Why Is Retrograde Important To Venus

Venus rules over love, money, social graces, and self-esteem, therefore reflecting on our core values in these areas will be beneficial. It might also introduce a fresh perspective on how to handle money or interpersonal relationships. Venus retrograde also tends to make us impulsively spend money and then regret it afterwards.

What does retrograde signify and why does Venus care about it?

According to Montfar, when we reflect on a Venus retrograde, we could experience a sense of rebirth in our relationships as well as in our sense of self-worth and creativity. Venus retrograde, albeit harsh, challenges us to move forward in a way that truly serves us by helping us to reflect on our past errors.

What transpires when Venus goes direct?

Venus spends the least amount of time in retrograde motion, despite Mars having the fewest retrogrades of any planet. Every eighteen months, Venus makes a retrograde station, travelling backward over the sky for forty-two days while retracing fifteen to eighteen zodiacal degrees.

Love and money-related difficulties may appear to be stagnant, dry up, or run cold when Venus is in retrograde.

Being in relationships that appear impenetrable during Venus retrograde is not at all unusual. Old lovers occasionally resurface for healing and closure, similar to Mercury and Mars retrograde. On the plus side, the stress we feel during these periods might give us perspective.

What actions are forbidden when Venus is retrograde?

Mercury retrogrades are certainly familiar to you by now, as they are frequently discussed in astrology on social media and elsewhere. The similar idea applies to Venus retrograde, except instead of disappointments, crossed wires, and false starts in communication (Mercury’s domain), the challenges occur in Venus-ruled parts of our lives.

Venus is related to romance, ties, attractiveness, the arts, and wealth.

Venus appears to pause every 18 months (what astrologers refer to as “stationing”) before beginning to move backwards (what we call “retrograde). Over the course of around 40 days, the planet retraces its route by 15 to 18 degrees.

During this time, you will likely notice:

  • more divorces than normal (both private and public). Long-term relationships that have been in trouble frequently end in a breakup.
  • feeling a little “blah” or depressed, especially if Venus is strongly influencing your horoscope. (Notice to Libra or Taurus Ascendants!)
  • Making an appearance are previous lovers, old pals, and distant relatives.

Here’s what NOT to do starting now:

  • Don’t arrange a wedding or get married. Venus is the planet of love and relationships, and while Venus is moving backward and locked in the past, no marriage will begin well. (I’m addressing you Jennifer Aniston from the time you wed Justin Theroux. I yelled, “NOOOOO!” Not at all. Modify the date! If only you had a partner in astrology. I’m available, just to be clear!)
  • Avoid beginning a new relationship. If you’re considering joining eHarmony, wait until Venus is traveling normally before doing so because beginning a new relationship during a Venus retrograde typically also ends in failure. Any beau/belle who shows up around this time should be avoided because they probably aren’t who they seem to be.
  • Keep your beauty routine as consistent as possible. Have you ever considered getting red hair? being inked? undergoing cosmetic surgery? Not right now. Keep your present clothes and usual hairstyles. Any significant purchasing or remodeling endeavors will end in disappointment. If you do take risks during Venus retrograde, when the planet turns direct again, you’ll wake up, wipe your eyes, and discover that your hair is now maroon rather than red, that you now have a Chinese tattoo on your neck that says goat milk rather than world peace, and that your “killer new wardrobe” is made up of two sizes too large pieces of beige and grey clothing. You remember the commercial about drunk driving where the car keeps piling up bottles, blurring the road in front of the automobile? The result of a Venus retrograde is that. It moves directly, which is sobering. You are still susceptible to the scheming of Venus retrograde even if you are now aware of it. I can show that with the photograph with my maroon hair and my loose beige outfit fest. Your home is the same way. I’ll say it again: Don’t try to renovate right now!
  • Avoid starting new investments. Venus is in charge of managing your money as well. Your perceptions are distorted when the planets are retrograde, and this emotional state can lead you to make very bad financial decisions. During this time, investments frequently overvalue or inflated, and when Venus turns straight, they lose value. Uncertainty in the world economy during a Venus retrograde period is another well-known phenomenon that can make things worse. (Isn’t it ironic that the legalization of cannabis in Canada occurred during Venus retrograde? What occurred to its market value practically instantly?
  • Avoid making large purchases, particularly those for a car, boat, piece of art, furniture, home, or company. You’ll overspend, and your acquisition will turn out to be a mistake. You’ll either end up with a huge hassle or a money hole, or you’ll deeply regret your purchase. Your capacity to evaluate something’s worth or price considerably deteriorates.

