How Long Is Neptune Retrograde

Neptune is regarded as one of astrology’s most elusive planets and is linked to fantasies, love, trickery, glitz, and illusion. It fosters creativity, which results in amazing works of music and art, but it also contributes to problems with delusion and lying. It can be compared to going through a dense fog without knowing what hazards or opportunities are ahead when governing the realms of all things hidden. Our understanding of reality is altered while this planet is in retrograde because we must deal with both fantasy and illusion.

Is Neptune currently retrograde?

On December 3, 2022, Neptune’s retrograde motion will come to a stop. Our guides to the best binocular buys and the best telescope deals right now can be useful if you’re looking for a telescope or binoculars to view the planets.

How much longer will the retrograde last?

Beginning on May 10 and lasting through June 3, 2022, Mercury Retrograde is one of the most common explanations for why everything in your life seems to be going wrong. Expect substantial problems, particularly in the areas of technology and communication, during this chaotic moment.

This year, precisely at the start of Mercury’s retrograde phase, there is also a Friday the 13th, which only serves to heighten the spookiness. You’ll feel uneasy on Friday the 13th, which is universally despised as a day of bad karma and eerie vibes.

However, Mercury has been slowing down since the very last day of April, which means that since then, we have been enveloped in a fog. Until the middle of June, this ominous mood will also persist, so take a deep breath and trust that you’ll make it through.

Always try to avoid stressing out during a Mercury retrograde phase by being quiet, relaxing, and being quiet. There will undoubtedly be delays, uncertainty, and drama, but we will all have to deal with it. Go with the flow, avoid signing any contracts, and most definitely avoid starting any significant projects during this period.

Find out below how your zodiac sign may be impacted! See the section beneath the horoscopes for further details on the Mercury retrograde in spring 2022. Read your 2022 zodiac sign predictions or your 2022 love and relationship horoscopes now, or follow me for daily insight!

Which planets are in retrograde for how long?

Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, and technology, which turns retrograde for three weeks, three or four times a year, is the most well-known retrograde. Arguments and misunderstandings flare up, plans derail, vehicles malfunction, and computers unexpectedly breakdown during a Mercury retrograde cycle. Astrologers advise taking preventative measures, such as backing up your digital files before this period starts, delaying any deals, and preparing to repeat or explain yourself a few more times.

Every 18 months, Venus, the planet of love, goes into retrograde, which can highlight any weak points in a marriage or bring back ex-lovers. Although the headlines are regularly flooded with celebrity breakups each time Venus goes crazy, astrologers advise against proposals, weddings, and any big relationship moves during this 4-6 week period. Every two years, Mars goes into retrograde for around two months, which can lead to strife and violence.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, together known as the “outer planets,” all go retrograde for four to five months each year. Therefore, forget about hiding under a rock because at least one planet is usually retrograde, if not more.

How frequently does Neptune turn backward?

Every year, during its opposition to the Sun, Neptune goes retrograde for 160 days in a cycle known as transit retrograde. As with all outer planets, its retrograde motion is less worrisome than that of the less frequent inner planets. Mars moves backwards 9 percent of the time, while Venus moves backwards only 7 percent of the time. Neptune moves backwards 40 percent of the time.

By dispelling the delusions, dreams, and manufactured realities that have blurred your view, transiting Neptune retrograde can cause you to internalize your anxieties and fears. Your fantasy world will be destroyed, exposing the harsh realities that you once tried to escape. Perhaps you’ve played practical jokes on yourself about finding true love, your financial circumstances, or your professional possibilities.

The shock is greater the more you have strayed from reality or the more extreme measures you used to flee it. Since your escape has typically been an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or porn, the truth of your situation is frequently rather painful. You can detect your self-deception without needing an intervention or to disengage. Your higher self, which the planet Neptune represents as the pineal gland, has known this all along.

An unpleasant previous or present life memory can be brought up by a new relationship or a significant event. Neptune is the lord of persecution, slander, scandal, and false accusations. Neptune retrograde can reveal the origin of the suffering you were trying to flee. Following that, you could feel ashamed, betrayed, terrified, anxious, or guilty.

Retrograde motion has an internalizing effect, so you might find yourself dwelling more on your issues. Depression, social anxiety, and self-pity can cause seclusion and loneliness. The ideal moment for spiritual self-development is while Neptune is retrograde. Other methods include yoga, meditation, tarot, astrology, swimming, and a balanced, toxin-free diet. Self-help literature and counseling may also be helpful.

During Neptune retrograde, phobias, hypochondria, and paranoia may be more obvious but also simpler to talk about. When conspiracy theories are disproved or Armageddon is postponed forever, the world may appear dull. However, there are situations when your concerns may really be supported by accurate psychic perceptions. It is wise to get a second opinion in the case of medical issues, especially if the results were misdiagnosed or misinterpreted.

Neptune Retrograde 2022

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Neptune will station retrograde at 2526 Pisces. Neptune retrograde forms aspects to the Moon, Mars, and Saturn, as seen in the horoscope below. Midpoint of the Mars sextile with retrograde Neptune Saturn can produce an Eye-like aspect pattern.

In comparison to one difficult red aspect, there are five helpful blue and green sides. Additionally, Neptune’s retrograde in 2022 coincides with a favorable fixed star in the Pegasus constellation. This indicates that there are enough favorable factors to balance out the Moon square Neptune’s confused and deceptive effects.

Which retrograde are we now in?

January 14February 3, 2022, is the first retrograde period. May 10June 3, 2022, is the second retrograde period. September 9October 2, 2022, is the third retrograde period. December 29 until January 18, 2023, is the fourth retrograde.

Which planets are retrograde right now?

There are currently 5 planets in retrograde, which is all there is to it.

  • September 28 through October 19 is Mercury Retrograde.
  • June 21 through October 17 is Jupiter Retrograde.
  • May 24 through October 10: Saturn is retrograde.
  • June 26 through December 1: Neptune Retrograde.

What planet is now 2022 in retrograde?

Knowing when Mercury will turn retrograde is very significant since, like every year, Mercury will turn retrograde in 2022 as well. In fact, based on the above table, Mercury will turn retrograde three times this year.