the human-made and self-made reasons for the delay in marriage. Please don’t be surprised, but I’m serious. Too much family interference, including close relatives such as mother, father, and siblings, might cause a delay in a person’s marriage. High expectations for the future spouse’s status, work, family history, and a slew of other characteristics typically overshadow the marriageable age. A running race for a profession, particularly for females, has become a prominent factor for late marriage in today’s world. Then we point the finger at the planets.

I’ve been an astrologer for marriage troubles for almost two decades, and I’d like to point out that 25% of marriage delays are self-inflicted, with the planets bearing the ultimate responsibility. Late marriage has its own set of consequences, such as a narrowing of your search for a compatible partner, physical strains, natural childbirth increasing family responsibility, which may have an impact on your relationship with your spouse, distraction, stubbornness, and other factors that become additional hurdles in married life. You can learn more about many of these causes and the consequences of a late marriage by reading about reasons for a late marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, M.D.

When it comes to marriage decisions, this is an excellent question to ask. As you can see, Vedic astrology has established some Golden principles for determining the compatibility of two people in a partnership. These principles clearly show the compatibility of the two people, as well as their family and social level. When individuals argue compatibility is just dependent on Gun Milan, I take issue. Let me tell you something: I’ve recommended weddings with a score of 10 out of 36 and shown reservations with a score of 26/30 out of 36 for Gun Milan. I’m also perplexed by questions such as: Is horoscope matching required in love marriages: which is superior Love or planned marriage: what to do if Gun Milan score is less than 18; can we marry without matching horoscopes; will the marriage be successful without charts; and a slew of other queries abound on the internet. To all of these questions, my basic suggestion is to respect the compatibility of the relationship. Don’t base your marriage decision on a mathematical calculation (Gun Milan) or take any shortcuts. Marriage is built on the foundation of perfect interpersonal compatibility, but how we adhere to it is up to us. I can only recommend to the readers that they read and learn how to verify relationship compatibility using birth charts; you will see for yourself that if you do, marriage will be a successful and happy relationship. If you don’t believe in matching charts, have your compatibility checked out by a marriage counselor.

You haven’t asked, but let me tell you that a person’s career is strongly affected by their marital life, therefore make your spouse your life partner.

Which planet is to blame for the divorce?

The 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 12th houses are all associated with marriage. The D-9 Navamsa Chart is also used to assess the likelihood of divorce. The following is a breakdown of how houses are divided into different life areas:

1. The second house governs domestic affairs and can reveal information about your intimate relationships and family.

2. In a relationship, the 5th house represents romance and love.

3. Marriage prospects are solely the responsibility of the 7th house.

4. Intimacy between two partners is indicated by the 12th house.

5. Any malefic planet’s impact on these houses (i.e., the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 12th) can result in a divorce.

Sun, Mars, Ketu, Saturn, and Rahu are the malefic planets that are responsible for divorce. These planets have a separative character that could end a partnership.

Which zodiac signs will marry in 2021?

Virgo. According to the year 2021 predictions, the coming year will be particularly lucky for Virgo natives in terms of marriage, as there will be many opportunities to marry.

Which of the houses depicts a second marriage?

The second marriage is indicated by the 8th House, which is a secondary sign. The biggest predictor of a second marriage is the 9th House. In females, Jupiter in the 7th house denotes the husband. In males, Venus in the 7th house denotes the wife.

Is a second marriage a success?

Statistics show that second marriages are not usually happy. Only 20% of the marriages do not end in divorce. Half of these 20% are in denial about their achievement. According to some studies, the divorce rate in second marriages is higher than in first marriages.

When are you going to get married?

According to a new study, if people don’t want to be divorced, they should marry between the ages of 28 and 32, at least for the first five years.

How can I figure out when my wedding will take place?

The couple’s birth dates must be taken into account while deciding on a wedding date. As a general rule, the first and ninth days of each month are the greatest days to get married for anyone born on that date.

What are the first symptoms that you’re getting divorced?

There are nine symptoms that you’re on the verge of being divorced.

  • You are dissatisfied.
  • The majority of your interactions are negative.
  • You come up with excuses to avoid your lover.
  • You’re being pressured by friends or family to end the relationship.
  • Your instincts are screaming for you to leave.
  • You live together as though you were roommates.
  • Everything is difficult.

Is there a horoscope for divorce in my future?

The key houses that cause marital complications or divorce problems in Kundli are Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and the Sun. Aside from that, the positions of planets like Venus and Jupiter have an impact on the likelihood of marriage and divorce. The malefic or weak or afflicted position of Venus in the boy’s birth chart denotes marital conflict, whereas the afflicted or weak position of Jupiter in the girl’s Kundli implies despair owing to the husband.

Houses Responsible Indicating Divorce Signs in Astrology

Each astrological house in your horoscope governs a distinct area of your life, according to Vedic Astrology Divorce Prediction. One can forecast many future possibilities by understanding and observing the locations of planets and Nakshatras in the houses. Kundli houses provide deep insights into your marital life, especially for astrology marriage and divorce forecasts. In astrology, the houses that offer Divorce forecasts are listed below.

th House

The family is represented by the fourth dwelling. It represents the joy you receive from your family. The weak or weakened 4th house or Lord of the 4th house, according to Divorce Prediction Astrology, denotes a lack of happiness in the household.

th House

Marriage is represented by the 7th house. It can represent any type of relationship you have in your life. In astrology, the afflicted 7th house indicates a miserable marriage and divorce signs.

th House

The house of pleasure is the eighth house. Astrologers look at this house to see if you and your spouse are compatible in terms of love and sexuality. It depicts all of the marriage challenges, obstacles, and secrets. In astrology, the 8th house is examined to provide additional marriage predictions. A weak or afflicted 8th house, or a relationship between the 8th house Lord or house and the 7th house Lord or house, is also looked at to see if there are any negative prospects in the native’s marriage.

th House

The 12th house represents sexual satisfaction. The afflicted or weak 12th house can indicate a poor or bad sexual life. If the 12th house is afflicted, the native is likely to be uninterested in sexual activities.