When I tell that breaking these guidelines will result in you constantly hitting your head and exclaiming, “What was I thinking?,” believe me.

Here’s how to USE the retrograde period:

  • Examine your connections. What’s happening? What could they do better? Venus retrograde can make already bad relationships even worse while even making good ones a little irritable. Try to wait until Venus turns direct before making any snap decisions.
  • Examine your finances, assets, and investments. Reevaluate your future goals, but don’t take any action. Do not, I say. Do not.
  • Organize a garage sale! You probably haven’t used the products you unload because you purchased them during a Venus retrograde, so be shocked when someone eats them up.
  • Do you want to modify the way your home or you look? study the subject. Examine new hairstyle possibilities. Make a “dream board” with design concepts. But if you want to reconsider acting on thoughts, wait till the Venus retrograde is over. It will be a nice exercise to determine how much or if your values have changed to see what genuinely sticks once Venus turns direct.

What signs are impacted by the Venus retrograde?

There is no way to understate the power of this Venus retrograde’s impact. This particular Venus retrograde occurs just when Venus makes conjunction with Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, and taboo, or sits close to or on top of Pluto.

Power struggles, manipulation, obsession, jealousy, secrecy, sexual cravings, taboo subjects, and other things are all manifestations of Pluto’s energies.

Pluto’s influence is difficult to ignore and has the potential to reveal anything and everything we have been trying to sweep under the rug. It might be time to think about your deepest aspirations.

Try something new with your lover, search for the finest sex toys for your star sign, or think about downloading a dating app.

This isn’t going to be a quick argument with a friend or lover.

The energy of Pluto suggests unrest, suppressed rage, or energy that has been building for some time. Now that Venus is retrograde, these problems or subjects will come to light.

Although this retrograde voyage will undoubtedly be challenging, it gives us a potent doorway for change. It presents the opportunity to enter our power, somewhat like the Lion’s Gate gate opening. If we choose to let up and let go of our need for control, life-altering changes can occur within our closest relationships.

This is not the time to argue or suppress our emotions. Now is the moment to face and accept what has happened. During Venus retrogrades, old lovers, exes, and friends are frequently a theme, so be prepared to run into folks from your past. Venus’ retrograde period may cause us to reexamine our financial situation and moral compass.

The cardinal signs will be most strongly impacted by this retrograde since Venus is backspinning in Capricorn, the sign of the realistic and tenacious worker. You’ll probably experience this transit’s intensity the strongest if you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.

To acquire the greatest interpretation of your stars, keep in mind that you must gain a deeper understanding of your astrology birth chart, particularly with regard to moon signs.

As Venus travels retrograde, our birth charts will be most stimulated if your planets or rising sign are between 11 and 25 degrees.

Which signs will be impacted by Venus going backwards in 2021?

These three zodiac signs will be most affected by Venus retrograde in 2021.

  • Zodiac Cancer Signs (June 21 – July 22)
  • Virgo (August 23September 22) Zodiac Signs
  • Zodiac Signs for Capricorn (Dec. 22Jan.

Will Venus turn retrograde in 2021?

From December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022, Venus, commonly known as the planet of love and relationships, will remain retrograde in Capricorn. All signs will feel drawn to commitment during this potent cosmic event, whether it is in a romantic or professional partnership. Additionally, you will have the chance to “Think about the aspects of your aspirations and profession that you love, as well as the areas where you’ve worked hard, advises astrologer Julia Modorsky of the Sanctuary app. “In these areas, do you feel at calm and in harmony, or is something a little off? What are your limits when it comes to your loved ones? Consider whether you want to make a longer-term commitment to someone or anything, she says.

When Venus is in retrograde, may I cut my hair?

Venus is the planet that oversees things like love, beauty, and romance. It’s not a good idea to alter our appearance when Mercury is in retrograde. This is probably because we aren’t feeling our best and aren’t thinking as clearly as we should be. Lauren clarifies “A planet’s retrograde motion can distort our perception of any area of life where it has sway. Venus retrogrades are renowned for deflating our sense of self or upending our romantic relationships significantly. We can end up making some rash decisions about our appearance that we later regret.

