Which Horoscope Should You Read

You might be hesitant to consult your rising sign daily horoscope if you’re a creature of habit who has long relied on your sun sign. But according to astrologer and horoscope author Mackenzie Greer, your rising sign is much more in sync with your real life and all of its complexity, which is why learning how to interpret your rising sign is valuable.

The accuracy of your horoscopes is unmatched by sun signs when you read for your rising sign. Astrologer Mackenzie Greer

The issue with that strategy, according to Greer, is that accurate sun sign horoscopes are strictly speaking big-picture oriented; they are not tuned to the nitty-gritty details of the here and now. “People usually protest this suggestion, wanting to cling to their sun sign as their one and only truth,” she says. Reading for your rising sign provides your horoscopes, if they are accurately written, a dead-on accuracy that you just can’t get from sun signs because it decides where all the houses or areas of life are set up in your birth chart.

Which birth chart is most precise?

Let’s go through the fundamentals of how astrologers construct these projections before we delve into the many ways to read a horoscope. Knowing the basics of your astrological birth chart is the most crucial step to take first. You’ll need a precise birth date, place, and time to create an accurate birth chart that shows the planets’ positions in the zodiac at the time of your birth. You can start your investigation with the aid of a number of handy astrological applications and online birth chart calculators.

The 12 astrological houses in your birth chart each stand for a distinct aspect of your life, such as your work or your love life. Different aspects of your life are awakened by the energies of the planets when they pass through certain houses. Your “rising sign,” which governs the first house of your birth chart, has an impact on how the remainder of your chart is organized. Although a person’s birthday alone can disclose their sun sign, a precise birth date, time, and place are required to determine a person’s rising sign.

Astrologers use the sign they are drafting a horoscope for as the ruler of the first house when placing the planets in the chart. As a result, horoscopes are theoretically written more precisely for people’s rising signs. Sun sign horoscopes, on the other hand, became the norm since they’re simple to useall you need to know about someone is their birthdaymaking it quick and simple to categorize. Sun signs are more simpler to cover than rising signs because they don’t require individuals to know their birth time or have access to a chart calculating system, which became increasingly important as newspaper astrology columns gained popularity in the 20th century.

Do you need to consult your moon sign?

Simply put, you are only thinking about yourself when you read a horoscope for your rising sign. You are taking care of and accepting of your own existence by reading a horoscope. You are living as if you are the center of the universe. If you are reading your horoscope only based on your sun sign, the effects may still have an impact on your life, but they may do so via events or people who are not specifically focused on you.

Personally, I suggest starting with your rising sign’s horoscope before reading about other planetary placements. Next, have a look at your sun sign if you were born during the day. For individuals born at night, your moon sign should be read second. The Moon is undoubtedly the luminary of the night, while the Sun is the luminary, or guiding light, of the day.

In order to understand more about love and heartbreak, you may also read the horoscope for your Venus sign from that point on, as well as the horoscopes for any other planets that you might be more interested in learning about throughout the course of a month, week, or day. But if you want to learn more about yourself, it’s advisable to read the horoscope for your rising sign.

Is reading horoscopes a wise idea?

WebMD Horoscope for You Terence Sandbek, PhD, a clinical psychologist and author, suggests strengthening your relationships, learning stress management techniques, and quitting reading horoscopes. Being able to manage your own life and make your own decisions is one of the signs of mental and emotional maturity, he tells WebMD.

Sun or moon signs are more reliable.

Following are some examples of how the sun sign and moon sign differ from one another:

  • The Moon sign signifies our inner self, whereas the Sun sign denotes our fundamental self.
  • Our fundamental identity is governed by the Sun sign, whilst our emotions are governed by the Moon sign.
  • The Moon sign indicates who you are in private, whereas the Sun sign depicts who you are at all times.
  • Your genuine direction and purpose are indicated by your Sun sign, whilst your comfort zones are indicated by your Moon sign.
  • Our fundamental character, ego, and will are shown by our Sun sign. It is our core understanding of who you are.
  • The moon represents your unconscious self, your feelings, and your natural reactions to your environment.
  • You may determine your Sun sign by simply knowing your date of birth, but you must also know your time, place, and date of birth in order to determine your moon sign.
  • Astrological forecasts are accurate for one month since it takes the sun 12 months to pass through each of the 12 zodiac signs. The forecasts are more exact and precise since the moon moves faster quickly and only stays in one sign for two and a half days at a time.
  • The moon sign can provide comprehensive information about a person’s inner workings and potential, although the sun sign is frequently considered as a more general summary of a person.

Does the moon sign hold the most weight?

Our astrological profiles are much more intricate than just knowing our sun sign, claims astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of The Astrology Deck. Natal charts, a diagram showing the planets’ positions at the precise time of birth, are almost entirely unique, like thumbprints (even identical twins have different charts). And just as crucial as understanding where the Sun falls in one’s astrological birth chart is comprehending where the Moon falls.

Who is the world’s top astrologer?

Stephen Arroyo, who is regarded as one of the top ten astrologers in the world, is also America’s best-selling author and a well-known influencer. His area of specialty is psychological astrology, although he has also held positions as an editor, a teacher, a counselor, and a practitioner of Polarity Therapy. He has received numerous honors and illustrious prizes, like the Regulus Award from the United Astrology Congress and the British Astrological Association Astrology Prize, to name a few. Since his publications are regarded as the “AstroBible for those still in the learning phase,” many aspiring astrologers rank him as the top astrologer in the world. He is renowned for his profound insights and well-defined notions that make it simple to understand the problem, and the solutions he suggests are incredibly useful and kind.

Sun sign or ascendant: Which is more significant?

The Ascendant (or Rising) sign of your natal chart is what you will have if you know the time, place, and date of your birth. One’s social personality is thought to be represented by the ascendant. It has to do with how you appear to others and how they judge you. It also stands for the human body and the external manifestation of the self.

Think of your ascendant as your natural behavior: when you enter a room filled with strangers and possibly feel some nervousness as a result, your first instinct is to act in accordance with your ascendant. For instance, a Leo ascendant will take on a more active role; we may witness them shine as the Sun so demands of them and transform into the life of the party before our very eyes, whereas a Cancer ascendant is more likely to retreat into their “shell” and conceal certain aspects of themselves, much like the Moon they are ruled by.

The Ascendant serves as the lens through which one’s Ego is expressed or acknowledged by the outer world, depending on where it is in the Sun. Given that it represents You at your most natural state, it is undoubtedly the most significant feature of any chart. Despite the fact that the two opposing instances I mentioned above may have more conventionally introverted or extroverted Suns, how they express their unique personalities and how they move about the world are very much what their Ascendants present. Both when they are by themselves and when faced with the strange or unexpected, they act instinctively.

Knowing your Ascendant helps you understand who you are. It serves as a physical picture of the Houses that each planet was in at the time of your birth and serves as a tool for understanding life events, focal points, and aspects (or interactions) between the planets. Avoid the error of underestimating its significance.

Additionally, remember to read your Ascendant first when you read your next horoscope in the newspaper or online from an astrologer. I can assure you that once you do, accuracy will significantly increase.