What Planet Was In Retrograde When I Was Born

Use the cosmic calculator below to determine which planets, if any, were in retrograde in your birth chart.

If I was born during a retrograde, how do you know?

It is well known that Mercury retrograde can sabotage any type of communication. Fortunately, it only occurs four times a year for three weeks at a time, but if you were born during Mercury retrograde, its affects may continue a bit longer. It turns out that not everything is awful because many extremely successful people were born while Mercury was in retrograde. Being born with Mercury retrograde in your natal chart can be a great gift, even though it may not initially seem that way. However, it can also make some aspects of your life more ambiguous.

Priorities first Look at your birth chart (you can make a natal chart on Cafe Astrology for free), then locate Mercury to see if you were born during Mercury’s backspin. The word “Rx” will appear above the Mercury symbol in your chart if Mercury was in retrograde when you were born.

What does that signify, then? “They frequently find it difficult to communicate with people because they are lost in their own thoughts. For instance, they converse with themselves while the other person is, of course, unaware of it. They think they spoke what they were thinking, but they did not truly do so “According to Astrology Booth’s website, astrologer Janet Booth. Or they misunderstand what someone says because they extrapolate their own ideas onto the speaker’s words, or they failed to pay attention because they were preoccupied with their internal debate.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because introspective people frequently exhibit extraordinary creativity. The late musical genius Prince was a Mercury-retro baby, claims Booth on her website. She said that people born during Mercury retrograde typically exhibit shyness as children but develop greater extroversion by the time they are in their early 20s. And this is the point at which the majority of artists let loose on the world.

When the planets were in retrograde when you were born, what does that mean?

The crucial word here is appears since, strictly speaking, no planet actually goes backwards in its orbit around the Sun. They don’t even slow down, in fact. Because the Earth orbits the Sun at a different rate than the other planets, retrograde-station-direct cycles are essentially illusions that arise from our vantage point on Earth.

More often than any other planet, Mercury goes into retrograde, but outer planets do it more regularly. Mercury can never be farther from the Sun than 28 degrees, and it always changes course when it is farther from the Sun. 710% of the time, Venus and Mars are in retrograde motion. For lengthy stretches of the year, Jupiter through Pluto are in retrograde motion.

A planet or body’s energies are directed inward while it is retrograde in the birth chart. However, there is something about the energies of the planet that the natives keep covert or hidden, even though they are frequently felt more intensely. When expressing the direct or overt energy of the planet, there may be shyness, embarrassment, or awkwardness.

The energies of the retrograde planet can occasionally cause delays in early life as well as denial, a lack of, or something missing. Saturn retrograde people may have experienced a lack of structure, discipline, or even an authoritative figure in their early years, and as a result, they may feel awkward in situations that require strict rules or etiquette. On the other hand, the outcome is similar if the native experienced very strict influences when they were youngerthey frequently feel guilty and worry excessively about fulfilling their obligations, what other people think of them, and how to follow the rules. That is one instance. Another scenario with Uranus retrograde prominent in the chart is where there may have been a lack of freedom, too many rules, or a lack of support for eccentricity and uniqueness in childhood, which resulted in the native’s expression of these traits in adulthood being constrained, choppy, and generally unnatural. When Venus is retrograde, it’s possible that the child was discouraged in some manner when they tried to express their love or become more appealing. It’s also possible that there wasn’t enough money or resources available.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is usually more keen and the sense of humor is more eccentric when it is retrograde at birth. When Mercury is retrograde in a person’s natal chart, they process information differently than when Mercury is direct. How many people have a retrograde Mercury at birth? approximately 18%.

It is common for people in this position to spend a lot of time thinking, verifying, and examining their thoughts and ideas before sharing them. Some people in this position battle with questions about their perceptions or their capacity to learn.

Venus Retrograde

Around 7-8% of the time that Venus is in retrograde, which means that 7-8% of births occur during Venus’s retrograde.