Lina agrees and adds that it’s crucial to avoid making any additional significant adjustments. They concur that this implies “Avoid big purchases, breakups, filler, haircuts, and new relationships while Venus’ energy isn’t completely revealed.

Not only the one coming up in a few days, but for the majority of Venus retrogrades, this is typically the advice. For the time being, refrain from making any snap judgments regarding your long-term beauty. These astrologers can be trusted; they are knowledgeable.

Are breakups a result of Venus retrograde?

Venus retrograde also brings backyou guessed itexas, even though we see a lot of breakups and reconciliations. Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, provides a warning: “Old lovers from the past sometimes can return if all the concerns are handled.”

What does Venus going backwards in your natal chart mean?

Around 7-8% of the time that Venus is in retrograde, which means that 7-8% of births occur during Venus’s retrograde.

The feeling nature is intense when Venus is retrograde in the natal chart. The act of socializing is never taken lightly. In their adolescence, they may exhibit some shyness due to feelings of uneasiness with small chat and social graces, as well as a dislike of superficialities. A person with a retrograde Venus values love greatly, but they may not express it clearly enough for others to understand exactly how passionately they can love. This individual is always more complex than they appear. They can occasionally conceal their romantic (and financial) lives in some way.

Those who were born during Venus’s retrograde phase must be on the lookout for romantic self-destruction. An underlying sense of not being “good enough, beautiful enough, or loveable enough” might exist. There may be very deep insecurities. Self-love can be problematic. Fears can cause people to overcompensate by overeating, going on serial dates, etc., or they can have the reverse impact by making them believe they don’t require love. The same person can swing from both poles in one lifetime. Of course, it is best to strike a balance.

It’s crucial for Venus retrograde individuals to refrain from seeking happiness elsewhere. The love you deserve will come to you when you cultivate happiness within and take ownership of your own happiness.

A person born with Venus retrograde can seem to be made or broken by relationships since they take them so seriously. This job comes with a deep-seated fear of being rejected. Whether or not the Venus retrograde person has moved on physically, there can be an exceptionally protracted emotional healing period following a breakup. Emotionally recovering from a tough relationship or breakup might take several years.

Venus retrograde individuals could be perceived by others as having a unique set of values when it comes to romantic relationships. But many Venus retrograde people have a strong moral code, and their views are very meaningful and real to them. It’s only that the majority may not always adhere to the same code!

If they are not satisfied with what they have to offer as a person, some retrograde Venus residents may appear to be purchasing love or they may express their love through materialistic attention more than others. With this situation, love and money may be tied together too intimately. In fact, Venus retrograde natives may experience financial losses in their love life.

With Venus retrograde, there may be privacy or secrecy about finances. They might store a secret stash, while on the other hand, they might quietly struggle with debt, be a closet shopper, or engage in gambling. Additionally, it could be difficult to demand what they are worth. When it comes to taking money, requesting a raise, or applying for high-paying employment, there could be reluctance. Venus retrograde in a person’s chart can cause them to undercharge for their services.

With this status, they could also have expectations of themselves that are excessively high. Retrograde Venus people may be focused on superficial parts of themselves, such as through extreme body awareness/shyness or care about their physical appearance, even when they detest superficiality in others. Ironically, those in this position should really question why they hold themselves to a higher standard than their romantic partners.

As a way to avoid putting their hearts on the line, insecurities might result in overcompensation, frequently with the features of the Venus sign. For instance, emphasis may be placed on sex instead of closeness or on monetary presents rather than more spiritual or overt displays of affection.

Delay in falling in love or getting married is sometimes linked to Venus retrograde. Many Venus residents in retrograde do, however, create early, committed alliances. However, generally speaking, it takes them a while before they truly open up to the union process. There may be considerable hesitation.

Natives of retrograde Venus are frequently misunderstood. This is due to two factors: first, they may not have traditional beliefs about love, marriage, women’s roles, and relationships; second, they might conceal their genuine emotions, which makes matters worse. Retrograde Venus locals may appear less emotional than they actually are due to defense strategies. In actuality, they have very strong feelings and take a very long time to not just get to know and trust someone, but also to move on from a challenging relationship.

