Why Horoscope Matching Is Important

Since ancient times, kundali matching has been a crucial component in Hindu marriages. Every tradition and custom has changed over time. However, the practice of matching kundalis before marriage persisted.

Due to the widespread use of arranged marriages, kundali matching gained significance. And it has played a role in choosing a match between two people. This has always been done with the intention of determining the compatibility of the couple. Arranged marriages occur when the two people have not had enough opportunity to get to know one another well. It is crucial to understand whether the two people are a suitable match before getting married because they will spend the rest of their lives together. Even though the pair may not have spent much time together before getting married, matching Kundalis can guarantee them a happy and fulfilling marriage.

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Marriage is seen in Hindu culture as the joining of two souls through heavenly ceremonies and mantras. The ‘correct’ one must be found and selected in order for this soul connection to last eternally. We can determine who is the best match for us through kundali matching.

The “Janam Kundali,” or birth charts, of the two people are compared in this auspicious and holy procedure. The alignment of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies at the time of birth is depicted on a birth chart. Then, the astrologers use the “Gunn Milan method,” also known as the “Ashthakoota method.” The position of the Moon in the couple’s charts is used by astrologers to calculate and make readings using this method. This approach concentrates on eight kootas that examine eight various facets of a marriage. Each of these kootas is scored according to how well the two Kundalis match in the technique. The luckiness of their marriage is projected using the points earned by the match.

In order for a marriage to be happy, it is thought that at least 18 of the 36 Gunns must match.

Arranged marriages are less common than they once were as a result of modernization. The number of love weddings has been rising quickly, even though some households do favor planned marriages over unions of affection.

The benefit of a love marriage is that the couple has been acquainted for a long time and is aware of their compatibility. They are familiar with their lifestyle and are aware of their preferences and choices.

Although love is a crucial component of a happy marriage, there are many other vital requirements that must also be met.

The goal of kundali matching is to predict a person’s behavior, attitude, and other traits in order to determine how compatible they are with another person. For love weddings, however, this is irrelevant because everyone involved is already aware of everything.

Despite all of that, despite the lack of belief this generation has in astrology, Kundali matching has proven to be crucial whether a marriage is arranged or happens out of love.

Horoscope matching could provide insight and forecasts about a couple’s future together. Along with the previously listed factors, it also forecasts the likelihood of having children, the satisfaction of a marriage, and an individual’s lifespan. Predictions may also cover the duration of the marriage, the likelihood of divorce, the end of the partnership, and how the presence of their partner will affect their work.

The world is undoubtedly changing and evolving, and this generation isn’t used to looking back. But when we require guidance, we frequently turn to our elders because we are confident that their experience will be of the utmost use to us when we are at our most desperate. The best present you can give to your marriage is to keep that in mind, turn to the ancient science of astrology, and get your Kundali matched.

Does the horoscope match matter at all?

What sign are you? Is it significant? You could believe that scientists are incapable of providing such answers, but you’d be mistaken. Ten million marriages: A test of astrological “love signs” was the title of a 2007 study conducted by a team from the University of Manchester. Using census information from the U.K. and astrological signs deduced from the birth dates of the partners, they examined 10 million marriages.

As it turns out, these matches of people with the same birthday are probably just paperwork errors, reports United Academics. Without the birthday craziness, there is absolutely no effect. The research contains the analysis below:

According to this study, astrological sign has no bearing on the likelihood of getting married and staying married to a partner who is under a different sign. Popular astrologers have pushed the concept of “love signs”compatibility between lovers based on specific birthdate combinationsfor decades. But lonely hearts who fret about the zodiac are wasting their time if the more than twenty million married people in England and Wales are any clue.