The emotional nature is intense when Venus is retrograde at birth. The act of socializing is never taken lightly. In their adolescence, they may exhibit some shyness due to feelings of uneasiness with small chat and social graces, as well as a dislike of superficialities. A person with a retrograde Venus values love greatly, but they may not express it clearly enough for others to understand exactly how passionately they can love. This individual is always more complex than they appear. They can occasionally conceal their romantic (and financial) lives in some way. Those who were born during Venus’s retrograde phase must be on the lookout for romantic self-destruction. An underlying sense of not being “good enough, beautiful enough, or loveable enough” might exist. There may be very deep insecurities. Self-love can be problematic. Fears can cause people to overcompensate by overeating, going on serial dates, etc., or they can have the reverse impact by making them believe they don’t require love. In one lifetime, the same person can swing from either pole. Of course, it is best to strike a balance. See more information on Venus Retrograde, including Venus Retrograde in the signs, in the Natal Chart.

Mars Retrograde

Being assertive or standing up for oneself can be difficult when Mars is retrograde at birth since it can arouse anxieties of being ineffectual. There may frequently be detours to take in order to achieve your goals. Despite being deeply ingrained, people frequently misjudge our want nature. Timing may be off frequently, or you may express your desires (or rage) in bursts rather than more freely, keeping these feelings to yourself and letting them fester until you lose control. You could come across too powerful or too weak depending on the situation, and you frequently think of the better thing to say or do afterwards, when you’re not under pressure. As working under pressure or with others can make you feel anxious, it is usually preferable to go at your own pace instead of following a schedule. As you become older, you could find highly original ways to physically express yourself or fairly effectively direct your energy in odd but useful directions.

Retrogrades become more frequent as the planets travel farther from us, and it is more typical for people to have these planets retrograde in their horoscopes.

Jupiter Retrograde

People with Jupiter retrograde in their birth charts have a propensity to have unique or diverse viewpoints, worldviews, or moral codes. Instead of learning from others, they would rather draw lessons from their own experiences and responses to them. They are planners who worry more than others about their future or the effects of their actions because they do not inherently believe in luck. They might have to learn that they are entitled to things that others would take for granted.

Saturn Retrograde

When Saturn is retrograde in the birth chart, feelings of guilt and self-doubt may be more frequent than usual. Internalized fears can cause people to put on a strong face so that others won’t perceive them as being vulnerable. Strong anxiety about disappointing other people, failing to fulfill their obligations, or ultimately making terrible decisions might also exist. Sometimes, discipline and order in childhood were lacking. In some ways, having Saturn retrograde in the chart has a similar effect to having a strong Uranus, where the native finds an excessively regimented or disciplined life unsettling. When they are in circumstances that call for protocol, etiquette, or particular sets of standards and rules, people born with Saturn retrograde may feel extremely uneasy or nervous.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde can indicate a hesitance to adapt or a hidden skepticism of emerging ideas or advancements. While Uranus direct locals are more likely to flaunt their peculiarities, or at the very least to be proud of them, these folks may conceal them. Having Uranus in retrograde is comparable to having Saturn dominant in the chart, in certain aspects. With this posture, there may be a buildup of energy, so while they may follow the rules for a while, at some point they may have a fit of rebellion before returning to a more orderly, law-abiding lifestyle.

Neptune Retrograde

People with Neptune retrograde in their birth chart may have a tendency to suppress their weaknesses, spiritual side, or compassion because they feel awkward expressing them. These things may very well exist and go deep, but natives of Neptune retrograde prefer to keep them hidden. These folks may lack a strong sense of faith, making them inherently suspicious. They might anticipate the worse if they are left to fill in the blanks. As they worry about being let down, there can be a great risk of having unrealistically high expectations.

Pluto Retrograde

People with Pluto retrograde in their birth charts may be more likely than those with Pluto direct to dread being controlled, tricked, or misled by others. There might be a propensity for people to conceal these worries because doing so makes them feel more exposed. They may not always be in touch with this urge and don’t communicate their need for power or control to others as readily.

How can you tell whether a planet in your birth chart is in retrograde motion?

