How To Find The Most Dominant Planet In Natal Chart

The planet that has the greatest impact on your entire natal chart is your dominant planet. This is based on a variety of variables, including aspects created with the planet and the planet’s position. Your ascendant serves as the basis for your chart ruler.

Your chart’s dominant planet summarizes you, reveals the aspect of your personality that dominates your life, and sums up both. Your chart’s ruler moves it forward. It relates to your feeling of identity and self-expression. Additionally, it determines how you live.

Because many aspects of a person’s natal chart are left relatively unconscious or buried, you might not experience the affects of your dominating planet as strongly as you feel the effects of your chart ruler. These parts, though unconscious or hidden, still contribute to the person’s dominant planet. You might experience its effects more strongly and be more conscious of its influence because the chart ruler is based on the ascendant, one of the most noticeable and prominent points of the chart.

What dominates your chart?

However, your dominant signwhich may also include your Moon Sign, Rising Sign, Venus Sign, Mars Sign, the one that has the greatest impact on your chart, as well as any aspects that are present in your natal chart. You may find out which planet has the strongest influence over you by looking at your dominant sign.

What astrological signs are the most powerful?


  • Some individuals are naturally dominant.
  • According to astrology, there are 4 dominating zodiac signs.
  • The most dominant zodiac signs are Aries, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn.

How can I tell which planet in my horoscope is strong?

A planet is referred to as being powerful while it is in the sign of exaltation because it can carry out its main objective. As an illustration, strong planets include Jupiter in Cancer, the Sun in Aries, Mars in Capricorn, Rahu in Gemini, Saturn in Libra, and the Moon in Taurus.

How can I find the ruler for my chart?

Are you looking for the place in your birth chart that seems to be in charge? You might be intrigued to learn that the secret to your genuine astrological signature lies in your ascendant sign! Every sign of the zodiac is ruled by a separate planet, known as the planetary ruler. (For instance, Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini, the Sun dominates Leo, the Moon rules Cancer.) Understanding which planet is influenced by your rising sign might reveal which placement in your chart will have the greatest impact on you throughout your life. Each of these planets leads the signs to behave differently inside your chart. This is due to the fact that your rising sign is situated in the first house of personality and self-identity.

It’s simple to locate your chart ruler. The planet that dominates the ascending sign is your chart’s ruler. Looking at your ascendant’s zodiac sign and the 12 astrological houses it occupies should be your first step once you have determined your rising sign. This will point out which planet in your natal chart governs your astrological chart. In assessing chart rulership for this blog, we’ll be using the traditional rulers of Pisces, Aquarius, and Scorpio.


Check which house and sign your Mars, or the planet that rules Aries, is in if your rising sign is Aries. Your chart’s ruler is the position of Mars.

Check the house and sign your Venus, or the planet that rules Taurus, is in if Taurus is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is where Venus is located.

Check which house and sign your Mercury, the planet that rules Geminis, is in if Gemini is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is where Mercury is located.

If Cancer is your rising sign, check to see which house and sign your moon sign, or the planet that governs Cancer, is in. Your chart’s ruler is the sign of the moon.

If Leo is your rising sign, check to see what house and sign your solar sign, or the planet that rules Leos, is in. Your chart is ruled by your Sun Sign.

Look to check where Mercury, or Virgo’s ruling planet, is situated if Virgo is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is where Mercury is located.

See the house and sign your Venus, or the planet that rules Libra, is in if Libra is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is where Venus is located.

Look to discover where house and sign your Mars, or Scorpio’s traditional ruling planet, is positioned if Scorpio is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is the position of Mars.

Check the house and sign your Jupiter, or the planet that rules Sagittarius, is in if Sagittarius is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is the position of Jupiter.

Check the house and sign your Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorns, is in if Capricorn is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is where Saturn is located.

If Aquarius is your rising sign, check to see which house and sign Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, is in. Your chart’s ruler is where Saturn is located.

Check the house and sign your Jupiter, or Pisces’ traditional ruling planet, is in if Pisces is your rising sign. Your chart’s ruler is the position of Jupiter.

In some cases, your ascendant may be squared by a planet different than the one that is the chart’s ruler. That planet may occasionally have a stronger influence on your chart. You will experience the influence more strongly the closer the orb of conjunction is.

The signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisceswhich have two planetary lords eachare another source of uncertainty.

Before Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered, astrologers identified Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars as the respective principal rulers of each sign. Many astrologers advise utilizing the conventional ruler when examining your birth chart, even though Western astrologers have mostly replaced the old rulerships with the new planetary findings. This is due to the fact that your personal planets, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter, are more individualized and vary more from person to person.

What planet is the ruler of Scorpio?

