What Retrograde Are We In August 2021

Prepare to unleash the alien inside you and make some difficult but necessary decisions as Uranus moves backwards. As one of the outer planets, along with Neptune and Pluto, Uranus has an impact on everyone, but because outer planets move between signs more slowly, their influence can last for generations. The eccentric planet stays in each sign for seven years. It is currently in sensual Taurus, bringing up the value of taking care of oneself. This planetary conjunction is really pleasant, unlike Mercury retrograde. Uranus moving backwards gives you more self-assurance so you can participate more actively in improving the world.

What planet is now 2021 in retrograde?

One revolution of Mercury, one of the planets with the shortest orbits around the sun, takes about 88 days. Mercury is one of the planets that moves the fastest. The aforementioned aspects of a native’s life are impacted by Mercury Retrograde in 2021. Due to Mercury’s retrograde motion, all of these spheres of existence spin.

In August 2021, are there any retrogrades?

In astrology, each and every planet has a distinct personality and governs various facets of the human psyche. You advance as they each move across the zodiac, colliding with other planets and bringing new vitality into your world. Most people obsess on their zodiac sign, but the planets are actually much more fascinating (and influential). These planets are far from flawless, and they occasionally stray from their intended route. On occasion, they’ll even come to a complete halt and start leaning backward, folding their energy inward. Even the word for this strange phenomenon has a name: a “retrograde. And if you follow astrology, you are aware of how unsettling this cosmic paradox may be. Actually, you’re probably curious about which planets will be in retrograde in August 2021 so you can psychologically prepare.

You’ve surely heard of the annoying Mercury retrograde, a period marked by misunderstandings, disarray, and awkward situations. You could even be aware of the heartbreaking Venus retrograde, which might make heartbreak more likely. Fortunately, not every retrograde will be a challenging one. In rare cases, they may even be advantageous. Simply put, it indicates that a planet’s energy is shifting inward, ushering in a period of introspection during which you are encouraged to reflect on the past and internally analyze events.

This August, six planets are scheduled to go retrograde, and they are all “due to their gradual journey through the zodiac, outer planets. At first, you might not even notice these retrogrades. These planets are already in retrograde about half the year, after all. Over time, though, you can become aware of how they’ve caused slight changes in you. One thing is certain: August 2021 will undoubtedly be a reflective month with every outer planet in a retrograde phase.

What signs will the retrograde of 2021 affect?

In 2021, Mercury will be retrograde three times. All three, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, will fall under the air element.

  • In Aquarius, the first retrograde of 2021 lasted from January 30 to February 20.
  • Mercury appeared to sail backwards for the second time in 2021 from May 29 to June 22 in Gemini.
  • The third and last retrograde of 2021 takes place in Libra from September 27 to October 18.

The three retrogrades of 2021 convey a story when combined. The planet Venus, which rules love and money, activated the retrogrades in January/February and May/June (meaning Venus was in the same degree as Mercury when the retrograde began). Venus rules the sign of Libra, which Venus retrogrades in September and October. Mars, another action planet in Libra, will energize the retrograde.

As a result, this most recent retrograde period could raise issues related to money and love. You might be questioning yourself: Do I want to rekindle old relationships or strengthen my bond with the person I’m with? Am I content with my job and earnings?

These choices could be tinged with concern because all three of the astrological signs for the year are air signs. Always keep in mind that unwinding will help you get through this period.

In August, what is going into retrograde?

On August 19, the Planet of Rebellion Uranus will begin its annual retrograde period, which will last for the following five months, until January 18, 2022.

What effects will Mercury’s retrograde have on 2021?

Mercury is regarded as the planet responsible for all communications, cognitive processes, and it also stands for reasoning, rationality, and other things. Mercury entered a retrograde phase on September 27, 2021, moving backwards into the astrological sign of Libra. Since then, it has had an impact on people’s lives, causing a great deal of instability in their relationships, businesses, finances, health, and other areas.

People can finally exhale in relief that the planetary retrogression is over and anticipate things to calm down. That said, here’s a look at what each zodiac sign can expect since Mercury Retrograde for this year has come to an end.

What kind of retrograde are we currently in?

January 14February 3, 2022, is the first retrograde period. May 10June 3, 2022, is the second retrograde period. September 9October 2, 2022, is the third retrograde period. Fourth retrograde: December 29 – January 18, 2023.

Which six planets are now moving backward?

There are six planets in reverse! Mercury is the sixth planet to be back splashing in the cosmos, beginning its retrograde motion on September 27 and lasting through October (the pre-retrograde shadow started on September 6 and the post-retrograde shadow ends on November 2). Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the other planets.

We might anticipate a change in the way we relate to others on a mental, physical, and intuitive level as a result of all these planetary retrogrades. We will want to be closer because Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is in Taurus. Mercury in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius, and Saturn in Aquarius (all air signs) are processing and comprehending how to partner better while Neptune, who is in Pisces, adds intuition to the mix (this applies to all relationships: friendships, family dynamics, and romantic partners). Additionally, it assists us in determining who and what we want to commit to.

Mercury retrograde will start at Libra’s Via Combusta degrees, sometimes known as “the hot or scorching route. With the exception of 23 degrees Libra, which is a point aligned with the beneficial fixed star Spica, Via Combusta degrees can occur from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, depending on which historical astrological literature you read. Or, with the exception of 23 degrees Libra, it lies between 15 Libra and 9 Scorpio. As a result, the retrograde will be passionate and unbalanced for us.

On October 9, when the Sun and Mercury both turn retrograde, the retrograde will be at its most favorable. This introduces Mercury “the Sun’s core via an aspect known as cazimi. The ideal day to interact, travel, and execute contracts is today. The catch is that on that day, Venusplanetary Libra’s rulerand the South Node coincide in Sagittarius, leaving us feeling drained and lonely.

Which signs will be impacted by Venus going backwards in 2021?

These three zodiac signs will be most affected by Venus retrograde in 2021.

  • Zodiac Cancer Signs (June 21 – July 22)
  • Virgo (August 23September 22) Zodiac Signs
  • Zodiac Signs for Capricorn (Dec. 22Jan.

What planet will be the next to turn retrograde?

Mars Retrograde Dates in 2022 In astrology, Mars is a symbol of physicality and action and is frequently connected to anger and a high level of vigor. Approximately every two years, Mars goes retrograde for a few months. Mars will turn retrograde around the end of 2022.