It indicates that the planet’s orbit has slowed down. It can appear to be moving backward to the human eye. It isn’t. Just taking things easy.

You can identify the planets that are in retrograde motion by searching for that tiny R or “medication sign

You’ll acquire life skills at a young age if your birth chart has 01 retrograde planets. You may even believe that you are not need to “go within. However, you might suddenly feel the need to go to therapy if a planet retrogrades in your progressed chart (advanced material we’ll address down the road).

You could feel alienated from everyone else if you have four or more. You may be more introspective and self-reflective. You don’t follow the crowd; you follow your own values and march to the beat of your own drum. While you might not acquire life skills as early as in the zero to one example above, you certainly get wisdom by reflecting within.

What retrograde is the rarest?

It’s crucial to understand that retrograde motion is an optical illusion brought on by the different orbital speeds of earth and other solar system celestial entities. Although no planet ever actually stops or reverses its motion, symbolism is crucial in astrology.

Astrologers frequently refer to a planet as being stationary direct, stationary retrograde, or simply stationing when discussing retrograde planets.

A planet that is moving normally, or that is traveling along its regular orbit as seen from Earth, is referred to be stationary direct. We refer to stationing as the apparent stop that occurs during it. We refer to something that has changed direction and appears to be travelling backwards as being immobile retrograde. The planet will temporarily station once more at the conclusion of its retrograde motion before restarting its stationing direct forward motion.

Therefore, throughout a retrograde cycle, a planet travels through the same area of the zodiac three times: once forward, once backward, and once again forward. The shadow is the area of the zodiac that is unique for each planet during each retrograde.

Each planet expresses its energies in a more introverted, solitary way than usual during its retrograde phase.

Events, conditions, and circumstances will signpost toward the problems you’ll need to internalize throughout the next retrograde motion phase when a planet initially begins its retrograde shadow while still moving forward in direct motion at that time.

You will revisit, rethink, rework, rebalance, and redo things, acts, and thoughts that have been brought to your attention during the first phase of the retrograde motion, which is the second phase.

Finally, you should be able to put what you’ve learned from this retrograde period to use as the planet turns direct once more and moves ahead to its original starting point. This is how growth occurs, even though your psychology plays a large part in the process described above.

Your birth chart, also known as your natal chart, will be indicated as retrograde if you were born during a time when one or more planets were in retrograde motion. Natal retrograde planets differ slightly from the planet’s typical energy in how they present themselves in your birth chart.

When a natal retrograde planet has a large effect in the birth chart, it usually has a covert quality; you may express this energy covertly, with guilt, or in some other way that is hidden from others, or you may find it difficult to express it at all.

For these individuals, insecurities regarding intelligence and learning might have a negative impact on schooling, but they are typically able to return to school later, making up for lost time and frequently emerge quite successful. When Mercury is in retrograde at birth, you should work on developing self-confidence.

The natal Venus retrograde is the least common of all the retrogrades, occurring in about 7% of persons.

Early social difficulty and timidity can cause natal Venus retrograde people to fall in love slowly or become overly dependent on a partner. Some people may unintentionally ruin their relationships by questioning their own self-worth, while others may find it difficult to positively communicate their emotions.

A person who struggles to preserve their sense of self or who is too easily pushed around by others may have Mars retrograde in their natal chart. Although this person most likely struggles under pressure and under stress, when given the freedom to pursue their goals in their own way, they possess immense inner resources and determination.

It’s vital not to overinterpret this since nearly 40% of people are born with a natal Jupiter retrograde.

However, natal Jupiter retrograde can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety when it occupies a powerful position in the astrological chart, making it difficult to maximize one’s prospects in life. Jupiter retrograde people occasionally don’t think they deserve luck or fortune, which can unintentionally hurt their chances.

People with Saturn retrograde in their birth chart may struggle with issues of responsibility. Fear of falling short of standards or disappointing others causes people to feel put upon, which ultimately causes them to become resentful. When Saturn is in retrograde at birth, it’s crucial to establish boundaries and learn how to say no.