One of the reasons their beliefs and attitudes are unconventional is that they may be profound thinkers when it comes to love and relationships, spotting problems and defects that others might not always notice. Many are ardent supporters of women’s rights and have a sensitive place for those who suffer as a result of strict regulations and expectations.

Natives of retrograde Venus can be a little challenging to adore because they appear to need more assurance than other people. Their current romantic desires and worries may be worsened by difficult childhood or early love experiences.

I don’t think folks born with Venus retrograde have a ball when Venus is in retrograde transit. They may, however, appear to handle this period better than others since they may be a little more accustomed to the energy that is there throughout the roughly 40 days of Venus retrograde.

Born with Venus Retrograde: In the Signs

These are not your average Venus in Aries warriors or risk-takers. Venus retrograde in Aries brings a shyness that is undeniably appealing but may not be as outgoing and impulsive as the other Venus in Aries individuals. People who have experienced rejection in love may develop a very strong protection system that prevents them from interacting with others and from talking about it openly.

Venus is currently retrograde in the signs of Aries for Mariah Carey, Jack Nicholson, and Audrey Hepburn.

With Venus retrograde in Taurus, a lot of emphasis may be placed on the sensual or secure aspects of love. These folks ought to think of themselves as sufficient and refrain from lavishing money on their lovers. Of course, this places them in a precarious position because many people with retrograde Venus worry that they are inadequate. They might be viewed as egotistical or self-absorbed. Even if they can be highly sensual and present, if they are insecure, there might not be a high enough level of intimacy.

Richard Dysart and Adolf Hitler both have Venus retrograde in Taurus.

The individual may not be as gregarious and outgoing as the other Venus in Gemini individuals when Venus is retrograde in Gemini. However, they might equate a lack of communication with a lack of love in a romantic relationship, placing an especially high importance on daily involvement and both the quantity and quality of their talks. These folks may come out as calm and scholarly when they are actually very passionately in love. To mask their weakness, they can adopt a detached demeanor.

Venus retrograde in Gemini, Courtney Love, Doug Savant, David Morrissey, Amy Brenneman, and Joss Whedon

Venus in Cancer and retrograde can make people incredibly reflective and affectionate, though many people may not realize how much until they get to know them well. This job has a lot of emotional and sensitive aspects. These people can be affected by rejection, tough breakups, and romantic dissonance for years. It might be difficult to move past hurts. They run the risk of suffocating a spouse if they aren’t confident enough in what they have to offer to be maternal in their displays of love and devotion.

Venus is retrograde in Cancer for both Courtney Cox and Wentworth Miller.

Venus is in Leo and retrograde, which intensifies the need for assurance that many people born with Venus retrograde experience. There may be a propensity to remain too long in a toxic relationship or to be devoted and loyal to the wrong individuals. When feeling uncomfortable, they could express devotion by giving lavish presents, which can be misinterpreted. Retrograde Venus in Leo may not have the same level of self-assurance in love as the other Venus in Leo individuals, but they nevertheless act proudly and conceal their past relationships or hide their fear of rejection under a faade of confidence.

When it comes to sharing their hearts, there may be some reluctance due to Venus’s retrograde motion in Virgo. Helping, being of service, and taking care of the practical aspects of a lover’s life are typical ways that they demonstrate their love. Men in this situation may have strange attraction or fixations that may be caused by a fear of proximity, while women in this position may struggle to believe in their own lovability and attractiveness. They may take longer to form committed relationships and may find it extremely difficult to emotionally move on after a relationship ends. They tend to resist the conventional and have strong sentiments about assigned roles and relationships. Many of them are also feminists.

Robert DeNiro, Mila Kunis, and Charlize Theron all have Virgo-ruled Venus retrogrades at the moment. Julio Iglesias, Venus in Virgo retrograde; Chrissie Hynde and Venus in Virgo retrograde

There are only a few notable people with this position that I am aware of, and Venus was only briefly retrograde in Libra in the early 1900s. However, I can hypothesize that because Venus is retrograde in Libra and has a very refined loving character. It might be difficult for some people, especially women, to genuinely believe in their attractiveness. They often feel self-conscious about their own physical appearance, even if they may not judge others only on appearance. Although some people avoid actual intimacy when they are in love, there might be a strong craving for closeness and camaraderie. They may have very idealized views of love and are susceptible to being hurt easily. When it comes to entering and ending romantic relationships, there can be a lot of hesitancy as well as some excessive over-analysis of their connections.

