How To Strengthen Venus In Horoscope

Natives with a weak Lord Venus location in their horoscope should donate white objects every Friday, according to our Astro specialist. Milk, rice, or kheer are examples of such foods. You can also help the less fortunate by donating white clothing.

Keep Yourself Well Groomed

One of the most telling indicators of a weak Venus in the horoscope is a lack of grooming. As a result, it’s critical to keep up with personal hygiene and grooming on a daily basis. Every day, one should dress nicely, keep their nails clean and short, remove undesirable hair, preserve a good hairdo, and wear clean clothes.

Use Fragrances

It takes a lot of excellent smells to please Lord Venus. Invest on natural perfumes for everyday use, based on your preferences, and make sure you apply them consistently.

Wear White Clothes

Lord Venus’ favorite color is white, and there’s no better way to please him than to wear white, especially on Fridays, when the day is dedicated to him.

Surround Yourself With Fragrant Flowers

Keeping your surroundings as fragrant as possible will assist you in attracting Lord Venus’ favours. Get some aromatic flowers and put them around your house and office.

Bath In Fragrant Water

To satisfy Lord Venus, it is necessary to keep a clean environment. Adding rose water, kewra water, or cardamom water to the bathing water is another technique to strengthen it. This will help you please Lord Venus by keeping you fragrant all day.

Wear Diamond Or Zarkan

Lord Venus is said to be strengthened by both diamond and zarkan in the horoscope. You can consult an Astrologer and get a ring or necklace made for yourself.

Worship Goddess Laxmi

Those with a weak Venus in their horoscope are likely to experience financial problems. You should worship Ma Laxmi to get rid of the malefic impact. Every Friday, pay a visit to Ma Laxmi temple and recite the Laxmi Chalisa. Friday fasting is often regarded as auspicious.

How can I strengthen my Venus?

  • Sandalwood, rice, garments, flowers, silver, ghee, curd, sugar, and other white items should be given to a girl.
  • Fast on Friday to enhance Venus in your horoscope.
  • Venus can be strengthened by wearing diamonds, topaz, or zarkan gemstones.
  • The planet Venus adores the color white. As a result, wearing white clothing can be good.
  • Add cardamom to the water and take a bath.

How do I make Venus happy?

Since ancient times, mantras have held a significant place in Vedic Astrology. Every mantra emits a distinct vibration and imbues a person with the potent energy of the deity associated with that planet. Chanting the Shukra Mantra is a simple and effective approach to placate your planets, but it must be done correctly. Aside from that, you must say the mantra in a specific order to reach ultimatestate.

You should repeat the Venus Beej Mantra, which is Aum Draam DreemDroum Sah Shukraya Namah, to enhance the positive benefits of Planet Venus.

You should repeat this mantra 16000 times. According to the Desh-Kaal-Patra Siddhanta, there should be 4 times of chanting in Kalyuga, hence you should repeat it 64000 times.

What happens if your Venus isn’t strong enough?

Venus is the brightest and most favorable planet in Vedic astrology, as well as being a female planet. Aside from that, Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, and Venus has a high effect in Pisces and a low effect in Virgo. Venus’s wealth is a combination of grandeur and sexiness. Life and wisdom are only seen in pupils through Venus, and marriage is the pleasure of marriage. Venus can also be considered as having good eye health.

– Every day, ignite a ghee lamp in an igneous angle before starting work in the kitchen.

– On Friday evening, write with white sandalwood on a bell paper and offer it to the Shivling in reverse.

-Mantra Shum Shukraay Namah 108 times in the evening, while seated on a pedestal and chanting with a rhinestone garland.

Give gifts to females under the age of 10, such as toffee chocolate clothing.

When Venus is strong in a horoscope, what should you do?

If Venus is in a favorable position in your birth chart, it bestows a charming personality on you. In terms of riches and prosperity, it will be quite useful to you. You may be intelligent and have a happy marriage. Let’s take a look at how Venus affects good, middling, and negative outcomes:

Strong Venus: If Venus is strong and combined with other planets in your horoscope, you can enjoy the company of opposite sex. Your married life will be enjoyable and full of luxuries. It’s possible that you’ll marry young. You would be able to keep everyone in good spirits.

Afflicted Venus: Afflicted Venus may delay your marriage and cause complications in your married life. Giving birth to a child may provide challenges. It has the potential to break the harmonical relationships. Because it is a karak planet for marriage, this area will be heavily influenced.

Effects of Positive Venus

When Venus is in the ascendant of a birth chart and in the 4th, 5th, 7th, or 11th house, these placements are thought to bring good fortune. Venus’ beneficent influence encourages the accrual of riches, jewelry, real estate, a good family life, and commercial and trade success. People with a strong Venus, particularly an ascendant, have a lot of charisma.

Effects of Negative Venus

When Venus is in conjunction with malefic planets or is aspected, it becomes afflicted.

  • Gambling, alcohol, narcotics, and other hazardous substances will become addictions for the native.
  • Among addition, troubled Venus might lead to diabetes, drug addiction, smoking, and alcoholism in the inhabitants.
  • The native may lack physical appeal and agreeable behavior if Venus is poorly placed in the birth chart.
  • A troubled Venus causes marital issues and increases the chances of a failing marriage.
  • a troublesome situation Venus is also linked to extramarital affairs, extramarital partnerships, and divorce.
  • A person with a weak Venus is more likely to be a spendthrift, which can lead to poverty.
  • A negative Venus can also lead to skin problems.
  • A poorly placed Venus might signal problems of the eyes, nose, chin, throat, sexual organs, kidneys, bladder, and other bodily parts.

Remedies for Venus in Vedic Astrology

Here are some Venus cures to help you make great changes in your life.

  • Wear brightly colored white clothing. Pink clothing in all tints is also recommended.
  • Respect your spouse or partner.
  • Give small children or widowed women sweets. This is a potent treatment.
  • Maintain a positive character to get the best outcomes from Venus.
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi to receive Venus’ favors. To overcome hurdles and gain benefits in life, recite the Sri Sookhtam song.
  • Another technique to satisfy the planets is to fast. On Fridays, you should fast to obtain Venus’ graces.
  • According to Vedic astrology, one of the easiest ways to get rid of a planet’s malefic influences is to donate. Venus will reward you for donating on Fridays. Kheer (rice pudding), curd, silver, rice, and perfume are all acceptable donations.
  • Mantra chanting is another important cure for planets in Vedic astrology. Recite the Venus Beej (Seed) Mantra “Aum Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah 108 times everyday to enhance Venus’s positive benefits.
  • Wear Shukra yantras to attract favorable outcomes for Venus.
  • Wear silver jewelry and colognes.
  • To receive positive results from Venus, wear gemstones such as diamonds, opal, white topaz, and so on.
  • Physical therapies, including as breathing and relaxation practices, may be used by natives with a weak Venus. Yoga pranayamas such as anulom vilom, sheetkari, sheetali, and kapalbhati are good choices. It will help you control your thoughts and fight negative impulses.

*While the therapies described above have proven to be effective, the effects will likely vary from person to person depending on their unique birth chart. As a result, it is critical to get the opinion of an astrologer before attempting any Venus treatments.

How can I tell if my Venus is benevolent or malevolent?

Malefics and natural benefics Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics, whereas the Moon and Mercury’s auspiciousness is determined by the planets conjunct them. If they’re conjunct benefics, they’ll become benefics, and if they’re conjunct malefics, they’ll act like malefics.

How can we make the planets stronger?

How Can the Sun Be Made More Powerful?

  • Every morning, sit in the sunlight. This makes Lord Sun happy.
  • Before sunset, eat your last supper.
  • Drinking water should be stored in copper vessels.
  • Only use wooden furniture.
  • Every day, recite the Surya Mantra. It gives your kundali’s planets a boost of energy.