What To Do During Saturn Retrograde

The solar system’s sixth planet is named Saturn. The ringed planet rotates in just 10.7 Earth hours yet takes 29.4 Earth years to complete one revolution of the Sun. Saturn has a longer orbit than the Earth, yet it rotates quickly on its axis.

The planet stays in each of the 12 zodiac signs for about two and a half years. On March 7, 2023, it will exit the fixed air sign of Aquarius, often known as the Water Bearer.

From our vantage point on Earth, Saturn appears to travel backwards within the sign while it is retrograde. This occurs as a result of the Earth’s and the planet in retrograde rotating at different rates.

Therefore, the apparent retrograde motion is an illusion. Actually, the planet isn’t slowing down. Every year, Saturn is in retrograde for around four and a half months. In other words, Saturn resumes its regular motion at the end of the period.

What to expect during Saturn retrograde?

While most civilizations portray the other planets in a positive light, Saturn is frequently portrayed as a foreboding force. Saturn, however, might be very advantageous for you in certain situations.

Saturn pulls you toward more altruistic endeavors as it progresses through Aquarius. Furthermore, as more duties are placed on your shoulders, there are instances where you could feel tested at work or by family members.

This also holds true for Saturn’s retrograde motion, when the planet moves slowly. However, because the planet is retrograde, you can start to take yourself more seriously rather than feeling under pressure.

Decisions could be made with more clarity and thinking. You might find yourself spending more time on career, relationships, and health in order to address these issues and discover tangible solutions. Additionally, now is the time to consider any constraints that may have emerged while Saturn was moving forward.

Therefore, the Saturn retrograde is the ideal time to relax and reset yourself for more inner peace.

How do we cope with this astrological shift?

Saturn’s retrograde motion may have a greater impact on fixed signs because it is currently in Aquarius, a fixed sign of the air element. This implies that Saturn may have a greater impact on all fixed signs in the other three elements of earth, fire, and water. Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are these fixed elemental signs.

Going with the flow is the greatest strategy for adjusting to this astrological change. Try focusing more on your own wellbeing than anything else. Perform simple activities, such as going through your unread mail or watching a movie that has been on your watchlist for a while.

Keep in mind that Saturn enjoys structure and order. So engage in activities that will improve both your personal and household organization. Calendar your activities in a way that prevents work from exhausting you. Put the books on the shelf in the correct sequence, or do anything else that will make the situation seem ideal.

How can we avoid failure during Saturn retrograde?

Saturn, one of astrology’s most potent planets, is a taskmaster planet and the planet of karma. This implies that the planetary lord judges your past deeds.

Saturn retrograde is about karma, just like when it is in its usual motion, and its repercussions depend on the past deeds of the individual. The best outcomes from the retrograde should be anticipated if the actions have been good. If the situation is reversed, plan accordingly.

Saturn, however, is a planetary king who is incredibly intelligent and virtuous, in contrast to its supposed frightening reputation. So people with terrible karma may not experience too much harshness from Saturn.

Putting karma aside, this is the moment to go slowly. Nothing, including work or relationships, needs to be rushed.

You should take your time and focus your efforts on more positive endeavors and ideas. Although it may seem as though progress has stalled, Saturn retrograde is the ideal time to reconsider your course of action.

Everything is in the mind. It is imperative that you program your mind to think positively in order to prevent any bad effects from the Saturn retrograde. It’s important to manage your stress, anxiety, and uneasiness. Any type of negative thought needs to be transformed into ones that are full of possibilities. During this time, staying organized is crucial.

Does Saturn in retrograde produce fruitful results?

Saturn’s unfavorable influence, however, causes the person to struggle and encounter numerous dangers throughout life. They are likely to go through a less than fruitful period in their careers and businesses. They struggle to make money, and the likelihood of receiving respect is great. You can also lack positive interpersonal relationships. Being in an unbalanced marriage can be very worrying. You’re probably not good at making decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes these people damage themselves as a result of poor decisions. They can also become mired in legal battles.

