When Is Jupiter Retrograde 2022

From July 28 to November 23, 2022, Jupiter will be retrograde.

Jupiter will be retrograde between Aries and Pisces in 2022.

On May 4, 2022, at 2:26 PM Pacific Time, Jupiter will move into the pre-retrograde shadow at 2848 of Pisces.

On July 28, 2022, at 12:11 p.m. Pacific Time, Jupiter enters retrograde motion at 843 of Aries.

At 2848′ of Pisces, Jupiter enters direct motion on November 23, 2022, at 2:29 PM Pacific Time.

Mercury Retrograde:

  • 2022 from September 9 to October 2. This retrograde has a Libra start and a Virgo finish. August 20 marks the start of pre-shadow, while October 16 marks the end of post-shadow.
  • 2023 from December 29 to January 20. This retrograde is entirely in the sign of Capricorn. The pre-shadow phase starts on December 12 and ends on January 26, 2023.

Mars Retrograde:

  • 30th October 2022 to 12th January 2023. This retrograde only occurs in Gemini. The pre-shadow phase starts on September 3 and finishes on March 15, 2023.

Jupiter Retrograde:

  • 2022 from July 28 to November 23. Beginning in Aries and ending in Pisces, this retrograde. The post-shadow phase will finish on February 14, 2023, and the pre-shadow phase will expire on May 4.

Saturn Retrograde:

  • between June 4 and October 23, 2022. This retrograde is entirely in the sign of Aquarius. Beginning on February 26, the pre-shadow period will last until January 26, 2023, and vice versa.

Uranus Retrograde:

  • from January 23, 2023, until August 24, 2022. This retrograde is fully in the sign of Taurus. The pre-shadow phase started on May 7 and finishes on May 9, 2023, for the post-shadow phase.

Neptune Retrograde:

  • between June 28 and December 3, 2022. This retrograde is fully in the sign of Pisces. The post-shadow phase will expire on March 24, 2023, and the pre-shadow phase started on March 7.

Pluto Retrograde:

  • October 8, 2022, until April 29, 2022. This retrograde is entirely in the sign of Capricorn. Pre-shadow started on January 6 and ended on January 29, 2023, respectively.

What transpires as Jupiter moves backwards?

The retrograde of Jupiter heralds a time of tremendous inner development. It’s an opportunity to reestablish contact and alignment with one’s inner compass, unchanging inner truth, and higher, more broader consciousnessthe source within.

Is Jupiter always in retrograde motion?

However, when Jupiter goes retrograde, which lasts for around four months at a period and happens about once a year, it directs your focus within and toward growing development. Similar to Mercury retrograde, it’s a period of reflection during which you’re expected to increase your understanding and clarity over a certain area of personal development. Jupiter’s retrograde motion challenges you to ask yourself if you are truly at ease with the ways in which you have grown and taken on more in this particular area of your life and if you are prepared for the benefits the fortunate planet is determined to provide.

In 2022, how many retrogrades may we expect?

As a result, the Rx energy is audible and bothers us rather frequently. According to Lisa Stardust, author of The Astrology Deck and The Saturn Return Survival Guide, “we will be witnessing tremendous cosmic shifts and changes throughout the year” in 2022 because of Mercury’s four retrogrades.

In 2022, what will be in retrograde?

Mercury will turn retrograde for the second time in 2022 on May 10. You may hear all kinds of things being attributed to the retrograde period of the planet of communication during this period, which ends on June 2, from technological glitches to misunderstandings with friends and loved ones.

However, what precisely is Mercury retrograde, why is it such a huge problem, and is there anything that can be done to prevent its hazards and errors?

What zodiac signs will be impacted by the 2022 Mercury retrograde?

When you believe you have everything under control and your troubles solved, Mercury retrograde seems to mix things up. There’s always a problem lurking around the corner when it comes to astrology, and nothing illustrates this more than when Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, starts to move backward through the zodiac rather than ahead. Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs that will be most impacted by Mercury retrograde in spring 2022, so you *might* want to get ready for some technical issues soon.

Mercury usually stirs up temporary turbulence and commotion when it stations retrograde. This retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, is nothing new to you because you’ve already encountered it numerous times. In other words, there is no need to be concerned; the world will not end, and you will survive it unharmed. Although miscommunications and misunderstandings frequently occur when Mercury is retrograde, it is also a lovely time to reflect on your life, look back on previous endeavors, and take care of any unfinished business.

Mercury retrograde this spring starts on May 10 at 4 degrees Gemini, going backwards. Mercury rules this mutable air sign, so this will be a typical retrograde experience marked by confusion and diversion. Think carefully before you speak, especially if you’re twisting the truth. On May 22, Mercury will reenter Taurus, slowing down the intensity of this retrograde and making it more frustrating for Mercury, who already finds it difficult to move through this rigid fixed earth sign. Fortunately, everything will finish on June 3 just as swiftly as it began.

What the astrological signs listed below should be aware of is:

Is Jupiter’s rovere good?

