Are Aquarius Good People

Aquarians are outgoing and like conversing with others, yet they can take a long time to emotionally open up to others. If you want to befriend an Aquarius, be aware that getting to know them beyond their brilliance and outward eccentricities will take time.

The easiest method to engage an Aquarius is through their head, so try to discover something in common to talk about, like a similar interest in technology or art. Aquarians will be loyal and cherish you as a person once you’ve been friends, as long as you don’t betray them (they’re not readily forgiven!).

Respect Aquarians’ demand for independence and alone time at all times. Whether you’re a love partner, family member, or acquaintance, this guideline applies in any case. Remember that Aquarius cherishes independence above all else, thus being alone might be just as important to them as eating and sleeping.

Don’t take it personally if an Aquarius prefers to be alonejust it’s who they are! This need for independence may present itself as a desire to withdraw for a few days or maybe take a solitary journey elsewhere (Aquarians love to travel).

Do you want to ask an Aquarius out on a date? Museums, observatories, plays, and book readingsanything that appeals to their creative and intellectual mindsetare fantastic locations to take kids where they’ll be most comfortable.

Finally, if you want to get along with an Aquarius, you must accept their eccentricities. Aquarians value their uniqueness and inventiveness, and they don’t want to be friends or partners with someone who would criticize or try to change their way of expressing themselves.

Is Aquarius a good or bad sign?

Uranus, the planet, rules the Aquarius zodiac sign. Aquarius derives their rebellious streak from Uranus, as well as their persistent desire to learn new things.

The planet’s position also helps to explain why Aquarius is so inclined to being an independent, forward-thinking individual; after all, Uranus is the planet of innovation and independence. Aquarius is a highly free-spirited sign.

Aquarius, like Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, is a Fixed sign. The modality of a zodiac sign dictates their “modus operandi,” or how they usually work. Fixed signs are more prone to be introspective than outgoing, as well as more tenacious and firm in their convictions.

Aquarius thinks differently than the other zodiac signs. Others may find them strange or uncommon because of their distinctiveness and uniqueness. Above all, Aquarius is one of the friendliest Air signs, and they care for their loved ones.

What do Aquarians excel at?

Aquarians have traditionally prided themselves on showing their distinct skills and talents in the workplace. They enjoy putting their thoughts to work and thrive in environments where they can generate new ideas, assist others, and be continually innovative.

What exactly is an Aquarius flaw?

Because of their desire to be the center of attention, Aquarians can be severely wounded when they are ignored. In an effort to regain attention, their uniqueness may become even more apparent. They almost appear to enjoy the bewilderment they cause with their odd observations at times. Because of their quirkiness, their behavior can occasionally border on the odd, and they relish the shock of expressing it. This can be entertaining at times, but it is not always productive.

Are Aquarius people the nicest?

Every zodiac sign has unique characteristics, but Aquarius is known for being one of the most compassionate. Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is born between January 20 and February 18 and is known for helping others in times of need.

Is Aquarius trustworthy?

People born under this sign can be trusted, if only because they are very impartial. Truth is a matter of fact for an Aquarius, not always of morality. “People can rely on them, but emotionally connecting with them is rare,” Terrones says. “They’re like the scientific equivalent of reliability.” This very intelligent sign may not lie, but they may struggle to understand the complexities of personal concerns, so determine out what kind of help you need before entrusting them. Discover the best friend for each zodiac sign.

Is Aquarius a good fighter?

Fighting an Aquarius is difficult because they are literal. They might have a better chance of establishing amazing connections if they work on broadening their awareness of others.

Are Aquarians oddballs?

Is there someone in your life with whom you’re completely enamored but aren’t sure if they even realize who you are? That individual is most likely an Aquarius. They’re complex, crystalline, enigmatic, all-knowing, occasionally oblivious, prophetic weirdos, and the fact that they’re veiled in mystery simply adds to the delight of delving into their minds. Also, an Aquarius is constantly hungry. But that will come later.

Aquarius has always been the most perplexing of the zodiac signs for me. I’m not sure I’m alone in this. Perhaps this is why I adore Aquarius so much. There’s something about them, something inherent in their very essence, that if you’re not an Aquarius and you think about this paradox too hard, your head will whirl around, twist off your body, and sail out into space. And if an Aquarius watched that happen, saw your head fly out into the distance, an Aquarius would simply track the trajectory of your flying head, grin pleasantly, and walk away since they had other things on their minds. They’re always preoccupied with something else.