Venus in Libra, Arthur Godfrey, and Bruno Bettelheim are all experiencing retrograde motion.

Venus in Scorpio and retrograde might cause a strong yearning for intimacy in romantic relationships. Relationships are treated very seriously, and there may be deep-seated anxieties of rejection. Those who hold this viewpoint frequently reject established gender roles and relationships. When starting a new relationship, there may be some reluctance and hesitation, but once things get going, locals of retrograde Venus in Scorpio can persist with someone for a very long time, even if the relationship is difficult or toxic.

Venus is in retrograde motion in Scorpio for Ted Bundy and Jodie Foster.

A superficially relatively carefree approach toward love is typically a cover for a genuinely sensitive, affectionate character while Venus is retrograde in Sagittarius. A person with retrograde Venus in Sagittarius will be attracted to someone based on their spirit and morals. They frequently hold unconventional or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary views about the freedom of love. They have high aspirations for love because it confirms to them the beauty of life. Of course, this could make them a little bit more vulnerable because when expectations are high, there is a higher likelihood of letdown. Their propensity to dive headfirst into something without planning only serves to exacerbate this. Once they’ve let you in, these natives are very kind and giving, and those who aren’t as generous or kind as they are might take advantage of their ideals. They can be extremely hurt when a partner doesn’t automatically believe or trust them since they expect others to. People with Venus in Sagittarius have a great sensitive heart for the defenseless.

Venus is currently retrograde in Sagittarius for Pat Buchanan and Lynn Carey.

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn, which makes people more likely to be guarded or somewhat secretive about their romantic relationships. They would function best with a partner who respects this or is similar because they don’t want others to see their messy love lives. They have a strong need to be wanted and appreciated. For those born with Venus in Capricorn, love and responsibility go hand in hand, and it’s difficult to comprehend those who do. They may go out of their way to demonstrate that they are not susceptible in love because they don’t want to appear so. To genuinely feel at ease and secure while interacting with their sensitive, caring side, it can take time and experience.

Seth Green, Amber Valletta, Elizabeth Banks, Sean Kingston, Kimberly Wyatt, Bridget Regan, and Alice Eve.

There may be a strong desire for unusual partnerships when Venus is retrograde in Aquarius. Those who hold this viewpoint frequently reject established gender roles and relationships. In childhood, there might have been some repression of urges to display their more distinctive traits and quirks.

Venus is retrograde in Aquarius for Kate Moss, Ellen DeGeneres, Liam Aiken, Debbie Allen, Billy Ocean, Anita Baker, Brett Butler, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Patrick Dempsey, Rainn Wilson, Stacey Dash, Gaby Hoffmann, and Kate Middleton.

There could be a strong desire to romanticize the past, to keep their love covert, or an attraction to secret partnerships with Venus in Pisces and retrograde. Even though the native has a loving soul, there could be awkwardness while showing compassion in public. These people may need to put in a lot of effort to feel worthy of a partner who acknowledges the relationship openly or of a partnership that doesn’t demand unreasonably high sacrifice or an unbalanced power dynamic.

Langston Hughes, Tallulah Bankhead, and Charles Lindbergh were all under the influence of Venus retrograde in Pisces.

Several well-known people whose birth charts show Venus in retrograde:

Venus is in retrograde motion in the signs of Aquarius for Kate Moss, Leo for Amy Winehouse, Aries for Mariah Carey, and Virgo for Robert DeNiro. Venus is retrograde in Virgo for Julio Iglesias and in Aries for Jack Nicholson. Venus was in retrograde motion in the signs of Aries for Audrey Hepburn, Taurus for Adolf Hitler, Virgo for Chrissie Hynde. Venus is retrograde in Gemini and Courtney Love; Venus is retrograde in Scorpio and Jodie Foster; Venus was retrograde in Scorpio for Ted Bundy; in Virgo for Charlize Theron; in Virgo for Mila Kunis; and in Aquarius for Ellen DeGeneres.