You have a dark side, Scorpio. This might be the case since Pluto, the tiny but powerful planet that orbits the sun the furthest away, rules over you. Darkness, the subconscious, death, and rebirth are all connected to Pluto. Not exactly humorous material. But you dislike lightheartedness; you like mystery and seriousness. Pluto has something to do with your never-ending fascination with covert and clandestine activities. Being able to connect with your unconscious self makes you one of the zodiac’s most potent signs.

We can all benefit from delving into our own mysteries during the Scorpio season. What information do you withhold from yourself? What profound ideas and emotions are bottled up and awaiting release? Challenge yourself to change in whichever way you see fit at this time. You may be attempting to understand the meaning behind a troubling or recurrent dream, or you may simply need to check in with yourself and do a little more digging. Use Pluto’s influence to connect with yourself, whatever it may be. What’s more enjoyable than running across a mystery? solving one.

What does being a fire dominant person mean?

The Fire Element rules the summer. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate life’s beauty, fullness, and fruition. The Earth is abundant during this mature season, when plants bloom and produce fruit, and the climate is hot and dry. We unwind and take in the abundance during this time.

The primary organ of the Fire Element in Asian medicine is the heart. It has to do with our mind’s ability to enjoy peace and quiet as well as the capacity of the muscle in our chest to pump blood. Heart exhibits an active body and a calm mind when it is in harmony.

Fire is naturally quite energetic. The highest outdoor activity season is also the summer. Swimming and hiking are both excellent cardiovascular activities. Exercise is seen in Asian medicine as being just as beneficial for anxiety and depression as it is for circulation.

Fire is a symbol for a happy, fulfilled spirit that can control and balance our emotions. We experience contentment when the Fire Element is balanced inside us. Even at moments of extreme excitement, we may behave properly by always keeping in mind how important it is to respect and honor both Mother Earth and our fellow humans. Joy is the emotion that the Fire Element represents. When we think about joy today, it’s very different from how we used to think of it. It was a term used in ancient Asia to describe a state of inner tranquility that includes peaceful interactions with one’s family, friends, community, ancestors, nature, and the supernatural. A balanced Fire Element provides a strong inner strength that takes pleasure in being “spiritually fit.” Spiritual fitness refers to having the heart and spirit to engage and develop our entire selves. Because of this, meditation is suggested as a way to energize the Fire Element.

By receiving, reacting to, and adapting to life’s inputs from the center of our core of peace, meditation enables us to accomplish the general functions of the Fire Element. A better translation for the Fire Element than “pleasure” might be “contentment” when viewed in this perspective. The source of this happy satisfaction is an inner recognition and appreciation of the magnificence of our own Self.

The Fire-type Individual

In harmony, the Fire Element produces a person with a fairly strong sense of self and an usually sympathetic and outgoing disposition. Strong Fire energy tends to dominate people’s personality, and these people can be highly charismatic. They are animated and outspoken, and they are great at motivating people. They might enjoy interacting with people and conversing. They prefer company to alone and look for opportunities to win others over. They are all creative. Additionally, people with fire personalities are kind and have no trouble making friends. They excel at complimenting others and like making people happy.

Someone who is out of balance may be self-absorbed, thrown around by the emotional highs and lows of life’s dramas (great or minor, real or imagined), and unable to find even a moment of calm. Mood swings, restlessness, and manipulative behavior are the negative traits connected to an excess of Fire in the personality.

Of course, anyone who tries to enjoy life to the fullest will undoubtedly occasionally display emotions that are challenging for those around them. In these circumstances, we might have to consider whether it would be better to restrain our reactions or to “go for it” and take a chance on the results. The solutions must originate from a position of profound self-awareness and heart. Because of this, meditation is regarded as the ideal Fire-tonifying exercise.

Neck and shoulder pain, stiffness in the morning in the neck or low back, certain types of headaches, insomnia, feeling easily overwhelmed, lack of concentration, obsessive thinking, anxiety, palpitations, poor digestion, poor circulation, and tingling in the fingers are common complaints associated with the Fire Element.

Palpitations, hypertension, cardiac issues, and mouth and tongue sores are examples of common diseases.

When the Fire Element is underdeveloped in a person, they may stutter, speak too quickly, or laugh tensely. They might experience anxiety, agitation, and sleeplessness. They could be too extroverted, readily aroused to excess, or they might be emotionally heartless and emotionless.

Strongly Fire-influenced individuals may be more sensitive to the effects of extreme heat and may find that walking helps to ground and center them. Bitter is the flavor that goes with fire. Although coffee has a harsh flavor, its effects can harm the heart. Vegetables with dark, green leaves contribute to the bitter, wholesome flavors.