Why Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Technology

What occurs and how does Mercury’s retrograde phase impact us? Many proponents of astrology think that the retrograde motion starts a cycle of bad luck, but what does it actually mean?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion, which implies that from our vantage point on earth, it appears as though the planet is travelling backward. Astrologers think that disruptions in electronics and communication during this alleged backward motion could dampen everyone’s summer attitude.

Find out what Mercury’s retrograde means for you, how to use its power, and anything else you need to know about it here.

Do electronics actually suffer from Mercury’s retrograde motion?

All of you buckle up! Mercury is once again moving backward. This indicates a backward rotation of the planet in astrology that controls technology, communication, and our own cognitive processes. In our reality, it portends the end of the world. (Kidding!)

People from the past often reappear in our life during Mercury retrograde, flights and trips are frequently delayed, communication systems fail, and our technology starts to malfunction.

More significantly, everything is fluid throughout this season. Nothing will be predetermined. It’s not a good idea to sign contracts, arrange for operations, have makeovers, start a new project, or go shopping for electronics during the season because decisions are frequently changed.

But do not worry; this time will pass. Here are some tips for handling the Mercury retrograde before, during, and after it.

Protect your gadgets and gizmos with trusty cases and accessories

Honey, this time of year is frustrating, upsetting, and grating. We tend to rush around and have mishaps rather frequently. Your phone could shatter, fall on the floor, or get left behind in a cab or restaurant. Get a strap and some strong, shock-proof cases for your phone so you may carry it with you at all times. You are aware that they are secure even if they slip from your grasp.

Back up your data, make sure it’s safe and secure

Jenny, please pay attention. During Mercury’s retrograde, we frequently misplace crucial items just before we need them. It might be your car keys, credit card, or meeting presentation. The key takeaway is that you should backup all pertinent data. Flash drives could malfunction, Google Drive and other storage options might not function properly when you need them. Your life is in ruins when you wake up the next morning.

The issues of privacy and security are additional concerns. A lot of people’s secrets come to light during this season, such as your affair with your best friend’s boyfriend or the leak of your private videos on the most remote part of the internet. Avoid having your reputation damaged!

Double-check what you type and say

Watch out for misunderstandings, my love. Since Mercury is in retrograde, our thinking processes are likely to be disrupted, so it’s normal to feel disorganized. Please double check your spelling and grammar before sending. As we age, we become more forgetful and prone to errors. Also, consider your words carefully before expressing your feelings or thoughts. Breathe deeply and give it some thought before clicking. Your words have great power. You can be pardoned after hurting someone with it, but they will never forget it.

P.S. If you don’t want to get in trouble on social media, be careful what you publish or tweet.

Keep your emotions in check and block your exes

You need to take stock of your life, Susan, if you haven’t blocked your ex-partners by now. We hardly employ reason during this time of year, instead relying only on our feelings. There may be a time when you want to write your ex a seven-paragraph message, but please resist the urge. You owe it to yourself to let go of the past and prevent those people from reentering your life.

Oh, and remember to keep an eye out for potential chances. Mercury going backwards not only brings our ex-lovers back from the dead, but also our ex-coworkers. They frequently desire to collaborate with us once more. Additionally, it is an excellent moment to get in touch with previous acquaintances. This time period is really not that horrible.

Be extremely flexible (not just in yoga but also in life)

You can take away one lesson from this: life doesn’t always go as to plan. The message is to always find a solution. Be versatile and flexible to handle whatever surprises life may throw at you. We’ve already lost if we’re going to give in to our feelings. Reassess the situation from a distance, gather your composure, and come up with a solution. This storm is but another passing one. You’ll get beyond this.

Take a moment to slow down

As with every retrograde season, the planets and stars are telling us to take it easy. We’re all running and going really quickly from one place to another. The fact that planets revolve backward serves as a reminder to take stock of our progress, live more intentionally, and make up for missed opportunities. It serves as a reminder to rest above everything. Your health is good, my friend. I’m happy for you.

Can you purchase technology when Mercury is in retrograde motion?

