How Many Kids Will I Have Horoscope

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What planet is in charge of childbirth?

After marriage, one of the most pleasurable aspirations is to have a kid. Many people are fortunate enough to have the child of their dreams at a young age; others must wait and suffer, and some even remain childless. So, are there any underlying causes for the gap between these two groups of people? Yes, there are several essential reasons, and through Child astrology, one can learn about them all. Because children have such a great regard for emotions, even non-believers in astrology may seek guidance from Child Astrology. Child astrology can be divided into two categories: before and after the birth of the child. Child astrology, on the other hand, has some negative aspects. In this case, I would mostly blame astrologers, rather than parents, who engage in this evil side of Child astrology. I’m not here to argue over who makes accurate astrological predictions and why. But, because children elicit more emotions than anything else, I feel compelled to share a few key aspects of Child Astrology to both believers and non-believers in astrology.

Having a child is a blessing, and I don’t need to remind you that taking care of your child like a good parent is nothing new. But what happens when we are overly concerned about a child’s well-being? In this story, I’ll try to nail down a few key elements about Child Astrology, whether it’s before or after the child’s birth. I’m not going to try to make it more complicated by giving technical astrological explanations, because I don’t want people to jump to conclusions unnecessarily. But I’ll only touch on the most important features of child astrology in passing.

A horoscope might reveal the reasons for childbirth delays. We look at some specific houses in the horoscope and the positions of specific planets in those houses in your horoscope to see if there is a delay in childbirth astrology. In a horoscope, the 5th house is the key house to observe a child’s blessing. Other houses to see are the 2nd house (family residence) and the 11th house (house for gains and fulfilment of desires through children). The 9th house is also present, albeit it is not particularly crucial because it just serves as a facilitator. In a couple’s horoscope, we must look at the position of Jupiter, the principal significator for Progeny, as well as Venus, Sun, and Mars. Delay in childbirth can also be attributed to past life Karmas and Nadi Dosha. Most of these factors can be observed when we match horoscopes for marriage, but astrology can tell you about all of these reasons for child delivery delays even if you missed it at that time. Then there’s the question of when to start planning for the child’s conception.

The horoscope can tell you when is the optimum time to have a child. A basic understanding of how to plan a child’s birth chart will help you achieve your goals for your child. We all know that planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are friendly and planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are hostile or aggressive. A professional astrologer will be able to see the positions of friendly planets in your 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 10th houses and will be able to lead you to an appropriate time to start planning conception. Similarly, “not a good time to plan a child” can be learned. A close examination of these combinations can reveal the particular days, even the specific hours, when you should arrange the birth of your dream child. On my website, you can read about the technical parts of it. If a C Section is required, astrology can also assist you in determining the optimal day and time for the C Section.

Astrology is such a complex science that it can even predict the child’s gender. However, this is not only unethical, but also illegal, according to Vedic Astrology’s basic precepts, and so requires no additional explanation. As parents, we may be anxious to receive a gender prediction for our children, but the person making the forecast is the one who bears the brunt of the criticism. As a result, I hesitate when I come across folks that offer Chinese methods or formulas for predicting a child’s gender. And that was the first time I mentioned that there are negative aspects to kid astrology.

Circumstances or planetary positions can cause a delay in birthing. However, in rare situations, waiting too long to start the process can lead to difficulties during childbirth. In today’s world, putting too much emphasis on one’s work or even one’s personal likes and dislikes can lead delivery to be delayed or even prevented. In many circumstances, couples are unable to have their own biological kid for various reasons and must turn to techniques such as IVF. An skilled astrologer can also help you plan IVF with a suitable reference map and timeline (like a great itinerary). Couples that choose such a course of action must be doing so as a last choice; hence, seeking astrological advice makes sense in this situation. According to the birth chart, the optimal date for IVF can be determined.

All of the preceding information relates to the topic of when and how to plan a kid. What measures should and can be taken when preparing a child’s birth. But what if none of these options work and the couple is forced to adopt a child? Sometimes there is no other choice but to adopt a child.

Adoption may be the result of a couple’s inability to have their own child for the reasons stated above. However, one must consider whether adoption of a kid would be a wise decision if the following issues had a role in the couple’s inability to have a child. If we look at the 5th house in astrology to look at the possibilities of having a kid, we can look at the same house from a different perspective to determine if adopting a child is a good option for you.

You become parents after you have a child, whether it is your own or an adopted child. Then you start to be concerned about the child’s future. Now, I’m going to touch on a really delicate subject.

A child is born into this world with a predetermined destiny. Parents should be worried about their children’s upbringing, but not overly so. Many parents want to know everything about their child’s horoscope from a young age. This is where I have a strong opinion: there are two important factors to consider while reading a child’s horoscope.

Making a horoscope for a child. Yes, a child’s horoscope should be made as soon as feasible. You don’t need to go to an astrologer for this; it’s available on any respectable astrological website these days, including mine. This is also due to the fact that the horoscope becomes increasingly important as the child grows older. You’ll need a child’s horoscope, for example, while choosing an education path, a career path, a marriage partner, and many other facets of life. As a result, a child’s horoscope must be obtained, but solely for the purpose of documentation.

