Are Aquarius Woman Promiscuous

The first thing to know about a classic Aquarian man, woman, or child is that they despise all forms of dullness and clich. Do not misinterpret this characteristic. An Aquarian, for example, will respect your desire to do things the old way, your religious beliefs, and your peculiar conduct. They adore oddities. They will, however, only support and respect these things if they understand why you do what you do, whether you have tried to challenge your views and find an explanation for your choices, and how deliberately you make your judgments.

Aquarius Personality Traits

An Aquarian, for example, will completely understand if you tell her you are a vegetarian. She’ll even respect your vegetarianism because your entire family is vegetarian. She’ll admire your refusal to eat the flesh of other living creatures. But if you tell her you don’t eat meat or murder animals and then flaunt your pure leather belt and mink coat, you’re toast. They don’t believe in double standards. Inability to comprehend one’s own beliefs isn’t either. To them, it represents an indecisive and thus lesser thinking. Do things the simplest way feasible. The only stipulation is that you understand why you’re doing it. Simple.

Oh, really! Why?

Second, Aquarians are highly independent individuals with a rebellious inclination. They despise following rules just to follow rules. They will bombard you with questions, some of which will be direct. In fact, they may have been the first people to ask pointed inquiries. If you are fully honest, it is not difficult to persuade them. However, bluffing your way past these guys is quite difficult. They just get a gut feeling when you’re lying or even slightly stretching the truth. Their strange ways can actually thump the weird ways of Sagittarians, which is a difficult feat to achieve. Remember that while dealing with an Aquarian, a phrase like “you must do this because I said so” would never work because you do not have authority over them. It will, on the contrary, bring out the aggressive, yet dignified fighter within them. You want them to take action? Explain why. More importantly, persuade them to take you seriously in the future.

You’re MY Friend! Who is That?

Aquarians get around with their buddies. In fact, you’ll frequently wonder how a single person can afford to have so many friends and maintain regular contact with each of them. Friendships are owned by Aquarians. They are highly possessive of their pals and fiercely protective of them. They aren’t hiding it either. If they notice you becoming close to someone else, they will openly question you. They are vehemently opposed to being excluded from your life. Trust me, it all appears worthwhile in the end since they make your life as perfect as possible. They have an unwavering and immeasurable love for their friends. When you’re in danger, they become your rock and bouncing board. They will hold your hand and not complain once when you need to cry your eyes out. After all, why shouldn’t they have the right to doubt your love to them?

But there’s a catch: Aquarians only let a select handful of her “friends” into her inner circle, which includes those with whom she will disclose her deepest darkest secrets. If you are chosen as one of them, consider yourself extremely fortunate and deserving of being a national spy with all your secret-keeping abilities. An Aquarian will then do everything in her ability to make the link permanent. The water-bearer will pick up the reins, forsake the ego, and make amends with you, no matter how bitter the conflicts become or how irreparable the damage appears. If you have trouble staying in touch, your Aquarian friend will make it a point to phone you on a frequent basis and keep calling until you answer. They will risk their lives to safeguard and maintain this investment.

Only Change is Constant

Remember how I said that these individuals dislike mundane things? The demand for new and novel environments arises from this loathing and the drive to constantly exercise those hyperactive gray cells. They need to be in the company of individuals who understand and reciprocate their creative impulses. To maintain generating and coining new ideas, they flourish in brainstorming sessions with others who entirely comprehend the new. For them, stagnation is a total, complete, and utter turn-off. These people have a strong desire to improve and progress, and they do everything they can to keep the wheel going and moving forward. This is why, no matter how old they are, Aquarians are always learning something new calligraphy, graphology, a foreign language, mandala art, driving, etc. To them, age is just a number, and they want to see, do, and experience everything in one lifetime.

Famous Aquarians

And if you’re a good buddy, they’ll invite you to join them on their quest to improve. You will not be offered a choice or even asked whether or not you want to join them. They’ll inform you. Period. They aren’t blind to the flaws in themselves or the world around them, you see. They know it better than the majority of people. However, they do not see the sense in not attempting to eliminate those flaws, especially when the methods are available. These are folks who will add as much productivity to your life as possible because they are incredibly encouraging and optimistic. You’re unable to swim? It’s not a problem; simply learn it.