Despite the fact that we are not being punished, Mercury Retrograde gives us all the impression that we are. In essence, Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, appears to move “backwards” from east to west when it is in retrograde motion. The way it appears to us from Earth is simply an optical illusion. Here is my knowledge on Mercury Retrograde in simple terms:

The entire orbital flip brings up issues from your history. In order to avoid running into an ex-lover at the corner store, always apply lip gloss.

Continued delays. This does not imply that you are excused from being on time for meetings and brunch dates; rather, things occasionally take longer than anticipated to happen. It’s truly a freelancer’s worst nightmare because it takes so little time for due money to reach you.

It’s forbidden to sign contracts and agreements. This does make a lot of sense because it would be impossible to believe that moving forward is good if the planetary vibes were going backwards.

Not the best moment to begin or launch new initiatives. All beginnings require the universe to give them a good push, right? It might be preferable to hold off till the retrograde is over. I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way twice, so trust me on this.

Avoid making any large-ticket or electronic purchases. Make every effort to avoid visiting the Apple Store. If you require repairs, be aware that Mercury Retrograde will cause you to spend more money than necessary with little to no result. And now is not the time to change any devices’ hardware or software.

Retail therapy can save us when we’re all in planetary limbo. assuming you chose your products wisely. (Keep in mind: no electronics; the new iPhone can wait.)

Why am I unable to purchase electronics when Mercury is retrograde?

Between October 4 and October 25, Mercury is in retrograde, a time when the planet appears to be moving backwards in space and is known for miscommunications and technical malfunctions. Miller advises against purchasing an electronic item right now.

How does Mercury going backwards impact us?

You’ve probably heard of Mercury retrograde, the planetary phenomenon we’ve all learned to dread, even if you’re not a big fan of horoscopes and astrology. It is said to have an impact on technology and communication, and things may feel a little off. You might find yourself forgetting appointments, losing your keys, or noticing your computer has suddenly stopped working.

Mercury retrograde, according to science, is merely an optical illusion in which the planet appears to reverse its course and move backward in the sky. What time does it occur? The crucial dates in 2022 are: 13 January to 3 February 3, 10 May to 2 June, and 9 September to 1 October. This occurs often three or four times a year.

The three retrogrades this year are all between earth and air signs, reflecting the fact that we are currently in the Age of Aquarius, a sign that is characterized by “abrupt change, building communities, fighting for causes that you care about, and achieving technological achievements.” It will be an excellent time to assess finances and relationships in a year that urges us to make significant love and financial decisions, spanning Capricorn to Aquarius, Taurus to Gemini, and Virgo to Libra.

What zodiac signs will be impacted by the 2021 Mercury retrograde?

The other cardinal signs in the other elements will feel this particular backward turn the most because it is occurring in cardinal Libra. That includes Aries (cardinal fire), Cancer (cardinal water), and Capricorn (cardinal earth). Aries, it will manifest in your fourth house of domestic life, Cancer, your seventh house of partnerships, and Cap, your tenth house of careers.

What activities should you avoid when Mercury is retrograde?

Ellen Bowles, an astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS, claims that “we can have technical or mechanical troubles, and our wires can seem crossed in all our channels of communication.” “Planetary retrogrades are occasions for everyone to stop and think. We are being advised to slow down and double-check the details when Mercury is retrograde.” The urge to meticulously examine every last aspect extends beyond the three to four weeks of the retrograde period itself. The same guidelines for what not to do during Mercury retrograde also apply during this time, which lasts for a week or two before and after the actual retrograde. This period is known as Mercury’s shadow phase or “retroshade.”

During Venus’s retrograde, may I purchase electronics?

Analyze your finances

The retrograde time is ideal for going through, reevaluating, and rebalancing your financial information. Refrain from executing any reconfiguration suggestions at this time; it would be wiser to conduct a reevaluation than make additional financial commitments. It involves tying up loose ends and paying off previous debts. It can be a good moment to ask for a refund, persuade them to pay up, or compensate or repay others.

Defy Luxe’s Allure.