Retrograde motion of planet Saturn and its transit in the horoscope

Depending on where it is in each house, Saturn’s transit in the retrograde stage has an impact on each horoscope. Astrologers claim that while Saturn is in retrograde, it is more potent and effective than it is in its normal state. As previously said, Saturn is regarded as the source of karma’s fruit. The planet’s retrograde motion in this situation will have both favorable and unfavorable effects. If someone works hard and honestly, they will succeed, which motivates them to keep working hard.

Astrological aspect of planet Saturn retrograde

In relation to astrology, the planet Saturn’s retrograde motion describes when it departs from its typical course and begins to move backwards or in the other direction. The word for this is retrograde.

The effect of retrograde Saturn on the lives of humans 1 to 6 house

As previously noted, astrology bases its predictions on the 12 houses that are included in each birth chart. Each house’s affects are different.

Saturn moving into the first house during the retrograde period is fortunate. Such folks have lavish lives. Saturn can cause heart difficulties for a person if it happens to be in the malefic state of their birth chart.

A person becomes more spiritual if Saturn is in its retrograde stage and is located in the second house of their birth chart. It enables the individual to acquire and enjoy good fortune. The person develops greater intelligence and compassion.

If Saturn is retrograde in your birth chart and passes to the third house, the person will advance professionally and have greater physical strength. Such individuals stand a good probability of becoming prominent public personalities and politicians. You will experience many setbacks and failures in life if, by chance, Planet Saturn is in a malefic state.

If Saturn retrogrades and sits in the 4th house of your birth chart, it influences your mood and causes mental stress. He or she might be concerned for the wellbeing of an older resident of the home.

These folks may, however, also be unable to live in a tranquil setting at home.

You might not be worried about your child or the family if Saturn enters the fifth house while it is retrograde. Although there is a great likelihood of being duped, the retrograde stage may allow you to experience positive love signals from the lover.

When retrograde Saturn enters the sixth house, the person is blessed with money and a kid. You’ll probably travel a lot and be successful in keeping your adversaries under control.

The effect of retrograde Saturn on the lives of humans’ 6 to 12 house

It is likely to be a lucky time for you if the retrograde Saturn reaches your natal chart’s seventh house. You’ll have a wonderful day with your family. You will succeed in life and receive benefits if you work with iron, steel, or machinery.

There is a good likelihood that long life will be granted when retrograde Saturn enters the eighth house in the birth chart. Unfortunately, it may also cause siblings to fight. It has also been noted that the fathers of such individuals do not live particularly long lives.

A joyful existence is bestowed upon the person by the entrance of retrograde Saturn into the ninth house. Additionally, it helps them succeed in administrative and travel-related sectors. Saturn will support your accomplishment if you have a tendency toward charitable work and assisting others.

If Saturn is retrograde and resides in the 10th house, the person becomes brave and intelligent. These people are great at building riches. They might also purchase a home and get excellent assistance from the government. It also encourages ambition in the person.

If Saturn retrogrades and enters the 11th house, it will reward the person with a child, whether they are trying for a baby or are about to give birth. It makes the individual affluent and intelligent, enabling them to handle all manner of bizarre situations. Fortunately, you will take pleasure in moving up the success ladder.

If retrograde Saturn conjuncts the 12th house, you’ll probably be blessed with luck. Both your family life and business will go well for you. Although you’ll have good wealth, there’s a good probability that you’ll also get rude.

What signs are affected by Saturn going backwards?

Fixed markers

The signs most likely to experience the impacts of the planet are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

The experiences they had, despite being exceptionally difficult, “actually helped level up the pillars of their lives, taking away what’s not true,” adds Noush.

Additionally, this retrograde is likely to have an impact on people who are going through a Saturn return.

What does Saturn going backwards mean?

Focusing on your priorities is a terrific idea during Saturn’s retrograde motion. It’s time to review your obligations and determine which ones merit your time and effort. When we make a promise, we stay with it long after we are in the mood to. They help us remember our priorities when we are faced with distractions and are excellent for keeping us on track when we lack motivation.

Saturn wants us to be the boss of our lives. Now is the time to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and energies. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and own up to our mistakes. To own our lives is to accept accountability for them. We openly acknowledge our actual emotions and accept responsibility for how we are feeling.