Mumbai: Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system and the planet of luck, development, and expansion, will move backwards today. You may wonder what retrograde means. It refers to the time when the planet begins to move away from other bodies in its solar system. When a planet moves backwards in astrology, it has an impact on the areas of life that are under its specific authority.

Jupiter rules certain parts of your life, thus if Jupiter goes retrograde starting today, those areas will be affected. Jupiter’s retrograde, in contrast to Mercury’s, is advantageous because it offers inhabitants luck and prosperity. But a person’s horoscope determines how a retrograde would affect them. Jupiter supposedly moves backward by four months every 13 months.

According to reports, the globe will move through Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign. Our daily lives could be impacted by this retrograde; things could slow down and push us to find new solutions to solve our difficulties.

Big changes could result from Jupiter’s retrograde motion. 2021’s Jupiter retrograde will provide an opportunity for introspection. In this stage, the ideas, strategies, or innovations that one may be dreaming of becoming a reality. In essence, it might result in greater success.

Despite the possibility that speculative, investing, or gambling activities will not be advantageous during the Jupiter retrograde phase. On June 20, 2021, Jupiter will go retrograde in the sign of Aquarius until September 14, 2021, when it will then enter the sign of Capricorn.

According to Mumbai-based astrologer Nilikash P Pradhan, there will be both positive and negative impacts. “The globe will experience challenges, and many sinister secrets could come to light. This retrograde could lead to miscommunications. It might make current issues worse. According to him, conflicts are anticipated, and Jupiter’s retrograde motion may have a bad effect on diplomatic ties.

The signs that Jupiter is in retrograde are?

Pisces is Jupiter’s native sign, therefore water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will be especially fortunate while Jupiter retrograde moves through Pisces. However, as a group, we are being challenged to look outside our comfort zones. Jupiter is a sociological planet that also governs our worldviews.

What does Jupiter’s retrograde motion mean?

You can have a sense of stagnation or even reverse growth, expansion, and affluence due to a Jupiter retrograde. You might not feel as though your efforts are paying off or that your goals are coming true as quickly as furiously as you had wanted. Not to worry. Chill.

This retrograde is a fantastic opportunity to focus on areas that feel like they are going backwards and assess the situation.

Evaluate your efforts, decisions, priorities, routines, and obligations. What are you doing with your energy, and where is it rewarded or developed (or not)? Time to refocus and make adjustments is now.

When things don’t turn out the way we expected, a Jupiter retrograde might often cause us to act ungratefully or forcibly to get our way.

Defy the desire. Don’t take what isn’t yours or push too hard for things that aren’t working. Try to utilize the break to reevaluate and refocus your own efforts.

How long does a retrograde Jupiter last?

Every thirteen months, a four-month cycle known as the Jupiter retrograde transit takes place. A moment of philosophical and spiritual contemplation and meditation is when Jupiter is transiting retrograde. You might have to cope with specific problems relating to achievement, enjoyment, and progress.

Jupiter retrograde indicates that since the area of growth you need to focus on is so crucial, you will need more time to evaluate the situation and make sure everything is in order before moving forward. To make sure you are prepared for the luck, new love, or improved prosperity you desire, you can be put to the test.

Perhaps there is an unchecked negative activity, such as addiction or greed. Jupiter’s retrograde motion will present an opportunity to identify and accept the issue in this situation. A catastrophic event or an intervention might be required if things spiral out of control in order to jolt you out of your complacency or ignorance.

When Jupiter turns direct, you have to have resolved the pertinent difficulties and be prepared to make a break for happiness and prosperity.

Jupiter Retrograde Dates

  • 2020: Capricorn, May 14 to September 1227 to 17
  • June 20 through October 18, 182 Pisces, to 22 Aquarius in 2021
  • July 28 through November 28, 2022, 238 Aries to 28 Pisces

Natal Jupiter Retrograde

The natal Jupiter retrograde indicates that there may have been a challenge in developing goodness of the soul in a previous life. This does not necessarily imply that you have a terrible soul, but rather that you will need to learn some lessons or put in more work in order to acquire goodness of the soul and to be genuinely joyful and pleased.

The aspects of life, or the personality traits and behaviors, that require additional development are highlighted by Jupiter’s retrograde motion. The ideal Jupiter nature is open-minded, joyful, cozy, and pleased. A healthy Jupiter is always evolving and growing in terms of philosophy and spirituality. Regardless of social level, religion, culture, or ethnicity, the goal is to be charitable, giving, friendly, and hospitable to everyone.

Natal Greed, selfishness, gluttony, extravagance, wastefulness, or self-righteousness are all possible manifestations of Jupiter retrograde. You might be hindered by an addiction, intolerance, bigotry, ignorance, or conceit. Jupiter retrograde focuses on whatever is impeding your spiritual and personal development. This might have been a persistent issue that prevented success throughout many iterations. The issue will continue to be reinforced in this lifetime, especially when Jupiter is retrograde.