It is a common feature in a natal chart because 40 percent of people are born with a natal Uranus retrograde.

However, natal Uranus retrograde can cause a lot of wilfulness and sudden bursts of unpredictable behavior when it is unusually strong in the astrology chart, which is not always in the best interests of the person in question. Rebellion and a lack of respect for authority are likely to be lifetime issues.

You are almost as likely to have a natal Pluto retrograde as not, since it affects about 45 percent of people at birth.

Pluto’s retrograde period may cause you to keep more information to yourself than you should and perhaps become paranoid if Pluto is a significant planet in your birth chart. There is a focus on secrecy and frequently a great deal of mistrust.

Being born during Mercury retrograde is it unusual?

It’s not unusual for comparable predictions to be made about a child’s life when they are born at the same time as a notable event. Several superstitious relatives questioned whether the fact that my cousin was born during a hurricane wasn’t a sign of some kind (for the record, he is now in his 30s and not a walking natural catastrophe). A birth during Mercury retrograde could be interpreted as a similarly ominous sign because it is the astrological analog of a hurricane. However, it turns out that there are some fascinating facts about being born when Mercury is retrograde that are really uplifting.

According to the well-known Australian astrology website Mystic Medusa, having Mercury retrograde when you were born is a benefit. “It is not harmful, or at the absolute least, not detrimental. Your consciousness is expanded, and you are given a natural poetic sense. It bestows upon them a fantastical literacy that many people long to possess.”

You have a good chance of learning you were one of the 25 percent of people who were born during Mercury retrograde, according to ThoughtCo. These are a few of the most intriguing details about your birthday’s astrological significance.

What occurs if a retrograde occurs when you are born?

What does it mean to have a retrograde birth sign? Some of the most inventive and brilliant persons have been born when Mercury was in retrograde. They could feel alienated and misunderstood, which can sometimes result in a loss of self-worth.

What occurs if you are born when Mercury is retrograde?

What does it imply to be born during a retrograde period? Some of the most original and creative persons have been known to have been born when Mercury was in retrograde. They might feel misunderstood, which makes them feel alien and can occasionally result in a loss of self-worth.

If Saturn was in retrograde when you were born, what does that mean?

Saturn travels in reverse for around 4.5 months out of every year, so it happens frequently. A natal Saturn retrograde, as it is known, is present in the birth chart of about 35 percent of people because they were born during a Saturn retrograde era. For the rest of us, we experience the consequences of this backwards trip most intensely when the area of the celestial sphere that Saturn retrogrades through in any given year is also significant in our natal chart.

Saturn energy in astrology governs boundaries, hard work, responsibility, discipline, and responsibility. Roadblocks are frequently attributed to Saturn, but that’s simply this teacher planet’s method of forcing you to take the lead.

When Saturn travels backwards, its energy is internalized and directed within us rather than externalized and focused on the outside world. This means that the Saturn retrograde is an excellent opportunity to reflect on recent responsibility for our own lives and learn from our failures. If you feel guilty or inadequate because you haven’t done your duty or upheld your obligations, this can be a very uncomfortable time. However, there is always a bright side to Saturn (even if you have to work for it occasionally!). Finding the solution now will prevent a future recurrence of the problem.

During Saturn’s retrograde, this association with karma and karmic destiny is made more clear. Consider carefully whether unconscious patterns you might be repeating from the pastor from a previous life. You have the opportunity to stop this in its tracks and to employ Saturn’s astrological discipline to re-focus, re-think, and re-aim during its retrograde period.

Therefore, the retrograde of Saturn is an ideal time to try past life regression treatment or seek counseling for anything that has badly affected you in the prior year. This is a chance for you to let go of your burdens and go forward with a clearer mind and heart.

For those who have a challenging Saturn in their natal chart, depression may lessen as a result of Saturn retrograde. If external demands appear to lessen, it might be simpler for you to appreciate life’s beauty. During a Saturn retrograde, you can also have an easier time figuring out your holy purpose, which can be a trigger for enhanced mental health in and of itself.