One aspect of how horoscopes might actually affect a relationship was not taken into consideration by the study. It might affect her relationships with others who are not Leos, for example, if a woman truly believed that she was meant to be with a Leo. However, reading horoscopes appears to have minimal effect on a woman’s real conduct, according to a study that was published in Correlation in 2001. Only 15% of women indicated they would alter their behavior in response to a horoscope. However, the study also revealed that many people take astrology quite seriously. Researchers report:

In a broader sense, the survey results support the notion that astrology has a significant impact on women’s lives. Nearly 90% of respondents claimed they find out the sun signs of the people they are in relationships with, and 72% do not believe astrology is merely superstition. 78% of people had read a book on their romantic sun sign. These findings imply that astrology may have a significant impact on women’s behavior, even though only 15% of respondents said they would change their behavior based on what they read in a horoscope.

Horoscopes at the back of women’s magazines may therefore be more influential than anyone is ready to admit, even if the success of your marriage probably has little to do with Venus’s position.

Why do horoscope matches take place?

The compatibility of their natures, sexual prowess, attitudes, and tendencies are matched as part of kundli matching to see if they make good mates. When two individuals fall in love, they reunite and spend a lot of time getting to know one another.

Which astrological match is the most significant?

The placement of the moon in the horoscopes of the bride and groom is crucial to Kundli matching. According to the Ashta Koota Milan system, the bride and groom’s horoscopes are compared to the 36 aspects listed in the system.

What about love marriages and astrology?

The time when all weddings were arranged is long past. The trend for love and inter-caste marriages is growing as a result of increased education, a more diverse social circle, exposure, and general mindset in the present. However, instances of second marriages and marital discord also play a role. What then is the best course of action to respect inter-caste and romantic feelings while minimizing marital problems? One of India’s top astrologers, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, was the subject of our interview. He has been divulging long-kept secrets of Indian Vedic astrology, some of which even other well-known astrologers are unaware of. He has a special method for matching charts for marriages through which nearly all charts match, ensuring that no one is prevented from getting married on the grounds that their charts don’t match. This time, we discussed the specific connections between horoscopes and love marriages, inter-caste marriages, and second marriages with him. For the benefit of the readers, here are some of the questions he responded to:

Vinay Bajrangi, MD: Certainly. A horoscope does support falling in love and getting married to the love of one’s life. Any horoscope’s fifth house discusses the native’s love life, while the seventh house is concerned with marriage. The third house (house of courage) from the fifth house is the seventh house. That implies that after falling in love, a certain measure of bravery leads to marriage.

The eleventh house thus becomes the complimentary house to the fifth house because every seventh house from any house is also that house’s complementary house. One can assess the flaws in one’s love life from the eleventh house, and the repair that must be made for the love life to function successfully can be suggested.

The younger generation may believe that Vedic astrology is overly traditional and practical when discussing romantic relationships. However, for their information, the horoscope has and can deal with any horizon regarding a love marriage, thus obtaining a love marriage approved through a horoscope may be read and is also necessary at the moment.

DVB: The fifth house deals with love and the love life, as stated in the previous question. It also discusses the potential quantity of romantic relationships. The second house is the house to read the success of a marriage, while the seventh house is the house for marriage. A prosperous marriage is predicted by a favorable link between the fifth house, seventh house, and second house.

Here, I’d want to clarify that a chart or horoscope can reveal a lot of information. These include:

  • the depth of a person’s affection.
  • how many possible love lives someone may have.
  • the likelihood that a romantic relationship will lead to marriage.
  • a characteristic of a love marriage.
  • A measure for assessing the “adulterous nature of the native” is also included in the horoscope.

Vedic astrology can therefore be useful if somebody needs to assess their prospects of falling in love and getting married.

DVB: Astrology can help one overcome obstacles in life. It may help the native understand potential issues and their final resolution.

I hold sessions with in-love couples and use their horoscope to try to highlight the potential hazards that could cause their marriage to falter. A sensible partner makes an effort to comprehend these traps and find a way around them in order to address the issue. The planets that imperil the marriage can be identified through effective astrological application, together with the potential problems they may give rise to. The pair gets ready to handle the potential dangerous circumstance.

