Are We In A Retrograde Right Now 2022

  • 2022 January 14February 3 is the first retrograde period.
  • May 10June 3, 2022, is the second retrograde period.
  • September 9 until October 2, 2022, is the third retrograde.
  • December 29 until January 18, 2023, is the fourth retrograde.

Who will be impacted by the 2022 retrograde of Mercury?

When you believe you have everything under control and your troubles solved, Mercury retrograde seems to mix things up. There’s always a problem lurking around the corner when it comes to astrology, and nothing illustrates this more than when Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, starts to move backward through the zodiac rather than ahead. Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs that will be most impacted by Mercury retrograde in spring 2022, so you *might* want to get ready for some technical issues soon.

Mercury usually stirs up temporary turbulence and commotion when it stations retrograde. This retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, is nothing new to you because you’ve already encountered it numerous times. In other words, there is no need to be concerned; the world will not end, and you will survive it unharmed. Although miscommunications and misunderstandings frequently occur when Mercury is retrograde, it is also a lovely time to reflect on your life, look back on previous endeavors, and take care of any unfinished business.

Mercury retrograde this spring starts on May 10 at 4 degrees Gemini, going backwards. Mercury rules this mutable air sign, so this will be a typical retrograde experience marked by confusion and diversion. Think carefully before you speak, especially if you’re twisting the truth. On May 22, Mercury will reenter Taurus, slowing down the intensity of this retrograde and making it more frustrating for Mercury, who already finds it difficult to move through this rigid fixed earth sign. Fortunately, everything will finish on June 3 just as swiftly as it began.

What the astrological signs listed below should be aware of is:

What does the 2022 Mercury retrograde entail?

Mercury will turn retrograde for the second time in 2022 on May 10. You may hear all kinds of things being attributed to the retrograde period of the planet of communication during this period, which ends on June 2, from technological glitches to misunderstandings with friends and loved ones.

However, what precisely is Mercury retrograde, why is it such a huge problem, and is there anything that can be done to prevent its hazards and errors?

What actions are prohibited in 2022 when Mercury is in retrograde?

An optical illusion causes Mercury to appear to move “backwards” or go into retrograde. The globe is simply slowing down; it is not literally moving backwards. Mercury often orbits the sun more quickly than the earth does. Mercury completes its orbit around the sun in 88 days as opposed to the earth’s 365 days. As a result, it appears to be travelling ‘backwards’ from east to west rather than the other way around.

Astrologers claim that this remote celestial event frequently has effects on Earth as well. When Mercury slows down or appears to “dance backward,” the realms it ordinarily oversees seem to be disrupted.

Mercury retrograde 2022: The things to expect

Given that it is taking place in the middle of eclipse season, this Mercury retrograde may be a little bumpy. Be prepared for minor hiccups, protracted delays in acquiring critical information, or paperwork that is crucial to your career. If you are prepared to travel during this time, you can run into issues like losing money, receiving duplicate bills, or breaking your electronic gadgets. An unwelcome former acquaintance or opponent, or even an ex-partner, may briefly reappear, causing tension and conflict.

You must be ready for disruptions in travel, communication, the news, and other aspects of your life. The retrograde may also encourage untrue rumors, tantrums, misunderstandings at work, technological failures, missed flights, and travel delays.

Since Mercury prefers being in Gemini, the first phase of the Mercury retrograde, which lasts from May 10 to May 22, is a better time than the second phase, which is in Taurus. According to astrologers, it is advised to take care of your mental welfare during the first 12 days, practice yoga and meditation, and calm yourself to achieve clarity and prevent feeling overwhelmed. During this time, you will have the option to make adjustments to your life while you go through challenging but profound changes.

On May 22, Mercury makes a significant mood change and moves into Taurus, which, in contrast to Gemini, is associated with attributes like intransigence, diplomacy, and indulgence. Due to their opposing natures, Mercury does not especially enjoy being in Taurus, thus you might feel compelled to slow down even more in opposition to Mercury’s wishes. You can get a bodily sense of being physically exhausted and abnormally sluggish.

During this time of the retrograde, watch out that you are not putting off important tasks to your detriment. Spend your time wisely and resist letting leisure develop into indolence.

Mercury retrograde 2022: The ways to cope

Taking a cue from Mercury’s sluggishness, now is a wonderful time to refocus, take stock, and unwind in your personal life. Avoid doing activities that make you feel overwhelmed and take some time to concentrate on what matters most. You must be cautious and deliberate when talking and commuting during Mercury retrograde because these things tend to happen more frequently during this time.

During this stage, it’s possible that emails and text messages won’t arrive or the GPS won’t work. Therefore, double-check any technology-related items as well as your professional emails. Editing is crucial, and in this case, less really is more. Instead of rushing into a conversation, it is best to take a moment to relax and consider what you will contribute. This will prevent misunderstandings.

Mercury retrograde 2022: Ways to avoid failure

It may be challenging, but Mercury retrograde is surely not awful. You will navigate the entire period with few snags if you equip yourself with the proper mental tools. Avoid rushing through jobs or projects and pay attention to the details to achieve this.

Avoid speeding while traveling and be especially cautious when driving. Make sure you have your passport and other necessary paperwork with you, and make sure your electronics are properly charged. It is best to proceed more slowly so as not to miss any crucial information.

Utilize this opportunity to alter and mend previous hurts, connections, and friendships. Release the held negative emotions and let go of old grudges. If you disagree with someone nearby, try to put yourself in their position before making snap judgments and picking a battle. As the retrograde drives you to review, rethink, and refocus, continually practice patience.

The retrograde is nothing to fear, to say the least. This cosmic shift is here to point you in the proper direction and provide you with new insights and clarity about your current situation. If you take this occurrence in stride and consider it an opportunity to develop a higher level of consciousness and a better understanding of others, new situations, and yourself, you won’t be influenced by it.