Saturn warns us not to break promises lightly because doing so could undermine our own and other people’s faith in us. But there are occasions when obligations must change. Breaking free from something can be difficult, yet it may be vital for your development. Consider commitments with your heart before making them. It could be time to let go if your heart isn’t in it any longer. You can make new commitments that are more in line with your highest visions by letting go of old ones. You should also modify any obligations that in any way diminish your vibration. And part of that entails changing how you view your duties, especially those commitments you can’t break.

Think back on your deeds, even the ones you’d prefer to forget, when Saturn is in retrograde, which will run until October 22, 2022. Be truthful with yourself, compassionate toward your development, yet realistic about who you are and the choices you’ve made. Making mistakes is acceptable as long as you can take away the lesson they teach. Additionally, since you are in charge of each emotion, they can no longer dominate you.

By taking charge of your life, you’ll make room for quick development. You’ll assume your authority and feel motivated to proceed. Although Saturn’s retrograde motion can seem a little constricting, this energy lull offers a chance for introspection. Dig deep, consider where you want to focus your attention during this retrograde, and have an impact on the wider group. Then resolve to put forth the effort required to reach your full potential. Your life will take new turns once you own it and when the time is appropriate.

The above is an extract from Spirit Daughter’s most recent blog post, Saturn Retrograde: Empower Your Life, where you can learn more about Saturn retrograde and get a checklist of things to consider.

What house is Saturn in when it is retrograde?

People who have their sun or other astrological placements in the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius may experience the effects of Saturn’s retrograde more than others from June 4 to October 22. (Yep, the same group that was most severely impacted by the eclipse season!) Whether you want to be even more particular, look at your birth chart to see if any of your placements fall within 18 and 25 degrees of a fixed sign; if they do, you’ll experience this one more than most.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Taurus, this Saturn retrograde is in your tenth house of career, so it’s important to consider how you’ve been pursuing your long-term objectives and working to gain recognition from others for your dedication. Because Uranus, the planet of electrifying change, is transiting through your sign right now, it’s probable that you’ve been defying convention more than usual lately. Some eclipses have also increased your sense of self. Now that Saturn is retrograde, you should think about whether the foundations and structures in your lifelike your home or the organization you work forreally support your goals. If not, it might be time to dedicate yourself to a new strategy.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Leo, Saturn’s retrograde is located in your seventh house of partnerships, so there’s no need to worry that it will negatively impact your closest personal connections. Instead, it’s a chance for you to reflect on the goals you have for these relationshipswhether they be platonic, romantic, or professionaland to examine any commitments you may have made. Are both you and your partner upholding your end of the bargain? Balance and reciprocity issues are quite likely on your mind.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Your fourth house of home life, which governs your actual home as well as your family and inner emotional world, is where Saturn’s retrograde occurs. Your efforts to mend previous wounds and better understand the causes of any emotional patterns may be accelerated by this passage. However, you can also be thinking about your ideal home life and the effort it will take to make it a reality. It could be time to come up with a plan for putting money together for a down payment or to decide where you want to put down roots.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

This is a very reflective period for you during which you may consider how you show yourself to the outside world and how that serves your passion projects and long-term objectives. Saturn’s retrograde falls in your sign and first house of self during this period. Get honest with yourself about who you are and what you need to accomplish to realize your dreams. That is the task the taskmaster planet has given you. It may seem intimidating, but keep in mind that retrogrades call for you to go over ground you are already pretty familiar with, so you probably know precisely how to take advantage of this time.

How does Saturn influence astrological work?

Saturn is known for imposing boundaries and for giving life structure. Saturn gives our lives purpose while also serving as a reminder of our obligations, commitments, and responsibilities.

In astrology, Saturn is a fatherly figure who establishes guidelines, structures, obligations, goals, and some degree of discipline. All zodiac signs should find these guidelines helpful in their efforts to comprehend and learn more about the world.

Are planets in retrograde good or bad?