Why not, DVB. In every kind of marriage, we ought to match the charts. The degree of acceptance or denial is determined through thorough chart matching. The remedy of proper karma rectification must be used to address the deficiency that is brought to your attention. If the horoscope does not match, a karma correction can usually be used to remove any negative energy.

I can declare with certainty that, with the exception of horoscopes in which the union poses a hazard to one of the spouses, the rest can be approved after an adequate karma repair.

DVB: I witness a lot of impulsively formed marriages that eventually fall apart for a variety of different reasons. Vedic astrology can, at best, help these kinds of relationships find healing. Finding solutions is aided by thorough study. Let me elaborate on this:

  • Who makes more money now that both of them are employed can be problematic. If the eleventh house of earning is unlucky, it could cause problems in marriage.
  • Tolerance levels have decreased. If this is the problem, ego-massaging techniques can be developed in accordance with the horoscope.
  • The person remembers more unpleasant memories when there are more planets in a watery sign. Counseling is a helpful way to manage this.
  • One of the causes could be that you’re unable to forgive, but you can effectively deal with this.
  • Another problem that is readily resolved by harmonizing the energies of the first and seventh houses is having no time for one another.
  • One of the most frequent causes of divorce is incompatibility between the spouse’s friends and family. This starts off as brief verbal exchanges and develops into a full-fledged conflict. However, Vedic astrology does a pretty good job of handling this delicate circumstance. The objective in this situation is to strike a balance between the third and fourth house energies.

I’ve listed a few causes, but I want you to know that the particular traits of a native that can ruin a marriage can be predicted using the Kundli or horoscope. The computation is then performed for the period when this is most active. Solutions are simpler to find when one has a full spreadsheet of the husband and wife. I am an expert in getting a couple to behave even after a long, tumultuous marriage, whether it was chosen or arranged. Remember that I’m talking about preventative measures and karmic adjustments “before the marriage,” not rituals and remedies “after the marriage,” and even circling the courts, when a problem arises.

DVB:The astrologer’s key task in the inter-caste marriage issue will be to make the pair acceptable to both their families and society. The Vedic astrologer may undoubtedly assist in this situation by predicting the type of union the couple would have. The key family members’ nerves can be soothed if the quality of the marriage is anticipated to be good.

In my experience, the parents on either side of an intercaste marriage are the ones that struggle to accept the union, and this starts to play on the couple’s minds right from the start. Those with a weak mentality first get married after making an impulsive choice, and then they end up siding with their parents. They damage the relationship beyond repair by doing this. These parents frequently ruin their children’s prime years without realizing it. They create bad karma for themselves that cannot be removed by later repentance.

DVB: The first marriage and the second marriage are each read from a different residence. However, the quality of the marriage, regardless of the type, is determined by the seventh house, which is the same for all marriages.

Numerous aspects of the horoscope, including caste, financial advantages, legacy, and dynastic imprints, are compromised when reading a second marriage. The advantages of a second marriage can still be attained, nevertheless, through certain means.

It’s important to note that the individual going through the second marriage has already triggered the yoga for the dissolution of marriage. He needs to exercise caution because this awakened yoga could end the marriage once more. These persons should therefore take great care to ensure that their charts are matched, or else they risk suffering the same outcome as before. The ideal solution in a second marriage is to marry after matching the charts. Don’t forget that second marriage is a beginning on the weak wicket for both parties, therefore one should be very careful.

DVB: Without a doubt, yes. It can offer certain-fire corrective strategies, such as karma restitution or self-control to lead a happy marital existence. It is only to talk about, pinpoint, and close the compatibility gap between two partners.

I would recommend that every couple undergo an astrological counseling session in order to benefit from this science. But remember to give your horoscope to a knowledgeable person.

DVB: Vedic astrology does not forbid a man from marrying a woman who is older than him. Instead, some horoscope pairings indicate that the native’s wife may be older than the native.