How To Figure Out Your Ruling Planet

What is the ascendancy, first and foremost? Your outward energy is represented by your zodiac sign.” According to Lee, the ascendant is the chart’s most important angle. “The ascendant is related to identity, how you feel in your body, and consciousness because it is based on your birth time. The ascendant is sometimes referred to as your life’s purpose and compass in more contemporary astrology. It’s how you behave and feel around new people, and it could affect how they perceive you. Your entire birth chart is organized by your ascendant.

Simply determine the zodiac sign of your ascendant, then look up the appropriate planet below. That is your dominating planet, my friend.

  • Mars/Pluto in Scorpio
  • Jupiter for Sagittarius
  • Saturn in Capricorn
  • Saturn/Uranus for Aquarius
  • Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces

From here, understanding your chart rules becomes even more challenging. Some zodiac signs have two ruling planets, as you may have seen. This is due to the fact that you can employ either conventional or modern astrology, according to Lee. She cites traditional astrologers as an example, noting that “most will indicate Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, while modern astrologers will denote Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio. According to conventional wisdom, Saturn would dominate Aquarius and Jupiter would rule Pisces. Since chart rulers were first devised in traditional astrology, Lee advises always looking at the traditional ruler; but, if the current ruler appeals to you, you can also look at it.

You should locate your governing planet in your birth chart now that you are aware of it so that you may better understand the type of energy it possesses. If you were born with an Aries ascendant, for instance, Mars would be your chart’s ruler. He or she might be in Scorpio, in the fifth house of play and creativity (or whichever Mars placement you have). Keep in mind that your ruling planet’s zodiac sign and astrological house reflect the nature of its influence on our lives.

What does astrology’s ruling planet mean?

But precisely what are astrology’s ruling planets, and how can you find out which one you have and what it means? According to astrologer and psychic medium Rachel Lang, “every sign has a ruling planet, and this planet is the most important planetary influence of a sign.” “This planet affects how the sign expresses itself and sheds light on the personality traits that are innate to the sign. You would look at the archetypal representations of the deity or goddess the planet is linked with, as well as the characteristics of the planet, to make those connections.”

“Every sign has a planet that rules it. This planet affects how the sign expresses itself and sheds light on the psychological traits that are innate to the sign.” Rachel Lang is a psychic medium and astrologer.

Use an astrology chart generator to locate your ascendant or rising sign, which is what transformational astrologer Corina Crysler refers to as “the soul line that crafts the screenplay of your life,” to determine your governing planet. In essence, it’s how you present yourself to others. The planet that rules over your rising sign is the one that each sign is tied to.

How can I locate my growing planet?

Finding your rising sign (and your crush’s) requires knowing your precise time of birth. Do not rely just on your parents’ recollections. Requesting your “long-form birth certificate” will ensure that you receive your accurate birth time despite the fact that every state in the U.S. formats birth certificates differently. According to Viera, “the position of the horizon changes so swiftly that astrologers need the precise time of birth to cast a chart.” “On a circle chart, identify the line that runs horizontally through the center and follow it to the left to get your rising sign. Your rise is the indication that line passes through.”

Which chart ruler do you use?

“The planet that dominates your ascendant or rising sign is your chart’s ruler.” If you are unsure of this placement, you can use a birth chart generator to determine it. According to Lang, “Your rising sign represents your physical self and how you engage with the outside world.”

What is the key component of you?

According to chakra psychology, everyone of us has a dominant element that is determined by the element we were born with (our astrological sign), as well as by how we were raised and moved through the several developmental stages. Your dominant element will define the aspect where you are most inadequate as well as how you think, act, interact with others, and why you do what you do (your opposite element and the key to bringing you back into balance).

What powerful planets do I have?

A planet is referred to as being powerful while it is in the sign of exaltation because it can carry out its main objective. As an illustration, strong planets include Jupiter in Cancer, the Sun in Aries, Mars in Capricorn, Rahu in Gemini, Saturn in Libra, and the Moon in Taurus.

What planet is the ruler of Libra?

The seventh sign of the zodiac is called Libra (). 180210 celestial longitude is covered by it. On average, the Sun moves through this sign between September 23 (the September equinox) and October 23. The Sun is currently transiting Libra in the sidereal zodiac, which lasts roughly from October 31 to November 22. The Scales of Justice, held by Themis, the Greek personification of divine law and tradition, are the inspiration for the emblem of the scales. She served as the model for contemporary Lady Justice representations. Venus is the planet that rules Libra. The other eleven signs are either represented by an animal or a mythological figure, with the exception of Libra, which is symbolized by an actual object.