Just as delaying purchasing of luxury items and items related to beauty during Mercury Retrograde is preferable, so is delaying purchases of technology and communications equipment. When it comes to fashion and frivolities, you might want to steer clear of major purchasesand definitely not on credit. Now is not the time to put together a capsule wardrobe of “investment” pieces.

During this period, your judgment may be wrong, so stick to window shopping or research the return policy.

Investigate Purchases

The secret is to know the genuine value of what you’re buying and make an informed choice. There is no damage in taking advantage of the Venus Retrograde when it comes to shopping. As long as you’re the one in control, it might be a terrific moment to bargain and barter. Consider flea markets, thrift stores, or just a present from a friend when thinking about how this could be a fantastic time to manifest and draw some lovely unplanned pieces into your life. People may be looking over their assets at this time; after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s a wonderful time to consider luxury items, but hold off on making a deposit until later.

Back off the dating scene

Venus Retrograde energies will remain in a relationship that was initiated at that period; in the words of Carl Jung:

Should you purchase appliances while Mercury is in retrograde motion?

According to popular culture astrologer Kyle Thomas, the problem with shopping while Mercury is retrograde is that you might not have all the information you need to make a decision. “With Mercury spinning backwards in the sky, our mental process is a little more disorganized, and we don’t have all of the knowledge that we may need,” Thomas claims.

But if you just can’t resist the urge to purchase that amazing new outfit, don’t worry, Thomas has some tips on how to do it, saying, “However, you can improve your chances by purchasing insurance, obtaining a receipt and keeping it, as well as taking a picture of the receipt and emailing it to yourself. In the event that you realize your purchase was not the greatest choice for you, this will enable you to have a backup.”

Even if the price seems too good to pass up, you might want to think about taking a step back if you have the need to do some significant shopping. Making impulsive purchases while Mercury is retrograde is the one thing you should avoid.

What zodiac signs will be impacted by the 2022 Mercury retrograde?

When you believe you have everything under control and your troubles solved, Mercury retrograde seems to mix things up. There’s always a problem lurking around the corner when it comes to astrology, and nothing illustrates this more than when Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, starts to move backward through the zodiac rather than ahead. Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs that will be most impacted by Mercury retrograde in spring 2022, so you *might* want to get ready for some technical issues soon.

Mercury usually stirs up temporary turbulence and commotion when it stations retrograde. This retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year, is nothing new to you because you’ve already encountered it numerous times. In other words, there is no need to be concerned; the world will not end, and you will survive it unharmed. Although miscommunications and misunderstandings frequently occur when Mercury is retrograde, it is also a lovely time to reflect on your life, look back on previous endeavors, and take care of any unfinished business.

Mercury retrograde this spring starts on May 10 at 4 degrees Gemini, going backwards. Mercury rules this mutable air sign, so this will be a typical retrograde experience marked by confusion and diversion. Think carefully before you speak, especially if you’re twisting the truth. On May 22, Mercury will reenter Taurus, slowing down the intensity of this retrograde and making it more frustrating for Mercury, who already finds it difficult to move through this rigid fixed earth sign. Fortunately, everything will finish on June 3 just as swiftly as it began.

What the astrological signs listed below should be aware of is:

Do electronics get impacted by mercury?

To put it plainly: Mercury retrograde is the end of technology. The modern world is moving backwards, just as Mercury seems to be doing. Things happen. Like, your WiFi can start functioning slower than a snail for no reason. You can miss the most crucial phone call of your life if you’re in a poor area. You can unintentionally send the incorrect person a text message that contains dark, profound truths. Thousands of words written in your own sweat, blood, and tears may never be saved, becoming lost in cyberspace forever. Therefore, the answer to the question “does Mercury Retrograde affect electronics?” is a loud “yes.”

Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and transportation in astrology, all areas of our life that have a significant impact from electronics. We have to go against the flow while Mercury is in retrograde. Many mechanical components can fail, forcing us to reevaluate how much of life we rely on electronics for.

On March 23, 2018, Mercury will go into retrograde, turning screens into nightmares of pixelated lines, network connections into a never-ending string of hiccups, and text message chats into utter misunderstandings. Here are a few recommendations to assist you get through this tough time in one piece: