Is Horoscope Matching Necessary For Marriage

Since ancient times, kundali matching has been an important aspect of Hindu marriages. All traditions and rituals have changed over time. However, the practice of matching kundalis before marriage has not changed.

Due to the widespread tradition of arranged marriage, kundali matching has become increasingly essential. It has also been a deciding factor in forming a relationship between two people. The logic behind this has always been to determine the couple’s compatibility. The two people in an arranged marriage haven’t spent enough time together to get to know each other properly. After their marriage, the two people will spend the rest of their lives together, therefore it’s critical to determine if they’re a good match. Even if the couple had not known each other for a long time before marrying, matching their Kundalis can assure a happy and successful married life.

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Marriage is viewed in Hindu culture as the union or fusion of two souls through heavenly rites and mantras. This soul connection is claimed to last an eternity, but it all hinges on your ability to locate and choose the ‘correct’ one. Kundali matching is what allows us to determine who is the best fit for us.

The ‘Janam Kundali’ or birth charts of the two people are matched in this fortunate and holy technique. The alignment of celestial bodies, stars, and planets at the time of one’s birth is depicted in a birth chart. After then, the astrologers use the ‘Gunn Milan method,’ also known as the ‘Ashthakoota method.’ Astrologers use this method to calculate and make readings based on the position of the Moon in the couple’s charts. This approach examines eight various components of a marriage using eight kootas. Each of these kootas is scored using this manner based on the match between the two Kundalis. The auspiciousness of their marriage is projected based on the points earned by the match.

It is thought that at least 18 of the 36 Gunns must match in order for a good marriage to occur.

Arranged weddings are no longer as common as they once were due to changing circumstances. Despite the fact that some families prefer arranged marriages to love marriages, the number of love marriages is continuously increasing.

The thing about a love marriage is that the two people have known each other for a long time and are aware of their compatibility. They are well-versed in their tastes, choices, and even their way of life.

While love is a crucial pillar in the formation of a successful marriage, there are many other important criteria that must be met as well.

Kundali matching attempts to forecast a couple’s compatibility, as well as their behavior, attitude, and other inclinations. However, in love marriages, this is a moot point because both parties are aware of everything.

Despite this, and despite this generation’s lack of faith in astrology, Kundali matching has proven to be crucial, regardless of whether a marriage is formed out of love or because it is arranged.

Matching horoscopes can provide information and forecasts about a couple’s future together. Aside from the above mentioned features, it also provides predictions about the happiness of a marriage, the chances of having children, and the length of one’s life. The forecasts could also contain information regarding the length of the marriage, the likelihood of divorce, the breakup of the partnership, and how their partner’s presence can make or ruin their job.

Looking backward isn’t something our generation is used to because time is constantly changing and evolving. When we need guidance, however, we usually turn to our elders because we know that their wisdom will be of great assistance to us in our final moments of need. Keeping this in mind, consulting ancient astrology and having your Kundali matched is the best gift you can give your spouse.

Is it really important to match your horoscope?

What is your zodiac sign? Does it make a difference? You could believe that scientists are above such inquiries, but you’d be mistaken. In 2007, a team from the University of Manchester published “Ten million marriages: A test of astrological “love signs.” They looked at 10 million weddings using UK census data and inferred astrological signs based on the couples’ birth dates.

According to United Academics, these same-birthday pairs are most likely merely errors on the paperwork. When the birthday oddity is removed, there is no effect at all. The following analysis is included in the study:

This study found that an astrological sign had no bearing on the likelihood of marrying and remaining married to someone of a different sign. For decades, popular astrologers have pushed the concept of ‘love signs,’ or the compatibility of partners with specific birthdate combinations. However, if the almost 20 million married people in England and Wales are any clue, lonely hearts who obsess over the zodiac are wasting their time.

One thing the study didn’t take into account was how horoscopes may affect a relationship. It might affect a woman’s relationships with non-Leos if she truly believed she was meant to be with a Leo. Reading horoscopes, however, appears to have minimal effect on a woman’s real conduct, according to a study published in Correlation in 2001. Only 15% of women indicated they would alter their behavior based on their horoscope. However, the survey discovered that many people take astrology quite seriously. According to the researchers,

The results of the survey, in general, confirm that astrology has a significant impact on women’s life. Seventy-two percent do not believe astrology is mere superstition, and over ninety percent say they research the sun signs of persons with whom they have ties. In love, 78 percent had read a book on their sun sign. Despite the fact that only 15% claimed they would change their behavior based on what they read in a horoscope, these findings suggest that astrology can impact women’s behavior in a variety of ways.

While the position of Venus has little to do with the success of your marriage, horoscopes in the back of women’s magazines may have more influence than anyone wants to admit.

Is it necessary to consult a horoscope before getting married?

Marriage, according to Hindu scriptures, is a divine union that is arranged even before birth. Marriage is also one of life’s most lovely experiences. Everyone desires a good spouse with whom they may share beautiful memories and happiness. This is the region where a person’s true happiness is found. People today are particularly interested in choosing the appropriate life mate in India, where marriage is a very significant factor. Both the boy’s and girl’s horoscopes, or kundlis, are matched in Hinduism in order to negate any negative repercussions after marriage. In addition, astrology provides various treatments and strategies to overcome the malefic effects of any doshas.

Other religions, such as Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians, do not believe in astrology. In truth, there are some Hindu communities that do not believe in kundali matching prior to marriage. So, do you believe it is vital to match your kundli before getting married? We have no objections to any religion or its doctrines. We’re simply attempting to express our unique viewpoint on the subject.

Look around you; people marry without astrology every day, and the vast majority of them can live happily ever after.

In fact, you’re better off without it if you’re talking about “Sun sign compatibility” (that is, “I’m a Virgo, he’s an Aries, are we compatible?”). This is a ridiculous situation.

We believe that marrying someone who is an astrological match for you will help you develop a long-term fruitful marriage.

Even those with very little astrology in common can and can have happy marriages. Commitment, an open mind, and a desire to consider the other person as neither better nor worse than yourself are required. They’re just another individual with similar fears, hopes, and concerns as you. They may communicate their hopes and concerns in different ways than you, but people are all alike in this regard.

Learning to perceive them with a mature, caring, and understanding perspective will go a long way toward a fulfilling marriage.

True love is accepting the other person for who they are, flaws and all, and loving them nonetheless!

Marrying someone who is astrologically compatible with you makes it much easier to relate to each other in the long run. A good match isn’t required, but a bad match will undoubtedly necessitate more effort, commitment, and love to maintain.

Matching astrology/kundli is a personal choice; it may or may not result in a long-term relationship, but true love and compatibility with your partner will undoubtedly aid in the development of a fantastic partnership.