In general, persons with Saturn retrograde in their birth chart may have grown up with a heavy burden and a sense of duty. These people take their responsibilities very seriously indeed, yet they are tormented by a sense of inferiority and a desire to avoid disappointing other people. Giving these folks a lot of responsibility is quite beneficial because the sooner they see they can handle it, the quicker they will recover.

Some natal Saturn retrograde persons may also have trouble setting boundaries and finding it challenging to refuse other people’s requests. This can soon result in a sense of being mistreated and a large amount of bitterness.

On the other side, people with natal Saturn retrograde are frequently wise beyond their years and much more aware of their karmic destiny than other people.

The zodiac sign a retrograde planet is currently in provides us a general idea of what to anticipate from it, but this varies throughout each retrograde motion period. We examine the astrological house that the planet is transiting to gain a better understanding of what to anticipate during a Saturn retrograde transit time.

It may seem like an astrological vacation while Saturn is transiting the first house in retrograde motion. Your daily stress may lessen, giving you a false sense of comfort, but the planet is still serious business. Instead of concentrating on who you are right now, try to think about who you are becoming. If you’re unsure, consult your natal chart for karmic cues.

Consider your financial problems from a karmic perspective. What behaviors from the past are you still following that result in extravagant spending or careless money management? Or are you constantly trying to save money, depriving yourself of the joy of a few indulgences here and there? Here, what you feel secure inor don’t feelis crucial.

You undoubtedly have the gift of gab during this time, but you might be realizing the hard way that having this talent comes with a lot of responsibility. Expect people to misunderstand or pervert your remarks, and it’s your problem alone. The lesson here is absolute clarity of communication, so practice being genuine yet firm.

Your family obligations may be reducing as a result of Saturn being retrograde in your family zone, but instead of seeing this as a liberating development, you may be appalled. Perhaps your adult children are moving out of the house or an elderly relative has moved into care and is no longer as dependent on you. Certain melancholy may result from this. Try your hardest to uncover the hidden blessings.

You’ve been accountable for far too many things for far too long. Saturn encourages you to set boundaries and let others know that you won’t be used while it is in retrograde motion. Being a doormat is bad for your health, but doing your fair share is one thing; this transit is here to teach you that.

If you’re not making as much progress at work as you would like, Saturn retrograde can feel like a true test of your abilities. Humility is the key. Be prepared to improve your knowledge and put more effort into the fundamentals. Not a race, exactly. Instead of letting animosity rule, make the most of this pause to improve what you do.

Put a lot of thought into your closest friendship. During this time, it requires both some tender loving care and realism. Now is the time to air your annoyances with your partner if you’ve been ignoring some of their annoying habits. It’s part of the contract to be told about your own flaws as well. Do some relationship work. real labor.

Control, your karmic need for it, or even your karmic struggle against it, are the main themes of this trip. Consider how your responses to situations that are beyond your control effect your mental health. Is there a more effective approach to solving these problems? How important is power in your life? Are you holding on to it or letting it go? Be very careful.

Spend some time reflecting on your own convictions. There aren’t many things Saturn does that are comfortable, so this procedure can be difficult. They weren’t intended to be. Determine your true beliefs and the ideas you only hold onto due to tradition, conditioning, or habit. It’s important to overcome any prejudices or beliefs that are limiting you.

Your goals and career will definitely slow down, but it’s absolutely vital for you to do so in order to clear some karma, obstacles, and hang-ups. Expect to learn things about where your true purpose lays and how to leave a work that isn’t fulfilling you, but don’t expect to advance too quickly.

During this retrograde phase, allegiances to groupings are being put to the test. You might opt to leave the group at this stage if you don’t like the way it has been led. This can entail severing links with people in your personal network who have disappointed you or didn’t treat your friendship properly.

It’s a major thing and can feel very heavy when Saturn goes retrograde in the most spiritual area of your chart. Be prepared to process some intense feelings, especially those related to the past or any trauma you may have endured. Reach out for assistance if you feel you are having trouble coping; it will be provided. It’s not just you. Trust in those who are looking out for you.