But let’s return to their dichotomous nature for a moment. Not only is Aquarius the only sign ruled by two planets (Saturn and Uranus), but it’s also an air sign (which makes sense because Aquarians are always thinking, thinking, thinking), yet it’s personified by a Water-bearer, a twin set of waves, which speaks to the enormous emotional depth and overabundance of feelings that Aquarians carry with them everywhere. Air and water, intellect and emotion, cognition and feeling, however, are not natural partners; in fact, they clash. Rather than causing strife and confusion, an Aquarius is capable of carrying all of this within themselves and using it to, well, see into the future. Whereas most individuals could not face the weight of the world, of knowing everything there is to know (a Pisces could not handle it at all; a Cancer would be brought to tears), an Aquarius takes all of that knowledge and looks forward to the days ahead, figuring out how to navigate them. (Okay, sometimes an Aquarius breaks down in tears, but then they taste the salt on their lips and become distracted, if not a little turned on, because an Aquarius is a strange, freaky freak.)

All of these inconsistencies, all of this mysticism, all of this… weirdness, makes Aquarians seem odd. They are, after all, legitimately strange! They frequently say things that make others uncomfortable, but this is because the truth makes people uncomfortable. An Aquarius enjoys making people uncomfortable. But they can’t help but know a lot of things and aren’t scared to share their expertise with you. Aquarius is a truth seeker who considers himself an authority on the subject. Only an Aquarius could have copyrighted the phrase What I Know for Sure (Oprah… hello), because only an Aquarius knows everything. The rest of us (Gemini, Capricorn) may believe we do at times, but only an Aquarius truly does. This is why having an Aquarius as a friend is so beneficial. Nobody can provide better advise. Nobody will be able to tell you when you’re lying than you. Nobody will be more willing or capable of assisting you in manifesting the future you desire since they have already seen it unfold, because they are prophets.

Despite this, Aquarius can appear to be distracted. They are frequently late for events. They don’t want to sleep, and sunrise is more of a hint that the night is about to get better for them than a sign of the morning. Internal clocks just do not exist for them. However, this does not imply that they are not productive. The most frightening aspect of an Aquarius is how much they accomplish. Even if the work they’re doing happens while you’re sleeping, an Aquarius is highly productive. In comparison to an Aquarius, we are all always napping.

Here’s a list of notable Aquarians, and don’t tell me none one them hasn’t accomplished more in a single day than you have in your whole life: Winfrey, Oprah. Morrison, Toni Lincoln, Abraham. Davis, Angela Dr. Dre. Lorde, Audre. Edison, Thomas. Washington, Kerry. Blume, Judy. Keys, Alicia. Styles, Harry DeGeneres, Ellen. Ed Sheeran is a British singer-songwriter.

All of those people have accomplished a great deal. The majority of stuff is excellent! And, look, you can’t deny that an Aquarius is doing things you don’t like (see: Sheeran), but you can’t deny that they are getting things done. And that they are exceptionally adept at predicting what other people would enjoy. Because they can predict what people will want in the future, Aquarians are frequently immensely popular (see Sheeran).

But what do Aquarians enjoy? This is the genuine query! We all admire Aquarius and are frequently captivated with them, but what do they enjoy? The truth is that it’s difficult to say! Is Oprah’s list of “favorite things,” which she releases every year, actually things that bring her delight indefinitely? No! Obviously not. Because the list changes every year. As a quirky prophet, they realize that everything is ephemeral, thus no Aquarius lays genuine value on anything material. This is why an Aquarius will advise you to get a tattoo with no meaning since assuming that meaning can ever reach anything approximating permanence is a load of nonsense. Nonetheless, an Aquarius will have tattoos that scream SYMBOLISM!! If you tell an Aquarius that, they will stare you down and vow that whatever meaning you find is all in your imagination. Isn’t that the idea, though? You’ll ponder and perhaps even scream. However, an Aquarius will simply tell you that there is no meaning to anything before taking a long pull off their e-cigarette and dashing and sliding down an icy street with recklessness. You would have toppled if you tried to leave like that. Aquarius is a sign that never falls.

So, what does an Aquarius like to do? Are you starting to question if Aquarians are just completely cerebral mystics who don’t enjoy anything sensual? Stop asking yourself that! Because it is false. In reality, Aquarians are consummate sensualists who enjoy experiencing multiple sensations at once. But what does an Aquarius enjoy the most? I believe I’ve worked it out. An Aquarius enjoys eating. I can tell you one thing: an Aquarius is constantly hungry.