That’s Totally Possible!

Visionaries are those born under this sign. They are always one step ahead of the curve, mentally residing in a location that others will physically reach in another 50 years. When you add in the razor-sharp gray cells, it’s easy to see why so many scientists end up being Aquarians. They perceive and believe in the possibility of things that we will not be able to imagine in the future. Everything is possible in their utopian society, and their faith in them is so powerful that these fantasies are practically tangible. They are constantly bombarded with new ideas, and they shift gears abruptly to make place for them to be implemented right away. To many, this may appear to be inconsistency and fickleness, but to an Aquarian, adjusting plans to accommodate newer and smarter ideas is the only way to move forward, which is why they strike gold so frequently in their endeavors. They try to keep trying until they achieve something that is at least near to their vision.

That’s Not Too Much to Ask for!

Aquarians are romantically misunderstood. They are frequently stereotyped as promiscuous individuals. Aquarians, on the other hand, do not follow societal rules. They have their own set of rules that they follow religiously. As a result, they do not comprehend monogamous partnerships in the same way that a Virgo or a Cancerian would. Monogamy is not a problem for Aquarians. They would happily spend their lives loving, caring for, pampering, and cuddling with one person. However, this is an ideal condition in which the person returns to their original excitement with same zeal. They are practical individuals. They won’t expect you to constantly play clown for them. They do, however, expect you to keep the romance alive in the tiniest of ways. They do it as well. They have enough of buddies to keep them entertained. If you’re their love partner, they expect you to go above and beyond to make it unique. They walk the extra three miles on their own.

Aquarius are Best Compatible With

What exactly is the problem with their expectations? If they anticipate you to call and let them know you’re going out with friends and won’t be able to call for the next four hours, they’ll reciprocate by asking you to relax, turn off your phone, and enjoy the moment. All they need to know is that you’re busy and need to spend time with your buddies. I believe that is appropriate and not excessive. These people become dissatisfied and leave when their partners fail to match their zest for life, their desire to keep the romance alive, and their attempts to keep things fresh. They start seeing other people before their respective partners feel they have left the building, because they don’t give a damn about social decorums of formal break-ups. Result? They’re seen as philanderers. Consider what you will, but for Aquarians, marriages do not happen just by signing a document, and divorces do not occur simply because a judge approves it in court. It occurs when the water-pen bearer’s nip breaks in her skull. Like it. It does not appeal to me. Your choice. They don’t believe in societal labels, and that’s how things work out.

Eclectically Yours

Aquarius men and women have distinct physical characteristics that are easily recognizable. Uranians have silky, straight hair. Others would kill for your hair. Aquarian males are more likely to have feminine traits, whereas Aquarian women are more likely to have masculine ones. This is due to Uranus, their ruling planet, having dual sexuality. As a result, Aquarian women have broad shoulders while Aquarian males have broad hips. These individuals are also taller than typical and have a regal demeanor. They will rarely stoop or slump, unless they are experiencing an episode of extreme laziness.

They believe in dressing appropriately for the occasion. Out-of-the-box thinking also takes over in the dressing room. They always maintain it within the limits of propriety, no matter how eclectically they dress up “visually appealing” and “tasting.” You can count on them to have the most distinctive and queerly created jewelry and accessories. They do, however, always manage to dress elegantly and pair each piece with a complimentary outfit.

So there you have it: the foundations of any Aquarian personality. They are amusing, eccentric, highly motivated, misunderstood, possessive, and extremely broad-minded people who will rarely condemn your most unusual behavior. If you look behind the stiff exterior, you’ll discover a warm-hearted person who will go out of their way to assist you. They can come across as arrogant at times, but they go out of their way to make up for any harsh words they say. The idea is to use them to extend your horizons, and you will understand the true meaning of the term “emancipation”

What kind of woman is an Aquarius woman?

Aquarius women are logical and intelligent. They do what they want without regard for what others think. They aspire to be free and do not want to be governed.

Are Aquarius lovers passionate?