Retrograde planets or vakri grahas may not always result in negative outcomes, but they do force us to reevaluate the roles we have given to them. The ability of planets to do good or harm is increased when they are in retrograde; hence, benefic planets become more benign and malefic planets become more malicious. Phaladeepika, however, does not draw such a distinction. According to Saravali, who believes that exalted planets have no strength when they are retrograde, retrograde benefics grant kingship while retrograde malefics bring suffering and aimless wandering. According to Uttara Kalamrita, Vakragati is equivalent to exaltation. If a planet joins a Vakri graha, its power is reduced by half. If retrogression occurs in a Vakri graha’s own sign of exaltation, it behaves as though it is debilitated. If it is both debilitated and retrograde, it behaves as though it is exalted.

A retrograde planet at the time of birth has profound effects on a person through its characteristics. The planet that is furthest along in a sign will have the most impact if more than one planet is retrograde. A debilitated planet that is retrograde becomes more helpful in many respects, whereas an exalted planet that is retrograde definitely loses its ability to aid; in fact, the debilitated and retrograde planet located in its exaltation navamsa becomes quite beneficial. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are natural benefics, but when they are retrograde and in the fourth, seventh, or tenth house, they become more unfavorable and ruin the house they possess, occupy, and aspect. However, natural bad guys like Mars and Saturn become more beneficial. Retrograde The results of Jupiter’s birth bhava are revealed, while those of the other planets are revealed by the bhava in which their retrograde motion started.

The planets appear to be stationary before going into retrograde motion or direct motion. Mercury stays retrograde for 24 days and is stationary for one day before and after. Saturn stays retrograde for 140 days and is stationary for 5 days before and after; Jupiter is stationary for 120 days and for 3 or 4 days; Venus is stationary for 42 days and for 2 days; and Jupiter is stationary for 140 days. Retrograde planets have an impact on the fundamental makeup of the human psyche and how it interacts with actual human life. Vakri grahas bring about unforeseen outcomes. As a result, when Saturn went retrograde in transit, delaying the appointment in service of a native who was at the time enjoying the positive effects of Jupiter dasa, Saturn, the friendly and functionally benefic yogakaraka for Taurus Lagna, located in Taurus Lagna as the lord of 10th, was delaying the native.

Vakri grahas have the appearance of the house that was before the one they are in. For instance, if Saturn is in Aquarius, it will also manifest the effects of its occupation of Capricorn, and as a result, it will aspect both Leo and Cancer, the signs that are opposed to Aquarius, in the 7th house. As a result, during their vakra gati, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter each receive a fourth aspect in addition to their three special aspects.

Mars retrogrades between 164 and 196 degrees from the Sun, Venus retrogrades between 163 and 197 degrees from the Sun, Mercury retrogrades between 144 and 216 degrees from the Sun, Jupiter does so between 130 and 230 degrees from the Sun, and Saturn does so between 115 and 245 degrees from the Sun. According to Agastaya, retrograde motion generally amplifies the effects of planets for good or evil depending on their functional characteristics and general disposition at the time of birth or query. A malefic planet that is exalted, retrograde, and otherwise endowed with yogas can confer Raja yoga during its Dasha or in the Dasha of a planet that just so happens to occupy the nakshatra of the malefic concerned, as well as displace him from power or inflict ver

Do breakups result from Mercury’s retrograde motion?

You may find yourself and your partner bickering or discussing old difficulties because Mercury retrograde has a tendency to bring up concerns from the past. That’s not to imply that a breakup is imminent because of retrograde, but it is definitely cause for alarm because couples do suddenly split up during this time.

How does karma retrograde work?

Beginning on June 4 at 25 Aquarius and ending on October 23 at 18 Aquarius, Saturn will be in retrograde in 2022.

The Lord of Karma is Saturn. Karma is resolved during retrograde motion. Saturn retrograde is hence a double dosage of karma. Events will take place to serve as a lesson for you if you’ve done evil things in the past. Events will take place to reward you for your good deeds if you have been good in the past.

Saturn’s retrograde in 2022 is made even more karmic by the fact that it squares Mercury, which just one day earlier, on June 3, stations direct. Mercury will line up with the unluckiest fixed star, Algol. Even worse are the stars that coincide with Saturn’s retrograde motion. Sadly, for some, this news.

Following some general information on Saturn retrograde in transit, there are more specifics regarding Saturn retrograde in 2022. The end of this article contains information regarding Saturn’s retrograde in the natal chart.