I’m currently thinking about two distinct Aquariuses I’ve met. In addition, I’m thinking about chicken. Before the doom, one Aquarius and I had a doomed love tale (“doomed love,” how redundant! ), but before the doom, he told me about going home one night and being so angry by my absence in his home that he ate a whole chicken. He used his hands! He was also a vegetarian. The other Aquarius and I have a Google doc where we keep track of where we want to eat chicken. What exactly is the link here? It’s both chicken and it’s not. Of course, what it truly is is hunger. An Aquarius is always hungry, and food can sometimes satisfy that desire, but sometimes food is just a stopgap, and sometimes an Aquarius has a hunger that can consume the entire globe.

This hunger is what propels an Aquarius forward. An Aquarius would be a shark if they were an animal because of their appetite. An Aquarius would be a Venus flytrap if they were a flower. An Aquarius would be a vampire if they were a monster. They would be white if they were a color, because they would devour every other hue in existence. They’d be a studded collar if they were jewelry, because they’d be attempting to contain everything that was inside of them, and they’d want to remind you they were a little bit dangerous.

An Aquarius, on the other hand, is a lot more dangerous, because the truth is always dangerous, weird, and exciting, just like an Aquarius, who does things all the time that would make you scared if you were them (like that time I saw Styles stage-dive into a crowd of teenage girls who didn’t have enough upper-body strength to keep him aloft), but that don’t make them scared, because they just know they’ll be fine. As you start to descend a slope, an Aquarius will ride you around on their bike handlebars, encouraging you to lift your arms up with them. Regardless of whether it’s raining or the road is slick and treacherous, join them in raising their arms. You know everything will be fine if an Aquarius tells you to do something. Aquarius is a wise person. You can rely on them.

Girl, how does Aquarius appear?

Aquarius people have thin physique and delicate features (such as ears, noses, and mouths).

Many of them are naturally tall, and even those who aren’t appear to be taller than they are.

Aquarius signs are equally likely to be tall and short, yet they always appear long regardless of their height.

Despite their length, their limbs are proportionate to the rest of their bodies, if not somewhat shorter.

Indifference Or Being Out Of Touch

Aquarius is drawn to partners who are knowledgeable about current affairs and bring their own opinions to the conversation. The biggest turn-off is someone who doesn’t have anything to say, says Lee. What irritates Aquarians the most are those who aren’t truly enthusiastic about what they believe.

Despite the fact that these signs do not give trends any thought, they also turn away people who are locked in ancient customs. They don’t like old things, Lee explains. Antiquated methods of thinking do not impress Progressive Aquarius.

Conformity And Boring Routines

A mate who lacks excitement will cause an Aquarius to become chilly and aloof. Unpredictable air signs are guaranteed to be turned off by boring, predictable love. Relationship ruts may be disastrous, therefore these people must continuously inject excitement, adventure, and learning into their relationships.

Forced Emotional Intimacy

It’s a big no-no to press an Aquarius native to open up right away or reveal every aspect of their life narrative, as this sign is shy. They enjoy talking and will eventually let you into their lives, but only on their terms they must never be rushed or pressured.

Don’t get too intimate or mushy with them too soon, either; expressing deep emotions right away isn’t their cup of tea. Waterbearers are calm, collected, aloof, and emotionally detached from life, therefore exuberant words will only make them uncomfortable.


To an Aquarius, those who are unsure of themselves in social situations can come across as distant. And it will drive the socially conscious, gregarious air sign away, since they can’t afford to be dragged to the sidelines.

Undermining Their Triumphs

Never try to outshine an Aquarius’ accomplishments or take credit for their good deeds. If there is work involved in anything, Aquarius does not want to be overlooked, says Lee. Aquarius is a brainiac because they put work into it, not because they are born brainiacs, as some people believe. As a result, you should pay attention.

Those born under this sign are consumed with a need for attention and praise, and they will reject anyone who does not fully appreciate their individuality.

How do you irritate an Aquarius?

Unfairness. Things that appear to be insulting to others irritate an Aquarius. For example, Harry Styles is an Aquarius, and when he wore a frock on the cover of Vogue, Candace Owen slammed the decision as an attack on “manly males.”