Do not reveal your child’s horoscope to others. Make a child’s horoscope, but for the love of God, don’t talk to an astrologer about it until the child is 12 years old, unless there are serious health issues or completely odd behavior. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you find yourself learning about a plethora of Doshas (blemishes) in your child’s horoscope again. You may be informed that the child will always be sick, that he or she will cause problems in your life, or that the child is a death threat to family members. When this happens, you stop acting like decent parents and begin performing rituals, interfering with the Almighty’s natural process. As a result, please refrain from doing so. This is the second time I’ve mentioned the negative aspects of child astrology.

The main concept of Vedic Astrology is that any bad planets or doshas found in a horoscope are the result of past life deeds. One can repair them in this life by positive Karmas, but I don’t expect a child to understand all of this until the age of 12/15. So, unless the child has severe health difficulties or strange behavior, how will a horoscope analysis be relevant before this age? I am so certain about this that I have also said it on the global forum QUORA. If your child was born in the Mool Nakshatras, you should perform a modest Mool Shanti Pooja and close the mind box. Though a quick Google search will reveal that many people born in the Mool Nakshatra have achieved worldwide fame.

What are the three zodiac signs that are extremely rare?

Some may consider this sign to be the rarest because it is rarely utilized, but when most people ask which signs are the most and least common, they truly mean within the range of the 12 zodiac signs we are most familiar with.

Despite the fact that Aquarius is the least common zodiac sign, there are many renowned Aquarians.

Shakira, Corazon Aquino, Toni Morrison, Laura Dern, and more… Alicia Keys, Paul Newman, Jackie Robinson, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Galileo Galilei, Shakira, Corazon Aquino, Toni Morrison, Laura Dern, and more…

Which zodiac sign is the most reserved?

The crab is frequently referred to as the shyest of the twelve zodiac signs. And there’s a chance that’s true. Only if you know the star sign intimately will you find them to be opinionated and talkative. Cancer, on the other hand, would rather do all the listening when it comes to a group of people they barely know. This emotionally intuitive zodiac will rather sit on the sidelines and observe rather than actively participate in a debate, especially if the subject is sensational. It could be partially because they don’t want others to know what’s on their minds, and partly because they’re too preoccupied with watching the people around them. After Cancer has listened to what you have to say, they will decide whether or not you deserve a place in their life. So, while Cancer may be shy, don’t confuse shyness with folly.


Scorpios aren’t expecting someone to fail them or let them down, but they are suspicious and on the lookout for it. In Scorpio’s opinion, no one is innocent until proven guilty. You must demonstrate your trustworthiness and persuade them that it is acceptable for them to relax their guard.

Because Scorpios are so sensitive, it’s easy to injure them without even realizing it. If you or anybody else offends a Scorpio, they will harbor a grudge until they figure out how to avenge themselves. Scorpios can grow to a point where they despise everyone if the reasons for their pessimism are continually reaffirmed.

Which line on the palm of your hand denotes a child?

Marriage lines or love lines that indicate births as a result of corresponding relationships are frequently the source of children lines.

Any vertical lines beneath the pinky finger or between the pinky and ring finger are lines in the palm that indicate the children in your life.

Children lines can be detached from a love line or root upwards (or downwards) from it.

Children indicated on your palm are not always your biological children; they can also be adopted or fostered. Your palmistry life map will include any child with whom you have a special affinity. These aren’t necessarily your biological children; they may be grandchildren, nieces or nephews, an adopted child, or even a neighbor’s child for whom you’ve assumed parental responsibility.

The hand might also signify the loss of a child due to miscarriage or stillbirth. Shorter, fainter, or broken lines will appear. If a youngster is dealing with a health issue, their lines may appear to be broken. As an upright individual, imagine a vertical children’s line. The child’s head would be at the top, and his or her feet would be at the bottom. So, if you observe a break or diversion in a vertical line, search for health indicators in the placement. Do you have a mark on your head, neck, chest, stomach, leg, or knee? This is the area where a child’s health can be in jeopardy.

How many infants does the ring test cover?

The test is available in two variants. The elements are the same in both:

  • a ring (usually mom’s wedding ring or another ring of similar significance)
  • a hair strand or string
  • a participant who might or might not be expecting a child

Version one: above the pregnant person’s belly

Lie down on your back with your partner, family member, or friend holding the threaded ring over your belly button.

Allow some time for it to move on its own. It should either swing back and forth in a straight line (male) or in a circle (girl) (girl).

Version two: above the participant’s left hand

This version is also intended to tell you how many children you’ll have, and it may be performed on either a pregnant or non-pregnant woman.

Place your left hand flat on the ground. Bring the threaded ring to rest on top of your left hand, holding it above your hand.

Then lift it and gently swing the ring between each of your fingers, tracing your hand from your pinky to your thumb as if you were making a turkey hand. Trace backwards from your thumb to your pinky, stopping where you started and holding it over the center of your hand.

The ring should start swinging in either a straight line (male) or a circle (girl) (girl). This is your firstborn child’s sex.

Bring the ring back to rest on top of your hand once your first-sex born’s is announced. Then go through the tracing process again!

Repeat the test until the ring comes to a complete halt. This means the test is finished and there will be no more infants to forecast in the future.

Do you have or plan to have children?

1) If the subject of children comes up unexpectedly, the speaker is inclined to leave them out. However, there may be circumstances in which employing any is preferable. If the questioner had just been talking about his children, for example, it’s more likely that he’d use any.

When is the greatest time to have a baby?

So, when do you think the ideal day to be born is? The best day to be born on, according to Tombola’s research, is June 6. After looking at the birthdays of 1,753’successful’ persons in 14 different categories, it was discovered that the 6th of June had more birthdays than any other day of the year.