When you’re dating an Aquarius, you can know there’s a deep friendship lurking beneath the romance. Because Aquarians don’t rely on their emotions as much as other signs, the only way they’ll know if they want to pursue a relationship further is if the two of you have a natural, amicable feeling. Plus, because Aquarians value companionship, they are excellent mates for social butterflies who enjoy being around others.

A relationship with an Aquarius will never be one of those situations where there is a lot of passion but little mental connection. Aquarians demand that their romantic partners have a mental connection. They are rational and intellectual by nature and require a companion with whom they can converse and share their thoughts.

Aquarians love their originality so highly that they are equally respectful of others’ individuality. You’ll never feel that your Aquarius lover is controlling or possessive since they love you by giving you the freedom to be yourself.

Is an Aquarius prone to deception?

07/13Aquarius Aquarius may not physically cheat, but they can playfully lead someone on. This is regarded by some as emotional adultery, which can cause problems in a relationship.

Is Aquarius a strange bed partner?

Aquarians are often skilled lovers and are quite open-minded, despite their cool and unconcerned demeanor in bed. They bury their emotion and do their best to keep their excitement in check, fearing that it will make them appear fragile.

They love sexting, as well as phone and cyber sex.

They are attracted to phone and cyber sex under the guise of creating a secure barrier between themselves and their messy desire.

The idea of separation appeals to Aquarians since they are quite heady (they are the Zodiac’s big thinkers).

How can Aquarius become activated?

Aquarians are the zodiac’s aliens; these eccentric nonconformists have their heads in the clouds at all times. This rebellious air sign, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to get down when it comes to sex. Aquarians are attracted to anything that defies social norms, which is why they enjoy kink. They enjoy mystery, so putting on a mask or blindfold will certainly add to the intrigue.

Also, because Aquarius is the zodiac sign most strongly involved with science and technology, your Aqua lover is likely to adore sex toys, virtual reality porn, and any/all kind of electronics. They may even have a separate sex-toy budget that you can share with them.

More typical techniques to sex may turn off your Aquarius loverthey’re simply not strange enough for this free-thinking air sign. They, like fellow air sign Gemini, enjoy variety and dislike being bored.

Can you put your trust in an Aquarius woman?

Aquarius is a friendly sign, but they don’t trust easily, therefore their pals tend to be from a small circle of people they’ve known for a long time. Only her closest friends can get her to open up in this way because she struggles to be vulnerable and convey her emotions.

Despite this, the Aquarius friend is generous and giving, going above and beyond to ensure that her friends are taken care of. She stands by her pals through life’s ups and downs and provides a helpful shoulder to cry on.

What’s it like dating a woman born under the sign of Aquarius?

Be open-minded because the Aquarius female is sometimes labeled as odd or quirky. When she says she has a fantastic date idea, believe her. It won’t be your typical night out, but it will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Do Aquarius’ interests fade quickly?

Each zodiac sign approaches love in their own unique way. Some people fall in love fast and manage to maintain their feelings for their partner alive for years. Others, on the other hand, may require a bit more work on the side of their partner to hold their focus for the duration. Five zodiac signs, according to astrologers, lose interest and fall out of love faster than the rest.

That’s possibly why water signs like Cancer, Scopio, and Pisces, according to Wright, are more likely to do the opposite. They’re the signals that you’re most likely to fall in love and stay in love for the rest of your life. “Cancers are hesitant to connect with someone to begin with, Scorpios are very faithful and establish lifelong relationships, and Pisces exist solely for love,” she explains.

However, it’s crucial to understand that not everyone will entirely identify with their sign. Although different zodiac signs have different traits, not all of them may apply to you. Instead, the zodiac should be utilized as a tool to aid in self-reflection and provide additional insight into the characteristics you do share.

The three air signs aren’t the only ones who are likely to lose interest quickly, according to astrologers. Here are the five zodiac signs most prone to lose interest and fall out of love quickly, as well as how to keep them interested if you’re dating them.

What is the Aquarius woman’s flaw?

They have a proclivity towards overthinking. Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs most inclined to overthink things since air signs are prone to getting carried away with their thoughts and ideas.