What Is The Moon Sign On Iphone

What does the moon on my iPhone text message signify, then? If you see a crescent moon icon next to a text message thread, it implies you’ve turned on Do Not Disturb for that chat. Do Not Disturb does not ban messages; instead, it mutes notifications when you receive one from that individual.

Why does my SMS message have a moon next to it?

Are you curious about the half moon or crescent moon icon next to a text message?

The half moon icon next to your iPhone text message indicates that you’ve muted or enabled Do Not Disturb mode for that particular discussion. In such setting, Apple adds a half moon to identify chats. This does not rule out the possibility of receiving messages in that conversation. It just implies that you will not be alerted.

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What is the best way to remove the crescent moon on my iPhone?

Turning off Do Not Disturb will remove the crescent moon from the top of your iPhone screen. You may turn off Do Not Disturb by clicking the moon icon in the Control Center or heading to Settings > Do Not Disturb and turning it off there.

What is the function of the moon on the iPhone?

A crescent moon icon appears in the status bar and on your Lock Screen when Do Not Disturb is enabled. Follow the steps below for your software version to enable Do Not Disturb.

What does the icon next to the text message that says “Do Not Disturb” mean?

In your messages, if you see the sign next to a contact, it implies you’ve enabled Do Not Disturb mode for them. ” Do Not Disturb for a Message, on the other hand, does not exist. I know what you’re thinking.

What’s the best way to remove rid of the moon next to someone’s name?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes To turn it off, choose a chat, press “Details” in the upper right corner, and then toggle Do Not Disturb off.

How can I remove someone from the Do Not Disturb list?

If you have a certain contact you want to hear from but they aren’t on your Favorites list, you can make an exception to Do Not Disturb on an individual basis.

  • Select the person’s entry for whom you want to circumvent DND.
  • In the upper right corner of the card, tap “Edit.”
  • Tap “Ringtone” at the bottom of the page.
  • Toggle Emergency Bypass to “on” at the top of the next card. This permits that person’s calls to bypass Do Not Disturb.
  • Stop and reflect for a bit before tapping “Done to complete.” You may not want to miss a call, but if you don’t want to disrupt a meeting, you may want to give that person a more modest ringtone or alert sound than your typical ringtone.
  • You can also allow texts from a specific person to circumvent DND. Return to the person’s Contact card, select “Edit,” then “Text Tone.”
  • Toggle the Emergency Bypass switch to the “on” position.
  • Text Tone varies from Ringtone in one way: although calls demand you to select a sound, you can fully disable text alarm noises and rely solely on vibrations to notify you. (As always, you have the option of choosing from a variety of vibration patterns or creating your own.)

What is the best way to get rid of crescent moons?

It’s time to get rid of the crescent moon on your iPhone now that you know what it signifies. It’s easy to get rid of the crescent moon icon on your iPhone.

Option 1: Pull up on your iPhone screen to access the control center (or from the upper right corner on the iPhone X and later). Then, to turn off the light, tap the half moon icon “Turn on the Do Not Disturb mode. When the small box is empty, it will turn white “The DND mode has been activated. This will remove the crescent moon icon from your iPhone’s status bar.

When Do Not Disturb is enabled on an iPhone, what happens to texts?

  • On your iPhone, you can utilize the Do Not Disturb function to prevent any calls, texts, or other notifications from making your phone ring.
  • The notifications and alerts will remain on your phone and will be accessible at any moment, but your iPhone will not light up or ring.
  • You can turn on Do Not Disturb manually or set it to turn on at specific periods throughout the day.

What happens if your phone is set to Do Not Disturb and you get a call?

It’s pointless to let your phone run your life. You may set the hours when messages and notifications might take your attention with Android’s Do Not Disturb feature. You may even adjust the settings so that particular persons can contact you whether or not Do Not Disturb is turned on.

When Do Not Disturb is on, incoming calls are routed to voicemail and you are not notified of calls or text messages. It also turns off all notifications so you aren’t bothered by your phone. When you go to bed, or during meals, meetings, or movies, you might wish to turn on Do Not Disturb mode.

Do Not Disturb may be set to activate on a schedule, which is perfect for bedtime, or manually anytime you need some peace and quiet.

Is it possible to put one individual on Do Not Disturb mode?

To establish Do Not Disturb for a chat thread, open the Messages app and tap on it. On the upper right, tap the blue circle with a “i.” To enable the Do Not Disturb option for this contact, move the Hide Alerts slider to the right. Don’t forget to tap Done.