In 2022, how many retrogrades may we expect?

The celestial event of this year will take place over four separate time frames. There are typically just three Mercury retrograde periods every year. However, there will be four retrogrades in 2022.

Is Venus currently in retrograde in 2022?

Venus, who booksends the year in the sign of Capricorn with Mercury, establishes a somber tone for love in 2022. Are you tired of being a fool? Do you yearn for a committed partner? Are you sick of the same old argument? That’s excellent, but how about some reflection first? As 2022 begins a cycle that starts on December 19, 2021, and lasts through January 29, 2022, Venus is retrograde. Venus, revolving in reverse, supports the mirror. You draw to you what you project outside. Your interpersonal interactions are a reflection of your inner self. If you want to change the situation, start with yourself and not with others.

That doesn’t mean you have to do all the work, though! Another negative manifestation of Venus retrograde in Capricorn is overfunctioning. Other people tend to withdraw and get more lazier as a result of such exhausting conduct! It may be necessary for the “givers” of the world to exercise restraint and quit supporting their dysfunctional partners.

Fortunately, Venus in Capricorn, who is persistent and enjoys a challenge. You might be motivated to put forth the effort, and perhaps your spouse feels the same way. Couples may face some difficult (or excruciating) exams in January. However, you may establish a long-lasting sense of security if you are both dedicated and prepared to persevere. Even if everything appears to be going well, check in: Do your personal objectives match? If not, how can you alter your relationship’s framework so that you can support each other’s goals? Perhaps one of you takes on a second job while the other spends a semester in school, or you pool your money to purchase land. You can reach your breaking point and opt for a temporary divorce.

In any event, it would be wise to discuss everything before January 29. Venus’s continued stay in Capricorn through March 6 allows everyone have time to reflect on the challenging lessons learned during the retrograde.

Do you feel like you’re always alone and not really enjoying it? Improve your standards. Each of us possesses a lusty animal that yearns for passion that would rend a bodice in two. Nothing incorrect about that! However, if pursuing “your kind” has so far resulted in more heartache than heat, try something new. The 2022 menu should include more sustainable “Capricorn” traits like dependability and financial security.

Few people have the ability to remain ecstatic at all times. And individuals who claim to have this superpower generally lead lifestyles that are out of balance. Crash! Try this instead of succumbing to romantic addiction: Early in 2022, dedicate yourself to a passion project. Use the same passion you had for a Tinder thirst trap to create art, raise money for a local charity, or assist your sister in organizing her 40th birthday celebration. When you keep yourself entertained and content, the thought of returning home to a devoted partner may start to seem quite alluring.

Have there ever been “ones that got away”? You might have another opportunity with someone who drifted away from you or run into someone who embodies the sexiest (and iciest) qualities of your ex. When Venus is retrograde, you may act rather out of character. You might even put into action a secret fantasy that would have been better off being left to the imagination. Keep your limits as defined as possible since “getting there” while Venus is retrograde can have a disastrous effect on relationships.

Venus’s most recent retrograde occurred in Gemini from June 13 to July 25, 2020. Couples were either forced to spend 24/7 together as a new sort of exposure therapy or were torn apart by the epidemic (thus the name “isolationship”). It became physically dangerous to date. The most terrifying case of spring fever was present. Venus, however, delivered hidden benefits during its whole transit through Gemini (from April 3 to August 7, 2020). This sapiosexual cycle valued intellectual stimulation and stimulating conversationbasically, it was 2020’s version of flirting. Mobile devices and written communication are likewise ruled by Gemini. It certainly helped to have Venus logged in to this virtual space throughout the months when texting and videosexting were the most secure means of erotic gratification.

Venus retrograde in Gemini forced contentious conversations between partners. The breaking point of many broken relationships allowed the singles to move on to form more satisfying alliances. Other couples developed a positive new communication style.

How can I be ready for the 2022 Mercury retrograde?

During Mercury’s retrograde journey, things could seem to go a little crazy, so be prepared for any hiccups, especially those that involve technology.

Speaking of the workplace, you should be careful not to bring in anything new that can throw you off balance during this time.

Running late is a major side effect of these vibrations, so try to sign any pending contracts before this cosmic period starts and make sure you allow extra time to go to work each morning, advises astrologer Rene Watt.

How do we get affected by retrograde?

What effect it’s having on your energy levels Expect to have either more or less energy than usual, especially worried energy. will either drain you of your typical vigor, leaving you feeling tired, or fill you with chaotic, scattered energy, possibly leaving you feeling restless, distracted, and agitated.

What activities should you avoid when Mercury is retrograde?

Ellen Bowles, an astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS, claims that “we can have technical or mechanical troubles, and our wires can seem crossed in all our channels of communication.” “Planetary retrogrades are occasions for everyone to stop and think. We are being advised to slow down and double-check the details when Mercury is retrograde.” The urge to meticulously examine every last aspect extends beyond the three to four weeks of the retrograde period itself. The same guidelines for what not to do during Mercury retrograde also apply during this time, which lasts for a week or two before and after the actual retrograde. This period is known as Mercury’s shadow phase or “retroshade.”

What effects does the Mercury retrograde have on people?

According to Daisy, Mercury’s retrograde phase could lead to serious marital problems like infidelity, betrayal, or loss of closeness. It may seem like everything is going wrong in your love life when you bring up old concerns and disagreements, the astrologer warns, as this planet looks to be moving inside.

Communication is essential, but it’s especially important right now because Mercury, the planet of communication, seems to be going backwards. By communicating and being open-hearted and honest, put your attention on strengthening your relationship.